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  1. mergus72

    Holiday Lottery 2018 - Try your luck !

    I want to join lottery aswell
  2. mergus72

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    It took me 21 games to rank 1. I used Nicholas in 11 games where got 91% winrate . October Rev. 9 games and one game with Texas.
  3. mergus72

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I got 50 Hydra flags from Varyag mission sc. Ok deal i guess...
  4. mergus72

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I want those prizes too. I want to join to raffle too.
  5. Finally win after several games. 0 stars, i was last survivor. Thx wg alot teams i get!
  6. I did my 1600 xp with Texas in tier 7 match. Got lucky to get 2 devastating strikes and confederate medals and got over 1800 base xp in that game.
  7. mergus72

    Yamamoto Campaign Supercontainers

    Are you Wg kidding me? Both containers same [edited]useless Engine boost modification! [edited]my life! This is not even funny anymore!
  8. I had luck yesterday with 2. account i made and got that bloody Marplehead code! This worked attleast for me! Thx!!!
  9. mergus72

    Are SUPERcontainers really super?

    I got lucky of Irish todaý after trying to get sc after january. Finally got one today and it was Atago with 10 points captain. I don't still believe how its possible but i think there is God somewhere
  10. mergus72

    Ranked Battles Season 6

    This ranked season was horrible experience for me. Ended finally rank 2. I was two times one star away from rank 1,but wg just said No. So frustrating to end season like this. Now it feels like I don't want to play rank in next season even I get 21 stars in start Who knows...
  11. mergus72

    Festive Cheer Prize Draw #2 - Try Your Luck!

    I want to win too. Happy new year and better next year!
  12. mergus72

    Supercontainer chance

    Finally after container nerf got supercontainer from "try my luck" option. So frustrated to get again 250 India X-Ray (Arsonist) flags that i allready had over 200. F..k my life in these lottery things! I was expecting something else like dubloons. So sad
  13. mergus72

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Finally got something usefull from supercontainer Finally got something usefull from supercontainer