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  1. Sams_Baneblade

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    If the vote percentage in favor of this "fix" ever reaches 10%, I swear I'll buy myself the next whale bundle to be released. Whatever ship it contains would make a nice port decoration for an to-be inactive account. Litterally no one wants of this crappy fix, I really don't get why devs are so hellbent to change something everybody gladly welcomed.
  2. Sams_Baneblade

    Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    Nice job. :) However, I'd like to add a few corrections/complements to your work: Gun range: -Z-39 cannot benefit of AFT, so this range cannot be extended. -The Sims has the best gun rango on paper, but the shell arcs are so horrible trying engaging targets beyond 10k is practically useless, just as adding AFT for gunnery purpose. At least, it can lo shells above islands. With AFT and their good ballistics, the Blyska and Leningrad win by far (13.87 and 14.4km respectively). Rounds per minute: You should add to the calculation the number of mounts able to fire. The Sims fires faster, but only has 4 guns, while the Leningrad has 5 and the Blyska 7. Sio in the end, the Sims is still fist (72 RPM), seconded by he Blyska (65RPM), Leningrad being in third position (60 RPM) Moreover, the Z-39 cannot boost its ROF with BFT, it's still last. Torpedo damage: The Sims has access to a second set of torpedoes with a 9.2km range, but anemic damage and low speed. Concealment: The Z-39 has access to the Concealment Module, which allows it to win hands down here when coupled with Concealment Expert. AA: The Sims is far better in the matter than the Z-39. Simply because: -It is very likely to have BFT, which also boosts AA by 20% -Most of its DPS lies in its DP mounts, which have a 5km base range. The Z-39 has 3.5km. -Access to DFAA consumable, which boosts the damage output by 4. So with its DP mounts alone, a Sims with DFAA and BFT can throw 201.6 AA DPS at 5km. 6km if you put the AA module on it. MISC: The Sims has a superb XP income modifier, which allows not to easily reach the top of the XP panel (useful in Ranked). The Z-39 has Tier 8 fire resistance.
  3. Sams_Baneblade

    Would you like co-op battles to be made 8v12?

    I actually like the idea. However, I'd advice only a few bots to have skills/flags/equipement, as opposed to "ALL the bots having all skills and flags", like in scenarios. It would allow to introduce more challenging bots, might they come with a sligthly different behaviour than the usual "charging in the middle of the player team/using DCP on the first fire/laying smoke and leaving it behind". Imagine playing in a Tier 5 matchup and the ennemy has a La Galissonnière labelled as "Admiral [somerandomfrenchbotname]", with all the upgrades, CE, IFHE, DE, AR and flags. I'd approve that.
  4. Sams_Baneblade

    Aigle marathon, how's your progress been so far?

    A single mission left. I didn't have the courage to wreck the 100 modules this weekend, so I just went for a torpedo run in my Kamikaze and will finish the marathon in an upcoming easy mission (like the 7.5k xp one).
  5. Sams_Baneblade

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Here I go. Very badly engaged game on Strait, most of the BBs camping in the archipelago and 0/3 caps. Reds went from 3 guys focusing me to completely forgetting about my existence while I farmed damages. I'll take it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. Sams_Baneblade

    Daily mission madness

    Langley, a single battle. 86k. 38 planes downed in a double CV game, having a captain with AS is nasty. Loss on point, which is sad I ended up alone against a planeless Hosho -after killing a St Louis and a Kaiser, the poors were unable to dodge-.
  7. Sams_Baneblade


    Yesterday I had a team involving three Atlantas (mine plue two others with an AA build). Easiest 5-stars I ever had on this Operation. The last remaining were focused so hard my screen was full of rainbow trails.
  8. Sams_Baneblade

    Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    Gosh. My eyes. It burns.
  9. Sams_Baneblade

    Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

  10. Sams_Baneblade

    Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    Like a 48s radar on the Memetaur?
  11. Sams_Baneblade

    Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    It is. I did it.
  12. Sams_Baneblade

    Best DD for 8th Ranked Season

    Good for me I got both in Christmas Containers. Haven't tested the Kidd yet and I have to get used to the Lo Yang, but that should be fun. I'll play those more actively when I won't be busy farming the DoY campaign in my Atago.
  13. Sams_Baneblade

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I got 180 of those dragons flags... At least I'll grind super fast. *shrug*
  14. Sams_Baneblade

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    40 XL containers. Duca Lo Yang 900 flags 6k dubloons and a crapton of Frosty Fir camos. Zero premium time. Honestly, I am disappointed by the premium ship drop rate I had. :/
  15. Sams_Baneblade

    HMAS Vampire

    I like the Vampire background on the NA website more. That reference.