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  1. Reporting system

    I personally have never had a chat ban. However I also generally dont use chat/keys apart from designate target/affirmative. If I do use chat its usually something positive and not directed at anyone, like: "theres no one here at C, lets swing down and support B" even if what Im thinking is "ffs go to B dumbasses we dont need 6 ships to take an empty cap" However im fairly sure (read: I think read somewhere) that chat bans are a slippery slope, so when you get 1 it makes it easier to get a second. Repeat that enough times and those people can get chat banned very easily.
  2. They're making a cruiser for BB players too: the new tier 9 "cruiser" with 85k health and 305mm guns
  3. The main complaint about battleships is that they sit at the back, at no real risk to themselves, farming damage, while being no use with objectives, and that being randomly dev striked by them while you try to fight for objectives is no fun. This is just the DD version, made so people can sit at the back and click while under no threat and potentially get big damage numbers.
  4. I think it sounds interesting enough to try before giving judgement. There are advantages and disadvantages for each class. Side question though. Currently in cyclones planes have a hard timeseeing you, and you have a hard time seeing them. This night mode says theres a reduction in air detection but nothing about reduced detection of planes, so theres potentially a choice between keeping your AA off and trying to avoid dection (for all classes not just Dd) or having it on and making yourself visible (as you now become air detected when your AA starts fring)
  5. Some interesting info around the world

    https://sea-group.org/?p=3989&lang=en 0.7.2 Night battles, french campaign, assorted minor stuff Vive La France Campaign A 15-task campaign in 3 stages. The first 4 tasks of a stage each requires any ship (1 star per completion); French ship (2 stars per completion); high tier FRBB, or Aigle (3 stars per completion). However, the goal of the 4 tasks are identical, in other word, it is possible to play high tier FRBB or Aigle and earn progression of 3 tasks at the same time. The reward of the final task of each stage is a permanent camouflage of Dunkerque, Richelieu, and Gascogne, respectively (Dunkerque's is the old one from 0.6.8 Dynamo). Weather Effect Night The veil of night sweeps through the battlefield. Ships get concealment bonus in night battle: -20% surface detectabiliy, -90% air detectability, -15 seconds concealment penalty when firing; but also +100% maximum dispersion, and the line of sight is capped at 12 km. New Port Twitch Port Captain Captain Steven Seagal became someone else. Achievement Vive La France Campaign King of the Sea Twitch Prime Commemorative Flags Twitch Varyag Collector's Edition Z-39 Collector's Edition Kronstadt Collector's Edition
  6. MM manipulation?

    From watching these threads over the years on ships and tanks it usually seems to be people's ego needing to blame something. E.g: "44%? No Im not bad at the game, its WG rigging it against me!" "50%? I wont accept that im merely average, it must be that WG forces everyone to 50%" "54%? But thats only above average, it must be WG that's keeping me from having the unicum stats I deserve!" "60%? I'd have 100% if WG didnt keep trying to bring me down!" For example I play both ships and tanks. In ships I have 57%. In tanks I have 50%. For both I have prem time/vehicles. Is it: A). I'm more comfortable with the mechanics of ships, know the maps better, don't need twitchier reflexes or pin point aiming, and play on a regular basis, while with tanks I have large gaps between playing, have no idea where the weak spots are on some tanks I meet, and frequently meet tanks Ive I have no idea what their characteristics are, and generally don't gel to well with the "he who moves first dies" game play since I like pushing. Or B). WG have forgotten to turn on the rigging machine for me in tanks I also find it mildly funny that people can claim in one breath that WG are a bunch of incompetent idiots incapable of basic programming, while at the same time maintaining they are running a super secret algorithm that manipulates the win rates of every player, and is so subtle that noone can actually describe the mechanics of it
  7. "How can we have 10 battleships aside and give a good chunk of them cruiser consumables?" "Easy we'll build a battleship, give it cruiser consumables, and call it a cruiser!" "Genius! Then we wait a bit and we can put radar on them"
  8. Some interesting info around the world

    https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2009241682735502&id=1909055039420834 ST, Cossack and Asashio destroyers British destroyer Cossack, tier VII Now equipped with Mark IXM torpedoes. Rate of fire - 0.6 launches per minute. Reload - 96 seconds. 180 degree turn - 7.2 seconds. Maximum damage - 16766 (instead of 15867). Speed - 62 knots (instead of 61). Range - 10 km (instead of 8). Torpedo wide launching angle is decreased from 16 to 6 degrees. Ship's basic detectability is decreased from 6.84 to 6.49 km. Added the "Hydroacoustic Search" consumable. Torpedo detection range - 2790 m. Ship detection range 3210 m. Active for 180 seconds. Cooldown - 180 seconds (120 seconds for premium). 2 charges (3 charges for premium). These changes are designed to increase ship's combat efficiency and balance her better against rivals of the same class. Japanese destroyer Asashio, tier VIII Deep water modification of Type 93 torpedoes is equipped. Can only hit battleships and carriers. Rate of fire - 0.5 launches per minute. Reload - 112 seconds. 180 degree turn - 7.2 seconds. Maximum damage - 20966. Speed - 67 knots. Range - 20 km (instead of 10). These changes are designed to make the ship's gameplay more unique in relation to the Kagero destroyer.
  9. Matchmaker Strike

    Other thing you will find is that your tier 5 ship is getting uptiered into tier 7 games. Tier 7 is a popular tier, and lots of very experienced players play tier 7. This means in addition to being bottom tier, you may also be playing against very good players with many thousand games under their belt. Tier 5 is basically the start of the "big boys" pool. At tier 4 the only experienced players you meet are people who are deliberately seal clubbing
  10. An addition to the IJN aircraft carrier tech tree

    Carriers in CBT didnt have strafe (or usually even bother with fighters), didnt have DF, didnt need to use manual drop as auto drop was incredibly good. They were obscenely popular and were the go to class for potaoes. Carriers now need lots of multitasking, and have an entire extra level of fighter play. They're now played by unicums and utter masochists
  11. An addition to the IJN aircraft carrier tech tree

    Sadly probably quite true. I suspect the big carrier change will consist of removing half their abilites (so players dont have to multitask so much), and making them much easier to attack with. It'll probably be popular with non-cv players. It will probably be highly unpopular with existing cv players
  12. Maptrick doesnt work anymore?

    Ok so pop quiz then since you dont like people hiding behind islands; You're in a new orleans, or any other tier 8 cruiser. The enemy has 5 BB which can fire between 20-26km. You can only fire 15-16km. At 15km lots of the battleships you meet are accurate enough to hit you easily. You have no smoke to conceal yourself. You dont have armour to angle against Bb shells You dont have turtle back or anything so you can be citadelled from any angle You dont have heal. At 15km the shell flight time for battleships is so short you wont be able to dodge Over 15km the dispersion of shells makes dodging a gamble because of rogue shells which can citadel you through your deck. Without using islands then, how do you propose the above cruiser survive and contributes in a useful way to the match? I consider myself to be a semi reasonably competent cruiser captain, and islands, forward positions, shell arcs and managing both my own detection and enemy detection, along with knowing when to move to avoid being overrun all feature heavily in my cruiser gameplay style so I'd be interested to see your view of skillful cruiser gameplay
  13. Missouri credit nerf?

    Most of your damage is farmed off of battleships. These aren't worth as much XP or money. This is why despite having 150k + damage and 4 kills you have less than 2k base xp. The largest ammount of your damage is from a ship that is lower tier than you, which is less xp again. Secondly, in order to be getting the really big earnings you need to be using the flag that gives +50% (wyvern?) And ideally the gamescom camo (+50%)
  14. Battleships are now obsolete

    Interestingly I find battleships to be the least useful class for actually winning (when playing solo) They are certainly very forgiving (you can sit there taking hits for ages), and pretty easy to rack up high damage scores in (sometimes RNG gifts you a 1 shot cruiser even when its dodging), and they're the least likely to get lol-deleted, but I find them the least useful for actually winning a game when playing solo. In a division they are excellent since your division mate can take the cap while you support. Solo? Id rather be in any other class. This might just be my play style however.
  15. mixing tiers

    Only BB had +3, everyone else was +2 Also try the murmansk with IFHE, its rather nice