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  1. Catterpillar

    change 'report' function

    no, seriously, I dont mind the system beeing there, despite beeing utterly useless but to demoralise players... but I can understand it beeing there for a reason. Except, it is there totally unchecked on facts, ppls can just report you as they see fit... so what's the point of it? I mean, I like the new hybrid class a lot, I love playing my Ise coz I can go shoot at stuff out of my range, or go spot DD's when there is no DD on our side of the map, or I can even make ships show their broadside while avoiding me in my planes so my teammates can shoot at a nice juicy target.... but beeing reported almost every game by players who think I'm beeing passive while flying my planes? I'm not even that long in the air tbh... it's not fun, it's demoralising and it seriously makes me think why give ppl that option without even checking for facts. If ppl are afk for minutes on end, sure, report them, if ppl are very toxic in chat, I can understand that, or players are just really really anti-teamplay and fire on own team or worse, sure, the report option is good way to adress that.... if it did something else then just give or take away point... but this system the way it works now just is an extra tool for griefers and ppl making the community even more sick as it is this day... maybe try think of something a bit more rewarding to the human -psyche if you did something good but pls oh pls make it less demoralising for ppl doing their best but getting reported for nothing at all.... they say karma is a biatch, sure, but that's not what's happening here, most of the time karma bites you in the [edited]in this game becoz you are doing your best to be a good teamplayer... I know haters will hate (prob on this post too) but I jsut wanted to say/do something to make this game more 'fun' or at least take a little frustration out of it by posting this. Anyway, happy sailing shippers
  2. Catterpillar

    Server problems this morning?

    same here, played before 7 am with noproblems, now cant log on, stuck on authorisation screen that then follows on server connection error screen
  3. Catterpillar

    [AAO] Against All Odds now recruiting!

    does AAO still recrute, and more important, is the clan still doing active clanbattles? I would like to apply is the answer is yes to both questions, you can find me ingame by the name catterpillar
  4. Catterpillar

    torpedo bug or game lag?

    w8... the game auto saves the last 10 games? So, where do I look for them files?
  5. Catterpillar

    torpedo bug or game lag?

    only thing I can comment here is that the torps came indeed from a jutland.... not showing on screen till sec before impact, seemed to me like not really intended to have such small visability
  6. Catterpillar

    torpedo bug or game lag?

    hence my post, as I usually dont post anything, but this is not a rage, more like something I found odd to happen more then once to me in short period of time, ty for posting this, seems like legit issue to me, hopefully devs can take a look at it
  7. Catterpillar

    torpedo bug or game lag?

    sorry, I don't do replays
  8. Catterpillar

    torpedo bug or game lag?

    will check it out, no mods though, no other issues, and only seen this issue lately, not before
  9. Catterpillar

    torpedo bug or game lag?

    So, last couple days I've been experiencing some strange torpedo issues: just now I was hit full broadside by torpedoes coming from a Jervis that fired them at 6 km range from me, but the torps did not show up on my screen untill less then 1 sec before impact. And for those doubtfull, yes, my view was ON the jervis ALL the time and NO I was NOT in scopeview. Yesterday, I noticed the same while on my Montana, however, I cant remember the ship that fired it, only know for sure it was not a japanese vessel nor did it have deep water torpedoes. My thoughts were that it prob was a issue with rendering.... but that's just a thought, maybe it was lag on my side perhaps? Any shared thoughts or possible ideas to help this are welcome, ps: my FPS is always around 70 - 100, my ms is always around 30
  10. can annnyone help, I was to participate in CV testing, on website it stated to choose region to install extra client as TST, but although I was accepted to participate, I currently cannot find that region via wargaming center
  11. Catterpillar

    Server Down?

    missed that one, thx for sharing, cyall in an hour or so :)
  12. Catterpillar

    Server Down?

  13. Catterpillar

    Server downtime delay - servers back up at 13:00 CEST

    @WG devs and co : ty for the notice and making sure the game will be at least smoother running when patching is done, unlike many companies that just patch, open servers and then frustrate the hell of the players with the bugs etc, only to patch it up again after couple days... so kuddos to you! @WG commmunity managers reacting to rant here : Stay cool, you're doing great, don't let the players who are having a rant/sugar/rush get to you! @ranting players : read this slowly, then turn away from the pc, go outside for a min, take a deep breath, exhale slowly, do that again a couple times and think about what many MANY other ppl have to endure in this world to stay alive, compare that with what you are feeling just becoz you can't play a videogame... maybe now is the time to do that thing you were postponing so long coz you were playing... @everyone else : hope you are all as excited as I am for this patch, cy'all ingame, hope y'all have an awesome day and as the Mighty Jingles would say: "Catch ya next time"
  14. Catterpillar

    directx error

    So I played cbt for awhile now on my laptop, almost all on minimum settings to get it to play half smooth.... got sick of it and upgraded my desktop with new motherboard, cpu, graphics card, new and more ram and a new SSD drive.... installed the game on it and couldn't launch it stating an error as follows: Application E:/Spel/WARGAMING/World_of_Warships/worldofwarships.exe crashed 05.21.2015 at 21:03:28 Message:RenderContext::createEffect: Error creating effect for 'shaders/std_effects/per_frame_effect_pool.fx' (reason = E_FAIL(0x80004005) : An undetermined error occurred inside the Direct3D subsystem.) Memory status: System: 91303936/3221225472 [2.83% used] The application must exit. when I tried reïnstalling I noticed the option to install directx....but I have directx 11.2 on my pc, so skipped that option at first.... seemed logical since I had it already... and updated all drivers for anything on my pc too.... at second install I used that option to install directx 9 this time against all good judgement... and guess what.. the games runs smoothly with everything on maxed (graphics, sound, everything...) not sure what the problem here was but thought I'd mention it for ppl having the same problem and not yet found the answer since it's truly a smashing game cya ingame signed, Catterpillar