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  1. "constant air raids" AAtlanta, our Lord and Savior.
  2. I 100% agree. You read it well. Same shell velocity and same reload. At Tier 5.
  3. I went on the NA forum to ask to Pigeon_of_war if buffs were planned for a bunch of ships. Here is the answer: "All the other premium ships you mentioned are just fine balance wise. I really don't see a need to change them, especially Mikasa." But well... Since he pretends the Orion is balanced and that they plan to give the Molotov's guns to the Kirov, I have serious questions about their data collection methods.
  4. [insert a joke about a vampire enjoying to suck] Sounds better?
  5. Come to daddy.
  6. Well.. Myself, I do play, but mostly co-op because pleb teams frustrate me. Example: I have the Dunkerque, Perth, Saipan, Kaga, Anshan... and never took them out for a spin in PVP (for the carries, because I'm waiting to git gud at strafing before. No way I become a burden for my teams).
  7. I thought the same. But then I saw the bundle... Damn... Can't say if it would be worth to throw even more money in this game, seen what I already spent vs time I play.
  8. Thank you for the info
  9. I don't plan to use AFT in my build and will never meet any Tier 5 with a Tier 3, but it sounds awesome :D The Yubari (without any AA buff cuz 10pts IJN DD captain) is already topkek at deleting adventurous planes, this one will add a bit more trolling ;) I should check the Tier of those catapult planes, to know of they are Tier 3 or 4.
  10. Bought it. I really wanted this one. Soon I'll have the double fighter skill. I wonder if it would be enough to troll some Tier 4 carrier.
  11. Met my first GZ today, in my new Scharnhorst. It was played by some unskilled bob, but even with a lame drop and a dodge attempt, his torp blob left me at 7k HP. At the beginning of the game. (Our Enterprise was a 500 battles 46%er so zero air cover) Can't the devs implement a more conventionnal loadout that isn't trash to play with/against?
  12. You can perform well in those. Your divisionmates too. Because you know how to play. But remember competent players only represent a fraction of the playerbase. Average players won't perform so well and you also have good chances to get matched with clueless newbies in their stock Kirov. Of course, they will suck no matter the ship, but they would have acquired a bit more experience by reaching Tier 6 and the ship's stats would allow them to last slightly longer.
  13. FIFY ^^ About the last sentence, I can only but agree. I'd also like Operations for 3-4 players, so I can play with my close friends only (scrubs teammates risk: 0%)
  14. (at the bottom) I agree we should be able to play scenarios on any Tier, but without mixing the Tiers in a single battle. Bringing a Tier 5 in the current Season tends to lower the chances of success of your teams, as battles are balanced to be played with Tier 6 and the more numerous the Tier 5 are, the worse. Devs said other Tiers might be playble in the next Seasons, they are tempted by Tier 7.
  15. Don't worry. In the next patch, no more Tier 5 will be allowed in the First Season Operations.