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  1. Nice nick for the ship. For me, it is Drunkerque. Lands 80% overpens, even on broadside jap cruisers..
  2. I like this mission. As usual, it forces teamplay and braincells use. And most importantly, free xp captain for those who don't have yet any 19pts captain! (I run full xp flags and camo for 7-8k per battle) The only downside being the ennemies always spawning with the same pattern, which makes the mission repetitive after a while. It also works as tutorial for those who don't know yet they should use Ctrl with their AA and stay with the team. Well... If they know how to read. Thumbs up to the devs!
  3. I'm not surprised.. Tons on online players have no clue about anything. Believe me, 16k battles on WoT. And I think it's even worse there.
  4. You made me try my luck, I can confirm it is super weak.
  5. I got 4 stars for my first game. Took the Anthony, slapped all the exp bonus flags I had, AA flag, AA module, superintendant and premium DEFAA. Took down 43 planes, got 8k commander freepex. Worth it.
  6. I still can't say if I like to read such topics based on a sh*tpost *grabs popcorn* or if it just desperates me to see how stubborn and blind people can be (that "I have a life" argument... just lol) The saddest part is where the OP will return doing crap in PVP, thinking he was right from the beginning, constructive and that the whole forum community is full of hating fascists, while his topic was just a troll bait where opinion is a fact. Asking for help/advice woumd have given good results, but well... Happens all the time. *takes more popcorn*
  7. Yeah, indeed. Also applies to post-CBT Sims, Blyska and Belfast's invisi-fire, Warspite's heal and AA, Yubari's AA (although it received DFAA later, which makes it useful to disrupt drops).
  8. Lesta already nerfed a few premiums, so even those aren't safe.
  9. About IJN CVs, there is practically enough ships for a whole new line. Link I don't know if this website can be 100% trusted, but you can see there is material for more than three Tiers and maybe even 1-2 premiums (Shin'yō was a converted german liner). :)
  10. Crossed fingers and prayed Stalin to get a SC. It worked this time. YESSSSSSS. Prayed again not to get one of those upgrades. Got 5 million credits. STALIN YOU GODDAMN FUKKEN COMMIE TROLL!
  11. Bought it, tested it in Scenarios. Verdict: Unplayable in this mode. Couldn't hit crap (thx RNG) and bots seems to automatically focus the player ship with the worse concealment. So I was focused by 5-6 jap cruisers at 15km while there was allied cruisers at 9km.
  12. The ship, the port slot and ten X3 xp missions, for 10,30€. There is also a 18.30€ bundles with 200 flags and one month of premium time added. I wonder if it is worth it, as it is a very special battleship gameplay-wise.
  13. Thanks for the advice :) However none of your proposals include BFT. :/ Shouldn't it be mandatory on a 16x127mm cruiser?
  14. Still debating inside of my head... Any captain build recommendation? For now, my best USN captains are for the Sims (13pts: PM, LS,BFT, CE, SE) and for the Cleveland (10pts: PM, AR I think, DE, CE).
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