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  1. Warderer

    Roma battleship worth of it?

    I got her from the Christmas crates and honestly, I haven't played her that much. Mainly because of my Musashi. That said, she is an OK ship. Extremely RNG based ship that can deliver some fun games and some tragic games. She is quite easy to sail and you can reliably respond to any situation on the map. The armor is nothing special but it's not a problem if you actively position the ship. The guns are weird. It's sometimes funny how you can not hit a BB from 11km range but you citadel another one from 16km. If you are a ship collector or want a different experience every game then yeah, get her.
  2. Warderer

    Training rooms.....

    Training rooms are great to test out new ships or builds. You can even test the Clan battle ships, as long as you have a captain for them. Its a good way to test out tier 10 ships and decide if you want to pursue them.
  3. Warderer

    0 DMG penetrations

    Thank you everyone for the detailed and fast explanations!
  4. Warderer

    0 DMG penetrations

    Ahhh okay, but does that mean that if I hit a secondary armament mount, for example, it is destroyed? Or only HE spam effectively destroys them?
  5. Warderer

    0 DMG penetrations

    Hey everyone! So lately, while playing Musashi I started getting a lot penetration hits, that deal no dmg. Is that something new, that I missed? Is that due to the caliber of the guns? Or is the structure of the enemy ship over-saturated? I dont get it. Over pens deal dmg but some penetrations dont?
  6. Warderer

    Montana appreciation topic

    Just bought her. She's great. Thank you. Bye
  7. Hey Everyone! Soo lately I have not been playing alot of Wows and that decline in my interest to the game began after I got the Musashi. This ship is amazing... but its maybe too good. Sometimes I feel awkward while playing her as top tier as the ships in front of me dont stand a chance. I got in the habit of dealing significant amounts of dmg without any concentration on my side. Just angle, shoot anything and have a general idea of where the enemy dds are. That is it basically. I think that this is where the problem comes for me. Why should I struggle with other ships to produce the results, that I effortlessly get with the Musashi? Every time that I play another ship I feel that I am wasting my time and credits. But maybe its just me. I rarely get games above 180k dmg and that is not the case with this beast. I guess I will just have to force myself to play some other ships for some time :D. Are you guys experiencing the same?
  8. It wasnt the flak but the AA bubble of the ship. And what I think happened is that I was boosting right before that moment and probably the game didnt render the ship on time. Still. It was weird :D
  9. Thats very helpful actually. Thank you!
  10. Hey everyone. So... Shokaku. Got her a couple of days ago and honestly I'm extremely disappointed of her so far. The main problem is that of the games, that I have played so far, in 80% of the time I'm uptiered. I have gone full plane protection build and still I cant do anything to tier 9 and 10 ships. The problem is not the flak but the AA bubble of the ships. Its ridiculous that yesterday I lost a whole squadron to a Shima by flying above her. I lost my squadron in less then 2 seconds and I spotted the Shima 1 second into it. So some dds can completely devestate my squadron without me even seeing them? What? Okay I didnt mean to turn this topic into a rant. I'm not effective at all when uptiered. I basically only spot ships and try to de-cap. I barely average 50-60k dmg. What can I do to change this? Any tips and tricks are very welcomed ^-^
  11. Yeah same! Honestly, when I see an enemy Black I get immediately worried :D. Musashi is definitely a good pick but I think that she doesn't react very well in intense situations (daaamn that turret traverse) but still I guess its up to the players skill and map awareness.
  12. So we all know that the new season will be the playground of the prems but which one do you think will the best this season?
  13. Warderer

    Arsenal ships and coupons.

    Okay. Thank you everyone for the comments. I think that I will pass on this coupon. I didn't have a lot of time this year for the game but I hope that this will change next year. So yeah. Will hopefully get to the beast ships soon ^-^
  14. Hey everyone! So as probably most of you already know, on the 24th/25th the coupons for the Arsenal section are renewed. Do you guys think that we will get new ship options then? I am in an awkward situation where I dont have enough for the T9 ships and I am thinking about getting Aigle or Oktyabyarskaya. I am not completely sold on either of those ships but I dont want to loose the coupon. Yet again if there going to be new ships in the Arsenal soon I would wait for them. Help guys. What would you do if you were in my position?
  15. Warderer

    Ship you love. That everyone else hates

    Neptune. I just bought her and I have the wildest games with that ship. Some great moments like: I'm hugging an island and causally shooting a Bismarck. I get spotted. Panic run from the island. Spot 2 dds. Panic again. They also panic. They smoke up. I radar them. Kill them both in less than 15 sec. Turn behind another island to dodge the torps. Bump into a cruiser. Torp him. Kill him. We win the game. I feel awesome. But in my last game i got citadeled for 40k while sitting in smoke. The BB wasn't even aiming at me. So yeah that also happens. I like the Neptune because every game is different.