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  1. Finally Ohio. Feels good man
  2. mergus72

    Cant access Premium store or Armoury in port?!

    Yeah same issue me too. Wg once again you fucked up. Nothing new. Ty very much for this bs!!!
  3. mergus72

    Holiday Lottery 2020 - Try your luck !

    I would like to join the lottery.
  4. mergus72

    2020 Anniversary Super Containers

    Nothing special ( no Ships or even gold) but here is my list: 100x India x-ray flags 50x Regia marina Camo 100x India Delta flags 100k Free xp 100x India Yankee flags 37 days prem 45k coal 3000 Steel 50x Post Apocalypse Camo 200x Juliet Charlie Flags 50x Happy Pi Day camo 25x Dragon signals 50x Frosty Fir Tree camo 25x Basilisk flags 100x Sierra Mike flags 25x Hydra signals 50x Gamescom Black camo
  5. mergus72

    Ranked hell

    today ranked is worst experience so far. worst players team i get i am sick of this crap now! You just cannot win anymore. From rank 3-4 otp rank 4-4 one win after tha tyou lose 3 fml this crap !
  6. Lost all games in ranked i just lost my sanity now ffs wg!!??
  7. I dont't think this not gonna last forever like this in ranked games ( 8 wins in row)
  8. Offcourse i got Hawkings to unlock after i used my last tokens wtf wg!!?. so [edited]frustrated! Wg give me 20 tokens more! or I ....
  9. mergus72

    Extra Special Lottery "Year of the CV"

    99. Kidd pls to me. Happy holidays to you all!
  10. mergus72

    Holiday Lottery 2019 - Try your luck !

    Me too. I want to win something
  11. mergus72


    I got sc 2 days ago which gave 50 Gamescom camos( 50% credits and 50% xp bonus). Nice to grind a lots of credits with Missouri
  12. mergus72

    If you wanna grind Benham...

    This mode supposed to be fun? If you like to lose i guess
  13. mergus72

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join lottery aswell
  14. It took me 21 games to rank 1. I used Nicholas in 11 games where got 91% winrate . October Rev. 9 games and one game with Texas.