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  1. How much damage were you expecting? You average 44k and 48k with your most played tier 8 cruisers (mogami and atago). You average 66k with the MK. Yet you feel the MK does nothing even when your own stats has it doing 50% more damage than your other cruisers.
  2. Don't you mean Sisters of Battle(ship)
  3. ALL smokescreens? -sail yamato up to enemy smoke screen -fire guns -profit
  4. The Yamamoto captain sounds broken on paper but looking at it will barely ever use his special ability. - Krakens are rare. I personally have 15 since they introduced it, and thats with all ships not one specific captain. -Even if you do get a kraken, and happen to have him as the captain its frequently the last kill of the game anyway. Most krakens I see occur in the mop up when you're shooting that last BB -If you do manage to get a kraken, and its not the last kill, its usually in the very end of the game anyway, when the game is already decided. In a clan wars/tournament setting you might get people trying to feed kills to power him up but that simply wont happen in random. So realistically I think the best you'll see is a flamu video of that one time he got a kraken and still had time to play before the game ended.
  5. Mirror matching CV was done for a couple of reasons, however one of the biggest was simply fighters and the air superiority load out. Fighters main role is to kill enemy planes. You can use them to scout, but their major purpose is to kill enemy planes. The air superiority load out is designed for air control. You give up a huge portion of your own damage in order to lock down the enemy cv. Quite simply when there wasnt mirror match matching then quite often an AS carrier would have no enemy planes to fight. This, combined with the fact there wasnt strafe, meant people didnt even bother with fighters at all as there frequently woulnt be anyone to use them on. Because of that, people took all strike loadouts. Back then, they were silly. Langley had 2x6. Hosho had 3x4 TB etc. Non CV players therefore weren't entirely amused at being presented with an enemy team having 2 CV with none on their team. 24 air dropped torps at tier 4, when manual drop was around, when planes behaved lile UFO's, when there was less AA, and when the CV could be in a platoon was when CV were OP
  6. Because theyre set for the scenarios so are alright against tier 1 planes and motor boats but not really suited for tier 5 random battles. I suspect they'll probably buff their stats after the event and then have them reappear as a prize in an event at some point
  7. Except Gaijin took one look at making a naval game with capital ships, realised it wouldnt be at all playable and made a game about naval patrol boats instead.
  8. I wrote it in answer to the person who said its completely impossible for a kagero to ever torp anything that has a 10km radar since he thought it was impossible. I agree totally about the number of radar - a co-ordinated platoon of 3 conqs will be a complete pain. I also suspect that this radar wasnt done to screw over IJN DD but instead to counter the RN cruisers What will be important is how well the conq can tank bow on. If it can tank well then itll just roll up to a cap a sit there detecting while bouncing everything. If it cant and instead eats shells then it can be removed by being focused. If its the latter then they wont be so keen to push. If they're keeping the zombie heal then I suspect they wont have particularly good armour
  9. Ok there are a few things you can do to do a torp ambush on a radar armed ship; The first and most important is you need to know where it is first. You dont want suprise radar ship coming around a corner. This generally is a matter of patience/scouting. Once if fires its generally going to give its position away. The next important thing is that the 10km isnt some death zone that auto activates as soon as you enter. The radar is a short term thing that most people wont just set off at random. The radar ship has to have a good idea that someone is actually there. The biggest give aways are getting spotted (planes/dd), smoke (especially if you sit in it firing), or capping (as it knows someone is in that circle). The bigger the gap between its radar range and its detection, the more cagey they're going to be with using radar - a chappy with detection less than radar range is going to use it as soon as he becomes spotted. Quite simply, it KNOWS someone is in range. Similarly with a belfast (8.7 detection 8.5 radar), it just needs to go forward a bit more to know its going to catch something. A Missouri (non CE) with 14km detection and a 9.5km radar ISN'T going to use it as soon as it becomes spotted since it knows you're out of range. What it doesnt know is when you've entered that 9.5km. Did you make a beeline towards him, or are you sat 12km away keeping him spotted? Imstead they'll generally wait till theres some more evidence of where you are. The bad news? Based on latest leaked stats the TX can probably have ~11km detection with 10km radar, so they'll probably be quite happy to steam forward, count to 10 and then press it. With a large difference between radar range and detection you can actually sail around in radar range quite a bit as long as you dont give any obvious signs of being there. You'd be amazed how many missouris think you wont dare come close. Since that probably wont apply to the conq, you have 3 ways of dealing with the radar; You can wait till its used, you can bait it, or you can strike when he thinks radar isnt needed. Waiting till its used unfortunately requires a hapless teammate, someone who sails straight into that cap, stops, smokes, and gets radar'd. (Un)luckily you frequently get one of those on your team. Just wait till they start getti g shot at, and 40 secs later you're good to go. Baiting radar is more fun. What you want to do is you want to get about 10.5km away and heading in the same direction. Idle your engine on about 1/2 speed. The propulsion module helps a lot here btw. Now you get to pretend to be stupid. Pop your smoke. Fire your gun from your smoke at him. You want to ease up on the speed enough to keep him at about 9.9km (you're probably still laying smoke at this point). As soon as you see that radar ping you go full speed and boost. You now leave radar range. If you fired while in smoke you wont have increased detection either. Now wait 40 secs and enjoy your now radar less target. If done right you get spotted for about 2 secs. Striking when he thinks its not needed requires a team mate with balls. Usually a brawling BB is the best bet. Bringing a friend with one is usually better than trying to convince a random to do it, but yolo bismarks are plentiful these days. Essentially yolo BB gets into detection range. Conq think theres no reason to need radar since its being spotted by the BB 10km in front of it. While its busy angling against captain yolo you can get close and torp from.a flank. Just be careful not to torp your own guy. If playing mind games and baiting sounds difficult there is one "safe" option that means you can torp him with your 10km torps while never entering his 10km radar. Basically if hes moving forward then he'll cover some of the distance for you. Remember those maths questions "if one train is travelling....." yeah, its like that. A torp doing 60kn will take the same ammount of time to reach 10km as a ship doing 30kn will to reach 5km. So if he was coming straight towards you at full speed you could launch them while hes 15km away and they would (just) intercept him. Now in a normal game he probably wont be sailing directly towards you at constant full speed, but as long as hes moving in your general direction at at least 3/4 speed then a drop from 11-12km away will work. For obvious reasons this doesnt work if hes sat still or going away from you. If you haven't been using this trick you really should, theres comedy things you can do with F3 torps into oncoming ships, stealth torping with IJN cruisers, stealth torping with low tier US DD etc Anyway, thats what I do against radar ships, dunno how useful is is to you, but when you torp a des moines with a kiev that has 8.7 detection and 8km torps then its kinda funny
  10. Im waiting for them to get 20km secondary range so they can hide at the back and have secondary hits. This pushes bismark/tirpitz to 11.3km secondaries if my maths is correct. Soon we will be having ships that fire secondaries further than their concealment. And no, scharnhorst really didnt need a buff.
  11. Wg should go full troll and put radar on the IJN DD. Its a buff, but a nerf
  12. Radar on a BB isnt a big problem if you can see the BB from miles away and react accordingly. It also means it doeant have a way of knowing if something is in radar range or not. BB that are stealty with radar is a problem though, as all they need to do is wait till they get detected, press button, profit. Stealthy BB is ok. Radar BB is ok. Stealthy radar BB needs to have some big weakness
  13. Buy one package to get ship half price. Buy the other package to get half price doubloons + random extra flags Cheaper than having bought them previously
  14. I think carrier loadouts would be better if you could just choose what you wanted with certain limitations on squadrons. For example lexington: 4 squadrons. Max 1 TB Max 2 fighters Max 4 DB This would allow any of the current loadouts, as well as 2-1-1, 1-1-2, 0-0-4 etc For HE/AP you should choose per squadron.
  15. The atlanta is both excellent and terrible at the same time depending on what sort of player you are. It has amazing AA, a huge DPM, radar, and trollish arcs that let it shoot over lots of things. On the other hand its very short ranged, really needs captain skills to make it work properly, has a huge flight times on shells making max range shots hard. Its also made of the wettest paper so dont even think about tanking damage. If you like skulking around islands, using terrain to your advantage, bullying destroyers, and making the surrounding area a no fly zone you'll probably like it. If ypu prefer sailing around in open water trading shots you will die horribly every time.