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  1. ilhilh

    New teased Pan Europian DD Friesland, tier IX

    2 turrets. Always pretty grim when you lose 50% fire power to a knocked out turret.
  2. ilhilh

    Daring/Jutland & Skill retention

    Tashkent... well that is bad news since I can't get that bloody thing to work.
  3. This thread makes me sad.
  4. ilhilh

    Do cyclones and strormfronts ruin the gaming experience?

    I think it improves the game. Wouldn't want it more frequently than it is, but I like it being an occasional factor.
  5. ilhilh

    Any tipps to get fun as DD ?

    I'm playing more DD than anything currently and enjoying it. Loving my Lightning and Kitakaze
  6. ilhilh

    legendery carrier upgrades

    Because they don't exist...
  7. ilhilh

    Little tip to avoid accidentally using up camos

  8. ilhilh

    The New and Improved Interface

    I quite like the new look now I've had a a couple of gaming sessions with it.
  9. ilhilh

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    I got 100 AA flags from a SC yesterday. Urg. NOT SUPER.
  10. I met @OOAndreasOO on the enemy team last week while I was in my Nelson chasing one of the Exeter missions. Him and another DD popped out from behind an island between 3.5km and 4km from me and unleashed all torps. Think Andreas was in a Gallant or Cossack and the other guy was in a Z23 and between them they landed 1 torp! Then my HE went blap blap and both were dead*. *I think it took 3 salvo in reality
  11. ilhilh

    Exeter - Last stage

    What? Just sail past a cruiser at sub 5k, and don't fire until you are nicely down their broadside. 2 salvo will delete any cruiser (can even be done in 1). Payfast helps in that you have 50% more guns than fiji/leander but you still should be able to get 4-6 citas from an 8 gun salvo. Once you kill the first cruiser just sail 5km down the broadside of the next. Then usually the game will end before you can do much else but netting at least 8-10 citadels per game is incredibly easy.
  12. ilhilh

    Exeter - Last stage

    I got exeter easily enough in the end. I would argue that these final stages were much easier to complete than some of the earlier weeks. The achievements were done in 5 games (only 1 with 0 achievements). 750k damage is easy enough to do with fairly minimal games. 3 kills is a bit luck of the draw. I seemed to get 3 games at least with 3-4 kills when farming the damage but maybe took me 4-5 games to get the 3 kills trying a mix of randoms and coop. 20 citadels was 2 coop games. 8 citadels in 1 salvo in payfast.
  13. ilhilh

    Exeter - Last stage

    All requirements were listed at the start of the event so it isn't like those have just come out of nowhere. Sure, the requirements might have become more difficult from week to week - although even that point could be argued - all depends on ships available and playstyle etc. As he says if you don't like the missions, and you don't like WGs tactics then just ignore it. I also find it bizarre that you think WG should keep the format of all giveaways the same.
  14. ilhilh

    Exeter - Last stage

    Point 1 - we already have a thread on the subject here Point 2 - if hours of play hasn't got you 7 achievements then you are perhaps more rookie than you think you are. But see the thread above to get some tips on what ships lean towards which achievements.
  15. ilhilh

    What's your captain strategy?

    Usually captains move up the tree... but sometimes I find a ship that is a keeper. At that point usually I will just leave the captain and start a new one, although I may put a fresh captain in the keeper if the ship is high tier - it can be more deirable to keep the high point captain heading to the high tier ship. I recently started the French BB line and then I bought the french dude from the arsenal. He is currently in my Jean Bart, but in about 2 games I will finish the Lyon, keep her with my 14pt captain and put the french dude into the Richelieu and he will eventually become my Republique captain. I have quite a lot of premiums so I used to be able to boost a new captain to enough (at least 10) points relatively quickly. But, now I have at least 4 x 19pt captains (maybe more) and over 1 mil free XP, plus loads of flags and camos to help so I can just boost some captains up if needed - it is certainly a lot easier than it used to be. As I say 10 points is usually enough for a captain to make the ship a lot more comfortable.