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  1. Exoist

    Das Söldner System im CW ist Mist !

    Nur schaffen es meistens die SU und U es eher sich dem "höheren Ziel" unterzuordnen. Es sind nämlich nie die U die planlos rumfahren und sich einfach rausnehmen lassen
  2. Wow da hast du ja echt was gefunden Dann hat sich die Anzahl der "wie vielen" auf 1 erhöht?
  3. Exoist

    Invisible torpedoes ???

    Hm okay I have now idea how the FPS and Ping react in a replay
  4. Exoist

    Invisible torpedoes ???

    The -35 ms ping looks like dc? For sure its weird
  5. Exoist

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    Well guess you also cant angle vs AP shots and then you deserve it
  6. Exoist

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    @El2aZeR sure skill matters and I would even say that better surface ship players are less often caught by the CV than bad ones but its not like you cant do anything vs MvR ... Rockets = angle (not that hard) .. If you have to show broadside to enemy ships to angle vs cv you must have done something dumb Torps = kinda the same like rockets? Sure they are fast but hit really low. Also to hit moving cruisers is sometimes not the easiest task when they dodge And Bombs are just so RNG heavy that it really sucks sometimes... on 2 run you get 6 cits and on the other you get 1 btw maybe Offtopic but I have seen lately so many Jap CVs which try to AP bomb DDs
  7. Exoist

    Manfred von Richthofen's bombers are OP?

    Sure he is a good player. But maybe think about that not every player is like him? If you just look at his stats you see that he is overall good. That still doesnt mean that everyone in a Gearing for example can do the same stuff he does ... Its like that skill can influence that stuff (next to rng of course)
  8. I kinda missed the option for "Yes I played it, Yes I liked it, No I wont play it again" since now its only like or dont like
  9. Exoist


    Maybe dont expect many players on a workday before 13:00 And stat shaming is a really great move from you. When the heck did you start to already have 47 games today?
  10. Exoist

    Server down?

    The funny part will be when you all get pink for leaving the battle
  11. Dont really like these "stats" since I havent read how they are made like some before me asked here. My games in the last 21 days (12,23 games per day). A total of 257 but only had 5,06% BBs and 7,78% CVs while DD were with 36,19% and CRs with 50,97%. And what does that tell us? Basicly only that i didnt play CVs and BBs that much Is the CV unpopular for me? No. Why should it be?
  12. Exoist

    Bonus Codes

    Den 1. hatte ich glaube ich benutzt^^ die restlichen sollten noch möglich sein
  13. They really have to buff CVs so that more people will play them. Thanks for pointing that out for WG
  14. Where can I find these CV cheats you are talking about? And how would you say how much it would cost WG to remove CVs? If you want to compare CVs to Counterstrike it would be more accurate to desribe them as campers/snipers. But even still its kinda dumb to compare two different games which have nothing in common with eachother.
  15. Exoist

    Big tree in Shatter

    Thats a huge christmas tree. Guess we will get a lot of presents this year