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  1. GunnyL

    Does this game require a rework up from tier 6?

    Yep you got it in one. Also would like to point out that DD's becomes less and less fun to play after Tier 5, the same is the case for CR's, not got that high with BB's yet, so don't know. T4-5 is the best game play, so no point going past that.
  2. Played WOWS lots for the first 2 month, but now, I don't have anything to fight for bar a T10 ship that's cost more to repair than what I actually can avg earn in a battle - not a great incentive. I will do the odd few battles in my Premium ships as that is good fun, but paying a subscription is going to wait until Clan Wars start. I wonder if I am the only person thinking like this?
  3. to OP, many thanks for sharing! As a side note, my P time has run out, I have enjoyed the game and I look forward to come back when I can play in a pre-selected team or clan battles, so might see you all soon ™
  4. GunnyL

    Those lame cap circles are a relic of the past

    Agree with the OP, there must be a better way...
  5. GunnyL

    Ph3lan reporting for duty!

    Welcome, we hope you will take active part in all (read many, all might be a lot of work) the forum posts.
  6. GunnyL

    Release activities starting on 17/09

    Could be fun, ill try and tune in to watch
  7. GunnyL

    My Two problems with this game's economy.

    LOL That's my story!!! I only play my Murmansk these days, Atago is nothing special and cost more to repair, so the silver gain is less for a ship that cost me 3 times more, go figure!! It should give the same payout as that German T8 monster we see roaming around in every T6 + battle.
  8. GunnyL

    250 gold / doublons for completing a WG survey

    Done it, but yes not sure if its global or NA only.... can anyone from WG confirm if it counts for EU accounts or not?
  9. GunnyL

    MM today 16 09 - thanks WG !

    Look forward to see the improvements when I get on-line this evening. One question for those online atm, does the MM now better balance the number of DD/CR on each team?
  10. GunnyL

    Thank you for wonderful time, see you soon.

    T9 and 10 losing silver on avg on a premium account is so 2010... Con-current player -1 more and counting.... *sigh* We will get T3 in T10 battles soon as the MM will time out at 5 mins.....
  11. GunnyL

    Playing t8 dd Fubuki

    CR are in effect as fast as DD's on this tier, so watch out if you get too close you have little room to escape. I have the same ship and it does get a little better when you get the 15km range torps, until then Good Luck and Good Night...
  12. As I was the OP, I can assure you that in this case I want WOWS to succeed and I own a number of premium ships and I have a premium account (all the way from I started in the CBT).
  13. From the attached file you can all see how the con-current player numbers have fallen since the release of OBT (numbers before are from CBT). While players come and go the trend is very clear, we are less and less, this also leads to worse MM and ultimately no game... Please note: The trend of falling player numbers are similar on the Asia, NA and RU servers. Source: http://www.vbaddict.net/servers/world-of-warships/ Suggestions to improve: 2 x XP, not this 1.5 stuff. In fact I would rather it was 2 x XP for your first 5 battles you won regardless of ship you played. (IE you could play the same ship 5 times if you wanted). More Silver per battle, if the grind is too hard, no one is going to stay, this is not 2010 any more, plenty of other great games out there to play like War Thunder etc. And to complement the above allow T2 consumables to be paid for by silver (no P2W). Not specific to WOWS, but to WG in general you need to allow players to play on any server in the world and allow easy account transfer & mergers between servers. This is also a strong call to the community, we need to be positive about the game and promote it to our friends if we want it to succeed! Naturally I trust that clans and global map can help with this.
  14. GunnyL

    Premium MM? What for?

    Anyone got the max concurrent player stats over the last month, is the game gaining in online players or are we going down the WoWP route....
  15. GunnyL

    Proposed British Aircraft Carrier Branch

    nice research, I look forward to the Royal Navy