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  1. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    I would like to collect some more feedback about the CW Season from teamleaders from all clans. Especially i would want to hear some voices from teamleaders of clans of the lower leaques as i assume the upper clans are mostly likeminded. But still we got so many clans participating let us hear something from you. Unleash wall of Texts so @Crysantos and @MrConway got some stuff to read in their worktime. Did you like the meta, did you try your hardest to gain some free stuff or did you just wanted to have some fun with your clan. Does tagging work for clans to ? well either way WGP2W, OMNI, OM, AAO, MOWA,CN_, CGER, KINGS, BLACK, SCRUBS, GWDYS, BAGA, TTT, PARAZ, LOBUZ, TCG, FAM i know you all and many more did take part so don't be shy ;P Edit: Also TWA because they wanted to be mentioned (did they achieve anything special and noteworthy?) i didn't mentioned them cause they kinda reacted already
  2. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    i see where you want to go, but the direction is a little problematic. If we just assume a Clan has 50% winrate he needs to play 200 Games in typhoon leaque ( Yes these numbers are exxagerated but still). Smaller clans with more reallife oriented players may struggle with these numbers which goes against wg' s idea of bringing competitive play to an greater audience. I would prefer to raise the Incentives to continiue to play without any fixed numbers in mind. On another topic i forget to add that i still don't like WGs idea of rental ships. I approve of the idea but i don't like the Execution. To often you get stuck with rental ships that are not useful. I have no Problem that wg enables ALL t10 Rental ships the whole season. it would offer far more flexibility to all clans regarding their lineups and more people can join the all 1 ship shenanigans and likeminded ideas
  3. Clan Wars Season 2 (A Captain's Rewiew)

    The long weeks of up to 4 hours high end games are over, now is the time to step over the wrecks and lets conclude what happened. WG added two new maps to the rotation, a new ship showed its fangs an old maps got removed or changed. (Still no CV though!) What can i say about this season? The Meta changed to be a little bit more agressive especially with the cap change on Mountain Range, the fight over A on Sleeping Giant and adding another map with the option of hardpush in form of Sleeping Giant. At first i didn't like it being less able to bunker into positions, but after adapting i found it quite enjoyable. If you where able to perform a nice push games could be changed and often you ended in an intense fight over the last points. It certainly trained my clanmates to be more preservative on their ships, added on their ability to cooperate and focused fire on ships that couldn't disengage in time where a scary thing. In my Opinion this favoured the high dps and/or tanky ships like DM, Hindenburg and Zao while it lessened the use of reliable constant, but low dps ships like Moskwa or HIV. They performed better in a more static game. While firstly thought to be a nuisance without the ability to torp DDs, in my opinion the YueYang outed herself as a very strong DD-Hunter (Maybe even a little too strong). While she got a sting on her guns, the greatest danger of her lied in her teammates. Her ability to keep a DD spotted for some extra 28 seconds combined with some well positioned teammates proved to be deadly for many DDs while her stealthy torps where the bane of unprepared BBs and CAs. Personally the best counter to a well played Yue Yang was another well played Yue Yang earning her a guaranteed spot on our Roster. Our Shima and Gearing Players where certainly unhappy about her emergence. The Z-52 proved herself again as a strong and reliable cap contester/conqueror while also perfoming very well as a torpedo spotter for an advancing Fleet. I don't think many people will disagree with that as i expect her to be the most picked DD ( Due to YY being shorter in client) On the Battleship side Montana was again the old strong reliable workhorse, only outperformed when the enemy Yamato, Repuplique or GK where heavily favoured by RNGesus. Thats also all i have to say about these 3 Battleships. If he or the ghost of Stalin guided the Shells they where a viable pick for the team, but if they weren't on your side these ships got punished by constant streams of shells and torps. + The Minotaur was a quite interesting oddball. In a well coordinated team against unprepaired foes she obliterated DDs earning her team the advantage. But you needed reliable players and good Teamwork to perform that Trick. I am personally now quite troubled about CVs. On the one side i think they deserve a place in CW but their inclusion needs greater teamsizes. On the other hand i doubt that Shima, Z and YY could shine so bright in a Meta with CVs and i would certainly be sad about that. What I didn't liked this Season I hate the Stalingrad flag. Yes i want the Ship because free stuff but the way of earning it grinds my gears. I think it raises the tensions in Clans. Everybody wants a piece but doing the part is quite troublesome. And certainly the tension raises again when some people got it safely secured uncounciously lowering their effort or their perceived effort by the ones without a flag. I understand that participation is needed to get a reward but i would like to have higher OTHER incentives to play CW then the Flag. Many People love CW for the coordinated teambased high skilled Gameplay which you only can experience in CW (or in Operations but...Coop aka certainly no high skill needed). I would like to see more incentives to play CW AFTER you got the flag. In all seriousness the reward for Hurricane leaque is a joke. Maybe introduce Leaque skaled flag rewards for each Victory ( some players certainly went out of Ramming flags xD) Offer a Supercontainer for each 10 Victories (Nr debatable) AFTER the reception of the Stalingrad Flag. I am in a serious Love/Hate Relationship with CW. I love the teamplay. The nonexistence of Noobs or incompetent players contrary to random. The Endorphine rush after fighting a strong Clan to the last bits and winning it. The fun of sometimes steamrolling the enemy because everything played out well. But oh boy get your nerves under pressure. Rants are guaranteed (some clanmembers certainly experienced mine). Up to 4 hours high tension gameplay certainly take their toll. But unless some other teammodes get introduced into Wows i certainly will take part again and again. Last i would like to hear your Experiences and Views. Especially the ones of Fleet Admirals/Teamleaders/FCs/Callers or however you may call them. Please be elaborate and constructive on your posts i want serious Feedback How did you perceive the Season? And for everything that wrent wrong: #blame Kette mfg _Kettenbeisser (leading Noob and Reason for defeats in KKTM) PS. lol this is my 100th post xD
  4. ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    there is no average cv that will loose 110 planes against another. loosing 110 planes proves that the Player was either in a half braindead state, actively feeding planes or completely out of clue how to play. saying that average cv Players facing each other will be able to empty one of them by their own proves no you have no concept of cv play. average cv Players ONLY go empty if their team totally sucks over 20 minutes. wg is adressing plane reserves because the number of dumb cv players wasting planes combined with buffed t10 aa reaches lvls where they think they need to interfere. i repeat again average players don't go empty.
  5. Wir haben im Clan lange und ernsthaft überlegt ob wir auf 2 oder 1 DD Meta wechseln. Schlussendlich konnten wir uns nach Abstimmung endlich auf eine Meta einigen!
  6. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    Was there even a witch hunt? Or could it be the Collection of calm and reasoned arguments combined with civilised discussions of these that brought the attention of either wg or the modprovider or both to the issue? If you just had the ability to ignore unconstructive posts and focus on the constructive ones you would at least realise that the discussion was about the question how this particular mod complies with wg mod Policy. The general opinion was if you go by strict Interpretation of this Policy the mod went against it. so the removal without pr Disaster or shitstorm should be regarded as a success for constructive forumites instead as the result of a "witch hunt "
  7. ST Midway huge hangar capacity nerf criticised

    The interesting thing is that WG tackles this "Problem" of longivity only now. The Hangar numbers didn't receive a change in all iterations over 2 years, while the loadout did. Never was any mention of a Reserve problem on either cv. I could think of two possible reasons for it surfacing now. Either the powercreep of AA eats up planes so much faster than before that the capacity difference shows itself, or the skill gaps between cv captains are so wide that able skippers dry them out so more faster. The Fighters of the Midway only got nerfed over the Years and i never perceived a problem on the IJN side. Certainly i don't understand the intention behind it. The design of the cv lines was massive squad numbers on IJN Side vs bigger Planewaves and reserves on USNs. I think i'm a decent Midway Player while struggling with the Squad Numbers of IJN CVs .From my Perception over my current Midway Games i need all the Reserves i got right now to be a support to my team for the whole game. So from my Perspective the Capacity nerf while with all good intentions will bring more problems to the game. When i face a superior CV-Captain or a "tryhard AA Division" on the enemy team i WILL lose many planes trying to support my team or doing any dmg. A worse player will lose even more planes in face of stronger Advents. So the big Reserves of Midway "equalize" a little bit the skill gap of cvs. The less planes a "bad" player got the faster he will run out of them. As long as a CV got Planes how dumb he ever may be he can provide some assistance to his team. The less reserves the easier he will become completly useless. In my personal experience i never "emptied" a decently played Haku. Normally her higher squad numbers resulted in her ability to always "squeeze" some planes through my defences or enabled her to let them escape. I only go through all my midway reserves in 2 scenarios: 1. Enemy CV outplayes me the whole game 2. Enemy Team is AA oriented and supports themselves against my drops while dominating my team forcing me to drop protected ships instead of having time to search a viable (easier) target I empty the enemy CV in following Scenarios: 1. I outplay him / he builds 5 squad stacks and let them get strafed 2. I am in a "tryhard AA Division" and the enemy CV throws all his planes on my AA DD/CA I'm going to make a bold statement now, jugding from my recent adversaries in cvs and their general skill lvl experienced in combat against them or witnessing the captains from a ca/bb/dd perspective. The skill lvl of many cv captains hit such rock bottom lvls faced against more and more powerful AA that the CVs get emptied pretty easily. The times where i watched the enemy cv (or mine if i wasn't in cv) "fed" his planes in single squad autodrop waves continiously into AA Monsters or pulking them in big blob into strafes have risen significantly. In recent times the CV-Players dont seem to value their planes anymore and waste them. If my Perception is correct than the problem simply results from AA Power and captains resulting in less ressourceful planemanagement. Aka idiots can't hold their planes together. But if i'm correct reducing Hangar Capacity is the wrong way to tackle the problem. It would increase the skill gap between cv captains even more because good players being able to manage their resources will stay longer in game vs wasteful noobs. Also 40 Planes is waaaaay to much. I would prefer to buff Haku with 12 Planes before you take Planes away. Pls excuse grammar and thought jumps i am in my 3rd 12hour nightshift
  8. Yueyang is breaking the TX DD balance

    it works in every mode either with divisionmates or competent teammates. The point is that every DD is unable to disengage from a RadarYY. Any random player with half a functioning brain focuses a spotted DD. And no DD can evade the radar of a YY because he only knows she is there when she spots him. You can evade the radar of a moskwa and des moines because you can spot them before you're in radar range. the minotaur got only a 1.2 km radar Window compared to YY 1.7 km and the YY is much more flexible. The problem of DDs vs YY is the DD needs to sacrifice map control and spotting to gain teamsupport. Yes she can't torp you but she can spot you and you can't do something against it
  9. Yueyang is breaking the TX DD balance

    the Problem of the "opness" of the yue Yang lies in the existence of teammates. if two dds sail into each other the advantage of the YY is that she can disengage first. as soon as she gets unspotted she pulls her radar and for ~28 seconds the enemy dd stays open because he can't get out of radar range while the YY can shadow him and her team shoots the DD. this is her advantage over other DDs. the ability to keep them spotted while undetected
  10. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    well the League of the seas Tournament required each Player to make a zoomed Screenshot at the Start of each Game and to be aible to provide them in case of accusations. thats why i said in a proper competitive Environment Mods are detrimental
  11. Poll for "X spot on Map mod"

    I would barge in to say that any proper competitive Clan is going to instruct his members to play vanilla. any mod you install is either cosmetic or a crutch.( or Borderline illegal as this one). any proper competitive Tournament requires a vanilla Client for the Competition and proof of that. ( or even vanilla Standard PCs as Seen in ESL). so if you are used to a modded Gaming Environment your Performance will suffer if you have to play outside of it. our clanrules prohibit illegal Mods, we prosecute violations and advise our Members to stay vanilla. In my personal opinion i would ban any mod or moduser that isn't purely cosmetic. What does this special mod do? It provides a marker to show on the minimap where your guns are aming atm. Do you have any ability to do this in the vanilla client ? No you don't. The only thinks you got in vanilla are your guessing skills based upon experience. So does this mod provide an aiming advantage ? Yes it does. You can say what you want about the number of opportunities or the requirements of a stationary target etc. It shows something that you don't get in vanilla. Period. Judging by the wg guidelines this mod is illegal. Do you want an example where the advantage is over manual aim ? simple. If you aren't locked onto a target your aim moves with your ship. so to blindfire you have to compensate that movement. The mod helps in showing you your deviation from target horizontally and vertically. you can estimate your blindshots based on knowledge of angle and last spotted position on the minimap of the ship and control your target solution via the x. Is it possibly without the mod ? Maybe with great experience and a high skill lvl. But the mod offers a much more accurate option to that.
  12. Public Test 0.7.1 - General Feedback

    I don't know if anybody noticed, but WG removed the "press m to look over islands" "feature". if you press m the zoomout starts from a much farther position disabling the possibility to look over Islands. I acknowledge that you want to remove this "bugabuse" to make the game for less informed players easier, but that is something you COULD have announced. But well if you do it like the division window behind players backs you can't blame us for being salty. I liked it to enhance the game for skilled players but well
  13. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Since my first post to this was more of a rant and @Crysantos asked for it here is my more detailled feedback on the new div system: the problems i have with it are several: it isn't as transparent and pleasing to the eye as the old one, the new pushes itself in the front without producing important content, It was much easier with the old system to see when divmembers are ready and what ships they take while the new chat window is so big that i always want to minimise /close it because i don't need it due to teamspeak and it interferes with other panels Also if you want to close it you often leave div on accident the old separated system enabled you to open the chat if you wanted to use it and close it if you didnt need it while still always displaying div members in a comfortable position on the screen without interfering with other game elements The new system is counterintuitive while the old System was more "customisable". You needed div chat ? you opened div chat. Div chat in the way ? Minimize/close it. Now you leave div Last but not least the often refferred problems with the chatserver disabling division play while the chat servers are disabled.
  14. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Just Yesterday i was praising the Wows Division System compared to the WOT system and was wondering why wot doesnt use the superior warship one. Now you did it the other way around and cluttered our window with this unwanted abyssspawn. Pls change it back
  15. Training Rooms

    Could you openly show that you need to check a window in game controls to enable all trainingsroom modes ?