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  1. Xevious_Red

    Secondaries : Cruiser HE power at 10 km or not ?

    A CV and a BB move forward using islands for cover so they cant get shot. -The CV can attack perfectly normally since plane launching isnt hindered by islands. Thus the CV is "safe" while maintaining 100% of its offensive power. -The BB is equally "safe", however unfortunately it has 0% offensive firepower due to the large land mass blocking its guns. So all the time you're moving closer, you arent actually attacking. Since you dont even have the option of attacking (island in way) you arent even a potential threat either, leaving the enemy free to angle against the rest of your team. The CV can continue to attack, as it isnt limited by range. The BB needs to get out from behind the island to attack AND have the enemy within 10km (and in the case of DD have some way of spotting them). The problem with this is they're all faster than you, and likely saw you coming. So they just simply leave before you spring your "ambush" Against bots, sure, since bots are dumb as bricks. But most players simply leave. Secondaries are great against AI in coop. But they're mediocre in PVP, and I say this as someone who loves secondary builds (my GK is full IFHE secondary)
  2. Xevious_Red

    Secondaries : Cruiser HE power at 10 km or not ?

    Ignoring the fact you spend a lot of captain points on them that could be used for better things, theres 2 major problems; 1). Secondaries target centre mass. Which means most of the time they hit belt armour and dont actually pen. The reason cruiser HE is good is because it can target superstructure. DD are soft enough, but cruisers and BB are frequently armoured enough to shrug off secondaries. There are exceptions - GK + IFHE does a number on 32mm armour which is most Bb bows, but most secomdaies are only really useful for setting fires. 2). You have to get within 10km. Most high tier matches are conducted at longer ranges. Which means either not using your secondaries, or charging alone into the middle. This is a recipie for being focussed and sunk. There are times where the battle unfolds in a way that you end up close to the enemy, but that makes it more situational rather than always useful. To follow on from this, the things you want to fire at (DD/CL) can see you coming from a mile off - you're highly visible. In addition you're slower than they are. So they could literally just choose to not be within 10km of you and theres nothing you can do about it. Which means that you're relying on them either being cornered/desperate (game is probably decided at this point anyway), or just dumb. Its fine in coop/ops since the AI is incredibly dumb, but for PVP you dont want your plan to hinge on the enemy being moronic.
  3. Xevious_Red

    Is this how CVs are intended to be "balanced"?

    Firstly CV are OP - I say this as someone who both plays surface ships and CV. My Atago averages 53k. My Enterprise averages 109k. This stems from both good stackable DoT and high alpha strikes. A 10k volley might not be as big as a BB volley, but when its delivered multiple times in a row and they cause floodings it adds up. The main cause however is simply that they are self sufficient in spotting, and can literally just fly and find their target again. If the CV is same tier or higher, there isnt even anywhere "safe" either. They can attack you, they just wont get any planes back. Your avoiding being attacked therefore is dependent on how much the CV player wants to keep his planes alive. Luckily, most CV players seem to be absolute garbage and have no idea how to utilise their strengths. Which is why mantras like "turn AA off, stay with allies" are parrotted - because they work against the average CV. What they dont work against is a half decent one, it just makes it slightly more awkward for them, or puts you lower down their list of targets. For the OP: Atlanta's AA got mangled in the rework. It's shorter range and doesnt overlap. The tick time seems slow, so planes can avoid it ( see LWM write up - this apparantly is being looked at). The main problem is it's sttength is in its flak clouds, which is bolstered by the fact you'll probably have AFT and it has unlimited DFAA. This makes its Flak pretty deadly. Unfortunately, since you can literally fly around flak, it means you wont do much against a good CV player as they'll simply avoud most of it.