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  1. Temptis

    Did everyone else just sell the emden?

    you had to do a small set of missions to get it. those were only valid over the holidays. now you can do some other missions for Kongo and Myoko Anime (Premium?) Versions
  2. Temptis

    Russian DD's what is the point?

    because beeing the first in line to spot Torps without beeing able to see them in time is kind of hazardous.
  3. Temptis

    Where is Emden?

    i did not mind the missions for the Emden. i do mind the nonsense Challenge to play Co-op with it for x3 Captain Exp. i mean c'mon... really... Co-op????? i get more Exp in a Random battle without x3
  4. Temptis

    Update 0.5.2 - Karma and Team Damage Feedback

    why no negative value for karma? what's the total number of compliments vs complaints given per day? (server total)
  5. Temptis

    After 0.5.2 good DD players will rule the battles

    than torps are not an issue yet. buff them please.
  6. Temptis

    Ranked season 2 ends

    if i had a wish for christmas, it was that premium ships be banned from Season 3. tyvm.
  7. Temptis

    Are we SURE ships are scaled properly in this game?

    it's not an issue of tiny mountains or massive houses. it's the ingame distances and speeds that are totally off. it's an imersion issue that only starts with the ships beeing 6:1 scale ingame the Fuso has an ingame length of >1.5km Ships that travel at ~20kn (St. Louis, Albany f.i.) would only travel a total distance of 9km over the course of the 15min game if that was really their speed. the listed turning circles and the actual turn times.. oh i don't even... btw, ships turn wider the faster they are, at full stop it can turn on a dime if it has 2 rotors. i suggest swithcing the ingame unit for distance from KM to FM as in Fantasy Meters, because that's what it is. we had that discussion in closed beta though and it let nowhere fast, because "game mechanic reasons"
  8. Temptis

    Are we SURE ships are scaled properly in this game?

    Shepbur, with all due respect but you are only telling half the truth. the ships are scaled correctly towards each other but the scale is totaly off compared to the environment for gameplay reasons.
  9. not spectacular but fun.
  10. Temptis

    Would you trade damage for accuracy?

    just look at the amount of CA in higher tier games vs BB and you have your answer.
  11. you know, planes too can be spotted coming from miles away. if you start turning when you see them (the planes, not the torps) coming your direction, they will have a hard time connecting their torps as well. just dodged 11 out of 12 plane torps last night from a perfect cross drop. the CV player never went after me again that game. if you only start turning when the torps are in the water you will not dodge anything.
  12. no there isn't. if you spend a lot of time waiting for your guns to align, than this is a good skill. or if you want hard numbers: calc.exe -> 180/turn rate of your guns if 2.5 (or 0.7) is a fraction of that number, don't bother, if it's a big chunk than "hell yeah"
  13. Temptis

    Fire and modules/skills

    with the current meta, it's hard to see the facts through all the smoke. HE in it's current form is fine. Fire in it's current form isn't. even with all the modules and skills, an average HE spamming cruiser still manages to set you on fire once per salvo. it does not matter if the chance of fire is reduced by 12% (skill+module) or if you don't take the 2, after a few salvos you are burning in all possible locations. thus imho the skill and module should reduce not the chance for fire but the duration and/or damage over time of the effect.
  14. Temptis

    I was told DD are now terrible.....

    that's not "hard numbers" that is observed numbers and the algorithm is clearly based on speed, with a big handicap for IJN. reaction time is the time the target takes to react, sometimes it is 0. time to react is the theoretical maximum of reaction time.