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  1. Thorsvald

    New Code

  2. Thorsvald

    @Wargaming: Are you happy with the update?

    PD: They don't care
  3. Thorsvald

    Realistic Speed?

  4. Thorsvald

    Premium ships suggestions

    IJN Tosa IJN Yashoshima IJN Sakawa IJN Oyodo IJN Iwate IJN Ikoma IJN Matsu class INJ CHidori class SMS Seydllitz IN ISD Chimaera
  5. Thorsvald

    My Kure Dockyard Ship

    where are the blue neons on those 35K doubs??!!
  6. Thorsvald

    Is WG about to close World of Warships?

    There are 2 more satan's crates into hizen dockyard XD
  7. Sure you don't need to rewrite anything, you could have written a lot about CV's and you can still be wrong. I've played this game in alpha, beta and once it has been released, and i can tell you the main problem in low tiers (a part of tier I and tier II that nobody play except for seal clubbers and those that want to get out his tier II boats for a fun run once a month at his most) is the environment that CV rework has created itself. An absolute broken class that don't fit the game anymore since it's rework and because a really bad player with 44% WR can own or just disable every ship he want by just sending waves of planes against ships with poor AA or even no AA at all. It if its just bad against tier IV ships It gets worse when those broken tier IV CV's face tier III ships that were not intended to face anything like that. CV's are the main problem and it's easy to check that in most of the games poor WR players sailing in CV's get 2 or 3 kills easily. And that's isn't because they are good but because they are exploiting the game by facing unexperienced players with a broken as hell class, and that keeps away players from this game. Since WG has get rid of RTS CV's ,CV's are the main problem of this game and it's even more clear on low levels.
  8. Thorsvald

    Which ship to get for Research Points?

    If you have Alaska and Pommern i don't see the point on getting Siegfried. I would go for Ohio or Payolo
  9. CV's in fact are the main problem
  10. Well, It's a mistake in your POV, let me explain it for you to take in consideration, as I'm half Ukrainian and i can explain a bit of how things are saw in a eastern POV. USSR is not just Stalin, but most of the feelings against "old history" came because of Russia, and Russian nationalism that ruled over the USSR (despite Khrushchev and Gorbachev) but there is tons of people that are proud what they achieve as a country. At this time most of the symbol banning spreading in old soviet republics has been triggered because of the expansionism of Russia (as it was in the USSR) not just because people feels USSR just as an evil regime. And my mother's country is the best example that things are not that simple in Eastern Europe.
  11. I will stay in bronze, i've done twice the qualification until i got 3 stars the i've stopped to play. It's more confortable for me to use ranked as a mere free exp farm mode an so get every reward on bronze for sure.
  12. Thorsvald

    steam login issue pls help

    You can still use The Wargaming game center to login with your old account!
  13. Thorsvald

    Research Bureau Ships

    It's true that i've been entire November AFW but i didn't notice any news about a nerf on Payolo, but they have make me doubt. Thanks!