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  1. Xevious_Red

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    I do wonder what "most" clans are like for CV players. I'm aware theres some anti CV ones who wont have any. I'm aware theres also some that are prepped for CV being in clan wars, and have recruited/learnt CV for this purpose. Ours for example only has 27 members, hasn't specifically recruited/trained on CV, but there's 6 of us who can field a tier X CV if needed.
  2. Xevious_Red

    German CVs announced!

    That doesnt mean all the planes. GZ has very fast torp bombers. The rockets are not as fast. Also, unless you're privy to further information, like the bounce angle of the rockets, and things like the attack run (the longer this is, the further out you need to be, which means the further the planes need to travel to get around the sides) then it's pure guess if this will give you enough time or not.
  3. Xevious_Red

    German CVs announced!

    Depends on a few variables - speed and turning circle of the planes, and prep/stabilise time of the attack run. If they're slow planes, and a reasonable length prep time on the attack run (or like midway TB need ages to tighten the reticle) then there shouldn't be a reason why you cant turn enough to angle. Maybe not BB.
  4. Xevious_Red

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    Conversely during clan brawls: Our DD (11k games, never played a CV ever) survived perfectly fine, got caps, kills etc and didnt once complain, despite being "anti cv" Ranked is slightly different to clans - ranked your team are all randoms, and everyone wants to be top in case it's a loss so they save a star. In clans everyone is in communications, and since rewards are identical then people dont mind doing "useful" things that dont net them much damage. With the CB I played our CV - I actually spent a large amount of time supporting our DD - covering with fighters, providing vision so they had targets when smoked, and discouraging radar cruisers from getting too close
  5. Xevious_Red

    Clan Brawl - April Fools' Day

    Our clan had lots of fun - 18 games played, 13 victories. It was fun adapting to weird situations.
  6. Xevious_Red

    i did the survey too soon!

    It's really RNG (same as all the early access). So the first ship (200 tokens) could literally be 2 containers (2 x 140) but could well be 20 containers (20 x 10). Which leads to the same frustration - some people will get the ship free with spare tokens almost immediately. Others will spend ages doing the directives and still not even have the first ship
  7. Xevious_Red

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    The HE bombs look very similar to the midway - albeit 8 not 6, so has a bit more alpha, but at the penalty of 25 sec between strikes and slow planes. Torps are 8 torps (4 per plane), which again is more alpha than midway, but again has the 25 sec penalty, so cant turn and drop a second load. The rockets being a constant barrage will be interesting - what will define it will be how long the barrage lasts. The longer, the worse it is. At a barrage of 60 rockets though, that could rinse smoke screens (smolensk)
  8. Xevious_Red

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    I think it will be quite an interesting meta. Hak acts as a pretty hard counter to stationary Moskva and Stalingrad, but then smoke helps deny vision from CV, so DD/Smolensk/Mino are more useful, but obviously Radar is desired to counter this. If there's no BB, then theres less dev strikes in smoke, so aggressive smoke positioning could pay off. Theres also the fact that while a CV certainly COULD spend it's time hunting a rogue DD that's torping the grouped up ships, how much time does it really want to dedicate to doing this, especially if the other CV is pumping out damage?
  9. Xevious_Red

    Addition of CVs to CB next season

    Lol at the probability of rental CV.
  10. They're re-doing the modules to be in the RB. Wouldn't surprise me if they put a new ship into the RB too.
  11. Xevious_Red

    Question about GK.

    GK is arguably not that good. I personally run a full secondary build, but that's more for memes and laughs rather than because it's the best choice. Full secondary build also has plenty of downsides - notably you struggle to disengage, get spotted first, have more fires set on you than a survival build, and ultimately lots of people will just kite away. This means you need to really really time it to catch people in the secondaries.
  12. Xevious_Red

    [AP rockets] Calm your *edit*, John Snow...

    Some sure. Some just play everything - there isnt a line I haven't played for example. Which means I'll play the EU DD when they come out, the RU split, subs when they finally come out etc etc
  13. Xevious_Red

    [AP rockets] Calm your *edit*, John Snow...

    And that statement is also out of touch with players as well, since if NOONE wants CV, then who are all these players that keep playing them? They're so prevalent that low tiers get games with 3 aside, yet you think noone wants to have them? Just because YOU dont want CV (which is a view certainly shared with multiple other people), doesnt mean that EVERYONE doesnt want them. For example, the people in my clan are split between "oh god CV, just remove them" and "gib new CV now"
  14. They talked about the CV on stream and mentioned some features. Listed was; -Large HP for planes -Slow planes. -Big alpha strike with planes -25 sec between strikes on planes -Planes have heal (not sure if this is all, or just TB like other CV) -Heal lasts a long time, and has a short CD, but doesnt heal as much per second. Apparantly designed to heal when out of AA instead of offsetting AA on an attack run (which is what heal gets used for atm) The long time between strikes, combined with slow planes will be interesting- you cant do repeated strikes because of the CD You cant do boom and zoom style because of the speed. Recalling after ever strike lowers your DPM a lot, especially if you then have to fly slow planes across the map again.
  15. Xevious_Red

    Now on ST: AP Rockets for CVs...because reasons.

    Like Kaga with its HE bombs in a line of AP DB? Or the Enterprise with its AP bombs in a line that uses HE bombs? Frequently prems/special ships are different from the normal flavour, like belfast with its smoke/radar/HE in a line that is AP only and normally has to choose between smoke/radar