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  1. Baartos

    Polish destroyer confirmed!

    I'd love to see those premiums this month, but I'm afraid you missed one important part there: IMHO the new premium will be added in the mid October, together with Soviet destroyers and German cruisers.
  2. Baartos

    Polish destroyer confirmed!

    I don't think they'll lower the RoF of Błyskawica. In real life the 120mm guns fired about 10 rounds per minute, so 70 shells per minute total. In-game Farrafut has RoF of 15, which gives her 60-75 rounds per minute depending on the hull. So I think they can easily keep the real life values of RoF on Błyskawica. Also, according to "Naval Weapons of World War II", Cleveland had firing cycle of 6-8 seconds, which corresponds to RoF of 7,5-10. So in-game value is quite historical
  3. Baartos

    [IX] Iowa

    Nie tylko uzbrojenie przeciwlotnicze jest lepsze w C, ale przede wszystkim ster szybciej reaguje na komendy, co bardzo pomaga w unikaniu torped. W samej zaś kwestii wyboru kadłuba, to grając na kadłubie A aż do kupienia C masz marne przeciwlotnicze i 11k wytrzymałości mniej przez kolejne 60k expa. Grając na B bez kupowania C masz tragiczny czas przestawienia steru i słabsze przeciwlotnicze. Dlatego najlepszym rozwiązaniem jest moim zdaniem najpierw kupienie kadłuba B, a potem kadłuba C, mimo wymaganej sporej ilości kasy.
  4. Baartos

    Realne Polskie drzewko w WoWs

    Zakładam, że autorowi nie chodzi o OF "Ouragan", tylko o ulepszony typ Grom, którego budowa miała według planów rozpocząć się jesienią 1939 w Gdyni. Natomiast samo drzewko jest ... kontrowersyjne, delikatnie mówiąc. Dużo dziwnych decyzji, jak chociażby Connecticut na wyższym tierze od Paris, rozmieszczenie Wichra i Burzy na 2 różnych tierach, Błyskawica i Huragan jako okręty w 2 różnych liniach (do tego z Gromem jako premium tier niżej), Kujawiak na 4 tierze, Warszawa na 9 tierze, okręty na 10 tierze, brak Dragona... I można by tak długo wymieniać jeszcze.
  5. Baartos

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Great job with those trees :honoring: Just one thing, shouldn't the tiers of G3 and J3 changed? The developers didn't specifically say which of them would be on which tier, and if we compare those 2 projects, then it becomes obvious that G3 should be higher tier than J3.
  6. Baartos

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    Then I have good news about the entire topic being on 1 page. In "My settings" section, there's an option to choose how many post per side you want to see. :wink:
  7. Baartos

    What we know about Ships: Updated 05/04/2017

    So, the Lion line of fast battleships will come as the second BB line. Good info, very good :great: But that makes me even more curious about the first BB line. If the second BB line is fast, then first one should be slow (ending with L3 battleship). However, this means the Vanguard will be the first tier VIII battleship (as confirmed by the developers in statement "Lion '37 or Vanguard" as the first tier VIII). And Vanguard, as the fastest of the known tier VIII ships (KGV / Lion '37 / Vanguard) would suggest that the first line will be also fast, ending with K3 battlecruiser. So confusing, so confusing... :ohmy: Hope we will get more informations soon. P.S. About the N3 better than L3 (as mentioned here: post). Allow me to disagree with that statement. :wink: L3 was bigger, faster and better armoured than N3. The same can be said about the G3 and K3 battlecruisers. K3 has got much more powerful main armament, better belt armour (on the other hand, it's slower, and has worse deck armour above magazines). That's why I think N3 and G3 will end on IX tier, with L3 and K3 on tier X. Also, I did a little table comparing these ships:
  8. Baartos

    Art representations of warships

    Three British never-were ships (and hopefully future Tier X ships in WoWS :wink:):
  9. If you want informations about weapons, I strongly recommend "Naval Weapons of World War II" by John Campbell. Plenty of information about guns, mines, torpedoes, fire-control and much more. Large part of informations from this book you can find on this website: http://navweaps.com/ And one more website: http://www.naval-history.net/ Great database of war service of British warships.