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  1. konean

    0.9.6 - Changes to the Modules Tab

    So far most UI changes were pretty good, but this one is just terrible. Wasted space left and right, long travel times (looks like something straight out of the consol version).
  2. konean

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    From my understanding they are still gathering and brainstorming before they present it. Right now there are 21 Ideas listed. At least two events are in the working that already have fleshed out rules for EU Server. I mean ask your Clanleader, he should have an idea about the rough structure of WG
  3. konean

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Ah okay, so we will see a distribution of 2k for each league. @domen3 Thx for correcting me, just checked it and you are right.
  4. konean

    Clan Battle CV boycott

    Funny thing to mention, back when we had the T8 Season they reduced the steel because its not T10. Now its T6, the steel is the same like T10.
  5. Who cares about that? Right now we are in a phase where WG indirectly says to all clans "You are not wanted here".
  6. konean

    Best EU random solo player

    Thread about Sama and Teacup writting in the forum, it cant be 2020... something is wrong here.
  7. konean

    Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path

    Because WG is thinking that a BB and CV has the same impact... Thats also the reason why we are here and have this state of the game. Also on another note, splitting CBs in two groups would probably result in abusing the system if we use the current one. So its not an option. The devblog from yesterday still blows my mind and the incompetence is unbelivable. You might start thinking why they dont get rid of CBs at all, so they dont need to interact with the small percentage that understands their game. Would save them a lot of time, sanity and money. I mean, after all we arent important which is constantly shown right in our face.
  8. konean

    Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path

    Step by Step... Rework happened End of Januar 2019 and now we are here. Still broken Class... I still think putting all the ressources of the Rework in acutally balancing RTS would have result in a better situation than we have now.
  9. konean

    CW Boykott durch Clans wegen CV´s

    Bei einer T6 Season sollte der Boykott ja leicht fallen
  10. konean

    Results of Clan Season IX: Warrior's Path

    WG never fails to suprise
  11. konean

    CW Boykott durch Clans wegen CV´s

    Was ein Thread... hälfte die hier postet hat nicht mal wirklich an CBs teilgenommen. Beim letzten CV Boykott (KotS nach dem Cv Rework) hat auch keiner mitgezogen.Ich weiß auch nicht was dieser Boykott bringen soll, CVs werden nicht in CBs verschwinden und gravierende Änderungen zwischen Random CV und CB CV wird es auch nicht geben. Also bleiben sie in dem Dilemma, weil WG aktuell glücklich ist mit den CVs in Randoms.
  12. konean

    Clan battles season 9

    Nope, since they dont care about these clans and their concerns about the current direction of the game. The important players are the ones that dont play clanbattles or only occasionally. Otherwise we wouldnt be in the position we are right now. Just accept that we, the ones here complaining and active on the forum,discord or reddit arent the target group of the game.
  13. konean

    Clans Suffering

    Just enjoy the bits of the game that are still fun to you and when you dont have the fun anymore just move on. The direction of the game wont change, especially since we arent the target audience or a meaningful group that is relevant for the games business model. Everything else or caring about the game will only lead to frustration.
  14. konean

    Odem Mortis [OM] rekrutiert

    Mal nach oben damit
  15. konean

    Sowjetische Kreuzer: Vorabzugang

    Demnächst werden volle Linien über 5 Patches geteilt oder was? Kannste dir nicht ausdenken... sowas gibt es nur hier.