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  1. Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Just Yesterday i was praising the Wows Division System compared to the WOT system and was wondering why wot doesnt use the superior warship one. Now you did it the other way around and cluttered our window with this unwanted abyssspawn. Pls change it back
  2. Training Rooms

    Could you openly show that you need to check a window in game controls to enable all trainingsroom modes ?
  3. Unmögliche Herausforderung?

    Das ist der repetitive Auftrag für die Superliga... Aka alle Leute die Rang 1 erreicht haben und ranked mit 10ern weiterspielen können... dies ist wie jede andere Season auch der Anreiz für leute mit Rank 1 weiter ranked zu spielen... *hust patch notes lesen hust*
  4. Narai

    you missed my Point. we didn't had ANY Coordination. we just sailed forwards trying to shoot faster and kill the most. we torped and rammed each other for the lulz. both Games we missed a Player 5 Stars without ANY Trouble! in last Frontier we needed to coordinate. in narai everybody just went forward shooting what ever was in front of their Guns, Celebrating when Another clanmember raged if you killed his Target 1 ms before his salvo landed. tldr Narai is too easy and you need 6 Players without Coordination to win 5 Stars
  5. Narai

    well i have to support salentine it is very Easy. we played it Two times with Clan members 1 Time with 6 and a random Atlanta which went afk midgame, the second time we where 7 but didn't wait for someone in an Atlanta, who went Smoking and started without hin, laughing at him when he returned and got nothing Left to Shoot at. both times our Masterplan was to press w towards j10 and Shoot at everything red. 5 Stars without any problems. the Game even needs to wait few seconds for the 1100 troops to land because we already killed all Ships. we didn't need the repair ship we pushed without any Tactics involved. in last Frontier you had at least to think where you went next. narai is just a shooting galery, Fun but no Skill involved
  6. Bug Reports

    Ok i can confirm that it happens when your cv sinks. Just sunk myself (after game was 100% won) and got the freeze a few seconds after the ship was dead ~ 5-8 secs. Both times in Midway
  7. Bug Reports

    1. Description Ingame Graphics freezed after changing to Planecam after carriers dead 2. Reproduction steps Played Midway Ship got sunk, pressed Space to change view to figher planes 3. Result You hear sounds, you can chat, you see point counter (works), but graphics "stuck" on a 1s loop, clock doesn't work, can't change to map, after battle blackscreen behind the results, port view bugged, screenshots don According to clanmate it happens every time when your cv sink Also you cant leave game without killing it with task manager 4. Expected result No graphics crash after cv dead 5. Technical details .DxDiag.txt
  8. Clan Battles - Pilot Season - Rating system

    I like your intentions to formulate a Rating System for Clans in Clan battles. Unfortunately your efforts are quite wasted due to a few behavioural reasons on the clans side. Let me explain. As stated by Griva Clans can influence their rating by just waiting until the top clans reached higher leaques reducing the chance to meet them in battle. Another Option is for Clans to form "Top Teams" which are supposed to ease the rise of the clans in higher leaques until the first leaque where all members join the fray to earn Stalingrad Flag. We personally use CW to train our newest Members forming equal teams where the more experienced ones guide the less to rise their skill level and make them perform better overall. All in all your stats are quite some work but only represent a windowed performance of the clan quite not much differing from the Ranking provided by Wg. I would even dare to say you only kinda sort them by Winrate. But the WG MM System seems a little flawed with the engagement range so that low leaque clans often fight the high leaque ones with mostly expected results ( I don't say that that lower ranked clans can't win against higher ranked ones it just tend to happen less)
  9. There are a few points that many don't understand. It's not about the CVs crieing that they can't play their favorite ships. The point is the WG has promised clans a competition mode which is official. Everything the clans have done so far was completely organized by players and WG has sponsored a few prizes (and even the prizes were often given by players). This is the reason why there were only rewards for the first places and the participant field was kept small. The organization and prize pool were almost completely in the hands of players. After 2 years, WG now finally has to put something on its own and what do they do? WG has removed a class because they have determined that people with Skill have an advantage. THAT is the stupid thing. WG says people with skills and coordinated teamplay have an unfair advantage in the COMPETITION against others who are not so good. WG says ok you always wanted to make an Olympics here you have them, but you should'nt take any athletes with them that is unfair to those who drive by car to get the mail from the mailbox. Good CV players have a lot of training to be good at the CV (I play all classes and it is the hardest to be good at). And WG has the impudence to tell people in the face you are too good to be allowed to play. The next point of Anger is that there were so many organized contests from clans. We had 4vs4 7vs7 and 9vs9 and it was made by experienced competitive players who tried to balance it. There were massive considerations about T6-T10 and there were many examples of how balancing might look like. WG has not participated in these considerations and even threatened the withdrawal of sponsored prices, because it was thought about balancing solutions they did not like (no premium ships in the Competitive on T8). WG ignores this all, concentrates on the 7vs 7 RU meta (T8) and finds that the weaker clans with CVs are weaker. And says now plays only once without CV we consider later what we do rework it. Later ... WG has made us wait 2 years for clan contents and serves us now burnt fried potatoes without bacon as a 3 star menu and says eaat up sometime later you get something delicious. For years, WG has been pushing all problems backwards or with punched a wooden hammer on it and we should let it continue? CV was not removed because he kills in 7vs 7 7 opponent ships if one CV is better. THAT CAN'T BE A CV IN COMPETITIVE !!!!! Except the opponent has NO CLUE how the game works and then one has every right to finish his opponents in COMPETITIVE. The CV in the Competitive provides Spotting and FORCES Teamplay. You have to use TEAMPLAY in COMPETITIVE to be successful. This is according to WG unfair ... WG has said a well coordinated team has 100% view. [edited]. The enemy CV and the enemy AA counters 100% Spotting. If there is no Opposition, then a coordinated team sees everything. But they [edited]EARNED IT THEN!! My last point why a CW without CVs is stupid, ist that WG once again reaches into the playerrs pocket. You want to use a Montana, Hindenburg, Gearing, Grosovoi, Des Moines, Minotaur, Yamato, Großer Kurfürst, or Conqueror in CW? There are no CVs in CW. So, every module and skill point that improves the AA of your ship improves is wasted. You MUST rebuild your ship for DUBLONS or massive sums of credits and free experience to have the best conditions in CW. You want to play random again with your ship? Have fun with the re-rebuild. Oh you want to play CW again? yes then rebuild your ship again because AA is waste. This is a hidden EXP / GOLD / Credits sink!
  10. Clangefechte Infos

    Es gibt ein paar Punkte die viele hier nicht verstehen. Es geht nicht darum das die CVs rumheulen das sie ihre Lieblingsschiffe nicht spielen können. Der Punkt ist das WG den Clans einen Wettkampfmodus versprochen hat der offiziell ist. Alles was die Clans bisher machten war komplett von Spielern organisiert und WG hat ein paar Preise gesponsert (und selbst die Preise wurden oft von Spielern gestellt). Das ist der Grund warum es nur für die vorderen Plätze Belohnungen gab und das Teilnehmerfeld klein gehalten wurde. Organisation und Preispool lagen fast komplett in Spielerhand!. Nach 2 Jahren schafft WG es nun endlich selbst was auf die Reihe zu stellen und was machen sie? WG hat eine Klasse entfernt weil sie festgestellt haben das Leute mit Skill einen Vorteil haben. DAS ist das hirnverbrannte. WG sagt Leute mit Skill und Koordination haben im WETTBEWERB einen unfairen Vorteil gegenüber anderen die nicht so gut sind. WG sagt ok ihr wolltet immer eine Olympiade machen hier habt ihr sie, aber ihr dürft keine Leistungssportler mitnehmen das ist unfair gegenüber denen die mit dem Auto fahren um die Post aus den Briefkasten zu holen. Gute CV-Spieler haben viel dafür trainiert GUT im CV zu sein (ich spiele alle Klassen und es ist nunmal am schwersten im CV gut zu sein). Und WG hat die Frechheit den Leuten ins Gesicht zu sagen ihr seid zu gut um mitspielen zu dürfen. Der nächste Punkt der aufregt ist das es von Clans so viele organisierte Wettbewerbe gab. Wir hatten 4vs4 7vs7 und 9vs9 und es wurde von erfahrenen Competitiv Spielern Überlegungen zwecks Balancing gemacht. Es wurden massive Überlegungen über T6-T10 angestellt und es gab viele Beispiele wie entsprechendes Balancing aussehen könnte. WG hat sich an diesen Überlegungen nicht beteiligt und sogar Sponsoringentzug gedroht wen über Balancinglösungen nachgedacht wurde die ihnen nicht gefallen (Keine Premiumschiffe im Competitive auf T8). WG ignoriert dies alles, konzentriert sich auf die 7vs 7 RU Meta(T8) und stellt fest, dass das mit CVs schwächere Clans schwächer sind. Und sagt nun spielt erst mal ohne CV wir überlegen uns später was wir damit machen. Später... WG hat uns 2 Jahre auf Claninhalte warten lassen und tischt uns jetzt verbrannte Bratkartoffeln ohne Speck als 3 Sterne Menü auf und sagt iss erst mal später gibts was leckeres. WG schiebt seit Jahren alle Probleme nach hinten oder haut mit dem Holzhammer drauf und wir sollen uns das weiter gefallen lassen? Weiter gehts damit der CV wurde nicht rausgenommen weil er im 7vs 7 7 Gegnerschiffe rausnimmt wenn der eine CV besser ist. DAS KANN EIN CV IM COMPETITIVE NICHT!!!!! Außer der Gegner hat KEINE AHNUNG wie das Spiel funktioniert und dann hat man jedes Recht ahnungslose Gegner im COMPETITIVE in den Boden stampfen zu können. Der CV im Competitive liefert Aufklärung und FORCIERT Teamplay. Man muss im Competitive TEAMPLAY verwenden um erfolgreich zu sein. Das ist laut WG unfair ... WG hat gesagt ein gut koordiniertes Team hat 100% Sicht. Schwachsinn. gegen 100% Sicht arbeitet der gegnerische CV und die gegnerische Flugabwehr. Wenn keine Gegenwehr erfolgt dann sieht ein koordiniertes Team alles. Macht aber nichts weil SIE ES DANN VERDIENT HABEN! Mein letzter Punkt warum ein CW ohne CVs Schwachsinn ist, ist das WG so den Spielern wieder einmal in die Tasche greift. Du willst eine Montana, Hindenburg, Gearing, Grosovoi, Des Moines, Minotaur, Yamato, Großer Kurfürst, oder Conqueror im CW einsetzen ? Es gibt keine CVs im CW. Also ist jedes Modul und jeder Skillpunkt der die Flak deines Schiffes verbessert SCHWACHSINN. DU MUSST für DUBLONEN oder massive Summen von Credits und freier Erfahrung dein Schiff umskillen und umbauen um beste Vorraussetzungen im CW zu haben. Du willst mit deinem Schiff wieder Random fahren ? viel Spaß beim erneuten Umbau. Oh du willst wieder CW fahren ? ja dann bau dein Schiff wieder um AA ist ja Verschwendung. Das ist eine versteckte EXP/GOLD/Credits Grube!
  11. 4x4 Tournament

    How is decided which map is played ? Is it set by organisators or random or does a team get a pick Who will open the training rooms ?
  12. Manuelles Feuern der Sekundärbatterie wurde in der Closed Alpha getestet und war OP. Deswegen automatisch. Stell dir vor die Bismarck könnte mit ihren secs zielen....Auf jeder Breitseite eine Benson.... Muss ich noch mehr ausführen?
  13. Public Test 0.6.0 Feedback - Bugs

    Also happened to me when selling and unlocking ships. was all the times solveable with esc but mouse did never work
  14. Public Test 0.6.0 - General Feedback

    Bastion Mode still needs rework. I found it impossible to deal dmg to the surveillance station and the fort with a Neptune. only thing that did something where my secondaries. I don't know if thats a bug or intended both ways it should be fixed asap I shot from different angles, distances and different parts of the fort. Still nothing happened
  15. [KLM] Kaiserliche Marine

    *Hafenschlepper anschmeiß und den Thread nach oben push*