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  1. Maizel

    Looking for clan!

    Heya fellas. I'm looking for an English speaking clan with a Teamspeak server. Im mostly a casual player who plays at least a few games a day. Just looking for some people to squad up with regularly. Let me know, and thanks in advance!
  2. Maizel

    UI too small on 4k screen (3640x2160)

    I do not sympathize with your luxury problems. Dx
  3. Maizel

    Really, this is a very simple game......

    I [edited]hate it when all I see in chat is some gibberish language, And when I inform those people (as a non native speaker myself) politely that talking English might be beneficial to the team, I get reactions like: ' Fux u stoopid American, English sucks you [edited] I do your mother on weekday evenings' Separate language servers would not work, though. I would hate to be one of the 25 Albanian players, for example,
  4. Maizel

    WG teabagging the IJN in 0.4.1

    The IJN cruiser nerf did seem unnecessary to me. Minikaze is far from ruined, though.
  5. Maizel

    Low performance

    Having decent FPS on a 5 year old engine does not mean it is optimized. No multigpu support, no proper multicore support. You should take your own advice before spouting nonsense.
  6. Maizel

    Low performance

    This game, just as Wot, is horribly optimized. Really, Wargaming should put some of the money they farm from their playerbase to optimize their old crappy engine a little, instead of putting out more premium vehicles to leech us some more. My fps is maxed out 90% of the time. but it jumps all over the place the remaining 10% of the time.
  7. I am not knowledgable on the technical side of the workings of mods, but I would rather have no mods at all, than have the possibility of numerous aim assist mods. Just my two cents.
  8. Maizel


    Optional or not, I think it is hard to argue that 60, or even 40 euros is not extremely overpriced for a single, digital ship. That's like one and a half AAA games. 6 good indie games, or heck, 2 weeks of groceries for me. I'd rather spend that 60 euros on Fallout 4, or MGS. Yes, buying it is optional, but that does not make the prices of the T8 premiums in both Wows or WoT any less ridiculous. I only hope that the thousands of dollars Wargaming will be getting from selling this ship at this price will actually go towards fixing their crappy engine. Some SLI support, maybe, proper Multicore support... less discolaglight. But considering they have been cashing in on WoT for years and years, and it is still the same unoptimized crap, I am not holding my breath.
  9. Maizel

    Best class?

    Being within 4 km of a BB will also mean you will probably be dead. I mean, you're right, a close range torp salvo is doom for any BB, but it is very dangerous to get so close if the BB is paying attention. I prefer to torp from a greater distance. Kiting close to to he max torp distance can also work wonders, though you won't often kill them awesomely in one salvo.
  10. Maizel

    Best class?

    I love the destroyers It is the most fun class to play. If find BB's to be too slow Like Zzzzzz type slow As a BB you are also very dependent on your team's cruisers. Mostly they will race away at top speed leaving you to lumber after them, more often than not get chewed up by torpedobombers or sneaky DD's