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  1. I think WG want to get back to CBT levels of class distribution - Battleships werent too popular (they had +3MM so your wyoming ended up in tier 7 games), while CV were very popular with terrible players (langly had 12 torp bombers, and the auto drop corrected the drop angle even after the point of no return). Currently WG have a surplus of battleships, a lack of carriers, and a whole ton of below average players. The below average players want to have a nice damage score, while using the safest ship that doesnt require much thought. Currently the BB fill that niche for them. It makes sense then for them to try to get a portion of those below average players to swap their BB for CV. In order for that to work, it needs to frighten BB (to make them swap), be really easy to use (just click on something), give large damage numbers (30k/40k/one shot), but not break the game by killing everything (which the CBT CV did) The AP bombs makes sense for this - it gets the big damage numbers while being easy to use, doesnt hugely influence the game, and is a direct threat to BB. I wouldnt be suprised if they released a whole line of CV based on this concept.
  2. It was pretty easy to do them, I just did the ones that fitted my grinding and used duplicates to get the rest. Only thing I did different from normal play was take out the shinomone, and play 1 game in the atago
  3. 1). They removed stealth firing several patches ago. If someone is firing at you and you cant see them they're either behind an island or in a smoke screen. The other option is your pc hasnt rendered the smoke cloud/ship in which case its a hardware issue 2). Yes some destroyers are good at starting fires. Torps coming from unspotted ships is a feature in this game. There are ships from tier 2 (umikaze) that can do this. As you get higher then a large number of ships can launch undetected. If you are using tier 8 ships the general assumption is that you probably would have learnt how to cope with this by now. 3). The only advantage to concealment that any camo gives is -3% and thats available on the cheapest camo (8k silver). Any more expensive camo juat gives bonuses to XP. Serious advice: play more games in random around tier 3/4. You played a lot in co op. Co-op bots are incredibly dumb. You're now trying to play higher tiers against actual players (who have a decent knowledge of the game mechanics) while having no knowledge of the game mechanics yourself
  4. I stacked the saipan mission from july (+200% xp) with the weekend win (+200% xp), with the new years camo (+200% free xp) with the ouroboros flag (+777% free xp), with the papapapa flag (+300% free xp) with premium account (+50% free xp). Pratted about shooting down some planes and killed a destroyer for a mid table result but 9k free xp. That would be more if I used the hydra flag, the ecl flag, the red dragon flag, actually tried hard, and didnt suck balls in carriers.
  5. Different people working on things. You might find the people who do ship textures etc have finished work on the PA DD, but havent yet been given a finished model of the next ships.
  6. Because if you see a broadside yamato you can hit it in the right place for Citadels with AP (potentially up to 12 citadels). Each citadel does 13500 damage and cant be repaired. A good volley can therefore potentially kill a yamato in one go. Even if it doesnt kill it, it leaves it on low health that it cant repair. Each HE does up to 4800 damage. In order to do that it needs to citadel. Since it doesnt have enough pen to punch through the belt it simply cant citadel the yamato. Instead it can get regular pens on softer areas like the super structure. A regular pen does 1/3 damage so thats 1600. The fires have a listed chance of 40%. A high tier BB has an inbuilt reduction tbat cuts that number in half. So your 40% is actually more like 20%. Less if he has fire reducing skills/equipment. You also cant start a fire if theres alrwady one there from someone else. Most importantly though, fire damage can be healed 100%. So even though you have 20k written on your screen as "damage done" that damage is worthless if he's healed it all up again. Its far more useful to have done 13500 that he couldnt heal
  7. People generally dislike recieving damage in large chunks. Losing 100k from 20x 5k is a lot more palatable than 1x 100k, even if they take the same amount of time to deliver.
  8. Not fussed by the 2 attack waves theres a reasonable time gap between them. There wasnt much more I could do, I could have used the fighter (have spotter for smoke ), and I dont have manual AA (15pt captain). I dont know how well outfitted for AA the neptune was. I was turning to try to present side on, and was at full speed. Against TB you can force them to fly over/around by using terrain, can turn in to minimise hits, and if you turn in aggressively enough can hit them before they arm. These options weren't available to me. I was at 75% health when he hit. The first wave actually missed everything so i think he was using the manual drop. I dont know how much extra he did, I decided that that seemed a good point to go to bed :)
  9. Met the test 1 GZ (I was in tirpitz) First drop I had friendly fighters, neptune, + me with some AA skills+ dodging. 2/3 planes get killed, remaining planes miss entirely. Second drop same setup, I have slightly less AA from fires and about 75% health. Still have neptune buddy and fighters+ me dodging. 1/3 planes get killed. I die.
  10. It means you do an extra 10% per tier. Means you'll do 10% more damage to lexington/shok fighters if you click on them. Doesnt stop you dying to AAA, wont save you from strafes and only works if you take the dog fight captain skill. Its a buff, but a really small one
  11. So with your 55% WR (above average), do you feel that you are secretly a unicum who is being held back from their true potential by a dastardly WG, or do you feel you are an average potato who has been boosted up for inexplicable reasons?
  12. If its any consolation, I grind all the lines as well. This time last year I had zero tier X. This year I have 3 tier X, 3 tier 9, one tier 9 waiting to be purchased, 3 tier 8's on the grind and several tier 8 waiting to be purchased. Next year I'll probsbly have quite a few tier X
  13. The forum has a tally of games played which includes all the modes. Doesnt show if you have stats hidden though
  14. Im mildly ok with it, because its not on my account. That notification of there being "unread news" even though Ive read it on the main page is the source of much discomfort. I have to click it to make it go away
  15. I have 3 tier X, and 3 tier 9 on the go. Not going to rush the tier 9 through as they're not near the end of their grind