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  1. He sounds like he's reffering to the type 6 camo (50 gold) and the type 59 (125 gold). These may be on discount atm due to black friday. Both are single use camo. Personally I wouldnt bother - there are lots of "free" camos that give the same bonus and are available frequently - e.g. anniversary/halloween camo. Similarly there are camos that are rewards for missions e.g. battlehardened which are also good. Alternatively there are frequently camo bundles in the store, which if you're wanting to buy some give better value for money.
  2. CV in beta were stupid. At one point the langley had a loadout that simply consisted of 2x6 TB. At a tier where nothing had AA (lower than it is now), no DF, no float fighters, and you frequently didnt even have an enemy carrier. Oh and you could have 2 in a division, so if you felt like it some poor sod could get cross dropped with 24 torps. At tier 4. The running joke on the forums were the players who had an average damage of ~5-10k in their "regular" tier 4 ships, 100k+ in their langley/hosho and were vehmently arguing that CV were balanced
  3. Actually worse - the type 5 at least is bad at spotting, so a decent spotting range and camo tank would be able to shoot it up without return fire. In WoWs your firing range becomes your spotted range as soon as you fire, so unless you are in smoke/behind an island then it will see you as soon as you fire. Imagine if you mixed the type 5 with arty so it could shoot at targets over 500m that cant return fire at it, being able to shoot over low objects and basically shoot most of the map and you have a closer approximation of an A line BB with spotter plane up
  4. Unfortunately as has been said, the meta has evolved like this because of other factors. Quite simply a cruiser in open water when theres 5 BB that heavily outrange it and are accurate enough even at max range is a dead cruiser. The 3 choices for survival are stay far enough away you can dodge the inbound shells, sit in smoke as you're harder to hit, or get behind a low island. Something like the atlanta which has ~13km range if it takes AFT (11 if it doesn't) and doesnt have a smoke generator doesnt have a huge amount of choice when facing ships that have a 23km range and are pretty accurate under 16km
  5. -Cruisers that love to spam at long range probably wont be affected: the longer run time + them wiggling makes them a bad target, and likely to avoid a spread anyway simply by being in a different place. -Cruisers that are actively hunting DD probably wont be affected either; theyll be using hydro. The ones that will suffer are the cruisers who are close enough to be a viable taget but dont have hydro up. While cruisers are certainly not my prefered target in a DD, I will quite happily try to torp them simply because they pose a larger threat to me, they are threatening the objective, a good 2 hits will cripple them, and because frequently the enemy BB is somewhere 20km away in the distance so.Id rather deal with the cruiser thats 10km away
  6. Whats weird is the super rare random moments are brushed off, while the utterly mundane are the "omg haxx!!" -Shoot at a broadside yamato, and instead kill a previously unspotted DD that had chosen that moment to overtake him? "FmL, well anyway have a good game" -Shoot a slowly reversing pensacola from 10km? "OMG aimbot haxx!!!!"
  7. I always assumed it was to appeal to pudding players - to give them a 1% chance of killing a better player, or blowing up that full HP yamato even though they only hit one shell. Make them go "wow I just did 100k damage, im such a pro"
  8. Id like to be able to sell of reserve slots. Since I equally have an absolute ton of them
  9. One person is talking about the WR of the class itself, which is always going to be limited due to mirror MM. The other is talking about the solo WR achieveable by a good player - that a good player in a CV is capable of achieving a higher WR than a good player in a DD/BB/CA. I havent looked at solo WR so I don't know what the actual figures are
  10. I last detonated in a full health FDG
  11. Given the situation described, what your CV did was the most sensible option. The enemy team have fully half their team on that flank (warspite+BB, buddy, molotov, nuremburg +cruiser). The warspite turns on a dime and is a massive PITA to torp drop on, and thats lots of defefensive fire and float fighters since they have 4 cruisers there. Trying to attack that flank you'd never get enough strikes through to stop a reasonable number of them making it to the cap anyway, and instead are more likely to just lose a ton of planes. Since theres 6 ships on that flank and 2 enemy cv, that means theres only 4 ships protecting the flank where the bulk of your team are. As on your flank theres only you and a (now dead) dd, that means theres 8 surface ships that have got themselves bottlenecked by 4 ships. The most sensible option therefore is to try to force a breakthrough on that flank and get the team moving. If the enemy fighters are there as well that will involve commiting your teams fighters to clear a path for the bombers. The base can be reset indefinetly, if they can get that lemming train moving (and sink the enemy cv) then your team would be able to cap while they continue resetting the green base. If the lemming train kept rolling then the CV would be bettwr supporting your flank. If the lemming train stalls then they're better trying to get it rolling again. Better than both of those options is having a team not stupid enough to go to that side of the map en masse on a standard battle
  12. The kaga is a premium CV, which means you generally get 2 types of people in it; -highly experienced CV captains with 19pt commanders who are using it to grind credits/elite captain xp -people who have no clue about CV but bought it because they heard it was OP The former can be a real terror since the kaga has a lot of torp planes. The latter can be completely clueless and sometimes not even know how to launch planes. When WG brought out the saipan (the first premium carrier) they promised there would be something in place to stop people with zero carrier experience purchasing it. Of course they didnt
  13. -Bombers rear guns cant be used to disrupt drops. They only fire at fighters. Even then they only fire at fighters that have clicked on them. So no they wouldnt disrupt anything. -spotters and fighters have different active times for cruisers. 90 sec for spotter, 360 sec for fighter. -50/70/80 planes is optimistic unless you're talking higher tier. Saipan (tier 7) has 48. A stock langley has 18. -you cant actually just launch as many planes as you like, even if you have reserves. A 1/1/1 ranger can have a maximum of one fighter squad in the air even if it has loads of reserves -You cant therefore launch a fresh fighter squad until the other one has returned/died -A unit that returns has a landing time, a rearming time and a launching time before it can get in the air again -A unit that gets shot down has a massive time penalty before it can launch again
  14. This seems to be a repeated problem; You dont actually know what a carrier can or can't do. Hence people telling you to try playing one. A carrier can't send "one plane". There is literally no fuction for a carrier to split his planes off into single units. Nor can he form a "rag tag squadron of something". Similarly out of the planes he has, torp bombers and dive bombers won't disrupt the drop. This means the ONLY thing he could send to disrupt a drop is an entire squadron of fighters. If these are busy doing something else? None to spare. If theyre on the other side of the map? They cant teleport and wont get there in time. No ammo left? Can't disrupt the drop anyway. Dead/reloading? Cant send them out. This is assuming he even has a fighter squad, since WG in their infinite wisdom chose to give several loadouts no fighters at all
  15. Ok pop quiz then; You have 1 squad of fighters left in the air. They have 3 planes, and 1 "bar" of ammo left. The one bar of ammo wont be enough to kill a full squadron of enemy planes. If they get stuck in a dogfight they'll just get wiped out. You would like to return them to rearm and resupply. A dd on your team wants you to use them to shoot down a float plane thats spotting him Another DD in a totally different part of the map wants air cover incase enemy planes go for him A BB that has yolo'd off into a random corner wants air cover too, because reasons. The 3 ships pushing a cap have been the target of the enemy CV so far, and are likely to get targetted again A BB on a flank wants you to spot the random destroyer hes chasing A cruiser wants you to use them to go find the enemy CV The BB sat at the back is screaming for air support "just in case" Whichever you pick will result in 6-7 people calling you a useless noob r-tard bot player. What do you do with those fighters?