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  1. Deatmes

    Supercontainer (Flags & Camo) Get's AA Module.....

    Got 2 radar modifications in a raw. Don't have ship to use them on. Ultra usefull. Would better get containers with few usefull flags instead.
  2. Deatmes

    We need more carriers!

    Well in mid-tier Carriers does't do any lethal damage after many nerfs for IJN CV's. And there isn't many carriers in such tiers since. And this made monotonic gamelplay for a cruiser. In game with carriers i just can park myself near friendly carrier and rake in exp/credits. Hunting down any DD or staying for AA. And that earns much more exp then battling with BB's. You cant deal much damage to BB, and BB health are much cheaper than DD health. Profit from shooting down planes is buffed greatly, and can earn a lot. And i get much satisfaction from feel of contribution this way.
  3. Deatmes

    We need more carriers!

    True I didn't encounter Midway yet. But i have tried Hakuryu in test server. And it couldn't kill T10 BB in one perfect all-in drop.
  4. Deatmes

    We need more carriers!

    Easy to avoid and get 1 torp at most. Just need to turn before they drop. And aircraft torps deals so low demage it's not painful at all. And with nerfed leak chance its even less of a pain. Eat least for mid tier gameplay that is.
  5. Deatmes

    We need more carriers!

    I started to notice that every game which has carriers in it is much more fun and less monotonic. Especially for cruisers. Game without carriers for cruisers looks like having incomplete gameplay, halved exp/credits source. There isn't much of a point playing cruisers instead of BB, because cruisers rarely can fulfill anti-aircraft role. In games where there is 4 carriers such role is really important, and much more interesting thing to do then challenging BB's.