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  1. KrazyKat

    burning dubloons without knowing that ( ! )

    I agree, i hate the way WG develops their games to try and trap you into accidentally spending gold
  2. KrazyKat

    aa completely useless now?

    I hate this new AA sector thing, i dont want to be be pissing about micro managing that [edited]
  3. KrazyKat

    Losing streak so going to get a life.

    Just as well you didn't put a few wins together or your poor old Mum would of sod all on Mothers day
  4. I would say get stuck in but DO NOT obsess about your torps, you see so many Gnissneu and Tirpitz just wasting themselves because they have to try to torp, they can be very usefull however are situational and sometimes not even worth trying to use
  5. KrazyKat

    To all those people [edited] about the new IJN DDs...

    What has really pissed me off this morning is the fact that my Minikaze captain has been replaced with a 5 point captain, he is now in the reserve and retrained to the Mutsuki which I do not even own, what is the point of that, it reeks of a cynical move to get players to spend gold on retraining I was expecting to be able to try out the nerfed Minkaze with the captain I'm used to so I can see the effects of the nerf for myself This has really annoyed me and I wish I didn't renew my monthly prem account yesterday so I could rage quit WG today without feeling I lost out
  6. KrazyKat

    New IJN DD line

    Why has my Minikaze captain been reskilled for a ship I do not even own, that makes no sense, I'm not happy about this nerf to my favourite ship in the game however I was keen to try it out with the same captain I'm used to see how bad the nerf was. What is this [edited]? poor implementation or another WG gold scam
  7. KrazyKat

    My CV wins in ranked do not count.

    Yeah do this, I had same issue a few weeks although not with CV as I don't play them
  8. KrazyKat

    Framerate stutters/microlags?

    After not playing for a week or 2, I updated to patch 5.3 a couple of days ago and have had lag every time I have tried to play since I am in the UK (Scotland) and do not use any mods at all I don't have the best internet connection but can normally play the game without issues and if there are issues it affects other games and internet stuff I do. Right now WOWs is the only thing lagging for me
  9. KrazyKat


    Its almost midday eurotime now and nothing at all from WG, absolutely piss poor customer service
  10. KrazyKat


    Finally got the update completed, it seemed to standing still on 0% for a while, I paused and unpaused the download and now its ready to roll. What is really annoying about these type of regular [edited]ups is the total lack of communication from WG
  11. KrazyKat


    I am having exactly the same issue I wonder if we maybe need to wait till server is live @ 5:30 for update to be able to complete
  12. KrazyKat

    Suggestion: Quick command for torps alert

    I have had similar thoughts about this issue myself, what I thought may be a good way of doing it would to be able to hit F3 on your own torps in the same way that you would when calling for a cap to be taken or defended and it gives a warning to all friendly ships in your torp range, maybe even highlighting your torps in the water for a second or 2. I am not the fastest typist and sometimes you are unable to get your message out in time or are to busy manoeuvring so something along these line would be really useful.
  13. KrazyKat

    Steel Ocean will not be a threat to WoWS

    Question to those that have tried this game out..... How do the submarines play? and what's it like trying to counter them with depth charges
  14. KrazyKat

    0.4.1 Public test 3

    This is a just a guess but if you read this article, http://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/common/Tirpitz-historical/ you will see that the Tirpitz was sunk on November the 12th, hmmmmmmm