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  1. You can perform well in those. Your divisionmates too. Because you know how to play. But remember competent players only represent a fraction of the playerbase. Average players won't perform so well and you also have good chances to get matched with clueless newbies in their stock Kirov. Of course, they will suck no matter the ship, but they would have acquired a bit more experience by reaching Tier 6 and the ship's stats would allow them to last slightly longer.
  2. FIFY ^^ About the last sentence, I can only but agree. I'd also like Operations for 3-4 players, so I can play with my close friends only (scrubs teammates risk: 0%)
  3. (at the bottom) I agree we should be able to play scenarios on any Tier, but without mixing the Tiers in a single battle. Bringing a Tier 5 in the current Season tends to lower the chances of success of your teams, as battles are balanced to be played with Tier 6 and the more numerous the Tier 5 are, the worse. Devs said other Tiers might be playble in the next Seasons, they are tempted by Tier 7.
  4. Don't worry. In the next patch, no more Tier 5 will be allowed in the First Season Operations.
  5. I don't think the operation is hard by any way. But the teams you get are sometimes dense as lead. I already lost the Ranger to the first ennemy group: it got torpedoed and set on fire, we had already lost two ships at that moment. But if the team has half a clue, it's fine. At least, its linearity makes it easier than Killer Whale, where it is very common to see some of your (desperately needed) teammates going alone to the wrong side. Map ping, chat messages, nothing. Those are geniuses.
  6. People desperate me. Two guys died before we even arrived to the ennemy base. At the end, a Cleveland with 7k hp pushed instead of leaving me tanking first with my Dunkerque. He died and I got torpedo spammed by the CVs, as I had no more AA support. Our Aoba went out of the escape area to avoid incoming shells, so we lost by lack of time. Meanwhile, a Bayern made his way alone to... the wrong side of the map, undamaged. He only realized it at the very end, despite chat spam. The saddest part is that we had Commander Jenkins with us, still alive. But noooooooo. No victory, no medal. I really wonder how did they ships didn't sank immediately, because these guys were dense as lead.
  7. The reload is indeed kind of long, it is thus a bit less useful when you face German BBs bow on half of the time. But it WRECKS forts like no other. The way to the base is cleared MUCH faster, ensuring minimal damage taken on that flank and pushing faster. AP isn't great against the base buidings, no idea about HE. From what I witnessed, Cruisers like the Cleveland seems not to have the raw penetration needed and Battleships aren't accurate enough. Meanwhile, the Molotov is just powerful (Tier 9 guns) and accurate enough to smash through with a grouped volley from 14km, letting you hear the "target penetrated!" from citadel hits, as a big chunk of HP is removed. In Aegis, it truly shines when attacking by the left of the islands. Citadel party on the IJN cruisers.
  8. The Molotov is truly a monster in the early game. Whenever I take it for a spin, I blap any onshore battery with 22k-salvoes. I usually kill five/six of those by the time my allies destroy two. The most difficult thing to understand for the random players seems to be "where is the evacuation point?". I've already seen half of the team going the wrong way and calling for help, despite the others telling them to stop.
  9. I ran a lot of operations and among the premium cruisers, one hame comes in mind: Molotov. It works stupidly well in Killer Whale at taking out onshore batteries: one good AP salvo and there goes 22k of 30k HP. By the time the team completely destroys two, you can take down three more by yourself. It also wrecks IJN cruisers broadsiding in Aegis. Limited use in Newport. The Graf Spee is also a decent ship, as it gets a truckload of HP+Heal. You can take a beat and keep on fighting, although at a low top speed. For fun, I ran in the middle of the fleeing transports and let the secondaries do the job. The limited barrel number mean RNG can screw you sometimes, but the caliber is unmatched among the cruisers, with great ballistics. PS: I heard positive reviews about the De Grasse. A versatile ship with 3x3 152mm guns, decent shell ballistics and 12% fire chance (like on the Cleveland's guns). Good torpedoes and Speed Boost consumable, but fragile.
  10. I wouldn't mind fighting more bots (like on a previous PT), but then it would step on the Scenarios' ground. Still, I am happy to go play easy mode to farm a few captain points for a new line, learn the strenght/weaknesses of a ship and grind a few modules of a stock ship, all this without hampering a human team.
  11. I agree with this. In my opinion: -Slap it at Tier 7 with Tier 7 planes (those were historically obsolete compared to what other Tier 8 carriers can launch) -Improve detectability -Remove the AP bombs and make the HE workable -Because WG doesn't want to introduce a premium CV without silly gimmick, they could make the ship unique instead of its plane: PROPOSAL: Enable the possibility to launch planes while being set on fire with a minimal timer malus and buff the turning circle. With the secondaries, it could allow to the GF to come closer of the frontline, thus reducing the flight time to the objective. If needed, also reduce the damages inflicted by AA furing the dive manoeuver. Et voilà, you get the first firespammer-frontline CV. -The said gimmick could open the door to a more regular flight deck of 2-1-2
  12. I was waiting impatiently to see those RN BBs, but after reading this, I don't think I'm ready to come back to Randoms yet. I'll wait to hear about the live result and a fix (if needed).
  13. Found this on Reddit. Just... WTF.
  14. Yeah, along with the gun range, so the detection range of any low Tier BB is at least slightly under its gun range (to avoid them being kited without being able to respond)
  15. I had three supercontainers within a month (two on the same day!), but they were filled with credits and special upgrades. (No idea wether it is worth is to mount the Speed Boost Mod 1 on my Leningrad/Blyska instead of the regular upgrade.)