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  1. You missed one great grind on t9 km BBs :)
  2. Thats why you free exped t9 ?:)
  3. Deleted
  4. Ajmooooooooooooo..sakas dikija često? Voliš da ti sakaju?....imamo i krezubog koji to dobro radi......ajmoooo
  5. Lo Yang IS Benson
  6. how can you know, really know, (not take some other peoples opinion) if you do not try it? playing against it does not show you reall picture...maybee oponent is so much better/worst than you? i trust only guys who can prove something by stats.....and guys who told you that essex is beter or has better fighters have in their IJN ships better stats....so how is it possible that hey thing USA is stronger contender? p.s. next time qoute Fara...his stats in USA are beter than in IJN... :=)
  7. ah record....no..awerage dmg is better indicator....i mean you detonate yamato and woils :)....ok, i get it....you did not have deck....good point....we wwill chack in in 3 weeks...fair?
  8. in stock yes they have airdomination, but what about strike ability in stock....1 TB and 1 bomber in t9 game?? also if Essex has better strike why you have more average dmg in Taiho and almost 1 frag more?
  9. mate..play it...than you will see how much harder you need to work for dmg and airdomination than Taiho....also he will outspot you by shear number of squads and fackt that he does not need bombers for dmg he can drop them and spot. IJN just has so much more tools to do good. has strike that is not rng dependant an is much less HE satturation dependant, still can apply dot as good as USA Spotting - he has bombers that are not main source of dmg so he can use them for spot, you just can not do that without hurting your strike Air .- 2 squads are allways better than one....much more options - on click IJN wins......on strafe....he will win if he does not stack his fighters. AND MOST IMPORTANT - IJN can have 2 strikes more per gamer because of much faster reload
  10. very stong or better than IJN contraparts? also i did not say crap about his stats, just that he does not have that ships...so how can you have strong opinion about sonething you did not try? he said that some great players said so...than you look stats of that players and they all have better stats in their IJN than USA t9 ajnd t 10 ships..... also you just pointed greatly....or i just suck hard in CV-s or IJN it is better because i have like 10% WR difference in IJN vs USA....again point for IJN that are much stronger ships P.S. great mate than you have 20 games in Essex and zero in Midway so first heand you can compare them..gj
  11. and last thig THISSHEEP - his hakurz stats are better than Midway, his taiho stats are better than essex MALIMOO - his haku/midwas stats are allmost the same, his taiho stats are better than essex ISITHRAN - does not have haku, does not have taiho so what are you saying?
  12. i bet i can find you some books whre somebody states that earth is flat.....so it must be flat....play ship,. than come here and talk about something.....but nobody in this planet can say 1x7 fighters of essex are better (same skill apllied) than 2x5 ot taiho for air domination. also number of AS monkeys are the same in IJS ans USA so it is not coincidence USA CVs are ships with THE WORST WR from t 5 till t 10. and last thing cv with 3x4 TBs will ALLWAYS be better than ship with one TB squad because it can with ease deal with DDs while USA has problem with that because can not crosdrop and bombers are RNG eaven with manual drop.
  13. it ussualy gets like this - you got butfucked by some player in some ship, and than you decide that that ship is OP. i bet somebody in ESSEX demolished him in his stock taiho=essex dominates :)
  14. he is joking, he does have 13 games in taiho....0 games in essex, 0 games in hakuryu, 0 games in Midway
  15. you can only toy with idiots....those 2 fighters can and will toy with you...it has more HP, more DPS and most importan can lock/strafe you....while you can do crap...strafe head on and got locked. i allways like to hear peoples takling about ships they dont have :) cose yxyou have total 0 games in bouth Haku or Midway....gg mate :=) also you have epic 0 games in ESSEX