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  1. Xevious_Red

    What is balancing factor of SAP?

    If you want another drawback - HE does splash damage to subs. The larger the shells the larger the splash. Can also be increased if you take the captain skill of better fire chance. SAP does not. So a BB with HE can take a semi decent chunk of HP off a sub just by shooting near it, SAP needs to hit the actual sub
  2. Xevious_Red

    ASW is useless

    Because currently the game doesnt differentiate between a depth charge hitting point blank (doing full damage), or a depth charge exploding far away and the sub taking very minor splash damage. It registers both as a hit. WG are supposedly introducing 2 ribbons so you can at least tell if it was a proper hit or just a splash, but in true comedy fashion the pics in the dev blog to show the difference are identical
  3. Xevious_Red

    Checkbox for CVs and Subs in Gamemode-Selection-Window

    As far as Im aware its classification based. So if you have the BB symbol, you can be hit by them. If you have the cruiser symbol, you can't
  4. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    So one thing that strikes me, is the difference between tier 6 subs, and tier X subs. The tier 6 are ok ish. Still need work, but there's an element of risk/reward. Tier X though just seem to be be broken. This isnt as me being salty about being sunk, this is from me trying subs. At tier 6, the maps are quite small. There's not a huge ammount of room to flank. At tier X there's lots of room to flank. Maps at tier 6 have quite a lot of islands, forcing subs into close range. At tier X there's more open water so the subs can sit at distance. At tier 6 there's not a huge distance between max range and detection. So you only have a smaller window to work in without needing to dive. At tier X there's a much bigger buffer zone, so far less likely to be forced to dive. Tier 6 has less O2. So when they do dive it runs out faater. Tier X has far more, even though the matches are same lengrh. Tier X has equipment to dive faster, so if spotted can dive quickly. This is the biggie for me though: at tier 6 the subs lose a ton of speed underwater. This means any surface ship that wants to run them down is more able to do so. At tier X they GO FASTER underwater. So if you do have to crash dive you literally get faster for driving away. The Tier 6 games have been quite fun - lots of tense moments, forced to dive, run out of O2, playing cat and mouse with surface ships. The results arent guaranteed either. The tier X seemed like easy mode -loads of room to operate, no need to come anywhere near beinh spotted, and the only time I dived was to avoid radar. Where with the tier 6 I had to pull out the stops to get near the top of the leader board, with the tier X I just sailed around pinging stuff. First game 2k base Xp, 4 kills (90k damage)
  5. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    That is a better clip. The irritating part of WG not allowing subs in training rooms is it's a pain to test in a controlled situation. In this clip they flick the rudder back and forth, but it's too close to tell if putting it at full rudder would have helped. I suspect in this one it probably would have hit them anyway.
  6. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    Being devils advocate, those torps would have been easily avoided if the hindy had continued turning starboard, since the torps cant turn enough to keep up. Similarly, even if they didnt bother turning starboard, then applying full reverse as they passed behind would have likely caused them to overshoot. Instead by being at full speed in a straight line it allowed the torps time to arc back in. Homing torps are silly, but that was a misplay by the hindy
  7. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    Which sub is personal preference. The US performed better (damagewise) the last set of figures WG published. I prefer the german sub, as lower detection is imo more use. The US has rear torps though, with the german doesnt have. Equipment again depends on what you need. 10% faster ping speed is useful if you're bad at leading a target/engage at max distance. Rather redundant if you can lead a target, or you prefer a much closer playstyle. Same with dive capacity - having more lets you stay under longer, but again not hugely needed if you manage recharging on the surface. Personally I like more survivable torps, less chance of rudder/steering breaking, faster torps, faster diving/climbing. Captain skills are a bit random, a lot of them are very situational (do something within 15s of using a particular consumable etc), so for now my testing has been using skills that work all the time - 30% more flooding chance, faster torps etc.
  8. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    From what Ive played with/against them they're rather a side note. Their torps arent immensely long ranged. At tier X 11km and 14km isnt exactly across the map. At pericope/surface level they can be caught by radar/planes pretty easily. Since they need to be nose in theres not a huge gap between out of range for ping and being in radar range. Subs take splash damage from shells landing near them until they get down deep enough. The base plane shift (transitioning from one level to another) for a tier X is around 20 seconds. This can be brought fown to around 8-9 seconds with equipment, but it means they dont dive instantly and can eat a nice smack of shells if they get caught. At periscope their surface detection is very low, but it chews into dive capacity. Their spotting distance is less. So if you have a sub with 6km detection on the surface vs a DD with 6km detection, the DD will spot the sub first. I believe its 20% (was in pts) so the sub only spots the DD at 4.km At operating depth the sub ignores shells. It cant spot for itself though, it needs team mates to do the spotting. It can be spotted y hydro, a ship sailing overhead, or planes. Being spotted eats the dive capacity at double speed. It gets no torp lead indicator, has to use homing torps, and the torps need some room to climb to a viable depth. A sub at this depth is reachable by depth charges, asw planes, or by other subs. At max depth the sub is "invisible". It cant see surface ships, and its minimap doesnt update with enemy positions. At best it can use hydrophone to see aroynd it a bit but thats limited. It can be found by oyher subs using hydrophone. DD dont need to dedicate that much time to sub hunting - frequently its a free kill as you pass over it. Theres a reasonable ammount of other ASW stuff, and your team has a sub as well who can kill a submerged sub
  9. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    Mid table or lower usually. It doesnt help that due to the number of bots, you get the co-op effect where the game ends really early
  10. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    Ok tier X are a bit different. Has 6 depths. While at operating depth they can see ships that are spotted by allies, so can operate reasonably underwater. The US tier X does 32kn on surface, and 25kn submerged. Has 14.2km torps. With the right upgrades it also has ~9.5 mins of dive time + 3 uses of an extra 35 seconds
  11. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    Better they release them underpowered and tweak them up, than release them OP and have to bring them down. Values like how long they can stay under for is an easily changed variable. The current iteration does seem the weakest so far
  12. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    When they're ready. They're still in isolated testing, and have been on/off for the last 2 years. If they're happy enough with this versioj then they'll be added to ranked battles for further testing before finally joining randoms. So they could be added soon (ish) but they may just go back through a loop of further testing. The tier 6 subs seem fairly underwhelming, so will see what the tier X are like when they're testable.
  13. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    That BB seems pretty oblivious regardless. Its's busy over extending next to a contested cap. Given your position and the fact you've used ~27 sec of dive time, you probably also spent some surface time in the cap, so the cap indicator would have shown up. Do you find you are able to close and stealth torp BB that hang back/kite?
  14. Xevious_Red

    General Submarines related discussions

    My experience was that BB abolutely dumpster SS, while the subs are little to no threat. BB guns are the largest calibre (most damage and splash) with some of the fastest flight time. So a sub spotted near the surface gets whalloped by BB guns. In addition the double set of ASW planes means you can carpet bomb the sub, and since you can put both down at once + the sub is slow and poor manoeuvre then it cant really avoid it. As a BB, I felt VERY safe against SS
  15. Xevious_Red


    The first thing I tried was bombing our own CV which didn't seem to do anything