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  1. I'm hereby signing your post. See.. that's how easy it is to change the world. ^^
  2. Argysh

    So, why don't you play Carriers?

    Do I believe they are valuable to their team if played right? absolutely.Do I believe CVs are OP now? no. Do I believe AA is OP or UP? Well my Arkansas... but generally: no.Did I play them early on when they arguably were OP? A little, 40 something games in USN CVs after CBT ended.Do I believe they are UP now? no.Do I sometimes (mainly as a DD actually) rage against them? yeah, kinda, Do I believe they are fun to play? nope nope nope, not at all. Do I mind people who still enjoy them? Up and at 'em Hoss. Do I like that not every game has a CV? very much so. having some with and some without greatly changes strategy and gameplay, I much prefer that to having CVs in every or no game at all.
  3. [edited] way of making a thread, by claiming everyone who posts here you just try to undermine the occurrence of any counter perspective. Afraid of arguments I guess? I welcome everyone who uses RL. It's a waste of 4 valuable skill points, thus makes my enemies less dangerous. And they even warn me when they try to sneak up, isn't that nice of them? So yeah I don't support it and I've posted anyway since I'm pretty sure WG doesn't care how many people post here (whether once or more). ^^
  4. Argysh

    Inertia Fuse HE Shells

    But does IFHD really lower the fire chance at the end of the day? I was led to believe (but I'm aware it's not confirmed) that penetrating HE shells have a higher chance of setting fires than non penetrating hits. So in the end you should get more fires, especially front and aft where there is little superstructure but decks or belts that may now pened. (And more pens in midship as well) Does anyone know/have a real source if this is actually true? Sry, it's a repost but this thread seems to be much more suiting
  5. Stats from wows-numbers show that is the best standard T5 BB by win rate and the best of all T5 BBs for avg dmg both for the average player and the top 5%. For all players: For top 5% players of each ship: ofc the ARPs are just Kongos. So to be fair we should combine those numbers and then Kongo and König would be closer. (keep in mind that there was a BB flood since König is online so numbers will probably change once MM is back to normal and even more players got the König as well) Personally I can only say that it's a keeper and suits my BB play style perfectly
  6. Argysh

    credits einkommen der tirpitz

    Korrekt. Nun, das hat sich nicht WG ausgedacht... es war wohl ein ganz gängiger nickname für sie. Auch einige Dokus und Bücher die nach dem WK erschienen sind haben das aufgegriffen.
  7. Argysh

    credits einkommen der tirpitz

    Einfach mal ein paar random screenshots für euch damit ihr das einschätzen könnt. ALLE ohne premium account, die meisten ohne Zulu Flagge.
  8. Argysh

    Tell me how you like the Tirpitz!

    I truly love this ship, it's a very good credit earner (I had no premium time, still the cash-flow was awesome) and just so versatile and fun to play. With her speed and maneuverability as well as the awesome reload and turret traverse (for a BB) she's very different from other BBs. Her torps have awesome angles, decent damage and good speed, combined with the pretty good secondarie layout they are giving you an exclusive no-go aura around yourself. IMO she's one of the best brawlers in game. + With her good armor and huge HP Pool she can always get close if you want to. She just feels like an uparmored IJN CA (which i usually enjoy driving the most) so a dedicated BB driver will probably not like her as much as I do. I'll surely re buy her when she's available without a package or in the ingame shop.
  9. Argysh

    Average exp per battle

    Those [edited] estimates come straight from Viktor Ksily and if not him, who else could answer the question at hand? Those numbers are not for games played but for players. Paying customers probably play more on average. therefore you encounter them more often than 20-30%. Also as Ra97oR said, higher tiers in WoWs are currently filled with those that rushed (most likely with premium time) and those who bought higher tier ships. Premium ships/tanks also don't mean that you have paid for them. Sure there hasn't been anything higher than Iwaki Alpha and Arkansas Beta for free in WoWs yet, but in WoT i got my Super Pershing, Tog II and countless low tier tanks for 'free'.
  10. Argysh

    Average exp per battle

    Victor Kislyi once said that around 20-30% of the WoT player base are paying customers in some form. That leaves 70-80% of F2P players in WoT. Alas, it's another game and old numbers, but I'd be surprised to see a huge difference between WoT and WoWs in this regard. So yeah.. you're most likely wrong. The majority of WoWs' player base is not paying anything and still contributing. On topic: I'd wish they just make it base xp... As already stated all it does achieve is another artificial source of toxicity and grief.
  11. Argysh

    The stat whores have arrived

    pf... my signature reveals the only true stat by which you should judge a player.
  12. Argysh

    Aoba...A Giant, Slow, Flammable, Fragile [edited]?

    Don't insult the lovely Aoba! IMHO it's not just good... it's the best. At least for me.
  13. Nice read, good effort. But you realize that there are already Battlecruisers in-game? Especially with the IJN. Kongo for example. But if you have a look at the proposed tech trees some fans made, the KM and RN seem to have lots of them too.