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  1. Xevious_Red

    89 rockets (and a bomb) to destroy a single DD....

    The pictures are fairly self explanitory - he hit with 89 rockets and a bomb on the khaba. He also did 1 torp for 3400 on a GK
  2. Xevious_Red

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    The air supply boxes are pretty terrible value. The RN CV are likely to drop in 0.8.2 - most people will have got the tier 6 furious. Grinding from the furious to implacable will take about 20 games. I dont know about anyone else, but Im not dropping a bunch of money just to have early access to a tech tree ship that will take me no time to unlock via normal grinding
  3. Xevious_Red

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Option 1: -WG rigs all the good players to have bad RNG. Somehow though a decent number manage to maintain high damage/kills despite being rigged against. These players manage to somehow top both win rate AND all other factors -WG rigs all the bad players to have great RNG. Somehow despite this a huge number of them perform terribly, managing to achieve not only the lowest WR but also the lowest in all other measures. Option 2: - WG doesnt bother rigging RNG. Bad players blame their losses on anything thats not themselves, 55% "Unicums" just arent as good as their ego would have them believe.
  4. Xevious_Red

    How does Skill effects WR?

    -Yamato overmatches 32mm armour. Anything higher it can bounce off. So just about any angled ship can bounce Yamato shells, including Khaba with its slab of 50mm armour. It doesnt disregard armour. -Tier 5 has stealthier DD (kami). Tier X isnt even the stealthiest in its bracket - tier 8 has kagero, harekaze, asashio, lightning all of which are stealthier than tier X -There are 6 radar ships at tier X. There are 9 at tier 9.
  5. Xevious_Red

    How does Skill effects WR?

    -Grass growing is luck. -My concrete patio doesnt grow grass no matter how much grass seed I sprinkle on it -Garden centre probably rigged my grass seed to not grow -People with nice lawns only have them because their friends helped them -People with lawns that say I should sprinkle the seeds onto soil and water them are elitist idiots -Here's a blurry picture I took of me next to a plastic plant to prove Im an expert on botany
  6. Xevious_Red

    How does Skill effects WR?

    -Most people when they look at WR use solo WR to avoid the influence of divisions. -Lower tier ships are easier to win with. They are more forgiving, the opponents are generally less experienced. Theres a reason seal clubbers play lower tiers, and its not to be "at a disadvantage" -Tier X is probably harder than any to be consistantly good at. You face more experienced opposition, the ships are less forgiving, and you have to pull your weight. Theres a reason my minotaur (tier X) is sat at 45% while my Myogi (tier 4) is 77% - I dont pull my weight enough in the minotaur, leaving the team unable to compensate. -You dont normally face +2 75% of the time. Even so theres still plenty that a bottom tier can do. A kagero for example is perfectly capable of sinking a yamato. Feel free to get to tier X if you feel its the nirvana of ez winz.
  7. Xevious_Red

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    But thats not deplaned. Thats simply "not very good at attacking for a bit" you can still scout, and leave fighters. With the ryujo thats also a full flight of TB so can attack a low AA ship
  8. Xevious_Red

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    But thats not deplaned. Thats simply "not very good at attacking for a bit" you can still scout, and leave fighters. With the ryujo thats also a full flight of TB so can attack a low AA ship
  9. Xevious_Red

    How does Skill effects WR?

    This is also easy to prove using a simple example. -You are capping their base. -They are capping yours. -You are ahead. -If you do nothing you will win -If you leave the cap then the enemy will cap and win. Since people have free will, in this (not too uncommon) example you literally choose between winning and losing
  10. Xevious_Red

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    Its not that low unless you're talking about the Saipan. Not able to launch a full squad of the type you want? Sure, happens often enough. Not able to launch a full squad of anything? Sure if you're bottom tier and all the enemy are heavy AA. Not able to launch a viable squad of anything? Late game deperate attempts to decap against heavy AA as you throw anything you have at them to try to reset, or serious misplay. Not able to launch any plane, of any type? (0/0/0) Virtually impossible.
  11. Xevious_Red

    How does Skill effects WR?

    Since you get more xp for winning then anyone wanting to maximise gains would also be interested in it being a win. Sure they wouldnt selflessly spot for the entire game, but they would be interested in securing wins more often so they can get greater rewards. The people that just like to sail around firing guns and looking at the ocean? No worries. The guys that like to yolo in all guns blazing a few times before they log off and go do something else? Also no worries. Thing is these people are highly unlikely to come to forums and moan bitterly about having bad teams, and that WG is rigging it against them. I personally have nothing against people that dont care about winning. Its randoms after all, you get all sorts. What is annoying is the people that care about winning, play terribly and throw games, blame everything/everyone that isnt themselves. Theres a fun game you can play - next time you get a player that dies within the first few minutes and announces "another useless r*tard team!" Guess their WR. Can pretty much guarantee it'll be 4X%
  12. Xevious_Red

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    CV can no longer completely run out of planes due to the respawning mechanic. It is however possible to have no useful planes available (e.g. only AP bombs left to go after a DD), or to have large periods of time where you cant launch viable squads due to loses - launching 1 TB is fine if you only want to scout, it wont survive getting close enough to attack. However it takes some pretty special play to have either of these happen early into the game.
  13. Xevious_Red

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    The US are a bit more versatile - they have more HP than the IJN, and since they are more DoT based you can get some good damage in by picking targets that have just blown their DC (even if your planes dont come back) IJN are a bit harder when undertiered - their DB dont usually make it to target due to lower HP, and even if they do a rushed drop will probably be an overpen. A rush drop with US DB still has a good chance of fire. With IJN undertiered you can make good use of dropping torps at longer range to minimise time in flak. However this requires both you to be above average (to lead correctly) and the target to be below average so they dont turn. Luckily braindead BB are plentiful so you usually have plenty of targets
  14. Xevious_Red

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    If you prefer I have the lexington, shokkaku, kaga, saipan and midway. Stats are alright. I dont have any problem hitting DD with rockets. You wont get them on the first pass (cant slow down enough) so you fly over and hard break to turn tightly. Rocket boost replenishes quickly so as long as you dont use it all you have enough for the breaking needed. Using the last known position and starting the attack while they're unspotted you can get them most of the time, particularly if you've slowed down enough to adjust. Shokkaku is slightly harder because once the reticle goes green you cant adjust much. Triggering slighly later so you respot them while the reticle is still yellow overcomes this and allows for larger adjustments before it "locks in" in case they have changed direction drastically. Dont have the Hak, so cant say about that, and with the midway I generally use bombs against DD anyway. Tier 8 however it doesnt seem a problem
  15. Xevious_Red

    CV rework failed every test it was set.

    I also wouldnt go for DM/Worc/Mino. If they are lower on health/lost plenty of AA they can be a nice cheeky target if you use islands to approach and therefore avoid AA. The others? Yeah they're targets for a lexington. Rep and conq have 32mm arnour schemes. HVAR love 32mm BB. You can get nice 10k volleys on them. Moskva tends to island hump. Its just asking for DB down its length and multiple fires over and over