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  1. pils85

    Can we please get rid of detonation

    That's the most deconstructive reply in the whole thread. You're the troll here.
  2. pils85

    Can we please get rid of detonation

    Let's raise the chance of detonation to 100% then. First hit always detonates you. Maximum tension, and always one smiling player. See how unfitting your arguments are?
  3. pils85

    Nurnberg heavy damage

    Lol, the Nürnberg and the Cleveland are by far the best T6 cruisers. The Nürnberg is great, apparently you just don't know how to play her. In most games I was in the Top 3 of my team while I played the Nürnberg. Here some tips from me: 1. You are very fragile, but you have a long range. So stay in the back, in the second row. The shell velocity is not that good though, so lead a lot and train how to fire at long range. The guns are actually very accurate, you just need to learn how to lead properly and how to predict enemy maneuvering. 2. Use AP whenever possible. Only exeption: Angled BBs and maybe DDs. But in doubt, keep using AP and keep firing. 3. Since you have a long range, there will be often several ships in your range. Pick those which show you their broadside and put AP salvos into them. Massive damage guaranteed. Prefer enemy cruisers, of course. 4. Avoid showing any enemy your full broadside. Always sail in an angle to the enemy. 5. You are a rather narrow ship with a small profile, which is good. But if you just keep sailing in straight lines, maybe even with your broadside exposed, you'll still be an easy target. Don't be an easy target. Angle, avoid, keep maneuvering. 6. Again, keep maneuvering. Keep manouvering whenever you are being spotted. At all times. Keep maneuvering. Additional info: The Hipper, Roon and Hindenburg are comparable to the Nürnberg (and Königsberg). They are stronger, of course, but the way you have to play them to be successful, is very similar. If you don't like that certain German cruiser gameplay, maybe German cruisers just aren't your cup of tea. The Yorck is the only exception. The Yorck is a piece of crap you just have to grind through to get to the Hipper.
  4. pils85

    Can we please get rid of detonation

    Detonation adds nothing interesting or useful to the game. But it causes a lot of frustration for those who detonated yet again, randomly because of bad luck. So, I agree. Please remove or rework.
  5. Get a layout with more fighters. What we need isn't some artificial CV protection, what we need are less strictly limited plane group layouts for US CVs. Either that, or a massive buff for dive bombers, since they're ridiculously weak. (So taking a fighter layout is still capable of doing some damage to ships per dive bombers.) And/or a higher reward for plane kills, both xp and credits, so a CV with mainly fighters actually becomes reasonably rewarding.
  6. pils85

    Reson why are only few Players on WOWS

    One of your two main reasons why you quit is based on a CV issue. That again implies that CVs must be incredibly OP. Well guess what, they're so incredibly powerful and overpowered, nobody is playing them, LOL. You have some people trying them out at T4, T5 and T6. And eventually, when you reach the T7+ games, less and less CVs will appear. Having CVs in T8-10 games is pretty rare. So, imho, CVs are a great addition and make the game multiple times more interesting. The lack of CVs currently is a pity, especially in T7+. So I'm actually voting for a buff for CVs. [Maybe buffing the dive bombers would have an effect, since the US CVs are disadvantaged due to the layout limitations anyway. And dive bombers are just ridiculously weak.]
  7. pils85

    Flugzeugträger unbalanced (overpower) vs Schlachtschiffe

    Wenn CVs OP - oder wenigstens lohnenswert und/oder konkurrenzfähig wären, würden mehr Leute sie spielen. Ab Stufe 7 - 8 sieht man kaum bis keine CVs mehr. Dabei machen CVs das Spiel wesentlich interessanter und abwechslungsreicher, und erweitern das Gameplay um Welten - sowie die taktischen Möglichkeiten. CVs brauchen dringend einen Buff, damit mehr Leute wieder Spaß an CVs haben.
  8. pils85

    WG = Elitist?

    I've been banned from using the chat for the duration of 24 hours twice during the last weeks. Yes, I did curse a bit in the chat. No, the punishment is not hard. But still, I'm convinced that I received most reports not because of my cursing, but because I communicate a lot in the chat. At least I try to communicate. Sometimes I don't receive replies, but I still keep on writing. In almost all cases useful information. Examples: "Please don't camp guys, we need the caps" "Please focus fire DDs" "Both their DDs are in C" "BBs, move up plz" "Cap B" "We need caps" "Cap or loss" "[ship x] cap A plz" "[ship x] move up plz" "[ship x] cover our DD plz" etc. In some cases, for some reason people get offended by that. I can imagine why. It may be annoying to some people. To people who don't realize this is a team game and who like to play their own style - no matter if helpful for the team or not. Exactly those people get offended by such chat messages, and these seem to report people like me a lot. Long story short: If you use the chat a lot - even in a useful way - chances are, you get randomly reported by odd and uncommunicative people.
  9. pils85

    We want lower repair costs too!

    Fighting all the way up to the amazing T9/T10 ships in countless of battles is hardly what I would call "doing nothing". I don't want more rewards. I just don't want to get f*cked over by astronomic repair costs. The sudden jump in repair costs from T8 to T9 and then T9 to T10 is completely unreasonable in my eyes. I have now a Kagero sitting in my port, but I hardly use it anymore, because I'd like to keep my credits for other things. Plus, I'm asking myself why I should even try to gain XP with it, since the Shima is even more likely to ruin you. What a huge disappointment after playing all the way through the Japanese DD tree! Now, the Shima at least got a decent increase in credit gain, unlike the Kagero. But the risk ending up in a bad team, being f*cked by the MM or just being unlucky and taken out before you can deal much damage and ending up with a huge repair bill remains. I'm ok with losing some credits after a bad game in a T9/T10 ship. But not THAT MUCH. Edit: Of course I'm aware of some of the (alleged) reasons behind that issue. It's like a 'friendly, slight bump' towards "Get yourself a Premium Account!" Which is understandable. But hell, you still lose tons of credits even with having a Premium Acc, even with Premium Acc + purchased flags you often end up losing a lot of credits - after just a few unlucky games.
  10. pils85

    We want lower repair costs too!

    Yep. I was hoping for a major change. When I read the detailed changelog, I was really disappointed. For example, my Kagero. Even with a Premium Acc and the flag +20% credit gain, you can hardly earn any money with it. Sometimes the MM or the team f*cks you over and you lose like 5 or more games in a row, depleteting your credit account. Now, let's have a look into the changelog: Capping stuff: -20% credit gain Kagero overal: +2% credit gain In the end that means even less credits from my Kagero, or in other words, even more credit loss. I'm close to the Shima though, and her credit gain was increased by quite a lot. So hopefully I'll be able to earn some cash with the Shima. However, repair costs are the same. Means, if you are unlucky, your team sucks or the MM f*cks you over and you die without being able to cause a lot of damage, you will still lose tons of credits. So, it's Status quo: T9/10 repair costs are way over the top.
  11. pils85

    0.5.2 Allgemeines Feedback

    Bist du wohl ruhig! Die ganze Zeit wurden wir mit T9/T10 economy jenseits von Gut und Böse gepeinigt - wurden gezwungen entweder Credits zu kaufen oder unsere hart erspielten high end Schiffe im Hafen stehen zu lassen, weil nach ein paar Niederlagen das Credit-Konto leergeräumt war. Ein Umstand so gravierend, dass er den Teamplay-Aspekt fast vollständig ruiniert hat: High tier Spiele bestehen nur noch aus statischem max range campen, jeder versucht sich irgendwie hinter einem Team-Kameraden zu verstecken, um möglichst wenig Schaden abzukriegen. Die DDs werden in den caps alleine gelassen und nicht von den CAs unterstützt, weil diese verständlicherweise nicht ohne direkte BB Unterstützung vorrücken wollen. Und was machen die BBs? Die campen hinter irgendeiner Insel, 15++km weit von den caps entfernt. Und alles nur, weil die high tier economy eine absolute Frechheit war. Außerdem ... ähm. Ich glaube kaum, dass dein Resultat hier auch nur ansatzweise repräsentativ ist. Ich weiß ja nicht ob dun ober elite WoW gamer bist oder so, aber für mich ist das ein Spiel was man alle paar Hundert Spiele mal hat. 120'000 dmg 160 hits, 6 cits, 5 fires 4 ships killed 19 aircraft killed 9x base def 3x cap (alleine) + Premium account Mit Blick auf diese Zahlen, find ichs gar nicht mal so viel. Liegt wohl auch daran, dass caps erobern nun weniger bringt - was meiner Meinung nach keine gute Idee ist. Schon jetzt muss man in jedem 2. game Leute dazu nötigen, endlich die Scheiß cap zu erorbern.
  12. pils85

    Public Test Update

    Pfff, nonsense. Have a look at what the testers write. The vast majority considered it massively underpowered.
  13. pils85

    Why I am done for the day ( at least )....

    Hmm yeah, agreed. Wargaming should like add a special training mission for every class and their specific tasks or something. Well anyway, what you are talking about leads to the fact of MASSIVE BB camping, which are unable to give proper fire support while they sit behind an island. And that leads to the fact that CAs and DDs are eating all the shells which a BB could easily take without being harmed to much. So lately, camping BB team members are extremely common. And the worse they camp, the more likely the team will lose. And the BBs getting killed eventually anyway. So BB players - camping is not the solution to stupid team members who don't know their role.