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  1. nake53

    First Battle always takes an Insane time to load!

    Can confirm, however sometimes not even first battle, but rather first battle on certain maps, especially fun to load up ~5 min into ranked battle.(Running off HDD)
  2. nake53

    [SCRUB] The Scrubs - Recruitment thingy

    Hello there, I'm crap, can I join? :> P.S. Bump
  3. Hello, I would like to to try applying. Only requirement I don't meet is division WR, since I barely played divisions due to lack of friends ingame. I main cvs, but for competitive I've got Shokaku, Tirpitz, Atago(have everything else unlocked and ready to buy if need be). Got rank 1 twice so far as a cv. Stats: https://eu.warships.today/player/503253458/nake53/ http://wows-numbers.com/player/503253458,nake53/ Thanks!
  4. nake53

    One on One - Battleship vs Cruiser

    Broadside on and delete the pesky cruiser. You're in a goddamn bb.
  5. nake53

    Panic mode Torpedo Bombers

    Do not fly in proximity of ships that have AA defensive fire active(it's not permanent).
  6. nake53

    Advise for Ranked: Strike carrier vs Saipan

    Gee I wonder why your team dies so fast, it can't be your fault for not having air dominance and spotting... sure it can't be...
  7. nake53

    New Orleans still worth it?

    As someone who just finished grinding New Orleans and tried playing Baltimore, you're better off at grinding US BB line atm, since NO was painful, but goddamn the Baltimore... it just hurts...
  8. nake53

    Why us carriers can't have better plane loadouts...

    Unless he knows what he is doing and either deletes you right off the bat or distracts you well enough to do it slightly later.Fighter deck is mostly useless, since no matter how hard you try, you cant cover everything on top of doing next to no damage to the enemy team.
  9. nake53

    Matchmaking botched after patch?

    Yeah, because bbs alone win games at that tier.Of course it didnt mirror teams, why would it, as long as its more or less balanced.You should see how a real mm abnormality looks like.
  10. nake53

    Matchmaking botched after patch?

    Could but it did another thing that it could, balanced your team with ca and dds, in which you have the advantage.It doesn't try to mirror number of classes in team, it just balances estimated power of ships.
  11. nake53

    Matchmaking botched after patch?

    Well considering that you entered in a division of BBs, you really expect MM to compensate enemy t7 bbs with even more bbs for your team or less/no t7 bbs on the enemy team?MM did what it could - balanced it with other ships.Don't play in a division always expecting to face your or lower tier bbs.
  12. Decent sealclubbing, how is it related to game discussion tho.
  13. nake53

    Valentine specials

    I do understand that last weekend we got x3 due to project R milestone and its not really possible to run both x2 and x3 at the same time, but is it really a problem to run x3 commander xp and scheduled x2 first win?
  14. nake53

    Valentine specials

    I might be wrong, but wasn't there supposed to be x2 for the first win today according to event calendar? Edit: Even an email sent has x2 first day mentioned.
  15. nake53

    XP RANT !

    I fail to see the problem here.