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  1. Xevious_Red

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    That would be because mid and long do burst damage that doesn't tend to kill. The short range does equal damage to all planes in range. This means that the mid/long hits bring planes down to low HP (but not killing them). The short range then applies equal damage to each plane, so they all die together at the same time. Although I understand how it works Im not a huge fan of it - it makes mid/long "feel" underwhelming beacuse they dont do kills very often, and awards all the plame kills (and presumably xp) to whatever had the short range (usually BB)
  2. Xevious_Red

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    130k service costs
  3. Xevious_Red

    Console Ready CV's....We all told you so ;-)

    Bear in mind that "officially" no balancing has been done on these yet. The tests were suppossedly just for if people enjoyed the concept rather than how much damage each one is going to do. Between test 2 and test 3 the Hak dropped from having torps that did 18k damage (deep water) to ones that did 10k (normal). Depending on how cynical you are, depends on how much you think midway having dive bombers that do multiple runs of 18k+ Fires will make it into the live game, and how much you think that value will be toned down. They currently drop 2 bombs per plane. Make it 1 bomb and suddenly each attack run is halved. Make the spread worse on the rockets and.you go from chunking 4-5k off a destroyer each run to doing 1-2k tops. Speaking for myself, I quite enjoyed playing the rework. Im aware its a very difference experience to the existing CV play, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. If the plane speeds/damage from the tier X makes it into the live game I'll be annoyed - those values are IMO far too strong, along with AA being too weak, RL being stupid on planes, and losing planes (if it even happens) not really feeling like a hinderance.
  4. Xevious_Red

    New life for Tier 2 to Tier 4 Premium ships

    Im on a self imposed semi break. The cossack grind wore me down with 3 months of having to play on certain days. Enough that I really dont fancy doing more grinding. The snowflakes I can do in coop as a light easy to play mode.
  5. Xevious_Red

    New life for Tier 2 to Tier 4 Premium ships

    If people are just after an easy win then coop is the place to churn through those low tier games
  6. I dont really play CW too much (got a little bit of steel from that and low level ranked). However I also have had 3x supercontainers with 1500 steel in them each. So Im sat on about 6k steel atm even though I dont really do CW/ranked that much. You always have the (chance) of steel in SC, and I would be highly suprised if this was the last steel event they did - they're pushing out more steel ships, and now a (paid) mission to get more steel.
  7. Xevious_Red

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    Some of the things that made it idiot proof on the test could be dialed down. For example in the test the tier 4 "repawned" 2 planes every 12 seconds. This meant that by the time they were heading towards target you pretty much had a full squad ready to go. You certainly had a full squad by the time you considered launching them. At higher tiers, although the respawn was slower it still didnt matter - the Hak could respawn 12 TB in 3 mins, but could easily have a reserve of 10 anyway, and most of them made it back regardless. This could easily be dialed back so they take much longer to respawn. The current system doesnt really punish you for plane losses, at worst you take a different squad out first. Planes are also far too sturdy - the combination of AA being really random, planes having loads of HP, and the damaged planes attacking first (with the temp health buff while attacking) meant you didnt really lose planes. At first I tried dodging AA. I quickly just didnt bother and flew wherever I wanted. If you're going to have a system where people get infinite planes, they should also lose planes like mad.
  8. Xevious_Red

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    What I meant by they're not, is despite all of the above, you still had people finish bottom of the scoreboard in them. These were people who managed (somehow) to mangle every single drop so they didnt hit anything.
  9. Xevious_Red

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    Judging from some of the people on the rework it really isnt.
  10. Xevious_Red

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    Yes, and its silly. Since the planes at tier X on full boost and the right equipment can do 325. If you messed around with adrenaline rush you can manage more. Whats actually sillier is that you dont even need to both with RL - its a waste of 4 points, since you also get a detected (!) Symbol for your planes. So you just buzz your planes around until they get spotted (DD cant press P to turn off spotting you) and you know thwres a DD nearby. A bit more flying and you soon find them. Planes at high tier are far too fast, and the detected symbol makes finding a hidden ship a doddle
  11. Xevious_Red

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    What I found odd was I had no problems avoiding being killed in a surface ship, and no real problems hitting stuff with the CV either. I mostly presumed the high damage was because they were bots - hitting them wasnt hard, it was more a race before they all got killed. Its mildly worrying that a hosho player i met who was busy saying it was stupid managed a whopping.......1250 damage. For the whole game. Meanwhile Im sat on 60k+ wondering what his problem is
  12. Xevious_Red

    CV rework new gameplay: what about low AA ships?

    Depends what they do with the high tier. With the rework: -The tier 4 were crap and barely did any damage. -The tier 6 were fairly weak, and the majority of their attacks could be dodged. -The tier 8 were reasonable; you could sort of dodge them, the AA sort of did stuff if you hit it. -The tier 10 just crapped on anything they saw, either by bombing them to death as per the above video, or from flying so fast (325kn) that the AA didnt even target them properly
  13. Xevious_Red

    Some personal thoughts

    You'll get a fair amount of "l2p" and they wouldnt be entirely wrong. However, a reasonable amount of your frustation likely stems from the fact you ONLY play battleships. Battleships are the "easiest" class to play because they are the most forgiving - they have lots of health/armour, and can get away with things like sailing broadside and not dying. However, at the same time battleships require a reasonable amount of game knowledge to play effectively - they are the easiest to spot, and their lower speed/poor handling means they can be difficult to disengage with. Particularly at high tiers when you have cruisers that can have 18km ranges. This makes it very easy to overextend in them and end up dead. Sure it takes 5 mins for them to die, but they're going to sink. Alternatively the *ahem* long range favouring battleships that love to hug the borders avoid dying, but they have next to no influence on map control and thus they lose again and again. Play some of the other classes. This is useful for multiple reasons; A). You (hopefully) learn how/when to disengage and stealth up when needed. This can then be applied to your BB who are less reactive and need to make this descision earlier. B). BB arent particularly great at capping. By playing other classes you can learn how best to cap and therefore how to be the most useful when supporting in your BB. C). You learn some things about the other classes. This is useful stuff to know. I wouldnt bother learning all the stuff like fire coefficients and sigma. However, knowing that the shimakaze has 15 torps with long range and a long reload is useful. Same with armour plating - I dont bother learning every ship in detail. However knowing that the GK has a 60mm bow which means it can bounce your muashi shells is worth knowing. Similarly knowing that the khaba has a mid section thats a 50mm plate and can therefore also bounce your muashi shells is worth knowing. It also lets you take more considered actions - a khaba shows up 10km away, turns broadside (a classic move for a DD thats launching torps). Are you in danger? Knowing that the khaba only has 6km torps means you can react accordingly.
  14. Xevious_Red

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    Eh I own the Asashio and I like it. Not going to claim to be the best DD player, but 59% WR in DD is alrightish Had 76 battles in it with a 63% WR. Slightly too low imo to form a solid opinion (less than 100 games is a bit iffy). Asashios play style is a very long game patient style, hence why its disliked by people that like DD that can kill the enemy DD quickly. It doesnt really play like other DD- even kagero plays differently and that has the same hull. Its very much an acquired taste, so while I wouldnt recommend it to others, I would buy it again for myself. Also side notes: Every other Asashio player ive met has been utterly useless. Meme level useless. Because of this, its rather annoying to have your team attempt to explain to you that your torps dont hit DD.
  15. Xevious_Red

    Well if you’re going to be stupid enough to admit it...

    Unfortunately though since they will be communicating through discord/teamspeak its not like they're going to be helpful and write "lets rig this" in all chat. In my experience, every game that has a sync dropped clan is an utterly crap game. Generally one of 2 things happen: A). They all get on the same team and the game is an utter steam roll with them winning (good clan) or losing horribly (bad clan). There's a division limit of 3. How come clans can attempt to override this and WG dont see it as a problem? If you want to allow 6/9 players to be coordinated on a team thats fine - why not allow all divisions to be up to 9 players? Or introduce a team battles mode? If you dont want to allow more than 3 people on a team to be that coordinated, then why is sync dropping still allowed? B). They end up on opposite teams, usually weighted 6vs3. Now you can't "prove" anything but in my experience (confirmation bias) its awfully lucky that the 6 play well, applying pressure at point of the map where defenses are weakest, and will do moves that seem really risky but pay off - a DD sailing into a cap that would normally be suicide (radar) and just happening to be "lucky" enough that the multiple unspotted radar cruisers just dont happen to be there. Meanwhile the 3, despite being normally good players just happen to all have the worst games of their lives, sailing the long way around the map being really ineffective. Occassionally you find a clan who actually play properly against each other, but in all my experience of meeting sync dropped clans, the ones who play normally are rare