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  1. imaš mali pimpek slabo ga koristiš buttplug ti je omiljeni predmet mama ti je sestra onda si na pravom mjestu dođi k nama
  2. First Premium Ship to buy

    Bly.....so question asked of all 3 you mentioned
  3. I need a drink after this lot...

    What to say......this game is going down...number of potatos that floods this game is impresive
  4. USN CV rebalancing incoming!

    T 8 in t10 game is most ussles thing ever. HP is low and worst thing is 15 knots slower planes than t10 TBs. Ussles gimmic
  5. right....just dont give more advice pls...some peoples looks for real advice on forum
  6. bad stats means bad player bad player gieving addvice on forum is monkey move
  7. right....but it would be nice to actually know how to play cv...,you dont obvoiusly, before "teaching" others how to play....your statement about paper planes of taiho is one of most stupid thing i read on this forum last month.... you have over 100 games in taiho which is one of strongest ship tier per tier and you have 41% wr....it is not that essex is strong it is that you suck so hard in cv
  8. Very good advice....thats why you have 41% wr in yours cvs?
  9. Why is Midway so extremely bad ?

    Stats are bad because if two captain has same skill Haku eats alive Midway....Midway can work....if captain in Midwey is better....but than any (eaven most ussles ships ones) can win against poor captain in superior ship.
  10. Sure. They can hide and lose on points. With this full radar meta dds have no chance. Cruisers dominated with 1bbs limit. Di you see any top team using that setup? No? There is reason why most use Moskva, DM, Hindy setup
  11. With ussual setup with 2-3 dm and 2 moskvas life span of dd would be 5-10 seconds. Permaradar. Prema hydro.
  12. 7 dd per team is easy farm. I want them. Pls pls give me team with 7 dd
  13. So what now WG?

    Says a man with 0 played game in cv
  14. Musashi? are you joking WG?

    Don't buy it. You want another OP premium? Also Montana feels diferent from 380, 409, 420 and lastly 460 And offc it will have worst sigma and reload than its sister on t10