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  1. manthanboeing

    USS Missouri (BB-63)

    good post +10 :) This is my fav battleship
  2. manthanboeing

    German Unfinished Projects

    good post +1
  3. manthanboeing

    IJN Musashi

    Smederevac94, on 06 November 2012 - 11:47 AM, said: I saw and I corrected. :) good post +1
  4. manthanboeing

    IJN Musashi

    check the spelling on the first line, and yes it was a very big target
  5. manthanboeing

    USS South Dakota (BB-57)

    watching it right now
  6. manthanboeing

    HMS Ark Royal (91)

    Another good post. Keep it up .
  7. manthanboeing

    USS South Dakota (BB-57)

    good post, i suppose i need to watch that video.
  8. manthanboeing

    USS Allen M. Sumner (DD-692)

    looks something like the gearing class
  9. manthanboeing

    HMS Kent

    Very Important class and very impressive firepower.
  10. manthanboeing

    USS Brooklyn (CL-40)

    Very Nelson in the front, again i feel they should have put turret 3 as elevated and turret 2 on the same level as turret 1
  11. manthanboeing

    Soviet Cruiser Krasnyi Kavkaz

    Quite odd gun arrangement
  12. manthanboeing

    USS New York (BB-34)

    Very IJN looking design :P
  13. manthanboeing

    USS Omaha Light Cruiser

    i don't like the firing angle of the guns on this ship.
  14. manthanboeing

    USS Fletcher (DD-445)

    FInally! the fighting Fletchers, can't wait to fight in one of these in WoWS