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  1. Xevious_Red

    Are you going for the Alaska+ (AKA PR)

    They crunched some numbers on reddit - in order to achieve it, you would need to complete every directive within 3 days of it becoming active. That sounds ok until you realise that some of the missions will take a very long time. That's not "hope I get lucky", but just huge numbers. For example one is earn 150K base xp. If you somehow play at unicum level every game and earn 2k base xp a game (most people do NOT earn 2k base xp a game), then that will require 75 games. At an average of 15 mins that's 19 hours needed IF you can play permanently at unicum levels AND have a 100% WR. If for some reason you're thinking 19 hours is doable in the 72hr window you have, that's only one mission. You need to complete 6. The others are equally long, and theres almost zero synergy; so nearly every mission needs to be done seperately.
  2. Xevious_Red

    server interruptions, 19h

    Server busy for me too
  3. Xevious_Red

    Even CCs complain about Puerto Rico grind

    I'm yet to see anyone be positive about this. The CV rework might be hated by lots, but there's plenty who do enjoy playing them. Subs might be hated, but there's people stoked about having them The usual free boxes/grind have people complain, but are usually countered with "not actually that hard" etc, or it's only a box. This I've ONLY seen negative stuff about, nothing positive, and not even the usual shills trying to defend it.
  4. Xevious_Red

    Upcoming WG stream today evening

    I think I can see the transcript now: "Oh this ship building looks so cool, I'm really excited by this" "Oh I got some free doubloons from these Santa crates" "Those crates are so good aren't they?" "I'd buy so many" "Let's use the doubloons on this booster!" "Wow look at that go up!" "Ok we've got a question from chat" "Notatallawargamingemployee wants to know what the best captain skills for the PR are" "What a great question notatallawargamingemployee - why not try different skills? Remember that's what the re-spec for doubloons button is there for"
  5. Xevious_Red

    WG Just removed their latest video

    Annoyingly last year I was burned out from grinding and had a 2-3 month break. This year I've been taking it steady, and had actually been semi excited for this grind. Had set aside time to play some ships, earn some coal/steel, and hopefully get a free ship. Instead it's a resounding eurgh. I'll probably get the steel from the snowflakes via coop but that's about it.
  6. Xevious_Red

    Saipan, Kaga or Graf Zeppelin

    This depends how good the player is. The Saipan hits like a ton of bricks, but its unforgiving with losses, so you really need to know how to dodge flak, fighters and not take too many losses etc. Kaga has weaker planes, but with 96 if them it doesnt really matter if you fly through flak/fighters etc. So Saipan gives great results for good players. Kaga is noob friendly and doesnt punish plane losses.
  7. Xevious_Red

    CV: Always blamed for the loss of a game

    The secret is to not get wiped out pretty quickly. Your play style will be different (lots of kiting), but this isn't always a bad thing.
  8. Xevious_Red

    CV: Always blamed for the loss of a game

    All the "counters" to CV basically make life more awkward/less appealing to the CV player. -"dodging": Harder to hit a steering target. Player that's not dodging might be more tempting. -Having AA off: Not as easy to find. Time spent hunting could be time spent farming an easily spotted target. -AA: Have to fly around flak. Will lose planes. -Massed AA: lots of avoiding flak. Will lose more planes -Fighters: will lose planes if flown through. -Smoke: Harder to hit as cant see. Time spent waiting out smoke could be time spent farming an easy target. -Weird map positioning: unfavourable flight times, and awkward searching. Time could be spent focussing easier/more critical target. Now for your average CV, these, or a combination of these will be enough to avoid major damage, or to make the CV focus someone else instead. For a good CV, the increase in difficulty doesnt matter - they can handle the extra work involved attacking a manouevering ship, or finding one with AA off. For a stubborn CV, they wont care about you being less appealing target if they've decided to focus you. For a good stubborn CV, if they've decided that you are the optimum target, and the time/plane losses are worth it then you're basically dead.
  9. Xevious_Red

    CV: Always blamed for the loss of a game

    This is the weird ongoing fallacy. Good ones are basically un-counterable. The only reason you don't get sunk is because they've chosen to do something else. However against not-good CV, the usually mentioned counters work just fine. The pro-CV camp pretend every CV is a complete brain dead potato that can be avoided by turning your AA off. The anti-CV camp pretend every CV is El2aZer's alt acount, and the mere presence of a CV means you're 100% dead. For something like clan wars they're probably too good. For randoms, I don't mind facing them, as the average CV player you'll meet wont be "good" and can be countered
  10. Xevious_Red

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    If it follows the same set of rules as previously; - They wont be able to cap. -The air detection was the same periscope/surface at about 2.5km. This makes them roughly the same as a DD with AA off. Which makes them awkward to spot accidentally, but by no means impossible to find especially if the CV is good/actively looking for them -They will outspot DD, but at that range the DD will have it's direction indicator showing the direction of the sub, so depending on surrounding team mates/positioning it will affect who exactly is hunting who. This obviously is working on the assumption that variables like air detection, and mechanics (direction indicator) will remain the same as test 2
  11. Xevious_Red

    SUBMARINES - discussion, feedback, opinions

    Sub news - going into ST to try some fairly different changes before the third test.
  12. Xevious_Red

    Returning player

    Midway got nerfed so that its DB are much harder to hit DD. Hak lost its 4 torp option, so now only has its twin torps. AA got changed fairly heavily, the manual AA skill changed, and so did using sectors (there's now a burst of damage when.its triggered, and it stays active for X seconds then goes on CD instead of being permanently sectored) This didn't really affect the top CV players, so the unicum ones will dunk on you regardless. Generally though the power of CV (for the average player) has been reduced. While they're still the most moaned about class, it's more low level grumbling now rather than frothing outrage.
  13. Xevious_Red


    The chance of getting a super container is low anyway. Chances of getting one is roughly double if you choose "try your luck", but the chances of that are still very slim. I don't think there has ever been an official published %. There has been some anecdotal stuff (e.g. opened 100 containers, got 1 super) that puts the chance somewhere around 1% The chances of getting a ship from one are therefore even lower - while I've had a reasonable number of SC, Ive never had a ship from one. Friend has had 2 ships (Alabama, and Krispy kreme). Generally the consensus is that the more resources container is the best choice as it guarantees coal. If for whatever reason you don't want coal, the the TYL is ok. I wouldn't plan around getting SC though, and I certainly wouldn't plan around actually getting a ship from one.
  14. Xevious_Red

    (IFHE) for Tiers VIII-X. Second stage of the test

    GK is gaining accuracy next patch. There was also whispers from sub_octavian about changes for secondary spec ships. So depends what the other changes actually are, or if this armour change will be in isolation - atm it's just a test of concept.
  15. Xevious_Red

    Is this enough?

    I wouldn't worry too much about WR after 12 games, sometimes you get a "cursed" ship. My first 30 games in the gearing were awful, I managed to be down to a 16% WR after 30 games. 100+ games later (because I was stubborn) and its sat over 50%