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  1. BiddinWar

    New game mode and wincondition?

    ChillNova, on 24 March 2015 - 07:22 PM, said: I like the idea but i do not see it work in the current game/ mindset of people. I think it will end up in a bb camp fest, where the team that actualy moves loses since they will not have all ships on 1 spot. without a cap how will you force the teams to move and not just camp together waiting for a singe ship to get spotted and shoot the crap out of it from over 17 km range ? And whats stopping people from camping or ignoring cap in the current game? Nothing. Also, even if you camp, you get spotted the moment you fire at that 1 guy, meaning you will have a entire team lit up by 1 guy which will get bombarded by 11guys who are hidden. All of the modes in this game currently need heavy teamwork to be enjoyable and victorious, because lets face it: 1 yolo rush in domination to get the B flag and the enemy team ignore it and fights out at either C or A... Game ends in 10min, just like the 5min games in WoT. I don't see an issue therefore with a TDM mode. No one got any more suggestions at all? bump Please leave a suggestion if you do not like the ones already there..
  2. BiddinWar

    New game mode and wincondition?

    Well if you have ideas on what could improve it throw them out. I can't read your mind, you know? same goes for everyone. Throw your ideas out, lets work together to find rules or w/e for the gamemode that would be enjoyable for everyone.
  3. BiddinWar

    New game mode and wincondition?

    You got a better way of doing please tell me. Currently got three polls mainly too see which win condition is the preferred one, I could just make it into two polls all together. So please tell me how you'd like it instead. Right now you get to vote on the one you like and vote on the one you dislike. Equality or W/E
  4. BiddinWar

    New game mode and wincondition?

    Added both of these as options for people to pick in the poll, this way we can see what people would prefer for a wincondition for TDM mode.
  5. BiddinWar

    New game mode and wincondition?

    This might be a really nice thing actually. Think you can rephrase it so we can put it in the poll somehow?
  6. BiddinWar

    New game mode and wincondition?

    I did mention that my idea for that system is rather unbalanced with the current state of the MM, but I've been thinking of different ways as well. The only "good" way I have thought of is basically to, just like in domination, each ship class has a value to it that is given to the team that destroyed it, therefore by the time the timer reaches the end, ie 0:00 the team with maybe the most points would win. Though, this is just slightly better than the "more ships alive wins" it is still flawed with the current ability of having 8vs12 ship matches. Idk what is causing these matches other than one team having more high tiers, which I think shouldn't matter since the game plays out a lot different than WoT does where tier difference makes a HUGE difference. In WoWs I have not yet seen that being affected too much (Only got a Nagato as my furthest ship so far, so I might be inexperienced). Please do throw down your ideas for a win condition system for TDM other than the ones that exist in the game, or just literally have it to be TDM, and if both sides have ships standing by the time reaching 0:00 its a draw.
  7. BiddinWar

    WOW - WOT - MM

    Does it really matter other than HP pool? I've been put in a handful or so games where the top tier is 3-4 tiers higher but I've still been able to do well. In WoT it just is plain unbalanced, but for some reason I dont find that issue in WoWs? Maybe just me.
  8. BiddinWar

    New game mode and wincondition?

    Hey! So whilst playing I've found that both the timer of 20min feels a bit short (especially when most ships are BBs) but that might be me, anyways to the point. I'd like to maybe throw in a suggestion of adding a new game mode called "Team Deathmatch" or "Deathmatch" whichever you prefer to call it. The point of this mode would be literally a full out naval fight to the last ship sailing away in a glorious victory. Basically, no capping points, no points whatsoever just Team vs Team in a full out killfest, obviously you would still have the game time of 20min (even though I'd like it to be 30mins) but that would be it. To perhaps prevent people from just hiding in corners to pull out a draw you could add in so that the team with most ships alive at the end gets a victory and the other team a loss instead of a draw? I know this might sound unbalanced, especially with the current MM where a team can start with more/less ships depending on their ships tier. But if that was resolved would it be a sound thing to do? Been throwing in this question whilst playing CBT and I seem to be getting a 60-70% "Yeah, that sounds really fun!" response from people. So what is your opinion on this everyone? NEW WIN CONDITION SUGGESTION Damage Ticker Would you like to see a new game mode created where, instead of gaining tickets from capping a circle in the ocean, it counts collective damage that the team does to the opponent instead. Killing enemy planes counts (their HPs are ~1200 each) and suicides / friendly team damage / kill doesn't count. The match ends when 1 team either hits a certain threshold (depending on average tier level it would be different but say 200.000) or if the timer runs out, the team with the most damage done wins. Alive Points here is a rough example how much Points Ships could be worth DD: 10 Points when getting sunk, 20 when alive (as it is really hard to survive in DDs they should give more Points to their Team for living) CA: 20 sunk/20 alive CV: 40 sunk/25 alive (well CVs should grand the most points when beign sunk as to kill them is hard but they should not reward that many points for survival as they have it the easiest here, lets be honest they are most times the last to sink) BB: 35 Sunk/ 35 Alive (well they are the core of the fleet so they should give equal Points as sinking them and protecting them is equal important)
  9. BiddinWar

    Closed Beta Survey

    Done done, hope it helps in any manner.