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  1. Murmex

    Super League - Modified Mission Conditions

    Well , first of all , i dont post much on the forums. That it because i dont needed to. But i want to say few things now. I have (had?!) great respect to the World of Warships staff , because unlike World of Tanks staff , they listen what the community wants and have to say about the game and any changes on the patches to come. And i hope they will continue listening the community. This is maybe one of the reasons (the premium ammo also) to quit WoT few years ago. But anyway , there a few things i want to say: 1. I dont believe WG have not consider any kind of "exploit" that can be made in the Rank 1 games before they announce the rewards for super league. Its kind a hard for me to believe it. And if so , the people who planned this kind of super league rules and rewards should take responsibility of what they have made , not the players who are participating in. You have already announce something , stick to it. If you want to change something , learn from your "mistakes" then change it for the next season maybe. But to change this just after 2 days of the first rank 1 game played its not good i think. Just think about all the people who are fighting through the ranks right now to get rank1 for the rewards in the super league. If there is easy way to get something - the people will do it naturally. 2.Again , I believe the whole concept of the Super League is to be rewarded that you have made it and get rewarded for it. Why the hell people have to play this ranked season , by far the worst season in my opinion , with tier 7 ships , with way, WAY less rewards (flags , credits , doubloons) compared to the previous seasons , to get some upgrades , that are way too situational and cant even be used in ranked and EVENTUALLY hit rank1 to play with tier 5 ships EVEN MORE competitive against top players (obvs) for ... a single container once in a while ?! There is no more value for me playing in the Super League anymore. Either i dont understand it or its something really wrong with your announcement about the change. For me personally , i think you have made rank 5 Super League for the people to have fun , while they are rewarded for the frustrating grind to rank1. And those containers are the compensation for the useless prizes from rank 9 to 2. 3.If you want to punish those who are AFK , simply set small expirience ammount you have to make in the rank 1 game and thats it. But cutting 14 containers rewards to 4 its simply not fair. Once again , you have announced the rewards before the season stared , the people have committed to grind the long way for it , DO NOT change it. You already got what you wanted with all the Belfasts and Scharnhorsts people "had" to buy just before or while this season is running. My suggestion is to keep the reward system like it is in ranked. Winning team gets it , top 1 (or top 2 maybe) from the loosing team also gets it. This looks like is working for you and for the community i believe. But make it for the NEXT season or so. For this season , do not change it. Leave it as it is or in my eyes ,you are risking to become like WoT staff sooner or latter. And you can check the ammount of people who had quit playing WoT and the reasons why they have quit. I really hope WoWs staff continue to listen its players in future and wont dissapoint like WoT staff. Have a nice day everyone.
  2. Murmex

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    If there is group / channel for rank 1 players like the last season , add me please so we can organize tier 5 matches. Thanks
  3. Murmex

    Ranked Battles Season 5

    are there any rank 1 battles ? add me in game channel if any please , cheers
  4. Murmex

    Prepare for Ranked Battles Season 5!

    i suggest you fix AFK in ranked with 24h ban to enter ranked battles. in this case we will be happy with none (less) afkers in ranked and they will be happy cuz they could stay forever afk in random battles
  5. Murmex

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    Also , rank 1 channel bugged now, When they were 10-15 you could see who is in the channel , now u cant see nothing. Wargaming can u answer why is this happening ?
  6. Murmex

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    in the group now , thanks , currently 12/14 for battle PS. Finaly some battles at rank 1
  7. Murmex

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    thanks mate
  8. Murmex

    Ranked Battles Season 4

    Hey mates , just reached rank 1. Are there any rank 1 games at all and at what time of the day do u play? thanks