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  1. oh, well,point taken, i shouldnt read theforum when iam still half asleep
  2. i dislike writing here, but still... your tirpiz did 106 hits for 18 modules , so ~ every 5-6 hits 1 module your hindenburg did 52 hits for 9moduls, thats still every 5-6 hits 1 modul... not saying you are wrong, but the example is bad
  3. well, not exactly that, more that i see a lot of people constantly sailing backwards in their BB. They might actually like a reverse speed boost. just this morning i saw 3 kurfürst in unison sailing backwards away from a scary zao and Henry that slowly cam closer while shooting HE. iam sure those kind of people would love that
  4. Well, someone had to write it first, before someone else does it. you know i wont be the onlyst one to write that, even if it is stupid.
  5. Just to strengthen your point that it will get worse , since i see myself as a bad player and iam bored at work atm, my statistic after a hand full of games, they arent even close to the average of the unicum players or the average at the moment. but maybe i just play it wrong, who knows , i rarely ever use HE
  6. First of all , yes iam an idiot, thanks, noone has to tell me that and yes i might read the forum since more than a year, it's still one of the first time's i actually write here. Second of this things, i made this poll with the simpel thing in my mind, that i like statistics and the majority ingame won't talk or only complain. So this way i can at least question the minority of the playerbase, and still get at least a rought statistic about the forum players. Since i dont want to make this text longer than needed, everything about the questions is in a spoiler tag. The AP/HE Question about the Main Battery The AP/HE Question about the Secondaries About the Minotaur and Neptune About engagement range About IFHE About damage saturation And thats the simple explanations. you dont like to fill in the poll and just write "you suck" , feel free to do it, i dont care you want to explain that my stat's for my ships suck? i know and i dont care, my PR will never improve, like seriously: Still , this is just to statisfy my own selfish desire for some nice disscusion's and a Poll.. a long poll from a casual player that care's more about the win than his own statistic's. so feel free to ignore, iam used to it, but i will still be watching
  7. This isnt really discussion topic, but i still will write something to this, since... iam an idiot. Since you said tirpiz, most people i meet in a Tirpiz/bismark actually would propably not use a AP loadout for secondarys, since they usually fight on max Secondary range. Meaning 95% of the shots would bounce/shatter on the decks because of the either the flatter angle or the lost kinetic energy on the distance.. also there wouldnt be the random fire some players pray about.. i mean seriously , most secondaries were good for hitting side armor, but failed on the deck on nearly all ranges. and yes, i know , i write to much.
  8. Thats actually not part of the question, but i do know that the IJN BBs have them. compared to some others i do actually do my research before making a question. (its not meant to be mean against you or anyone else)
  9. Will there ever be the option to switch Secondary HE Ammo for their coresponding AP Ammo, since most secondarys in real life had them (E.g.: Britisch secondarys for BB's usually had a SAP and a HE round)? ingame or Port makes no difference for the question. Asking because i personaly prefer the bounc/miniscular damage of AP overpens over the countles 0 damage/0 fire shatters of HE on the 20-30mm plating in a less than 1km distance fight.