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  1. Sams_Baneblade

    Kaga or Hornet??

    Chkalov and Hornet could be nerfed, because thay are part of the newer generation of premiums, whose description includes "balance changes might be applied". Kaga predates them by far and thus shouldn't be touched, except is WG decides to change global CV mechanics or to change its policy regarding the nerf of older premiums.
  2. Sams_Baneblade

    Sun Yat-Sen First Review = Waste of money

    Same here, except it's not a first since I already got a Tusla dropping few monthes ago. I havent' taken it outside of Coop, but the guns behaved quite poorly there. Felt like bringing a chinese knock-off version of some famous Tier 9, the nerfed AP alpha doesn't seem justified. Free is free, tho. But paying for it? Nah.
  3. Sams_Baneblade

    WG changes flags without info

    Thinking about big waifu tiddies.
  4. Sams_Baneblade

    WG changes flags without info

    Proudly claiming my degeneracy by arboring Azur Lane flags!
  5. Sams_Baneblade

    Free stuff, whats the catch?

    Never said it would be smart. Only more efficient The concept in itself is already flawed.
  6. Sams_Baneblade

    Free stuff, whats the catch?

    Guess the best move to get stuff is to farm snowflakes in december, then take a long break, then come back after a mail offering many goodies. Then it'll be WoWS 8th birthday, with snowflakes to farm again. I'd be getting more TIX premium ships by not playing than by farming coal at my current rythm
  7. Sams_Baneblade

    Christmas Wishlist.

    I have almost everything I need at this point, so my wishes are pretty simple: -Smaland or Lenin if I wanted something meta -Hornet, Champagne, Tone or honestly whatever that has some fancy gimmick and stands out of the other tasteless premiums. PS: I see a bunch of people drooling over a Benham for Christmas. Got mine in a randoms SC this year
  8. Sams_Baneblade

    AEGIS is almost unplayable since it was reworked

    Jesus. Well, as annoying as it might be, that potato Nagato had nothing to do there. If he did't cross that line, nothing too bad would've happended. A cruiser player following the same path 5 minutes later would've mauled those IJN cruisers to death with AP, thinning their ranks and allowing the rest of the team to deal with what was left and the convoy escort. So, in this case, it is more about a player making a poor move than a truly broken scenario...
  9. Sams_Baneblade

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Yep, I just completed the collection and I'm now 50 dubs away from the Toulon, once the 25% coupon is back.
  10. Sams_Baneblade

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Out of 10 containers, I received a Leone, 15k coal, 30 days premium and the rest was flags/boosts. Jesus, I hate this piece of junk of a ship, and that's coming from someone who loves underrated ships like the Genova. Still free, tho. And at least, a bit of the coal was used to roll an Agincourt from Jutland containers.
  11. I firmly believe Hermes bots have a different targeting algorithm than in other operations. Bots in the Ops we had for years (ex: Aegis) seem to target players according to their class/concealment, distance and remaining percentage of HP. MANY times, I took advantage of this, knowing that I was perfectly safe in my full HP cruiser at a range of 10km if there was a 75% HP BB 2 km behind me. And a Perth could close the distance much more than a Molotov. Finally, if I lost too many HP, I knew I had to be way more cautious because the bots hivemind would instantly focus my ship. However, in Hermes, I sailed various cruisers: Wichita (low concealment): I took quite a bit of focus and had to angle a lot. Prinz Eugen (high concealment): I was mostly targeted by 0-1 ennemies, until the moment I was low on HP. That went rougher, climbing to 4. Tiger '59 (very low concealment): I got focused HARD, by anything that had a gun, evend by sailing 3km farther than any allied ship. Oh boy was it brutal. Meanwhile, sailing a Tirpitz felt like being on vacation. I suppose this is due to the fact the convoy consists of a bunch of french BBs visible from afar, sailing full broadside and covered in 32mm plating. They would be obliterated in case of regular bot targeting. Moreover, the operation was originally meant to be played in Allied cruisers, thus Hermes bots would have been programmed to shoot at whatever has the lowest concealment to spare the Juan. I could be wrong, tho.
  12. Sams_Baneblade

    Fun tier 6 premium ships for operations?

    The Prinz Eitel is a pretty fun ship in ops, although it might not be the best one. Secondaries make a nice and efficient fireworks, though. I never get tired of her. The Mutsu could be considered an alternative. Her secondaries lack the improved pen and a bit of range, but they are still numerous and the ship itself has a fast-reloading torpedo armament. She is a bit slower than the PE, but boasts huge guns. The Ise is accurate, can engage targets at 20km and her planes allow her to stike anywhere on the map, including objectives lie the BBs on Killer Whale and the CVs on Raptor Rescue. However, her rear superstructure and low mobility may become a problem if the situation gets hairy. She sucks in brawls and the damage output is low-ish due to its eight 356mm guns and awkward gunnery angles. She is a fun and unique ship, tho. The Béarn is probably one of the most uncommon carriers out there, but her main gimmick (fighters) is only useful in PVP. Her overall efficiency in Ops is MUCH lower than an Ark Royal's. The AP bombs are unreliable, compared to Ark's triple torpedo drops. Oh, and she's slow AF. The Ark Royal has sluggish planes and has no fancy feature besides its fast regen and its iconic planes. but it's godlike when you know how o play her. Other picks: The Makarov has a tremendous and reliable damage output (38mm HE pen, 6s reload on 9 guns, 16.5km range), but it's squishy. It you know how not to get targeted first by bots, you'll be fine. Otherwise, you won't last long. London is pretty solid on Aegis due to the broadside cruisers, but I find her DPM to be insufficient in other ops. Perth, Huang He. Gimmickly fun, but overall very fragile and vulnerable as soon as their smoke is on cooldown. Damage output isn't the best. The De Grasse and Duca d'Aosta are of the same breed. They can't take on head-on fights against bots, but they can attack objectives and retreat pretty fast. However, they struggle not to take damage against Kumas and such.
  13. Sams_Baneblade

    Detectability Penalty Change in 0.8.0

    If the vote percentage in favor of this "fix" ever reaches 10%, I swear I'll buy myself the next whale bundle to be released. Whatever ship it contains would make a nice port decoration for an to-be inactive account. Litterally no one wants of this crappy fix, I really don't get why devs are so hellbent to change something everybody gladly welcomed.
  14. Sams_Baneblade

    Tier 7 premium DD's: which is the best?

    Nice job. :) However, I'd like to add a few corrections/complements to your work: Gun range: -Z-39 cannot benefit of AFT, so this range cannot be extended. -The Sims has the best gun rango on paper, but the shell arcs are so horrible trying engaging targets beyond 10k is practically useless, just as adding AFT for gunnery purpose. At least, it can lo shells above islands. With AFT and their good ballistics, the Blyska and Leningrad win by far (13.87 and 14.4km respectively). Rounds per minute: You should add to the calculation the number of mounts able to fire. The Sims fires faster, but only has 4 guns, while the Leningrad has 5 and the Blyska 7. Sio in the end, the Sims is still fist (72 RPM), seconded by he Blyska (65RPM), Leningrad being in third position (60 RPM) Moreover, the Z-39 cannot boost its ROF with BFT, it's still last. Torpedo damage: The Sims has access to a second set of torpedoes with a 9.2km range, but anemic damage and low speed. Concealment: The Z-39 has access to the Concealment Module, which allows it to win hands down here when coupled with Concealment Expert. AA: The Sims is far better in the matter than the Z-39. Simply because: -It is very likely to have BFT, which also boosts AA by 20% -Most of its DPS lies in its DP mounts, which have a 5km base range. The Z-39 has 3.5km. -Access to DFAA consumable, which boosts the damage output by 4. So with its DP mounts alone, a Sims with DFAA and BFT can throw 201.6 AA DPS at 5km. 6km if you put the AA module on it. MISC: The Sims has a superb XP income modifier, which allows not to easily reach the top of the XP panel (useful in Ranked). The Z-39 has Tier 8 fire resistance.