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  1. In my Minekaze I went back from upgraded torps to stock ones. I did not check any statistics, but my feeling is that I did reasonably well with both types. However, the targets were different: with slow, long ranged torps, I more often hit targets which I never intended to hit and after having forgotten about those torps altogether. With the stock torps I tend to hit more often those targets which I really aim at. To me, the second variant is simply more rewarding, as most hits are to a greater degree the result of my own actions/skill than of simple luck (of course, RNG is always there, you can never eliminate lack, but still, you know what I mean). The stock torps do require a more aggressive play at the limits of detectability range, as mentioned by others above, but the beauty of Minekaze is precisely that it has an extra kilometre or so between her torp range and detectability range. Add to this rate of fire, 3 launchers and thus 3 directions you can send your torps to, and you get an active ninja style play. It must be enraging to a BB, or even a group of BBs and/or CAs, to constantly be torped from nowhere while they advance into seemingly undefended territory and have to make constant turns, slowing down, occasionally still getting a hit or 2 and being unable to properly take your base, etc. So if you like more clam play, spamming torps are way beyond the detectability range, then upgrade torps. Otherwise, don’t. Your choice!
  2. CDM_1

    IJN destroyers in domination mode

    OK, it appears to be the consensus (I also suspected and intended to use ASAP): in an IJN DD you don't contest caps, period. Try your luck with the cap, but as soon as an USN DD appears, run while spaming torps and hope to use stealth elsewhere. I kind of figured if they kill me anyway and still cap a bit later, why not leave the cap to them from start and try to help my team by spotting/damaging ninja style? Will definitely try that and hopefully will improve this aspect of my games. Thanks everyone!
  3. Hello everyone, I have noticed having almost always bad games in my Minekaze when playing domination mode. I know my ship’s strength is its stealth, but I feel obliged to go to cap circles and thus to close combat since who else will cap other than a small DD? If I don’t go in, we start losing points fast and lose initiative. But in the cap I often encounter USN DDs which just easily kill me there. So the question to you is: what tactics do you use (with more success than me for domination mode in IJN DDs?
  4. CDM_1

    Gremyashchy - detectability range

    A bit off-topic, I hope someone has an answer. We have the numbers for detectability, but is there a different set of nubers for spotting? I seem to be discovedered from shorter distances by enemy DDs than by other ships in my Minekaze, so I am pretty sure DDs "see better". It would be nice to have a table with all the spotting range numbers to know how safe it is to approach this or that ship.
  5. CDM_1

    5 point skills too underwhelming?

    It would be interesting to know whether 10% CD to special skill affects BB's healing ability. It it does, it seems a no brainer to choose this one as probably the most useful 5th tier skill, equalled in usefulness perhaps only by Stealth skill for IJN destroyers.
  6. CDM_1

    XP for assisting to cause damage/kill?

    OK, thanks. Good to know this will come though.
  7. Hi all, I have not found the answer on the forums, sorry if I missed it somewhere. The question is simple, is there (already in-game or in the plans) in WoWs a system of rewarding for assisting allies to do damage/kills like in WoT (apart from the obvious interest in your team winning)? Spotting comes to mind first, but also could be like a ship with disabled engine/rudder after my shot or while more vulnerable since having reduced speed due to flooding. Thanks!
  8. CDM_1

    Dive bombers need dmg buff

    I started by sending in DBs while preparing the real - TB - attack and the results were mediocre at best. Then having read on these forums started reversing - waiting for the ship to repair the flooding which TBs usually cause and then sending in DBs praying for a fire. Suddenly my DBs started bringing in several k damage each game, better than nothing. Had a funny game the other day where a BB, obviously aware of this tactic and with full HP before the TB atack (so not having used the repair ability yet) did not repair flooding since he saw my DB nearby. I just kept my DB without attacking, putting him in a serious predicament of continuing to take water in or risk a fire immediately after repair. I would absolutely rage at a CV doing that to me in a BB
  9. CDM_1

    Fighter Squadron usefulness vs higher tier planes

    Besides using friendly ships' AA defences to help yourself, try the equipment giving your fighter 10% more firepower (forgot its name, smth in the first equipment slot) + the Dogfight and Air domination skills (yeah, I know by the time you have Tier 5 skill you'll probably be in a Lexington lol). Of course, currently this is easier to do at tiers where CVs do better (4 and especially 6, it is painful after that I feel). Once I got acquainted with my Saipan, things have gone well and I can confirm that I see few matches against higher tier CVs. So I stick with it though I finished yesterday grinding for the Ranger with the sole purpose of finishing the grind for the Dogfight skill to give me a chance in the Ranger. I might also try doing a few matches with the 3 fighter setup in the Ranger once I buy it. With 3 fighters vs Lexington's 2 (the usual top setup for that CV), I should stand a chance, expecially with everything optimised for fighter performance. Denying a Lexington a role on the battlefield in the smaller Ranger should already be a very good contribution towards victory.
  10. CDM_1

    Beta Testers - We NEED you! (Yes, again!)

    Hi, checked the three ships I have in port and found no apparent clipping or other problem (either in port or in-game). The ships are Saipan, Omaha and Minekaze.
  11. CDM_1

    I'm struggling with Carriers...

    Well, it's always like in that paper-scisors-rock game, you sometimes get unlucky and frankly I think most CV players want the damage, not air dominance ;)
  12. CDM_1

    I'm struggling with Carriers...

    Totally agree with this - had a game in my Independence together with a teammate Saipan vs a single Saipan. The enemy Saipan had 3 fighter squadrons vs 1 each for us and clearly the enemy had the captain skills and equipment optimised for fighter dominance. For an entire game us 2 carriers were completely cut off as he dominated the air, killing all 6 of my fighters with just one unit of his and losing none, while perhaps losing 1 when killing 6 of my teammate Saipan's fighters. Two such encounters and I was out of fighters, while I only managed to drop perhaps one torpedo volley. I asked him about this setup and he said this was working nearly every time. I looked at the game results: we lost, I had smth like 190 xp to his over 1000 while he only used a dive bomber, but downed over 40 planes. Well worth it I guess, at least for some variety in CV play.
  13. CDM_1

    How to switch targets in torpedo mode?

    N1 mtm78! I thought I found a bug a few days ago when my ships refused to advance, but could turn or go backwards. Turns out I accidentally switched languages to French and voila, my W key no longer acted as forward W, but ASD worked fine. I guess I needed to press Z or smth to advance lol. Anyway, notinced the language thing and my ships could move again forward - what a happy feeling that is not to be viewed by teammates as a total crayfish (literally, back-going and all
  14. CDM_1

    How to switch targets in torpedo mode?

    Thanks a lot!
  15. CDM_1

    I'm struggling with Carriers...

    You will find that sometimes it is very frustrating, but do persevere! I just reached Saipan and boy was I disappointed! You feel like not only everyone dodges like a pro your torps, but at that level most ships (save for DDs) have incredibly efficient AA that decimates your planes even before dropping torpedoes. I watched many videos about manual torp bombing and improved a lot but still the higher the tier the more nightmare it becomes. My solution for the moment is not to rush in and wait for isolated BBs or other ships in rather narrow areas. Then attack from two different directions so as to ensure that if he turns from/into one bunch of torps he runs into the others. My feeling is that the most OP carrier will eventually be the Langley, since no one really has any AA worth mentioning at that level, nor special captain AA skills (notably cruisers) and most importantly low player skill ;) GL&HF