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  1. Exoist

    Proposed nerfs for RN CL's

    But is it really a nerf for the Flint? 0,2 sec reload for 0,8 km range?
  2. habe nun nicht geguckt ob du schon eine Antwort bekommen hast, aber durchgehend solange du gespottet bist
  3. Exoist

    Commander Skills Update

    I am surprised by the price for a new 10p captain ... 1500 dubs is just a lot
  4. A Clanmate of mine gets around -2 Karma per game (EDIT: it´s ranked) in his Harugumo while being always the 1. in his team We don´t know why but guess that he didn´t spot all the time
  5. It is really amazing how it went from "Report system is broken" to "You play CV and deserve to be reported". Gratulation you totally missed the point and let me tell you a secret. >ou can even be reported without playing CV Yeah I know it´s really unbelievable
  6. True there were many intelligent ways to nerf the MvR but to make it completly RNG based is just dumb. They could just double the attack size for the same max dmg. For example 5 planes (1 bomb per plane) for the ~26k dmg but with a lower squad size of 10 you would just get 1 attack run. With the RNG from 5 Bombs maybe 3 will hit (60% hirate) which would make with 3 citas 26k/5*3= 15,6k dmg Of course you can get unlucky with 5 cits and still deal 26k dmg but I dont believe it would happen often
  7. Exoist

    Steel from Dockyard Event

    Since you can only grind 22 of the 26 phases it should be 22x200 if the 200 is correct
  8. If that would happen the MM has to change to + - 0 Because if you play a class the first time and you get into a tier 8 match is kinda dumb since new players need to learn the playstyle and even old players need to learn the new playstyle if it will change
  9. Exoist

    Das Söldner System im CW ist Mist !

    Nur schaffen es meistens die SU und U es eher sich dem "höheren Ziel" unterzuordnen. Es sind nämlich nie die U die planlos rumfahren und sich einfach rausnehmen lassen
  10. Wow da hast du ja echt was gefunden Dann hat sich die Anzahl der "wie vielen" auf 1 erhöht?
  11. Exoist

    Invisible torpedoes ???

    Hm okay I have now idea how the FPS and Ping react in a replay
  12. Exoist

    Invisible torpedoes ???

    The -35 ms ping looks like dc? For sure its weird
  13. Exoist

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    Well guess you also cant angle vs AP shots and then you deserve it
  14. Exoist

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    @El2aZeR sure skill matters and I would even say that better surface ship players are less often caught by the CV than bad ones but its not like you cant do anything vs MvR ... Rockets = angle (not that hard) .. If you have to show broadside to enemy ships to angle vs cv you must have done something dumb Torps = kinda the same like rockets? Sure they are fast but hit really low. Also to hit moving cruisers is sometimes not the easiest task when they dodge And Bombs are just so RNG heavy that it really sucks sometimes... on 2 run you get 6 cits and on the other you get 1 btw maybe Offtopic but I have seen lately so many Jap CVs which try to AP bomb DDs