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  1. Best troll-secondary build for Alsace?

    best spec for this ship is for ramming other ships
  2. Can you please fix CVs?

    WG, pls fix idiots in this game...they have so much impact of loss to this game
  3. Tier 10 Destroyers and Anti-Ship Guided Missiles

    you ate some bad mushrooms, aint you mate?
  4. Bump---dont be jealous you dont have most sexy name of clan
  5. "Retarded"

    right...it comes from there, but in here it does not mean somebody has mental of physical problem...it means that called one is plan dumb
  6. "Retarded"

    word retard has nothing to do with mental of physical disability

    only good diki sakaji can join the clan kidding, nobody can not join....finally king requirements: no special WR, DMG and similar BS is needed only video of why you think you are good @sakaj dikija is needed (ps bez gutanja molim) OFFC only mature 18+
  8. I get that you are from some part of world that is civilized, where women have voting rights, where you can not insult peoples on street or random shoot strangers from windows. You can not hang black/gays on tree, i get that. I respect that. But on other hand you also need to respect that there other parts of globe where when you see fat cow (women or man equaly) talking about “healthy” food you have right and obligation to call it fat cow and it is not naming and shaming it is helping poor fat person to understand he is fat cow and he is doing something wrong, it is not a hormones, or heavy bones, or bad genes – no, you are fat cow because you talk buulcrap and your advices are for shitters. Now translate that to wows and understand why I can not not reposnd when fat cow in wow is talking about healthy food I hope you can graspe allegory here.
  9. pls continue, you are not going anywhere with this, but still i believe that you get the point of this thread, and it is not about how godd ar you or me, but how average skill in this game is declining almost every patch, and almost every 1k + peoples in primetime.
  10. obviously you do when you post here :)
  11. sadly this forum is full of wrong information, or better said information given by extremely bad players wo think they play good and who think they give good information but in fact they just pollute new players with bad intel. (that is why I check stats before taking info from player before even trying to see is his tactic valid, if we talk about something that varies from standard play) As for your question top target for CV is enemies dd…..spot and kill if possible. It is harder on t4 -5 and (no manual drop) and on USA line because 2 TB squad are present only in t 10, but there is nothing more deadly than good crosdrop from CV, no matter how good is driver in DD he cannot avoid been hit. And you need to learn that from start.
  12. yes i did....that is why i have bad feeling :)
  13. pls look at this thread in broader picture. main point is the course of where WOWS is going, increasing numbers of players at coast of dumbing down game play that does not force peoples to improve. Instead giving better tutorial to players WG is giving more and more brain dead ships and mechanics that require no skill. P.S. this particular game was lost on points, because our 2 slowest ships (Bbs) tried to catch their CV on line 1.....but hey....they lived and did 50 k dmg..so they played gut
  14. PLS PLS DONT LISTEN TO HIM. he is 1000 Efficiency guy aka bad player. you in CV MUST attack dds all the time, it is your PRIORITY TARGET!!!
  15. This thread is not how good or bad i am. Could this game be played better if somebody else played on my spot - for sure, there are alot of better cv players. did i do some cardinal mistake that this was my lost game? hell no.....their dds were spoted untill killed, their CV did not strike our group or did anything important to game....he 2 times followed and in the end killd my empty bombers on other side of the map. (i draged his fighters for 5 minutes around the map). all my focus was on ships in cap, or most dangerous ship aka pushing BB (on which i lost 40 planes). XP gains were never reliable indicator of how game is or was played. same as total dmg dont show anything the game. you gain XP by killing game....but game dont count if dead planes drop their torpedos and died on the way home or not, or did he kill 16 bombers on A1 that i draged away to have free strike. p.s. i can not take you seriously when you say you lost game in cv becasue you focus DD first. p.s. 2 thank you too about wonderful insight in tactic of this game...pitty you can not implement for yourself that and sit in very very low personal rating