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  1. "Lock on" bug?

    The gunpoweder got wet,shell only slid out and dropped into the water. but joke aside, i noticed at least in my play in the last weeks, that this perticular thing only seems to happen with the auto lock on. Or at least it feels like it does happen more often that way. I think 3 or 4 days ago i was playing conquerer, while yes i was using the bad 457mm, i shoot 3 times at a ~10km montana , not hitting. Afterwards i aimed at a buffalo, shot at it, hit it, it hid around a island and reaimed at the montana... next salvo did a double citadel hit (was at 7km). continuing i shot at a Yamato 16km away, and after 5 salvos gave up shooting at it, shells just spread around the ship. i think 2 was a bounce but thats it. But well, it might be just my bad luck with the 457mm. Afterall i did make the finishing blow to a roon at 19km distance (5 pen hit), without really aiming because i was turning in the direction of my own cap (there was a enemy dd camping) Edit: i forgot to write , first time montana, buffalo and the yamato was auto lock on, second time montana and the roon was manually.
  2. that actually might work better than that keyboard holding..
  3. 419mm and 457mm

    Well, since i do like my polls , i do also like the results (no matter how they are). everyone afterall can vote for what ever they feel right, but still i have my own few opinions about the poll. And it is nice to see, that people actually answer honestly without complaining about the conquerers other traits (wich arent part of the poll and topic) And since there where 69 votes so far, what better to do? for the first question, at least in my eyes everything looks like i excpected, most people want the 457 buffed and/or the 419mm removed. Some even say to buff the 419, wich are kind of the minority at the moment. On the second question my personal confusion starts a bit, where it would be nice to know why people actually voted that way. Alot of people voted to do nothing with them (wich i can fully understand since they are strong in all aspects) but there are also alot of votes to buff the AP and nerf the HE. I do understand why the HE, since it is quite effectiv compared to the AP, but i dont really understand why to buff the AP. For comparison, the montana has only 500dmg more per shell compared to the Conquerer, but the conquerers gun have more overall penetration on distance and a very short fues for thinner targets (like superstructur, destroyers and cruisers). So i wonder... what exactly do people want buffed on this? just the longer fues them for underwater shots into citadels? or generally stronger AP to bring the missing 500 dmg on par with the montana? would really interest me to know. The third question is as I excpected mostly at the moment on buffing AP and leaving/nerfing/(partly buffing) the HE , increasing the acurracy and decrease the reload time and the traverse time. I personally have there no question, since afterall most people already wrote about their grives with the 457mm (wich seems to be for most people the same thing). And the foruth question is just nice to know that there are also people included in the polll that are only on the reciving end of the conquerer. Wich was to expect , thats why i added the option, and they are still valid voters in the end. Why shouldnt they be? so from a personall stand point, it would be nice to know what and why the people would like to buff the AP on the 419mm, just out of my own curiousity. If it is just for fun, so be it, i cant decide why people vote for something and nothing something else. its about other peoples opinion, not mine.
  4. 419mm and 457mm

    Yes, and i sadly forgot it because iam at work talking with customers....^^' it happens. but in generall, yes , i too would prefer the 457mm to be more of a damage focuses version compared to the 419mm spam version. If i would go right now with the damage statistics (wich i sadly dont remember full by hearth) at the moment i think the 419mm are AP wise only second to the montana and HE wise just a bit before the small caliber Kurfürst. But the 457mm are basically the worst (if you ignore per shell atributes) for salvo , acurity per shell etc. the onlyst gun that is compareable accurity wise would be the republic, but they work different. Especially with the HE and later on includation of IFHE i have my own personal problems , especially on cruisers, but thats not the topic.
  5. 419mm and 457mm

    sorry, forgot that one , will fix it fixed it
  6. 419mm and 457mm

    A simpel Poll of interesst, nothing more, nothing less. Therefore can be ignored for people that do not care (still added the nothing option) As already said in the Tag, this is neither a complain about the conquerer and nor a scream for conquerer Buff. Simply iam interested to know how people feel about the conquerers weapons and if wanted, what they would change on them. Either to make one more viable to the other or the other one more in line to another. Also, i know, my stats are bad, i never said iam good and i never will say iam good. My conquerer stats are even worse, but mostly because i tried a loot with the 419, 457 and the repair consumables. So, no need to constantly write that iam a bad player and shouldnt make suggestions... this isnt a suggestion, just a poll and my interest to know how people feel about it. Afterall, you can always leave a comment and explain further. For the people that actually want to know my opinion for mysterious reasons, they are in the spoiler bellow.
  7. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    this means i can finally fire 20km shima torpedos in team direction, without continous checking if the side is free the next 2 min... perfekt
  8. Repubique have a big bug

    one day they might actually change that modul destruction and turret pens actually do damage..... but i doubt it. Still doing since ages 2-4 pens into turrets for 0 damage and not even a knocked out gun.
  9. Nub Kobayashi strikes again: Roma

    people might call me crazy, but i personally like the look of them more than most other normal ingame camo..... maybe because iam no naval enthauist? but still wouldnt buy them with unneeded expensive bundles.
  10. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    i never said thats the case, if that was the case i would have done that in the first weeks when i first played it. That's where we sligthly differe. I would remove the insane HE damage and fire-chance, you the heal and detectibility. Personally I see the HE more as a problem than the heal, but everyone has different opinion on that. well, i actually copied the list from a file i made 2 weeks ago to save time (iam working afterall right now) and forgot to remove that part. the good AA part was written as in "good enough to defend one's self" , same with the kurfürst one. Also, i like to discus'd stuff, thats why i got to the forum, not because iam anoyed of report's in a conquerer. Also, i dont want to anoy people. If you dont want to write with me, just tell me and i wont quote you anymore. if i go by weakness... yes, the 419mm conquerer only has the bad plating (AP pen are slightly easier from the top, most small HE rounds dont need IFHE) and worst torpedo protection (wich is mostly irrelevant because the 419mm variation tends to be at 16-20km distance). so basically nearly no weakness. the 457 on the other hand has as weakness : the plating and torpeod protection (like the 419mm), but also the worst AP damage, the lowest count of shells, and a bad dispersion for the shell count. so basically by removal of the 419mm you remove 2 strength's (the HE and fire) and add 3 weakness's (AP salvo damage, bad dispersion, low shellcount , HE is still kurfürst the worst and fire is on par with kurfürst). by removal of heal and concealment, you remove 2 strength's and leave the nearly no weakness part (since most will stay a bit further away).
  11. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    because there are many different opinion's i afterall ask question's, i dont really say "that is the only final solution" but just what i think that feels like the best. Just on the forum i usually only see "raise the citadel above the roof" and stuff like that, rarely anything sane. In game's i usually get 3-5 report's just for starting the game with a conquerer (lost within 3 games 12 Karma, we won all 3 and i only shot HE twice) and noone is so kind to answer anything ingame. Except some rude ingame messages after the round. and about the part that it has to many strength's, yes, it has at the moment. simple unified at the moment who has what : Yamato : good AA, best torpedo protection, best autopen Kurfürst : best secondaries, good AA, basically no citadel, highest Max Health Montana : excelent AA <5km, nearly no citadel, until recently best concelment ,best AP Salvo conquerer419 : excelent AA <3.5km, basicaly no citadel, best heal, best concelment, best HE Salvo by far, best Firechance conquerer457 : excelent AA<3.5km, basicaly no citadel, best heal, best concelment, basically same Firechance as Kurfürst since i dont think I forgot something (iam tiping this while working in a copy shop), you can easily see that usually a BB on TX has 2-3 strength's compared to the other's. So the most simple solution i see, when i look at it just at the strength's of the ships, would be to remove the 419mm. That way you reduce the 6 strength's down to 3-4, wich is just 1 more than the others have. Some might say that is still to much in the end, i would say it would be fine, since the 457 are the worst of the possible TX gun's from dispersion to AP damage. why am i even writing this in the end to you and not others? i dont know, i just like to proof point's wich tend to be pointless and there is a reason people tend to call me mad. Edit: Since i forgot : yes, i tend to generalize while writing. because it is easier to write that way. But if you want i can nexttime be more carefull and check the % or write a demographic section about it. And that's not intended to be mean, just that i think it is easier that way sometimes.
  12. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    Well, than i will note that as that. generally i feel the same about citadels on BB's afterall. Till today i dont understand why they lowered the iowa citadel... it was fine before.
  13. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    that it should be more punish able is a different part, but i see it the same. i just mean that not all citadel's should be raised to yamato level where i basically have not to aim most of the time and still cause a citadel, some aim needed is always good. but the question is more about the part that everyone wants the conquerer to die faster simple because they feel like they cant do anything against the insane HE-Salvo's. so differently said for you... if the conquerer could not cause that much spontanous damage anymore, against wich you cant really defend in anyway, would you really care that much to make him instant kill able from nearly every distance? Not that you suggested to make that, but quite alot of the other players make sugestions like that.
  14. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    just as a general question, and iam serious that i want to know the answer to that, since most that complain and want to see the conquerer die faster (thats why they always suggest raising citadel to the roof and so on) and most have never touched the conquerer or lion and are just on the reciving end.... would you guy's (generally, no certain person intended) still belive the conquerer has to die faster, if the 419mm were never added by WG and it only had the 457 nowdays? And iam serious that i want to know this and if yes, why and what would you still change. I'm curious.
  15. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    jsut about that part.. that only works if the enemie's crusier constantly shoot you with HE or the enemies BB are to dumb to use AP. if even a few BB's actually decided to use AP , they instantly cause that you can only repair to 60%, and if you are under a constant hail of Ap from cruiser (wich actually can penetrate from the right angle's or the british in general) or BB's , you barelly can heal it. but against HE spamming cruiser's yes,, it is strong, but that is the intend and trade off for the bad plating.