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  1. ramming enemy let sort this

    good to bring that , let that damage use in your own team than.... why not let make a same damage to both sides , enemy and friend ships ..
  2. ramming enemy let sort this

    OK when you had some idiot that stand all the battle, but what if on end of some battle you on one side with half HP and on other side 2 ships on low hp one BB and one cruiser , than of course enemy BB with 2 k HP ramm you and they win but you could kill them easily.
  3. ramming enemy let sort this

    i know it a game .. k but WG dev trying to be realistic i much ways so let be realistic here also , cant one flag in real duel ramming to save your ship isn't @fhiljd? so i try to make this ramming ships to be realistic, in some sort of way, and it be nice to speed of ships included in calculation .
  4. ramming enemy let sort this

    Most of us had that situation when your BB was full or little bit from half HP, when some dying BB with 1k or more HP ramm you and kill you... So my suggestion its this: When you ramm or be rammed by some ship with some amount HP ,in moment of impact your HP been take in similar HP +5 % of HP of ship that ramm you. example: You 55000 HP - enemy 20000 HP = result 34000 HP left and dead enemy. in that case dying enemy will double think to ramm you what you think about that ? WG stuff in dev team i will love to see your opinion thanks!