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  1. thiefy and USA AP bombs

    Has anyone noticed a change in USA AP bombs? at first i thought it was just a bad RNG day, but after quite a few battles i realized that this was the rule. I play the Essex and I get 800 dmg hits on tier 10 cruisers, and even the regular "clients" of AP bombers (aka KM BBs) seem very resilient. Bismarck/Tirpitz get hit for 20-30k (before the patch 40k was the mimimum) and GKs get hit for an average of 1500dmg/hit landed. You will say, "20-30k per attack run and you complain?" but remember that the target options for AP bombers was already very limited and ofc you set no fires. But my real problem is that if my case is correct (noticed by others too) why can't i find any mention of this in the patch notes? Or, in the case i'm blind, can someone post the link where this is announced?
  2. can someone explain this to me? i mean.. 769 dmg bomb hit? sure.. ok.... but 52 dmg torpedo hit? (mind thta he didn't die so the "tha's all the hp he had" answer is not valid")