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  1. Questioning the damage system

    i odly thought that too about IFHE. It shouldnt really matter for most ships. But for some odd reason, even if iam sailing a yamato, i take alot of HE damage fromt he usually 200+mm cruisers. the smaller ones like hagurumo , worecaster ,etc, yes, they do little, but the others still alot. And the saturation... it sounds like a good point, but sadly it is usless the moment you activate a repair team. cause that repairs the superstructure again , meaning you take again full damage through it. The worst you can actually do in a CA/CL or BB when getting hailed by HE is activating the repair team.. you actually can die faster fromt that because you take more damage.. but yeah, i also think the combo with firechance makes it a "no reason not to pick" option.. now if the firechance reduction was a flat 50% ... that would cause screams.
  2. Questioning the damage system

    yes i did, but they told me nothing new. I already knew that years ago. also, i will ad the text "tl;dr" letters where it is, gimme a sec
  3. Questioning the damage system

    First of all: I know how damage at the moment works. Second of it: I dont get it why it is done that way Third in all : This is my opinion and nowhere near absolut truth Fourtly lastly : after writing this it feels more like a rant. to start simpel our dear damage system has a few system : AP, HE,Poi, Fire&Flooding ,Armor, Citadell, Saturation and the omnius moduls wich can tank the world if they feel like it Now a bit more in detail what they are suposed to do in the game , put in a spoiler, because people actually are suposed to know this already. So generelly here is why i dont understand the system starting with AP : AP is suposed to only primewhen the armor is thick enough. This can easily be tested in the trainingsroom. But for some unknown reason... if you shoot at the superstructur ontop of a ship, there is a high chane you cause a pen hit, eventhought it has sometimes the same armor values as a DD. This can cause some really strange things, where if iam quite good angled against a oponent (he would bounce of shatter on main belt, and has a high chance to bounc on the uper deck) he can still shoot at the super structure and cause 10-15k damage, because they are multiple pen hits in the end. Making you question on the way what you where suposed to do. better angling? beeing further away? Praying he doesnt shoot at the superstructur? i personally dont know Torpedos on the other hand are even stranger. Especially because they have such a slow reload rate. It is understandable that the waters would be flooded with endless torpedos if it would be faster, but doing your actually job as a DD against a BB (why yes, one of the DDs jobs is to torpedo BBs), you usally doe quite low damage. Why is it low when i have high amount of torpedos with high amount of damage? Well, easily said, there are alot of things that can spot torpedos from quite a far distance, mostly noteworthy Spotting plane and hydro. So why not just shoot when the spotterplane is down and the hydro gone? well, you might be able to see the plane, but not the hydro if it is active. So lets go with the assumption we manage to throw some torpedos, hydro is off and the spotter plane just got shot down. So will we hit? yes, but usually than only with 1-2 torpedos. So you might ask why is that? simple, because the torpedo got seen ~2km before he hits the bb, the BB might be inteligent enough to notice and turn, makeing you hit only the bow with 1-2 torepdos, causing maybe 15-18k damage. 15-18k might sound like alot, afterall thats more than a DD hitpoints usually and more than half the hit points of a CA/CL, but for a BB what you are supposed to hit, its low, really low. especially because he can repair 30% of it, since they hit the bow and not the torpedo protection.so the effektiv damage done is only like 10k damage. The same a CA can cause without problems on a heavily angled BB withing 30 sec or even on a badly angled BB with one AP salvo, while you in a DD still have to sit and wait for at least 60 more seconds to reload. It definitly is strange that the difference between the Torpedo protetection, the system made to stop you from dieing of a torpedo, is most of the time a worse option to choose, than to take it into the unprotected nose. And iam not talking about realistic here, just that i woudl expect to be rewarded to actually hit a non protected part of a ship. So usually it ends with a death braindead person (just sailing straight for hours) or me doing a kamikaze rush and pray his secondaries dont kill me, or his main gun does not devestates me in a DD. This kind of only is a problem for DDs, because a CA/CL usually has quite good main araments and can tank a bit more, even if it gets overmatched. next on the list, HE-Shells. Or to be more specific.... IFHE shells. i dont get them, not the least. Usually I would expect to be able to tank quite a bit with a BB , aslong as iam not stupid and eat a broadside of a different BB or the hail of a CL/CA when i boradside. But IFHE Shells, make me feel like i cant do anything than take it, from a rapid fireing gun, complettly ignoring what iam doing. with my onlyst option beeing to either flee, or pray i can kill him fast enough, while i get e.g. 3-10k salvos every 3-10 sec, meaing in the time it takes me to reaload (usually 30sec) i get around 3-5 salvos doing 10-30k damage (depeind if the shatterd on the turret or not) aand thats only talking if 1 person decideds to shoot at me. So i reloaded, i shoot, iam lucky and hit 3 pens and 2 overpens with AP, what did i make ? 12-15k damage, usually. means i do less damage on average against the class iam supposed to kill, than i get in return. While yes i understand that a CL for example has to do damage somehow, he can. even without IFHE. and iam not even talking about fires wich i dont care about. 152mm cant hurt BBs without IFHE? they can, while yes it is only the Superstructure, it is still alot of damage until it is completly saturated. Also there is a mutlitude of fires. Moreover, why even shoot at BBs with that size? killing a CA/CL or a DD is increadibly fast and easy with those fire rates and waaay more rewarding. And for those who think iam just talking that BBs should survive more : No , i dont, i want them to be able to die fast, if they make a mistake (iam not talking about citadels to insta gib), or get hit by their counter (a torpedo). Its just not the job of a singel cruiser to kill a BB with mainly HE damage. e.g.: last battle i took 95k damage and died. 12k was fire , 30k was 2 yamato salvos and the rest was just He damage of a singel cruiser (in this case a worecaster but that dies not make that much of a difference in the end, it only changes slightly the time needed). Why didnt i kill the enemy Ca/cl? well, i tried multiple overpens 3 times, switches to HE , made nearly no damage cause module hits. and there was no 5th salvo. than modules, as i just mentioned. Modules are wierd and way to powerfull in tanking damage. And i mean that seriously. usually when i decide to shoot at something with HE, it is to damage it because i cant use AP right now (either to much of an angle , or to far away). But i dont do damage, not because of shatters , but because of pens into modules. Usually on a cruiser you dont notice it alot because they are quite sparsely set up. but on a DD you can notice it alot. hailing HE and constantly getting 0 damage numbers, thinking "well at least i killed that AA " or "at least i knocked that turret out for 5 -10 sec wich he doesnt actually need". It really is not really worth it in most cases to shoot HE in that direction. A CA/CL at least has the firerate to not really care, but for a BB it is quite a hugh difference if you hit the top of the ship or the side. If the BB hits with salvo the side of a DD, the DD eats alot of damage. The BB hits abit further up? well you can be lucky to do a few damage numbers but most will propably be eatn by a turret or the AA, just knocking out the Turret usually for a few sec (especially on torpedos anoying, because they stay loaded for some odd reason). This makes it really questionable what i should use sometimes, even AP sometimes get eaten alot especially noticable if you accidently shoot a frontal coming ship to low with a BB, making 8 pen hits for 0 damage and only ~50% chance to knock out the turret for a few sec. It really gives you to question why the turret is not part of the ship... lastly the citadels, i get them. i understand them. Citadels are hear to notify you that you hit the ship really good. and you get rewarded for it. This might bring some questions like "but what about BBs ,they dont have a citadel anymore". well, i can only say to that that alot of CA/CLs start to have nearly no citadell too. My first suspection of the citadel lowering for BBs was to make Torpedos more viable. Iam sure there are a few people that ermember 60-80k salvos regulary happening to BBs from other BBs. That was alot, especially if topedos did nearly to nothing compareable to it. So lowering actually was a neat ideal propably to make torpedos more viable. Sadly torpedos stayed as weak as before. they really should do more damage when they hit non Torpedo protection parts. but oh well, i dont know anymore what to do with citadels on Ca/Cls. Should i aim for them? should i not? Usually with a Ca/CL i try to citadell other CA/CL , but i tend to die faster for this from the he spam i get back. tl;dr <--for the people that search it so all in all together, i personally have no idea anymore what to do with what weapon and how to tank a specific weapon. The onlyst one iam sure about is torpedos, just turn into them, your nose can eat tons of them and survive. IFHE will kill me no matter the angel and distance (dont know what to do against that) and AP seems to act alot suspisios these days (like getting frontally a full 12 shell salvo of a montana from 12km distance and eating nearly 20k damage in a BB).
  4. At last the conquerer can shine But you might shine brigther in the endless stream of fire.
  5. First poll - best looking ship

    Sadly conquerer is missing (paper ship, yet beautifull with the twin turrets , compared to others).... so I choose hood, got some mighty fine lines.
  6. Conqueror - Skills and upgrades

    it doesnt. i tried it multiple times in training and random battles. the sigma is nearly not noticeable except you are back seating on the edge of the map (even than nearly no change). Also, all your generall gun stats drop or stay the same. E.G.: your shell damage increases , your salvo damage decreases your dispersion is the same (except the micro change in sigma) your shell volume drops alot (12 to 8 shells) you basically hit worse because less shell hit in the end, even if per shell it is a change of around 600 per shell simple said ... the 457 are worse than the 419, except on the per shell damage. The only thing you get is slightly higher per shell damage and a slightly higher sigma, while everything else is exactly the same as the 419mm..... and all that for the cost of 4 barrels i sadly deleted a few months back a few statistics i made in the trainings room by accident , but the sigma was nearly not noticeable (i think something like 1-2 shells hit more per 10 salvos?) but way less damage because less hit. Also it takes way longer to kill the enemy, same reload afterall, usually i needed like 2-4 salvos more. and because of the higher Firechance (some people i know tend to say that might be usefull), that actually makes no difference and is actually worse. With the more shells hitting of the 419mm i cover more space on the ship and multiple tries for a fire (afterall each shell counts) while with the 457mm you have to be lucky that the 1-3 shells that actually hit will cause a fire. you could think against cruisers at least it could be better... but it isnt, you actually get more overpens if you use the 457mm, because the actually priming thicknes jumps up quite a bit, meaning you have to shoot at the cruiser even more angled .... wich usually causes you to hit with even less shells, because your dispersion is still the broadside of a BB.. just on the front site of a cruiser, with 8 shells instead of 12. PS: i only just read that you also wrote about the armor of the turrets... while yes, they are bigger, but since the turret hp increase in generall a destruction is really really rare. Also the faces are literally flat, you notice nearly no difference, most turret malefunctions you get are from the inside, because the 32mm bring nearly no protection for the lift inside. PSS: i suck in the conquerer because i try to play it aggressivly and than get killed because the other BBs are usually 10-20km behind me, not helping, and cruisers/DDs eat you for breakfest if there is more than one. Only lucky part is that you can quite easily devestate cruiser with the shorter fusetime or using your Anti-Cruiser HE. Seriously, against cruisers the conquerer is a beast, AP with very high pen chance because it wont overpen the citadell usually, and HE that will cripple him with high damage and modular destruction... most people just dont notice the effektivness because they shoot from the furthest range possible... and the conquerers hit rate on range is... horrible.. and they like to farm high damage numbers on BBs instead of percent on CAs/CLs
  7. "Lock on" bug?

    The gunpoweder got wet,shell only slid out and dropped into the water. but joke aside, i noticed at least in my play in the last weeks, that this perticular thing only seems to happen with the auto lock on. Or at least it feels like it does happen more often that way. I think 3 or 4 days ago i was playing conquerer, while yes i was using the bad 457mm, i shoot 3 times at a ~10km montana , not hitting. Afterwards i aimed at a buffalo, shot at it, hit it, it hid around a island and reaimed at the montana... next salvo did a double citadel hit (was at 7km). continuing i shot at a Yamato 16km away, and after 5 salvos gave up shooting at it, shells just spread around the ship. i think 2 was a bounce but thats it. But well, it might be just my bad luck with the 457mm. Afterall i did make the finishing blow to a roon at 19km distance (5 pen hit), without really aiming because i was turning in the direction of my own cap (there was a enemy dd camping) Edit: i forgot to write , first time montana, buffalo and the yamato was auto lock on, second time montana and the roon was manually.
  8. that actually might work better than that keyboard holding..
  9. 419mm and 457mm

    Well, since i do like my polls , i do also like the results (no matter how they are). everyone afterall can vote for what ever they feel right, but still i have my own few opinions about the poll. And it is nice to see, that people actually answer honestly without complaining about the conquerers other traits (wich arent part of the poll and topic) And since there where 69 votes so far, what better to do? for the first question, at least in my eyes everything looks like i excpected, most people want the 457 buffed and/or the 419mm removed. Some even say to buff the 419, wich are kind of the minority at the moment. On the second question my personal confusion starts a bit, where it would be nice to know why people actually voted that way. Alot of people voted to do nothing with them (wich i can fully understand since they are strong in all aspects) but there are also alot of votes to buff the AP and nerf the HE. I do understand why the HE, since it is quite effectiv compared to the AP, but i dont really understand why to buff the AP. For comparison, the montana has only 500dmg more per shell compared to the Conquerer, but the conquerers gun have more overall penetration on distance and a very short fues for thinner targets (like superstructur, destroyers and cruisers). So i wonder... what exactly do people want buffed on this? just the longer fues them for underwater shots into citadels? or generally stronger AP to bring the missing 500 dmg on par with the montana? would really interest me to know. The third question is as I excpected mostly at the moment on buffing AP and leaving/nerfing/(partly buffing) the HE , increasing the acurracy and decrease the reload time and the traverse time. I personally have there no question, since afterall most people already wrote about their grives with the 457mm (wich seems to be for most people the same thing). And the foruth question is just nice to know that there are also people included in the polll that are only on the reciving end of the conquerer. Wich was to expect , thats why i added the option, and they are still valid voters in the end. Why shouldnt they be? so from a personall stand point, it would be nice to know what and why the people would like to buff the AP on the 419mm, just out of my own curiousity. If it is just for fun, so be it, i cant decide why people vote for something and nothing something else. its about other peoples opinion, not mine.
  10. 419mm and 457mm

    Yes, and i sadly forgot it because iam at work talking with customers....^^' it happens. but in generall, yes , i too would prefer the 457mm to be more of a damage focuses version compared to the 419mm spam version. If i would go right now with the damage statistics (wich i sadly dont remember full by hearth) at the moment i think the 419mm are AP wise only second to the montana and HE wise just a bit before the small caliber Kurfürst. But the 457mm are basically the worst (if you ignore per shell atributes) for salvo , acurity per shell etc. the onlyst gun that is compareable accurity wise would be the republic, but they work different. Especially with the HE and later on includation of IFHE i have my own personal problems , especially on cruisers, but thats not the topic.
  11. 419mm and 457mm

    sorry, forgot that one , will fix it fixed it
  12. 419mm and 457mm

    A simpel Poll of interesst, nothing more, nothing less. Therefore can be ignored for people that do not care (still added the nothing option) As already said in the Tag, this is neither a complain about the conquerer and nor a scream for conquerer Buff. Simply iam interested to know how people feel about the conquerers weapons and if wanted, what they would change on them. Either to make one more viable to the other or the other one more in line to another. Also, i know, my stats are bad, i never said iam good and i never will say iam good. My conquerer stats are even worse, but mostly because i tried a loot with the 419, 457 and the repair consumables. So, no need to constantly write that iam a bad player and shouldnt make suggestions... this isnt a suggestion, just a poll and my interest to know how people feel about it. Afterall, you can always leave a comment and explain further. For the people that actually want to know my opinion for mysterious reasons, they are in the spoiler bellow.
  13. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    this means i can finally fire 20km shima torpedos in team direction, without continous checking if the side is free the next 2 min... perfekt
  14. Repubique have a big bug

    one day they might actually change that modul destruction and turret pens actually do damage..... but i doubt it. Still doing since ages 2-4 pens into turrets for 0 damage and not even a knocked out gun.
  15. Nub Kobayashi strikes again: Roma

    people might call me crazy, but i personally like the look of them more than most other normal ingame camo..... maybe because iam no naval enthauist? but still wouldnt buy them with unneeded expensive bundles.