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  1. Warderer

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I feel like it should be the opposite honestly. Keyboard control for the planes and mouse control for the camera. As it is with all other ships in the game.
  2. Warderer

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Test 2 2 games played with both CVs. The planes behave better now in the air. Their Movements feel natural and fluid. That said, I have one big problem with planes control. The mouse movements interfere with the keyboard commands making the squadron wiggle around on the screen. I think that the effect of the mouse movement should be completely removed from the movement of the squadron and only left for camera control. As it is on all other ships in the game. AA is monstrous. It absolutely destroys all of your planes, which makes attacking cruisers a complete suicide. AND those are probably not AA upgraded ships. From 4 squadrons, that I launched against an Amagi, I got 2 torpedo hits and 5 bomb hits. From 5 squadrons, against N.Cal, I got one torpedo hit and 4 bomb hits (barely). I managed to deal close to 100k dmg only because I targeted the enemy CVs. What's the point in having a healing ability for the bombers if they are being all wiped out 2 secs after entering AA range?
  3. Warderer

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Some of my thoughts ^-^ Pros A different look over the battle. Better gameplay - more engaging and definitely fast Each of the three types of squadrons feels different and unique. Impressive AA fire look. Cons Controls feel sluggish. There are moments will ALOT of visual clutter. No clear indication of how to dodge AA clouds and where would they appear. Losing planes feels random and out of your control. The attack fighter plane seems indestructible and very powerful. I'm not sure if it was a bug but in my last game, the enemy CV planted a fighter above my ship. That fighter survived for long enough to cripple 3 of my squadrons under constant fire from my AA and the friendly DDs AA. Planes movement on the screen does not feel fluid.
  4. Hey guys. I dont have acces to my PC so I wanted to ask: Are training rooms available in the TST?
  5. Invites will be sent by waves. If you have not been chosen this time than maybe next wave you will have luck. This is done for many reasons - data collection, bug hunting, server stability and so on. Don't worry you will probably get your invite ^^
  6. Warderer

    CV Rework Discussion

    Thank you!
  7. Warderer

    CV Rework Discussion

    Guys i got the email invite but i have no idea from where to download the test client. There is nothing in the game centre. Please help :(
  8. Warderer

    Gearing players please gib tips

    Slowly getting there :D. I don't have any of the upgrades yet and my captain is retraining so I expect the ship will get even better.
  9. Warderer

    Gearing players please gib tips

    Thank you everyone for the wonderfull tips, I will definately have them in mind! This is why I love this community (most of the times :D)
  10. Warderer

    Gearing players please gib tips

    Hello everone! I hope that you are all fine and pwning ships. So 2 days ago I bought the Gearing and honestly I have no idea how to play her. I love the Fletcher. Its my favourite ship in the game and I really got used to her playstyle. Thats why probably sailing with the Gearing feels awkward, slow and well not that fun atm. So. Gearing players please give me some tips in how to be effective with the Gearing. I'm trying to build her as a torpedo boat. Can it work? :D Thanks ^-^
  11. Wohoooo so I got the Cleveland personal mission. Thank you very much! I already have her so if finish the mission I will get her worth in credits right?
  12. Warderer

    What is the stupidest thing you did today?

    So i am in my Iowa. New ship. Not fully upgraded. Its the middle of the battle. I have some solid 100k dmg done. Couple of kills. We are winning. Everything is perfect. But we dont have C yet. I am headed that way and a friendly dd is with me. There are two enemy ships on the point. One fletcher and one mino. Both start shooting. I dmg the fletcher. He has 10 procent xp left. I reload. Mino is on half health. Broadsided. So i am thinking: My dd will finish off the fletcher and i can broadside the Mino. I shoot the Mino. Instakill. Feel happy about that. The fletcher proceeds to kill my friendly dd. Escape from me. Cap two points. Get 2 more kills and secure the game for his team. Fml. What i did not see is that at the begining of the engagement my friendly dd ate one torpedo from the fletcher. So he had even less health than the fletcher.
  13. Warderer

    A noob's rant on low-tier CVs gameplay.

    Yes exactly! I can't wait to get to tier 6 CVs
  14. Hey everyone! So I decided to try CVs. No idea why. I mostly play DDs but I don't currently like the radar meta at high tiers at the moment so I decided to try something new. Langley was actually pretty fun to play. I had some really nice games with her and I quickly got to the Bogue. I don't think that she is a bad ship but my problem is when I am facing tier 6 CVs. It all comes from the manual drop and strafing mechanics. I get why Wargaming removed it from low-tier CVs but it's absolutely mindboggling why are tier 5 CVs playing against tier 6 CVs. An Independence, for example, needs only one strafe to completely delete my fighters. They are absolutely useless and I only have one squadron of them. I lose them sometimes even if they are in my allies protective AA bubble. Tier 6 CVs can also manual drop on dds and completely delete them, while I just stand there and facepalm while every single of my torpedos misses against every tier 6 dd. If they guy is AFK I will probably hit him. I have played this game for some time now and I know that not everything is completely balanced but the tier 5 CV gameplay is a complete joke. Rant over. I have no idea what the rework will be but I truly hope that it fixes the CV gameplay because I actually enjoy them.
  15. Warderer

    DDs - Concealment expert or RPF

    So basically. (but CE def first)