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  1. King of the Sea Feedback: Frequency

    Should be seasonal and over few days at least. Not only ppl and teams get more time to prepare but they don't get burned fast. Winning would have more weight on it plus I'm sure prizes could be much better then.
  2. The service is currently unavailable...

    In the middle of instaling updates same thing o.O
  3. Wg already have an integraded Aim assist?

    So it is basicly possible to give my acc to some random person who never played ships before and with 5min practice and basic understanding of the game, he will be able to shoot like a monster. The whole video he was just taking a small lead and searching for that spot, that's a no-brainer. Anyone can do that. Sometimes ppl wonder how can someone pull off some crazy shots from big distances, well, practice practice practice and you get a "feel" for it eventually. But this??????? This is bulls*it. And all those who gonna say that you just need to turn in order to avoid this can spare me the crap. This gives huge advantage to anyone between huge noob and a good player. It's all about making use of it properly. A lot of ppl (majority) will never turn even if spotted, and a lot more will turn but not 100% of the game. Nobody is turning 100% time in the match, and if you have ppl with this, they will hit you. The point is they will hit you easier then they should. It is stupid that ppl who put a lot of time into aiming properly get put into shade cause of something like this, and now everybody can be good with a little practice and little usage of brain cells to anticipate. This should be removed A S A P.
  4. So.....not spending much time on Forums so this all looks kinda new to me but I sent you guys message in game, if you're interested let me know, you can find my stats online so no need to put anything here, cya