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  1. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    They've done this twice now. First time was dragon flags, second time was super containers for every tier X you had
  2. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    The FDG is terrible, its one of the worst ships Ive played. The GK however feels a lot more solid - the 50% extra firepower means the derpy dispersion doesnt matter too much
  3. Should I sell Kurfurst and buy back Bismarck?

    Personally I prefer the GK, but there you go. The GK will always be in tier X games (for obvious reasons), and tier X games dont tend to have brawls, but usually feature more long range combat. Also at tier X cruisers are actually potent and not just a free kill. The bismark has the POTENTIAL to be top tier and beat up some squishy tier 6 ships, many of who barely have main gun range longer than your secondaries, dont do more than tickle you, and a generally a free lunch. However the bismark also has the potential (and given recent MM is very likely to) to end up in the tier X games as well. In which case you're in the same game the GK would have got, but in a worse ship.
  4. You could always imagine it as owlowiscious
  5. Some interesting info around the world

    From the FB dev blog: Midway and Hakuryu balancing results Tier X carriers have undergone changes in the 0.7.4 update. This was prefaced by statistical dip displayed by Hakuryu on 3 out of 4 regional servers. The Japanese carrier was losing to her counterpart both in the air and by surface ship damage averages. Winrate was also dragging behind for Hakuryu and that drag was around 6%. After limiting Midway's hangar and redistributing the planes on her rival, we did see an equilibrium in the win percentages. Moreover, with the new flight control Hakuryu is able to show good performance in the air combat and doesn't get lost when the battles are longer. The changes were caused by a tangible discrepancy in the ships' statistics and we think that in their current state these carriers are much better matched. TLDR: They're happy with the changes they did
  6. Destroyer engine vulnerability

    IJN DD had a rework a while ago when they did the alternative branch. Kagero used to be the tier 9 ship
  7. Mode 1 sound like it will generate bad gameplay. A cap that gives points while taking away points from the enemy? Thats a short game right there. A cap that heals? Watch 12 people try to fit into one square. A cap that damages the enemy? Watch the enemy run away and never retake it. Mode 2 sounds like PUBG/Fortnite. Sounds a bit meh. Mode 3 sounds over complicated and gimmicky Mode 4 seems like it prevents rush caps, which sounds ok-ish but not really needed
  8. Some interesting info around the world

    From the FB page: ST. New game modes. Several prototypes of new modes are coming to the test. Alternate mode 1 Special control areas spawn across the map. Once they're capped, they produce particular effects. If there's a same number of ships from the different teams in the area, they're not activated until the number becomes uneven. Possible control area effects: Bonus points for the capping team and same amount of points lost for the rivals Repair of allied ships in an area Damage to enemy ships in an area Alternate mode 2 From the beginning of the battle a zone that becomes progressively smaller spawns on the map. Inside this zone ships are constantly repaired, outside of it - constantly damaged. By the end of the battle the radius of repair zone is no more than 3 kilometers. Alternate mode 3 Each team has a fort. Players need to cap the areas, which spawn ships equipped with explosives. Those ships move towards the enemy forts where they are supposed to detonate. These ships have a countdown timer, and they can only continue moving when there is an ally next to them. Once the ship explodes it damages every ship and fort caught within the blast radius. Amount of damage depends on the distance to the target. Direct damage to the fort does decrease the amount of points for the rival team but is less advantageous. Alternate mode 4 This mode is close to Domination, but the control areas activate only after several minutes have passed.
  9. ST - T10 Ship Specific Upgrades

    Well these are hardly likely to take up the dev's time - they don't require any 3D modelling, they aren't a change to the mechanics of the game, they don't involve re-writing one of the existing mechanics, they don't involve attempting to recreate an issue and then re-write the code to resolve it. They're pretty much a copy-paste of existing modules with the variable changed, which can then be thrown to the external testers (ST) to check they're not OP/UP.
  10. Asashio and Teamplay

    To be fair I keep encountering kageros with 5.9. Ranked has some......interesting......people in it
  11. Battle Royale and Same-Class Battles

    You can tell Im tired. I had forgotten about the Groz and the entire PA line
  12. Battle Royale and Same-Class Battles

    Some of these would be pretty dull. Imagine tier X DD - there are only 4 ships to choose from. One of these (shima) isn't particularly suited to DD vs DD combat.
  13. How would YOU design U-boat gameplay?

    Subs have a major problem that they really arent suited to the game. -Subs have torps. But not a huge amount -Subs dont really have guns -Subs dont really have AA -Subs are small so low HP -Subs are really slow, and incredibly slow when under water. If WG were to introduce a class that actually fits their historic (ish) abilities, then quite simply they would be rubbish. If you would like to have a go at exactly how rubbish, try this; -Take the german tier 4 DD (with front mounted torps) -Take a tier 5 friend so you get a fail division into a tier 7 game -Turn your AA off -You can only go at half speed max -If you want to "submerge" put the smoke on -If "submerged" you can only go quarter speed max -Only torps you can use are the front ones -Only gun you can use is the front turret -You can't use the gun if "submerged"
  14. Asashio and Teamplay

    B cap can get angles on the north of A/C. Theres two big blind spots (2 large islands) but otherwise its ok. A cap to back of B is ok from either spawn, BB dont tend to get too close to B Then we have very different experiences with this map - for me A attracts BB like mad, followed by a lemming train through C Most BB in my experience still to the "home" spawn on the new layout. This is reachable from B. In the old layout they tend to lemming to A or hang around behind C Trap you can get A and C from B, eapecially now they added extra gaps in the land masses. Land of fire its mostly A-B as C is too guarded off. Trident I havent played with the Asashio so Im looking at the angles; B-C looks doable. Forgot mountain range - thats actually quite open unless all the BB go into the islands on the 1/2 line So anyway, I have a counter question for all those that feel the kagero/harekaze is better because of its torps being able to hit DD: What are your tips for torping other DD? Because ive always found that torps dont hugely come into play in DD vs DD - you wont ever hit a loyang/german DD with torps due to hydro, and the combination of high detection IJN torps and the fast rudder shifts of DD means most can just dodge when they show up. Sure you can torp a bad DD that stops still in smoke, but bad DD tend to get killed quickly anyway
  15. Asashio and Teamplay

    Ok: Okinawa, Islands of ice, hotspot, ocean, atlantic, loop, shards, warriors path, north/northern lights, neighbours, land of fire, trap, trident Some depends which side you spawn, and others have more limited arcs. Shatter is pretty tight in terms of angles although B->C is still viable. Estuary is pretty bad, giants path is terrible, haven is ropey, and two brothers obviously has a huge land mass in the middle