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  1. Looking at the two Russian BB (one of which got removed to never return for being such an OP clubber) there's a couple of traits they have that would be..... worrying if there was a full line of them. -They have a lot of guns. No skimpy 6 or 8 barrels here. - The guns are pretty accurate. They spread a bit horizontally (not that it matters with 12 shells), but not so much vertically. Meaning if you aim at waterline, you get citadels. -They have enough armour to angle against any AP. Over 32mm in a huge amount of places. -The armour covers the ship, meaning and 203 HE or lower (including 152 with IFHE) just shatters. The only place it doesn't cover is the super structure. -They have virtually no super structure. -The Okt Rev has a limited number of DC usage, but they have a very fast CD. What this means in practise is that they never suffer the combo of getting torped for a flooding, then getting volleyed/bombed for several perma fires, since they just turn off the flooding, and then several seconds later turn off all the fires. If really needed they can just do this again. With the Okt Rev I have 5 charges (SI+prem). I never run out.
  2. Cruisers Update

    This is a great simulation for what working in retail is like for those that have never experienced it.
  3. We PRESUME that the phrase "one class will be getting a long awaited rework" means CV. Small bet on "we pandered to Russian BBaby players - Destroyers now have no smoke, are perma spotted and only have one set of torps"
  4. Credits

    Premium earns 50% more sure. Tiers 1-4 It's basically pretty much impossible to lose money even on a free account. You just don't earn a huge amount either. Tier 5-7 It's possible to lose money if you play particularly badly, but generally you earn money. Tier 8+ you will likely lose money unless you are particularly good
  5. Credits

    Only if you only play tier 8+ If you play a few games of tier 5-6 in between you find yourself earning plenty of credits
  6. Cruisers Update

    Although since the EU server/forum is spread across several timezones it's possible that one member is on a Tuesday while another is still on Monday, or later in the day a different member has made it into Wed.
  7. T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    Actually it's even better (read: worse) than that. Previously tier X cost you lots of credits, so you either had to play extremely well, or you had to play lower tiers to supplement it. Now with tier X camos, once you reach tier X, you never need to leave.
  8. Legendary upgrades

    You lose 15% DPM, although that can be ofset by taking the +13% module if not already taken. Means the only things outspotting you are kagero/harekaze/asashio (5.4), yugamo/Cossack (5.5) and equal with shima (5.6). Which means you can ghost other destroyers allowing your team to blap them, "winning" a cap without even firing/taking damage. If you do get spotted, or choose to engage then you still have decent firepower, albeit less than a non legendary gearing. I'm about 25k base xp away from unlocking it, it's certainly an option I'm interested in giving a spin to see if I prefer it.
  9. T10 battles minimum 53% winrate

    I would prefer WG to stop handing out XP like candy, so you don't get people getting to tier X with only 500 games played, and at the same time introduce some criteria for unlocking the next ship beyond just get enough XP. Armoured warfare for example, you couldn't unlock the tier IV light vehicle until you had done XX amount of spotting in the previous. With the heavy tank line it was XX damage under a certain distance. Putting a limit on people based on their WR is pointless anyway - if someone with 49% goes and plays a bunch of matches in the tier 2 umikaze to pad his WR over 53% how is that going to make him any better in his Yamato? Even if you only had good players it wouldn't necessarily change anything. What if they are great in one class, and useless in another? What about different ships? You probably wouldnt mind me in the zao (54%). I doubt you would eant me in the DM (46%) Also people don't always play consistently the same. I have 57% overall, so I would make your cut. Problem is, sometimes I play great, carry the game etc etc. Other times I play like hot garbage and I'm the first to sink.
  10. Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reloading

    It comes down to her 3 options; 20km is useless noob bait. It is unique. It's not however useful. 12km is mediocre. There's nothing special about it apart from the number of torps, particularly now Zao can drop 20 of them. They don't offer significantly more range, or speed than other torps, making the gearing/Fletcher better. 8km is actually quite fun. They are hard(er) to dodge, reload reasonably quickly and a cloud of 15 at close range will sweep a smoke screen pretty effectively. Problem is you have exactly no backup plan, have to operate deep in radar territory, and if you want to avoid the problem of them.turning out you need to be launching at around 6-6.5km. This put you right on the edge of high tier hydro, and one random launched plane will make you get caught like a burglar with the lights turned on. I personally enjoy using the 8km F3's, but they are not a "sensible" choice.
  11. Accelerated Torpedo Tube Reloading

    It seems fine if you are planning to sit torping from 10km+ and are therefore using the 12/20 torps. If you plan on using the 8km F3's, or plan on getting close anyway then I'd rather have the traverse
  12. Can't win

    Same for me with gearing - won 1 game out of 14 to start with. Followed it up by only winning 7 out of 16. Getting back from 8 wins out of 30 it has taken me till 111 games to get it to 50% Although I don't mind taking responsibility for the poor early performance, I hadn't expected it to handle quite like a bus, nor eat damage like it's going out of fashion
  13. Sharks still winning?

    I have played almost every day since it started. Since I don't always play enough in one day to be offered the swap, I'm on 61 out of 75, so I'll be on sharks for another 4-5 days
  14. Seen an eagles worc and 99% sure I saw the shark one too. Clan mate has the eagles one mounted
  15. Des Moines 6th slot

    Additionally, how likely are you to receive smoke from teammates? If you have a division member who will smoke you up closer to the front then the reload is good. If you are relying on islands to provide protection the range is a better choice as you don't always have an island in a good forward position.