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  1. KIllerbin34

    VE Day Stream - Submit Your Questions

    The crippling of the Kriegsmarine Destroyer force off Norway is often unvalued for its impact on German naval operations. Without the battles of Narvik the Germans would have beeen much more aggressive with their surface ships.
  2. It splits the T10 BBs mostly into cans and can'ts with regard to the OM, so Monty, Conq,GKand Bourg can't OM (Not that Bourg could before) and the Yam,Krem,Repub,Thud can.
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    The Mighty Hood

    No, Hood is fine as she is.
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    Double standards?

    Carriers carried spare aircraft, to replinsh battle losses, Warships did carry spare parts for their armaments but not enough to viable replace mounts that were lost in battle. If the barrels were damaged sure but if the mounting itself was destroyed that gun is out of action pending a visit to a friendly harbour.
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