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  1. Thorsvald

    Many have gone

    Almost a month without playing. I've entered to see if the forum was still online. Will see next month.
  2. Thorsvald

    Last 'Port'

    If i've been keeping playing is because my friends that still remain from WOT. I mean this is a nice game BS apart but playing it with my friends while trash chat with them were a nice habit to quit from work's issues and pressure. Sadly sailing anything since yesterday is a hard pill to take
  3. Thorsvald

    Will anyone grind/pay for the next Dockyard ship?

    My money is not going to support WG anymore due to recent events.
  4. Thorsvald

    Update 0.11.1 Client crashes

    Client crashing at every battle start
  5. Thorsvald

    What you will take/prefer more Weimar or Lazo?

    https://wows-numbers.com/ships/compare/?id[0]=3752769328&id[1]=3751720752&id[2]=3763255088 Maybe München is more fragile than Weimar, but we're talking about cruisers that have virtually no armor. In terms of survivability Weimar has about 3000 more HP and a bit better armor but München has better high speed (+5knots, although Weimar punctually can reach this value making use of engine boost consumable ) a worse turning radius (+40m) but better rudder shift (-0.5s) adding this to his fairly better camo (2'4 Km) and its smaller size make it easier to me to decide engagement timing. Also it has worse ballistics but greater range (again Weimar can use spotting aircraft for have a better range punctually) , it has less gun but it get 1.6 times Weimar rof and the shells (apart of initial velocity, thus penetration) are at least identical. Penetration (with AP) is not an issue because of the close range and the opponents you are going to face. I've shredded tons of Weimars broadsides at close range in the past brawls... Torpedo armament is fair better on Weimar side having 2 launchers per side, and thus implying its harder to get your torps out in the worst situation but München still have a dreadful salvo. Secondary battery is almost the same and talking about AA defense is weird at this moment. A part of engine boost and spotting aircraft (which equals München for a short time) the consumables are the same. I see München as a little Mainz and Weimar as a better Nürnberg, probably Weimar is better as ship but i have found München fair more useful all-around.
  6. Thorsvald

    Poll: Canarias or Dido?

    Canarias commander voice fits into pan-american ships not in Spanish ships. Also, Canarias part in the 0.11.1 update videos has some kind of Mexican flavored flamenco music sounding. Don't get me wrong i'm proud of our American brothers but this is creepy. Also, i would like to have a less nationalist camo on it.... So i'll probably go for Dido as my little protest
  7. Thorsvald

    Game wont load

    Nope, Currently is 9:12 at UTC time...
  8. Thorsvald

    Here we go: New monetization scheme for rare ships

    Ahh! Good ol' days!!
  9. Thorsvald

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I've received from WG two SC for my Bday, i got the same in both: 7 days of prem, taking in account the additional 7 days premium gifted it makes 21 days of premium. THX!
  10. Thorsvald

    T7 Brawls - What to play then?

    I've found York and München as a pretty good option due to it's Hydro and Torp, this one is going to be easier than t5 one
  11. Thorsvald

    Asymmetric Battles

    Pretty quick to shut down the mode, i would like you to had last year's rigged containers reworked that fast Edited due to bad English Friday night... you know
  12. i got Kii from the first santa crate i've opened from free. Then i whaled 20 SMG and the i got Poltava, Hill, Sirocco and Oklahoma.