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  1. Patetic player base

    I read you comment and agree with it 100% just used it to define crucial problem in playerbase. On one side guys who just want to play as easy game as it can be and on other side players who adapt and like challange.
  2. Patetic player base

  3. Patetic player base

    Maine question is do you want game where you need to press 1 button and watch dmg meter or you want game where you need to think when you play. Where good play is rewarded with epic results and bad play makes you dead in minute. Ffs mor...player base now cry pve is to hard. Ffs.
  4. [How to:] Play around RADAR

    No. Radar is insta I win button. It needed to be nerfed. You lie. Nobody can survive radar
  5. Is the Game Getting A Bit To Ship Heavy??

    No. We need more ships
  6. Patetic player base

    Anytime WG introduce a single element of skill in this game we have million posts like : - nerf radar - bots are to hard - dd is dead - nerf HE - nerf torpedoes - nerf cv -..... edited
  7. CV's not doing there job.

    Cv job is not to protect team. It protects couple of important ships mostly dds
  8. No. Try pve. But I hear it is hard there this days too. Nerf bots
  9. cv div vs none cv div

    Yes they can shut down other CV. My example shut down whole enemie team. Torpig smoke is like 40 WR 200 PR guy trying to blindeshoot in smoke. Endless smoke + almost endless radar + endless hydro + constant spot = win
  10. cv div vs none cv div

    Pair 3 uniqums in Sims, Belfast, Belfast div and you will get same result.
  11. The Ultimate Failure

    So basically average pve player is bot with heartbeat?
  12. What sights do you guys use?

    Dynamic....it "counts" 30 knots which is much more precize than static with 20...also USA moon arcs and some others demands zoom out when firing and dynamic here have upper hand
  13. Radars ruining game

    Peoples of Africa thanks you for this flood....now they have water for a full year.
  14. A case for Secondary Spec German Battleships

    sorted by games played not by WR as intention was not to "attack"