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  1. Ruuhkis

    insane lagspikes?

    I had samekind of lagspike few days ago, from 30 to 700.000 ms and game got unplayable. Turned out that I had allowed my system to upgrade to Windows 10 and that download caused my lags it.
  2. Ruuhkis

    A player named Mayhem is an admin or something?

    No idea what you had there but I would give this topic a more descriptive name.
  3. Ruuhkis

    Turning to use AA more effectively

    I think that servers couldn't handle all that stuff... There might be hundreds of AA guns firing at the same time.
  4. Ruuhkis

    carrier+battleship domination

    Wanna explain what actually is broken in those things? I'm not o pro player by any means so I need help to understand what I do wrong because I don't see any major problems atm. -Class balance, I can affect the game at all classes I play, it's just a matter of your playstyle. Even in DD you don't need to rush "C" and die capping it. -Tier balance and MM, either I'm the luckiest man on earth to get only good teams but still this has never been a problem for me. Sure I might end up in T9 game with my Atlanta but usually our CV's thank me for that... -Economy, I can make 1.000.000 in average of 7-8 games when not using Atlanta. -Reward system..? What? You mean flags or those daily mission rewards? Their extras, not goals... -Teamplay mechanics, not sure what you mean by this. And one more weird thing. I think this game is brilliant! It beats WoT, WT, and many same category MMO's by mile! I do enjoy playing it and that's a fact.
  5. Ruuhkis

    Turning to use AA more effectively

    There is no AA weaponry as such, instead AA weapons create a "bubble" of AA fire around your ship so position of weapons don't count at all. At least that's what I'm told.
  6. Ruuhkis

    Ranked Battles

    I can't find it anymore but if I'm right it will go like this: -You can reach the rank 9. -At rank 9 you can enter the "ranked battle" mode where there is a personal score and that both teams are balanced based on these scores. So in theory you'll always meet players at your skill level in both teams. -There is no divisions in this mode. I think there was something more too... Too slow...Thanks Welderold!
  7. Yes, there was type XVII submarine, altought I see a typo in my post. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_Type_XVII_submarine I have no idea about type XXII since I never wrote anything from that type of desing.
  8. No, read the OP. To be effective in game terms a submarine have to be either surface mode or attack mode. In both these modes it can be attacked like any other ship, only difference is the detection system. And even in attack mode the sub captains "Detected" skill don't work so he don't even know if he's spotted or not. Even I do not imagine that 15" artillery piece landing in few metres of a sub won't harm it...
  9. Did you read the OP? It clearly stated there that in evasive mode submarines can't cap or even attack. And they do count as destroyed if they are in evasive mode while last ship alive.
  10. You got my +1 for the day! Anyhow,even if all this discussion of "Historically accurate" is really interesting that wasn't the point in OP. I still think that if WG could introduce subs at T 5-6 and from mid 30's "performance" they would find a place in game. 4-6 Torps at a time, 60+ secs reload times I can imagine decent focal point defending sub skippers at least. But like I stated in OP it's just my imagination how they could fit to the game mechanics.
  11. Fair enough, I'll leave this here then. As a sidenote I would happily take few beers with you and talk about naval warfare but this is not the place for it. Cheers!
  12. I've read that topic with great intrest, thanks anyways! One thing that I don't get is why to try mix historical accuracy in arcadeish game. This is not against you at all by any means but WG is known for bending the historical truths to make a joyable gameplay in WoT so why so agressively against it in here?
  13. I did miss understood that part, sorry. Submarines were alone, not part of the fleet. Thanks for correcting it. But anyhow, submarines, specially if there ever will be CW map, would offer some tactical flexibility to the battles. Edit. When was the last time you saw whole team act as one fleet in this game?
  14. @Jeewee Yes, they're weak and they should be. About that speed thing, German XWII did 25 knots submerged, IJN had several submarines capable for more than 23 knots, U.S Gato class was capable of over 20 knots, British K-class did 24 knots so you can get them into a fight, that's why they have that surface option in the first place. About that Balance thing I think that getting few submarines might actually balance game a bit. Now all cruisers focus on AA since hydroacustic search is... Crap? And the way I described subs to work would made them vulnerable for secondary fire, main guns, bombs and torpedos without the sub captain even knowing that he's spotted. And I did actually look about WW I-II submarine actions before making the post. You can Google names like HMS Pathfinder, HMS Hoque, USS Wasp, USS O'Brien and even USS North carolina got hit by IJN torpedo launched by a submarine. And that happened, what a coinsidence, in Guadalcanal! About that everyone runs away from him, you don't think that affects the overall game play at all? I mean that could one weak submarine be that scary to force several ships away? Even the planes can't do that and they're even agile compared to the sub. The way I intented them to work is more like a guardian at passes, caps and so on, no like modern day assault subs hunting around. -Back to cover P.S @HidesHisFace, I think that saying that something is not funny is kinda depending on personal taste. And if you did read the OP only subs in evasive mode aren't affected by guns, to balance that they can't attack either or even cap or even count as alive if no-one else is left at the surface.
  15. There are few topics about adding submarines to this game but this one is mine! On a more serious note I've been thinking this a lot and the biggest problem I've found is that playing with submerged vessels might be really boring! I mean, when your underwater what is the actual game view, how does it look? Auto pilot on map, that's really exiting! If you agree that please move on to next topic, this is written in much deeper tought. I'm not even trying to write exact stats on how should one specific sub work but on more generic way of creating a good and exiting game play with a different twist on it. Overview and some background of why like this. In this game we already have an example of different vertical levels because we have planes. Planes have only two options, airborne or deck, there is no actual flying altitude differences in the game. Please keep this in mind while reading further. Submarines could have three vertical levels, full surface, attack depth and evading depth. Lets call these "modes" from now on. There is really no need to make this subject more complicated, just 3 settings with 3 different command keys is all we need. In all modes basic manouvering is still done with WASD commands like in all other ships too, no need to change that. Gamevice, only submarines that are in surface mode can cap and are counted as "remaining" player for battle, no hiding under the sea as a last man standing to get a draw! There should ever be only few in game, just like CV's. Also they're not meant to be racing around the map like DD's with stealth mode destroying all while invisible, I did wrote this dream of having them in game to offer us a sneaky, paranoid way of playing with different ship. You all have seen in movies the moment when a submarine captain scouts the surroundings with periscope and then suddenly see a DD aproaching at full speed! That was the image I had in my mind.. Now lets break these "Modes" in part. Surface/cruise mode. This is pretty much like the current game play mode, whole ship visible, minimap on screen with all spotted ships in it. On surface submarine can move anywhere where other ships can go as well, all narrow passes with shallow water etc. This mode is also used as making bigger repairs, including ballast dumping but more on that later. In this mode subs are taking damage like all other vessels in the game and are capable of using all deck mounted weaponry and torpedoes may be launched with similar mechanics that in regular ships, SHIFT takes you to gunsight view etc. This is the only mode where the Skipper can use that Lvl 1 "Detected!" skill. Generally this is supposed to be the main moving mode. Moving submarines mode from this to attack mode or evasive mode takes longer time than from Attack mode. In this mode submarine is detected like a destroyer. Attack mode. In this mode in game view changes. There is no point of viewing sub from outside anymore so we need a whole new view, lets call this "Tactical map". In this mode you lose the minimap altogether. Instead you have a tactical map witch shows all passable areas on map so in this map all shallow waters are simply blocked. In this mode your own ability to detect ships visually is greatly redused, let's just say that about a half what you would see from surface. To counter that you have a sonar at your disposal. This is represented in tactical map where all sonar detected ships are shown from greater distance, about double the distance when compared to surface view range. Naturally this would give a sub skipper way too big advantage so there is the trick. All ships, including another submarines, detected via sonar are just "ships" no friendly or foe indicators at all. Also because of the nature of the crude sonar systems there are no exact locations or even headings where the ship is or where she's heading, instead there is a "detection circle" and the ship is somewhere in it facing some direction, longer the distance the bigger the circle. Since ships movement speed is the biggest source of the sound they make there is a modifier to this detection range. Ships moving with "full ahead" are detected from maximum range. From there each step of dropped speed reduces the spotting distance by 25%. so that in 1/2 speed detection range is halved. Stationary ships are not detected by sonar at all, use that periscope Skipper! In case of multiple ships there may be several overlapping circles. Only way to pinpoint and identify ships seen on tactical map with sonar are either surface to get your minimap back or get in periscope range and make a visual identification. Using periscope for spotting also indicates friends and foes instantly. When moving in this mode navigating will get more difficult so your own location on tactical map will form a slowly growing circle too so that you must surface to pinpoint your location. In this mode if you hit a shore you'll get "flooding". Also in this mode while in periscope view you'll be able to identify the ships located by sonar if you actually can see them. So basically sonar tells you that there's someone but go closer to see who it is... This system of two way spotting gives a sub skipper something to do while underwater, but at same time it makes it possible to surface next to a non-moving enemy cruiser... Use that periscope Skipper! In this mode submarine also uses it's main propulsion system to move around so the speed remains same as in surface/cruise mode but your own speed does interact with that growing location circle you're in, faster you go the bigger the location circle. Taking damage while in submarine is not fun at all. To represent this there is new indicator, let's call that a "Ballast" like we mentioned before. This is represented just like an extra HP bar. When sub gets a hit that causes "Flooding" it starts to fill this "Ballast" meter until the the flooding is repaired. Big difference is that while underwater you just can't dump that flooded water over the side of the ship so you pump it into a ballast tank. This tank will keep the water in it until it is emptied automatically by surfacing the sub. If your ballast tank gets full you're destroyed since you can't surface anymore. In this mode you can be damaged by all weaponry but chances of getting hit by artillery fire are greatly reduced. Attacking while in this mode is pretty simple, Using "SHIFT" raise the periscope, calculate or estimate the lead and launch those torpedoes. No deck weapons may be used in this mode. Also making an evasive dive from this mode is faster since you're already underwater but on the other hand getting to surface mode will take more time. Spotting a submarine while it's in attack mode is difficult. Remember that targets speed increased the distance of submarines ability to detect them? Speed affects in here too. If we compare subs detectability to a destroyers it should be pretty similar, but with following modifiers. Ships moving at full speed reduce 80% of their detection range when against Sub in attack mode. In 3/4 speed they loose 60%, 1/2 speed 40% and stationary loose only 20%. Using a hydroacoustic search will count as moving one step slower so 80% becomes 60% and so on. Planes don't suffer any penalties while detecting subs that are in attack mode and also, because of no minimap, sub skipper will detect planes only with periscope view. Remember that "Detected!" Captain skill won't work in this mode! Evasive mode In this mode the sub takes an emergency dive and goes deep. In this mode there is no way of attacking at all and your speed is reduced to few knots since you're now using back-up propulsion system. Like the name indicates, this is the mode what you use while in trouble. In game view you are using the tactical map again to detect and move away from all ships, remember that there are no indicators of hostile ships in this map and that you can't pinpoint your location... To attack submarines when they take evasive mode we need depth charges. If you saw a sub taking a emergency dive to a evasive mode just ran there as fast as you can. Choose depth charges as your weapon and start dropping them. There should be a some kind of indicator when the charge detonates close and damages the sub. Remember that a submarine who is underwater is out of the game when it comes to victory conditions so it's enough to keep her from surfacing to win the game. Crew skills There are few new skills that might fit for sub skippers. At first lvl we could have -10% for ballast dumping time. Second lvl ability to identify and pinpoint all vessels using "Hydroacoustic search". Third lvl advanced sonar crew, they can estimate the heading of all sonar detected ships in tactical map. Fourth lvl expert navigation, reducing the growing speed of your own location circle, making it easier to navigate in tight spaces while in attack mode. Ducking cover!