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  1. aleksandrov2

    Need help to choose a carrier line

    You came to the party a little late. CVs used to be very strong, but now they are nerfed every other patch. To answer your question: definitely go IJN CV line. They have more balanced loadouts, therefore you can have strong striking power and also defend your friendly fleet. With US CVs you are until high tiers forced to play AS setups which are boring and give you little xp.
  2. aleksandrov2

    Le Fheile Padraig flag

    Hej, I have a question. I have a Le Fheile Padraig flag and I can read in a describtion: "There is a fortune behind every corner. Maybe you will get lucky and it will not be in a form of a torpedo." So what does that mean? What can I expect, if I mount that flag?
  3. aleksandrov2

    Ranked Season 6 Hardest Rank Up's

    I played Shiratsuyu and got rank 1 in 210 games. I win every single battle until rank 15. The strugle began at rank 10 and then after rank 5 it was pretty hard
  4. aleksandrov2

    Scharnhorst or Belfast or Mikhail Kutuzov?

    As said before it depends which ship line you are already grinding. But if you just want to decide on a single ship I would say chose based on your playstyle. If you like BBs go for Sharn, if you like cruisers chose between Belfast and Kutuzov. Both Belfast and Kutuzov are fun in their own way. Belfast is close range assasin, because you have 8.7 km conselment, hydro, smoke and radar. Kutuzov is on the oter hand great fire started and has massive range (19.1 km). I prefer Kutuzov, but it really depends on your playstyle. Both are a lot of fun.
  5. aleksandrov2

    USS S

    WG logic: you can't buy sims, but U can buy OP ships like Belfast and Kutuzov :S
  6. aleksandrov2


    Yeah I know which skills are good. I think AR is also pretty sick to have. It is interesting question: do you want more stealth which enables you to sneak in good positions and gives you more survivability, which equals you do more damage, because you survive longer or you want IFHE and do more consistent damage, but you have less survivability due to worse camo.
  7. aleksandrov2


    So I have bought Kutuzov lately and am wondering which captain skill should I pick first: consealment expert or IFHE? I know the optimal 19 point build, but am hesitent to decide on which of these two most importaint skills to take first. @Flamu suggested consealment expert first, but why did he then suggested to pick IFHE first on Belfast, because Belfast and Kutzov are very similar??? Please help and explain why you think one is better to pick first then another.
  8. aleksandrov2

    Super Crates and Upgrades

    Well there are already multiple treats open about this topic and in general most people agree that some major changes need to be done. Either give these new cosumables in normal containers or leave them in SC, but make additional slot only for these consumables on ships.
  9. aleksandrov2

    Fires needs a heavy nerf

    C'mon learn to play the game. BBs have huge damage potential and fires are ot that much of a problem, if you are not a noob and repair first fire immediately!!!
  10. aleksandrov2

    Should each class have seperate skill trees?

    This is excelent idea. I have been for a long time proposing this
  11. aleksandrov2

    Shiratsuyu Capt Skills for Ranked

    Just to say something which I am not sure many new players know: Propulsion Modification 2 only gives +50 % bonus when you are accelerating forward from speeds of 0-6 knots. For speeds beyond 6 knots this module doen't do anything!!!! On the other hand Steering Gears Modification 2 always works.
  12. aleksandrov2

    Shiratsuyu Capt Skills for Ranked

    I asume you are speaking about equipment slots . For slot 1: Main Armaments Modification 1 The reason is that it increases your main gun and torpedo tubes survivability. Other upgrades are not very good. You could go for Magazine Modification 1, but in my books it is not worth it, just use detonation flags instead and it is not like you are detonating in Shiratsuyu all the time, it happens extremly rarely. For slot 2: Aiming Systems Modification 1 Others are not good. You don't need more AA range, you AA is not that strong and it is not like you see a lot of CVs in ranked, they are very rare. Also you don't want to trade your gun reload for faster turret traverse, it is not worth it. For slot 3: Propulsion Modification 1 I would rather have my engine undamaged then my rudder so I prefer Propulsion Modification 1. Damage Control System Modification 1 is not worth it since you are not a BB. Please note if you get Engine boost modification consumable in ranked or in supercontainer equip it in this slot. It is nice to have engine boost which lasts 3 minutes. For slot 4: Steering Gears Modification 2 It is nice to become more manueverable. I would not go for Propulsion Modification 2, since you are not a US DD which have already very good ruddeer shift. Damage Control System Modification 2 isn't valuable since you are not a BB.
  13. aleksandrov2


    Well I could not agree more with you.
  14. aleksandrov2


    Untill you calculate that supercontainer with 250 damage control party is worth more then 5 000 000 credits!
  15. aleksandrov2


    That would go too. Either give these new consumables in normal containers OR leave them in supercontainers, but rework the system so that these consumables have separate slot reserved for them. I would be OK by either of these sollutions, but the current implementation is just stupid in my opinion.