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  1. Which Tier 8 German Prem to Escort Bismarck?

    I would say choose which playstyle fits you more. While BB and CA is always nice in terms of versatility, if cruiserplay doesn't suit you, you won't be able to maximize your performance. I would say if German cruisers are to your liking get Eugen. If the cc power of German BBs is more to your liking get Tirpitz. The amount of pressure you can create together is nothing to scoff at. Disregarding your division intentions Tirpitz is money always well spend, Eugen is much more demanding towards your personal skills to make her perform for you.
  2. 419mm and 457mm

    I see no need to buff ap. RN ap is fine. Only the he is cancer so need it and leave ap alone. HE simplifies the gameplay so much that you don't need to even consider AP and that's the problem.
  3. New Season of Clan Battles!

    his name and tag gets mentioned on the loading screen of the map which the season is named after we had it after we changed team leader, from someone who played the day before in alpha, to one who played bravo before. After 1 game the next was bravo rated. we didn't test it further
  4. You used to collect all oil for clans in a personal wallet this wallet got converted into coal and you no longer collect personal oil.
  5. I have finally no reason to ever bother with ranked again. Personally I think that ranked player numbers will go down a little and cw numbers go up. But that's only based on my opinion of ranked being cancer and cw the only reason to keep playing this game
  6. Oil collected without a Clan

    So players who are not part of a clan do not play the game, and are therefore doing nothing. Because they don't generate oil when opening the crates they get for doing nothing. Mkay. I love the modern breed of selective readers ignoring everything until it fits their agenda. Pls quote in context. Also for normal playing you get after game rewards in form of credits exp, and flags for special achievements. For continued play you get crates. For playing in a clan you get oil. For players playing in a clan and keeping them their the clan gets boni, which are rewards for players staying in a clan. Effort gets rewarded. And yes if you do nothing and don't play the game you get nothing. Stop being ridiculous. I find your crates argument quite funny. If your own argument continues to contradict yourself you could get problems in court ;pl
  7. Oil collected without a Clan

    I don't like the entitled arrogance of many players that they want to get everything without doing something for that. Oil is a reward. A reward you receive for the simple task of socialising with players in form of a clan. Clans are the next lvl of player interaction above divisions. why does Wg give such incentives? Because peoples in clans have a higher tendency of playing together and sharing information and skills thus raising the average game experience. I'm not saying that division players don't do that. I say that clans do it more. And to support the decision to join a clan the oil incentive was provided. And don't tell me you can't join a clan because they won't let you in. There's clans of any kind and colour for everyone. Yes you need to invest a little effort searching for one. But you get rewarded for your efforts. People who do nothing don't get rewarded. Simple as that.
  8. Your point is you lost because the division was using op ships. Our point is if you face a division of top players it doesn't matter what they're sailing in they're able to gobble up any average weekend team in minutes. And we say that the mentality that saying you're going to lose raises the probability to actually lose. Best example are "omni divisions" Players went afk after they saw them in enemy roster.
  9. Don't suffer from selective reading. There's only plenty of content by CCs providing the wip stats. They may be not final but they're official. Just not officially final. Also pls stop from claiming construcive posts to be invalid , just because they differ from your point of view, or you have some beef with their clan. It makes you look stupid.
  10. Special Flags - usage indicator

    exactly you can put them on any ship you want and if you reach a higher rank the game AUTOMATICALLY the worse out for the better on ALL ships that are using it. what else do you want? All you have to do is put them on after receiving
  11. As @Egoleter said supertesters have to deliver a certain number of games in certain ships and provide reviews and feedback of them to Wg. The only other thing besides your cluelessness shown from your statement is that the supertesters ARE doing their job. When wg provides an overperforming ship they test it provide feedback and statistics and IF the ships overperform they get tuned down. congratulations you described how testing works. Also if you start to blame the supertesters for anything wrong with ships remember how less wg values their opinions. Especially on EU.
  12. @Zveketalo So are you complaining that 3 players working together is unfair and unbalanced ? Yes these ships are currently undergoing testing, as doe the modules. Does this mean they're op? They may be overperforming but this doesn't mean that we need to talk about balance. If wg would let players test rocket ships against the general population THEN and only then you would have a point. But these are just a battleship without lowered citadel(in the game since start) , the bastard love child of a BB and a cruiser, and a free devastating strike with he and without smoke. If you're saying that there's nothing to do against... Sorry but then you must be bad at the game. If you have a problem with 3 players working together stay away from clan wars there happen to be 7 of these unbalanced things. Also any 3 ships in the hand of strong players combined with a semi-decent team will outplay their opposition if they surrendered in their mind from the start. Fgs even 3 t8 ships can hardcarry a t10 game. My last point is wg don't intends to unleash overpowered ships into randoms. They tweak them internally first to be defeatable. Everything else is up to you
  13. Should WG increase number of containers per day?

    the waterline video teased the upcoming possibility to improve the containership. increased numbers of daily containers was one of the possible upgrades mentioned.
  14. I assumed that she isn't listed as she isn't ready yet. (Salem is in there) personally I like the point of super container equipment. Are we going to be able to buy the modules we actually need?
  15. Campaigns - Highly disruptive to the general gameplay?

    The general gameplay could only get better by players trying to achieve at least something. We need more missions