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  1. Teamplay......
  2. RN BBs will [edited]gameplay totaly. 30 km HE spamers. Only good thing is that they will spam other BBs with 69% fire chance HE. Probably next thing that will be nerfed is fire because hordes of monkeys will flood this forum with tiers after flhordes of RN BBs burns them to ground.
  3. just nerf their AAA and you have real nemesis to BBs
  4. if bot hits you with his auto drop than it is not bots fault :)
  5. i tried like 20 times....read all commics in there for extra "money" for card....nothing :(
  6. USA CV in AS setup
  7. I would go full strike ranger. What is changed from t6 is power of AAA and 1 TB and 1 DB Just don't cut anymore. Also hiryu on "click" can win fight over you. Not to mention strafing.
  8. Speed mod could help CVs. Because in cv drop mode it is hard to see the smoke
  9. No idea. I did that with kamikaze. Rjeđe were 3 BBs. 2 rushed = 100.000k....cv rushed....another 40k....i so rule bots:)
  10. Low tier ijn dd. Rush BBs. 50 k done
  11. And answer without question is DM :)
  12. But you need t4+ for mission :)
  13. But you need t4+ for mission :)
  14. onky thing is that THE MOST imoprtant part of AAA is long range..7.5 montanas case....so yes..it is a whine post
  15. no life mate, wife, 2 kidds....i am zombi :)