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  1. Wargaming permits teamkilling

    this means i can finally fire 20km shima torpedos in team direction, without continous checking if the side is free the next 2 min... perfekt
  2. Repubique have a big bug

    one day they might actually change that modul destruction and turret pens actually do damage..... but i doubt it. Still doing since ages 2-4 pens into turrets for 0 damage and not even a knocked out gun.
  3. Nub Kobayashi strikes again: Roma

    people might call me crazy, but i personally like the look of them more than most other normal ingame camo..... maybe because iam no naval enthauist? but still wouldnt buy them with unneeded expensive bundles.
  4. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    i never said thats the case, if that was the case i would have done that in the first weeks when i first played it. That's where we sligthly differe. I would remove the insane HE damage and fire-chance, you the heal and detectibility. Personally I see the HE more as a problem than the heal, but everyone has different opinion on that. well, i actually copied the list from a file i made 2 weeks ago to save time (iam working afterall right now) and forgot to remove that part. the good AA part was written as in "good enough to defend one's self" , same with the kurfürst one. Also, i like to discus'd stuff, thats why i got to the forum, not because iam anoyed of report's in a conquerer. Also, i dont want to anoy people. If you dont want to write with me, just tell me and i wont quote you anymore. if i go by weakness... yes, the 419mm conquerer only has the bad plating (AP pen are slightly easier from the top, most small HE rounds dont need IFHE) and worst torpedo protection (wich is mostly irrelevant because the 419mm variation tends to be at 16-20km distance). so basically nearly no weakness. the 457 on the other hand has as weakness : the plating and torpeod protection (like the 419mm), but also the worst AP damage, the lowest count of shells, and a bad dispersion for the shell count. so basically by removal of the 419mm you remove 2 strength's (the HE and fire) and add 3 weakness's (AP salvo damage, bad dispersion, low shellcount , HE is still kurfürst the worst and fire is on par with kurfürst). by removal of heal and concealment, you remove 2 strength's and leave the nearly no weakness part (since most will stay a bit further away).
  5. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    because there are many different opinion's i afterall ask question's, i dont really say "that is the only final solution" but just what i think that feels like the best. Just on the forum i usually only see "raise the citadel above the roof" and stuff like that, rarely anything sane. In game's i usually get 3-5 report's just for starting the game with a conquerer (lost within 3 games 12 Karma, we won all 3 and i only shot HE twice) and noone is so kind to answer anything ingame. Except some rude ingame messages after the round. and about the part that it has to many strength's, yes, it has at the moment. simple unified at the moment who has what : Yamato : good AA, best torpedo protection, best autopen Kurfürst : best secondaries, good AA, basically no citadel, highest Max Health Montana : excelent AA <5km, nearly no citadel, until recently best concelment ,best AP Salvo conquerer419 : excelent AA <3.5km, basicaly no citadel, best heal, best concelment, best HE Salvo by far, best Firechance conquerer457 : excelent AA<3.5km, basicaly no citadel, best heal, best concelment, basically same Firechance as Kurfürst since i dont think I forgot something (iam tiping this while working in a copy shop), you can easily see that usually a BB on TX has 2-3 strength's compared to the other's. So the most simple solution i see, when i look at it just at the strength's of the ships, would be to remove the 419mm. That way you reduce the 6 strength's down to 3-4, wich is just 1 more than the others have. Some might say that is still to much in the end, i would say it would be fine, since the 457 are the worst of the possible TX gun's from dispersion to AP damage. why am i even writing this in the end to you and not others? i dont know, i just like to proof point's wich tend to be pointless and there is a reason people tend to call me mad. Edit: Since i forgot : yes, i tend to generalize while writing. because it is easier to write that way. But if you want i can nexttime be more carefull and check the % or write a demographic section about it. And that's not intended to be mean, just that i think it is easier that way sometimes.
  6. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    Well, than i will note that as that. generally i feel the same about citadels on BB's afterall. Till today i dont understand why they lowered the iowa citadel... it was fine before.
  7. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    that it should be more punish able is a different part, but i see it the same. i just mean that not all citadel's should be raised to yamato level where i basically have not to aim most of the time and still cause a citadel, some aim needed is always good. but the question is more about the part that everyone wants the conquerer to die faster simple because they feel like they cant do anything against the insane HE-Salvo's. so differently said for you... if the conquerer could not cause that much spontanous damage anymore, against wich you cant really defend in anyway, would you really care that much to make him instant kill able from nearly every distance? Not that you suggested to make that, but quite alot of the other players make sugestions like that.
  8. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    just as a general question, and iam serious that i want to know the answer to that, since most that complain and want to see the conquerer die faster (thats why they always suggest raising citadel to the roof and so on) and most have never touched the conquerer or lion and are just on the reciving end.... would you guy's (generally, no certain person intended) still belive the conquerer has to die faster, if the 419mm were never added by WG and it only had the 457 nowdays? And iam serious that i want to know this and if yes, why and what would you still change. I'm curious.
  9. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    jsut about that part.. that only works if the enemie's crusier constantly shoot you with HE or the enemies BB are to dumb to use AP. if even a few BB's actually decided to use AP , they instantly cause that you can only repair to 60%, and if you are under a constant hail of Ap from cruiser (wich actually can penetrate from the right angle's or the british in general) or BB's , you barelly can heal it. but against HE spamming cruiser's yes,, it is strong, but that is the intend and trade off for the bad plating.
  10. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    iam just stating this, because nearly every where i only see people talk about the conquerer in compination with the 419mm , seamingly wanting the 419mm to stay, since they always only say to make it easier and faster to kill. Like raise the citadel to yamato level, remove the heal and stuff like this. while yes, it will kill the conquerer faster, it wont change anything that the 419mm variation is backstage camping and spamming HE because it does to much damage and has a to high fire chance, it will acutally just increase the distance from the now around 18-20 km distance to propably the max range. To actually fix the main problem, the insane HE damage wich nulifies all skill, you have to change the gun's and not like how very, very many people only suggest, make him easier to kill. Thats all iam saying there. and if it is more discusted , with the low chance of 0,00001%, WG wont actually nerf the ship into a unusable stat because they want to leave the 419mm in game. At least they are reading the topics about it (they say they do , i have no proof). Also , i dont actually want to try to convince you, but all the other ones that only say stuff that makes no sense.
  11. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    good, i will bite at least for that one, just to make a simpel statemant... TRY the 457 and and the 419 for each 10-20 rounds. Because you will notice that the 419mm will do as you say. They dont care about angle and do way to much damage including fire. And if you finally would try the 457mm, you will notice that your HE is bad with the low shell count. Its better than the kurfürst HE, yes, but it is worse damage wise than the montana and yamato. Also the 419mm and the 457mm have the SAME dispersion. meaning you will hit with the 419mm more because there are 50% shells at once in the air for the same dispersion area. The 2.0 sigma for the 457mm actually just increase your gamble rate, you either hit with more shells at the same time or miss with more at the same time, because the shells will stick more together. The sigma does not increase the overall hit rate. and also, i never stated anywhere that the 419mm conquerer is not OP, and yes my average is bad today, alone today in the morning i got left alone from my team 4 times and got anhaliated by a mix of yamatos and plane's and iam still using the 457mm. why am i using such a junkisch gun? because to know how bad/good a weapon is you have to use it multiple times and i used the 419mm already enough to know, they are way to power full (on 10 rounds i did an average of 150k damage just sitting at max range spamming he, because of the 12 shells flying always at least 2-3 hit and did devestating damage and fire's). i tried the same with the 457 now for quite alot of rounds, i cant manage to get the same amount of average damage i did with the 419mm, simple because you barely can hit with more than 1 shell over 16km distance, because the spread is horrible for 2 guns per turret. Yes, you do sometimes get lucky and hit 2-3 shells and cause 1-2 fires than, but if i had used the the 419mm it would had been 5-7 shells and the damage in the end would be way higher. so to make it even so simple, that everyone should understand it : 419mm : Op as heck , insane HE damage, insane fire chance because of high shell count, just below Montana AP salvo damage with nearly same dispersion 457mm : Bad for real, high shell damage , way to less shell's, worst AP salvo damge by a good amount, HE salvo just above Kurfürst with nearly the same Firechance, really bad dispersion for twin turrets and every shell is important Thats why i see no reason to actually nerf anything, than to remove the 419mm and raise the citadel maybe a tiny bit (not to far or you would have to switch the heal out for a normal one and raise the actual HP) PS: on the grafik i posted a few post's above you can see the 419mm and the 457mm directly next to each other, you only have to look a few seconds and someone could see that the 419mm are way to powerfull compared to the 457. And you even start with th 419mm and you have to unlock the bad guns.
  12. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    It's the best if you ignore him/her. He clearly has no interest in any form of verbal discussion or tries to proof any point. All he does ist clearly to anoy people. and to your point about the plating.. yes. The conquerer is the least armored on the deck, but compared to the montana the 406mm armor plate goes further under water and underwater longer than hers, giving it a bit more heavy caliber resistance to citadels. So i would at least increase the citadel hight to montana level, where you can somewhat more reliable hit the citadel from distance under. And iam not talking about yamato's high, because yamato sometimes explodes instantly when faceing enemies in a bad angle. but thats just my opinion
  13. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    just to prove your point (because iam generally a skeptical person and the thread looks like a PR/WTR discusion instead of a conquerer thread) i actually did myself a favor and calculated all the fire chances of the cruisers and BB's. And afterwards just compared them on a firechance per second basis, if they would cause a constant stream of shells froma full broadside. if you reduce it in half because of fire reduction or just shooting half the turrets, the aproximated graph stays the same, only the values get less. Also for good measure i added the conquerer in the Cruiser graph. The top is cruiser, the bottom is BB's And i musst say... the fire chances are exactly the middle ground of the cruiser. They actually could take your job's for making fire's. with the 457 they are as good as most other cruisers, with the 419 they are better, just under the Des Moin who has a insane fire chance per second... if it acutally would hit all the time with broadside. Per salvo it still is the Zao, just not per second. So yes, the conquerer could take the cruiser job of fire, just that he can only shoot every 30 sec without mod's and a miss reduces the fire chance a lot.. also AP would do more damage, but well.. that might be just me. And yes, it doesnt changes the concelment fact. And for the end something for the user that sent me a pm that a 33% split makes no sense with half shells shot.... the same again in turrets split. it makes it actually easier that way to show that the 457mm are ap damage wise reeeeaaallly bad and HE wise just barely above the kurfürst,even fire chance wise. Because reasons. Also, again, no fire reduction calculated and so on. its raw damage, no overpen/pen inside. and as long as the dispersion for the 457mm is as bad as the 419mm, i will stay with the fact that the easiest solution would be just to remove the 419mm....
  14. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    So you dont even know how the actuall PR is calculated. to make it simple, and fast, since i wont answer you anymore, it is your value COMPARED to the average of the others, mostly avaerage damage and win rate. with a gun, that does around 50% less damage than the other conquerers, has a lower chance to cause fire , and the same dispersion (wich is fatal on low shell count). Naturally the average damage is lower, and since it is lower, by a good amount, since it is like 40-80% , naturally the PR is low. but you should know this, afterall you are complaining about this, saying it is a flaw to have a low PR, when someone is using the worst weapon in the game, and the others basically the best? well anyway, you wont get an answer from me anymore, not worth it. You propably also belive everyone starts as a unicum player.
  15. Nerf the Conqueror ...

    great, my regards that you managed to look at my stats. if you read at least partly about what i wrote the last few times , you would have noticed that i excplicitly said that i only use the 475mm on close range. if you read a page before, you also would have noticed that i wrote that the 475mm are the worst gun in the game, if you ignore the fire chance. also, you even quoted what i said, i easily get 30% more damage switching to the 419mm , wich i obviously dont do often, and i also told the fact that most conquerer players are backranfe he spammer. because they can stay hidden and set stuff on fire and dont need to care about angeling. stuff that i dont do. also, mein avg damage might be lower by 40-50k (wich is normal, since every few games there is a 10-30k game only hitting DD's), my hit ratio of 35% should show you that iam not long range 419mm he spamming like all the others. but no, numbers in a random game where by chance a cv can inst kill you , or a dd you cant see, are sooo important.