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  1. ArmasP

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    Sry man, rules are rules and world is a cruel place
  2. ArmasP

    Tier X Gameplay is worst than ever - what are doing WG ?!

    For starters :) 1. Smolensk smoke nerf -50% duration. 2. Nerf all Russian radar to 10km. 3. No ships can stealth radar even the new Russian ones. 3. Lower fire chance He shells on all vessels -10%. 3. CV plane spotting to minimap and make rocket aiming 50% more demanding. 4. AP Shell damage +5% in Cruisers and Destroyers. (except Stalingrad, ridigulous thing allrdy) 5. Normal pen angles to the new Russian Cruisers 5. Delay Subs to late 2020 Christmas My two cents
  3. ArmasP

    Submarines: How to Play

    Ah, good that they are bringing subs on a good time. Not that many new things lately... But to be honest summer is coming. You can do stuff irl etc... So no money to be spent on this for a while. Maybe its a good time to put this to cooldown. Come back in september and see how the smoke has cleared? I think its going to be a quiet revenue summer for wg but who knows maybe they attract a new flock to subs.
  4. 107. Massachusetts would be great. Thx for the lottery!
  5. I would like to join the lottery. Merry Xmass!
  6. ArmasP

    CV Rework Discussion

    The whole point in the post was that, try t10 and come back and share ur findings Sunleader. Im sure that u are more than sufficient player to cope in tier 10? Eager to hear from u again soon! Armas
  7. ArmasP

    CV Rework Discussion

    Sunleader i urge u to take a spin to tier 10. Try to fly near a Yoshino, Wooster, Kremlin, Mino, etc and sweeten the cake by choosing a small blob to test your claims. For me damage dealt has gone from 50-100k 0.86 to 30-170k in tier 10. Overlapping aa and some ok to good cruisers/BB´s anihilate you pretty fast now. I was ok with 0.8.6 aa and it made some sense, but now it doesnt feel right by anymeans. Just a mess from a casual cv point of view. Did a spin on the GrafZ and t8 game felt ok and The GrafZ performed like usuall. Maybe the idea is to make cv life the hardest in t10 but 20k or 30k feels like u have been shutdown. Only thing i kinda regret is that i bought a permacamo to midway too early. I would imagine that cv numbers are gonna go down alot from 0.8.6 when people reach t10. More difficult for sure, more fun hmmm
  8. This is the last nail in the coffin. Over and out!
  9. For a casual player who likes to play and try different ships this is.... well bollocks. I like to spend a few Euros on premium and maybe some nice t10 camos but this is like not good. I will stop paying and play sometimes to see how things develop but overall this hits the fan for me too hard. gg
  10. ArmasP

    CV Rework Discussion

    Would it be a viable option to reduce the detection of dd's from air to half or 30%. U would have to use your fighter consumable in a cv to harash the dd? Now its a bit easy to just circle with brakes on and shoot. Just a tought...
  11. ArmasP

    CV Rework Discussion

    I kinda like cv´s to be honest. I was a dd player but sucked so changed to cruisers and sucked in them too. Took some bb lines and tought they were ok. I try to play every class and enjoy different ships. I think that cv gives u a nice change of pace and u need to learn something a bit different playing them. I tried Furious and hated it at first but when u got some damage done i kinda liked the play. Now im testing the Ranger and Probably go for the Lexinton. For the casual player cvs can do moderate damage and be a little pest who nibbles damage from where he can. I rarely focus just dd´s because u give your overall damage away. Just spot a little, use fighter to protect ships and take good opportunities where i can find them. One CV per side in the battle should be enought. Two is just overkill and spoils the dd gameplay somewhat. I think that the overall gameplay suffers more on the radar buffs and the likes of Stalingrads in the game than noob cv players..... IMO. Just my two cents, ArmasP
  12. ArmasP

    Update 0.8.2 - General feedback

    I liked the previous port more. I like more information and i enjoyed to see the ammount of people online. Now it looks like a rollback or just something from consoles. All the changes and dumbing down the game feels that its becoming less and less for the player.
  13. ArmasP

    aa completely useless now?

    Fully specc AA Gearing, 7 planes shot down against Midway. Had time to use one consumable third or fourth wave killed me. New changes feels quite bad and bit of a mess. Good time to find some books to read for a month or two....
  14. Hansz, honestly cmon. They are gonna bring it to the game no matter what. Then all hell is gonna break lose and u know... Like we have seen they will bring something else as bad "perk/fix" to the game and break it more. This is just how things are in WG universe. But as said the bb players of the game are the money income and we rest are well u know... not that. History in many things is a good teacher like in this case. Im just annoyed that i liked the versatility of the game and threw some cash in. Now i wont do that anymore. Armas