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  1. krasje28

    5th Dimension is recruiting

    Welcome also a shameless bump for Fifth Dimension Gaming
  2. krasje28

    Looking for clan, currently super unicum shokaku

    Hi GorillaStark we love CV players , so jump into our TS and lets have a chat
  3. krasje28

    5th Dimension is recruiting

    Still looking
  4. krasje28

    Looking for an English speaking clan.

    Hi we are 5D, and what a coincidence we are looking for CV players , of course that's not the only thing we need or use don't worry. Drop by on our TS for a chat and i'm almost certain your gonna stay after you spoke whit me or some one else
  5. krasje28

    5th Dimension is recruiting

    Why in name of what would you join us you wonder right ? i myself was looking a long time for a clan till i found 5D, there is almost all the time some one to form a division whit online and on team speak. Don't let the request for a Shokaku square you off ! True we are a bit low on them we got 2 players including me who have that ship. However we play almost all tiers, sorry if there are less tier 1 then tier 8 but don't let that keep you back ! Like Irish say's come to our TS have a chat, if you like it stay if you don't your free to leave
  6. Sorry he's already taken by us
  7. krasje28

    Looking for a clan

    Hi xMoonstar, We are Fifth Dimension a very active clan whit a own TS server. That's for statistics what else we offer you wonder, we do team battle's and training's twice a week, beside that is there always some one on TS who is willing to play division. Drop by on our TS and have a chat we don't bite
  8. krasje28

    5th Dimension is recruiting

    Still looking, who we are ? Read the other posts and you see what and who we are ! Jump on our TS we won't bite ! only thing that could happen is we sink your ship but that's what this game is about right ? See & hear you soon ! TS
  9. krasje28

    5th Dimension is recruiting

    What can i say, been whit the 5th for a few weeks now, fun times all over. Fun on TS we have players from all over Europe, i'm myself are a Dutchmen, we have several Dutch also serval English Polish from Belgium ...German ? hmm not jet i believe oh well anyway as you see lot of different folks all together having fun shooting and having a great time so whats keeping you from joining us ?!
  10. krasje28

    Server Problem?

    Down in Holland
  11. krasje28

    LF clan ENG/CRO

    Have a look @ us http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/45360-5th-dimension-is-recruiting/page__st__60#topmost 5D Community has a lot to offer you: - Expanding ranks with players of all ages and levels of competitiveness.- TeamSpeak Server and Dedicated TeamSpeak Backup Server.- Players from North America and Europe.- Tournaments.- In house contests.- Full website with messaging, email, gallery, forums, among other features.- Atmosphere to have fun gaming.- Stable leadership with years of gaming community experience (No drama).- No mandatory dues.
  12. krasje28

    Looking Dutch people

    Until Wg declares this section as "all language section" as it is on WOT atm you MUST post using only English language im afraid. Add me please, lso we have to post / write in English otherwise the post might be locked . Make a channel plz I'll add those who posted here Boten: German CC t/m tier 8 , Japanese CC t/m Tier 8, Russian CC t/m Tier 7, Japan BB tier 8 , de rest Japan CV tier 7 , Atlanta , Atago , Tripitz, Waspite . I prefer CC to play.
  13. krasje28

    Server down / problems?

    6k + now, what happend they migrated all servers to 1 ? Oh server down again
  14. krasje28


    Got the same here, perhaps that 's some great force preventing me for doing something stupid lol. I have to admit like some say in here battles whit 8 of the same ships is not much fun... though i have the Waspite and love it. It would be a nice addition though 60 Euro's ain't cheap