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    Co-op Battle Missions

    Defense is horrible. Spawning in mid and get swarmed from all 4 corners. 1 Match we had 2 crusiers and 1 DD, rest BBs. Cruisers died vs their BBs and we faced too many DDs that we got swarmed and torped. Matchmaking sux also, me in a T4 DD and T5 CV and bots. The bots traded them in vs. same amount of enemy bots. CV got killed early vs 1 DD because spawning in mid and he will get set on fire from every incoming enemy. With few players in a match, I WOULD rather play the normal COOP and only defense if there were FULL house of players. Regards to CV, enemy CV is far away in low tier matches behind a mountain, requiring a fast ship / DD to hunt CV. That is 1 less player in defense of mid for minutes and in we all have our Crappy AA on lower tier all scattered. Easy slow pickings by enemy CV over the duration of either short or long match. So how about that map when we spawned at West side instead? I liked the placement. But too many enemies and too fast. we split up, me in a NM, NC and Cleveland went against 2 Cleavelands, 2 DDs, 3 NC and 2 tier 7 cruisers. Both of my teammates died, I got 5 kills, but it was me in a NM vs 3 NC lol. My suggestion. If we were to spawn in mid, have the enemy spawn in 1 corner at the time and set a timer before next spawn. Also, Remove Team Bots in our team they are a big handicap to the players. If not enough players; put the player with bots in normal COOP Another suggestion is to spawn the enemy at the corner/far side so we have some at least 1 minute to take positions. I have experience that enemy DDs are in our cap within 1-2 minutes after start. Another Suggestion. Mirror match the boats and add low tier enemy ships to match our team lowest tier. Test with 1 tier below Team lowest Tier. Another Suggestion is to add more teammates, whenever it is bots or not. Another Suggestion. AI needs to capture both bases and we can recapture 1 base. Last feedback. I wouldn't play Defense mode at this stage on the live server because it is too hard. It might be playable by a full premade Team of players that seeks a challenge in PVE. Edit 1: Assault mode gets positive feedback
  2. TheSoulCollector

    ARP ships - A Response Thread

    I don't really care about the: Cosmetic: I play on lowest setting for best loading performance (HDD) or else I may get into a battle after starting timer due to loads of mods. Sound: my sound settings is pretty much none to minimal. The game doesn't need to sound so loud. All I know that I have a kongo and myoko that I may occasionally take out. And if that Atago is to come out, well then I will get Atago without its premium credit income. Personally; I don't like premium-gated content and I would like that non-premium-class-ship counterpart to be researchable. It is better for the gamebalance I think because; none of the premium "unique" ships would be more or less OP / UP with a Gated-$$-Price-tag for its tier. Well it depends on its hull, and if Tripitz would be how much different to when Bismark comes out. Anyway, this is off topic. If so more ARP missions are to come, well yes, more reasons to hoard pixel stuff and more incentive to play the game more often.
  3. TheSoulCollector

    What if ammo capacity is limited as WoT?

    Yea I noticed the error in the poll which I copied from the WoT topic I created, I will fix that.
  4. TheSoulCollector

    What if ammo capacity is limited as WoT?

    I have always wondered why ships don't have ammo capacity such as tanks in World of Tanks. Is it too punishing if one runs of ammo by excessively firing as it is in certain tanks in WoT? P.S. I created a similar topic on WoT forum as vice versa. Edit 1: fixed a error in the poll
  5. TheSoulCollector

    ARP ships, no consumable camo. Please add, WG.

    I would guess that WG is free to do whatever they want with ARP content regarding GAME BALANCE. (Edit 3: if the owners of ARP content are above all; they could specific told WG in order to use their Content is to put ARP kongo as a tier 1241875 and Myoko as a Tier 1 with 99999 HP) Let me highlight the points I am trying to make: 1: There is a imbalance because ARP ships cannot mount camo (bonuses). 2: WG is missing out the potential income by not having camo to the ARP ships just for the bonuses that (their counterpart) 1 ordinary Kongo or Myoko can mount. 3: I don't care about the cosmetic gets ruined or not. As I suggested is to have the ability to buy camo and it gets applied as an invisible paint job. The guy gets his camo bonuses and WG gets potential $$. Everybody are happy. Still don't get it? How about we remove the ability to mount Premium damage control ability on certain ships? Imbalance? Reduced profit for WG? Edit 1: paying attension to your example: I guess you get it in another example that is unfair. How about complain about Yubari then? And while you are at it as I am in my case. Put forward the suggestion that Every(Edit 2: premium) ship should be able to mount -4% acc or -3% detect perma camo. Typo Edit 4: My albany(free) and Emeden(earned) doesn't any particular fancy striped camo, but has a invisible camo with benefits. My ARP kongo and Myoko are jealous.
  6. TheSoulCollector

    That feel when 100% losses

    psst... play pve, enjoy 98 % win rate. Slow grind, but it keeps you sane.
  7. TheSoulCollector

    ARP ships, no consumable camo. Please add, WG.

    The point I pointed out in OP is the Bonuses that every other ships can mount. WG either made a choice or they missed it. Why not having INVISIBLE regular camo that players can throw in GOLD or Silver and consume ingame stuff which is... guess what? camo that every other ships can mount. Edit 1
  8. TheSoulCollector

    ARP ships, no consumable camo. Please add, WG.

    "They function just as a normal techtree ships " -Ectar Except they cannot mount any consumerable camo. Edit 1: I looked at my Albany, it already has a 'perma camo', I could demount it. Mount a silver one. Destroy it. Mount back the perma one. So I could change between Perma -4 acc % and 30%xp :::: To :::: just -4% acc or 3-% detect.
  9. TheSoulCollector

    ARP ships, no consumable camo. Please add, WG.

    Even though those ships are copy-paste stats-wise. They are inferior to their counterpart which can put on gold and silver camo which gives advantages. So how about enabling us (who has ARP ships) actual consume stuff in your game? What is the problem WG? Don't want to eat up my Gold/silver which consumable that every other ship has? I wouldn't mind having invisible camo or not, just don't let us out on these bonuses, these camo everybody else has. edit 1: typo
  10. TheSoulCollector

    Depressing to see that the Aimbot is back (Dec 5th)

    Still enjoying PVE and I would be happy if everyone in my team are using aimbot so every PVE match would be faster. P.S. carrier in PVE is OP and chill.
  11. TheSoulCollector

    Co-op mirror questions

    I only have Langley in coop and I wonder when I get Bogue with different set ups; will AI mirror my upgrades and commander skills?
  12. TheSoulCollector

    Why do we lose catapult fighters and spotter planes?

    If the ship has a catapult (most likely it also has a crane), then it should be able to retrieve/fish seaplanes. But damaged seaplanes? Have them be limited by ammo as Carrier fighters are? Otherwise it stays as a consumable and "gold"
  13. TheSoulCollector

    3 daily Torp missions. HALP lol

    So I am stuck at having 3 daily mission which need 3 - 4 torp hits in one battle. And I thought I could remove them or at least it would replace old ones every 24h as it does in Heartstone. Otherwise, the progress isn't going anywhere when I primarily plays BB and now also painfully grinding Phoenix and FUKUCRAPY which rarely gets in range for trops. Played some games with jap T2 DD with minimal sucess of getting torp hit since everyone dodges the torps and if I get closer bye-bye HP when everybody is shooting HE. Suck it up until I get lucky or recommend me a reasonably obtainable ship/tier so I can be done with these missions?
  14. TheSoulCollector

    when did the real life Navys stop to be fun

    when the CV nation attacked
  15. TheSoulCollector

    I need a lot more than just 3 reports per day.

    afkers/bots starting to get more common, need more reports per day.