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  1. I'll probably end getting them just to complete the collection :)
  2. ilhilh

    Edge of Tomorrow. Live, Die, Repeat

    As many others in this thread have pointed out, even 3 competent players can heavily influence a game... as can 3 incompetent players dragging down their team. Are you seriously telling me that you would have serious 'lolz' and 'bantz' when you run into a full team of one of the top clans? Can you imagine just nipping on for 2 quick games on your own and running into a wall of clanned players on comms? It would be utterly depressing for the majority of players to keep running into these teams. As I said before, even division of 3 can drag their team down - I see it often with divisions of 3 ill matched ships such as 3 torp DDs who then ignore 3 of 4 caps and all same to same one and die early. Even 6 players making bad ship choices and then bad tactical choices in game will throw a game. Also, you seem to suggest that since it hasn't appeared in the live game that there has been no testing of alternative division sizes. You seem to assume that they just picked a number with no thought behind it - but is that the case?
  3. ilhilh

    Edge of Tomorrow. Live, Die, Repeat

    wut? (this is a criticism). And you want me to expand on this and add in my suggestions? Ok. Here goes! My suggestion: Don't do this. Further expansion: Really, really, do. not. do. this. You claim they have no wisdom but you want to have unlimtied clan members playing together in randoms. It is pretty much the worst suggestion I have ever read.
  4. What do those get me? I took a break for a long time and only came back a few months ago.
  5. ilhilh

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    I don't think this Witchita would have looked an attractive buy in 0.7.9.
  6. ilhilh

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Are you ok?
  7. ilhilh

    PSA: Wichita in shop today, but nerfed version

    Ahhhh, I really liked the look of it, but changes to the guns make me sad.
  8. ilhilh

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    My last game in her was the game that nearly made me keep her: ...but as nice as she is, she isn't the Fuso <3<3<3 Kudos to the Furutaka who died about 2/3 of way through supporting me on a flank while heavily outnumbered. The Lyon is in the distance of my screenshot and I got 3 non--damaging pens when he had about 3k hp which stopped me getting my 7th kill
  9. People are quite welcome to have viewpoints different to mine, but if people are going to argue to keep an OP ship just because they own it then they have no right complain about imbalance elsewhere. The point I was making is that people should either be in favour of balance or accept all forms of imbalance. Some people want it both ways *edited* Also, there is no 'if' they nerf it, they are nerfing it. It is a certainty. And I expect you will not get a full refund whether you 'want' it or not. So it will be you who will get treated like the... err.. sheep by WG. I mean, I don't get what sheep has to do with doggy style.. that just sounds weird, but I'm trying to stick to your analogy...
  10. ilhilh

    tier 4 IJN carrier sucks right?

    Yep, and this includes things like the Mutsuki... which to me seems a bit ridiculous.
  11. ilhilh

    tier 4 IJN carrier sucks right?

    The tier IV CVs have pitiful damage output, resulting in no influence on the match and a general level of dissatisfaction with the experience. Also, XP progression suffers since your damage output is so low making the grind even more painful. If these are your introduction to CV gameplay in WoWs then I can't see it attracting many new players to them.
  12. I was more commenting on how I inferred the results of the poll (as they were then) as opposed to the content of the opening post, and I am playing devils advocate to some extent, but I also speak as someone who owns several premium ships who may well suffer if this trend continues. After they finish with the GC then they will move onto ships that I own and love* but if it improves the balance of the game then so be it. If your argument for keeping the GC OP at tier 5 is actually to protect both it and other OP (unbalanced) premiums from being adjusted then it is almost worse than just wanting to keep 1 OP ship - it looks like it is promoting widespread imbalance. I guess your "so unbalanced that it actually hurts the gameplay" is the key part as it sounds like you would argue that the GC doesn't drastically alter gameplay - it isn't like say a tier 5 radar ship, or some shima style torp soup at tier 5 - it doesn't change the meta in some broken way, it just improves your chance of winning by being very strong. I have read plenty of the arguments around the change and the bits I can get more on board with are: The deception by WG - making it, exceptionally strong lets say, in order to get those sales up and now changing it stinks of foul play. I just don't believe that they can get it so wrong by accident, particularly when they get feedback on these ships pre-release. The move in tier. I guess that the changes to re-balance it at tier 5 (if they looked into them) perhaps looked as though they would be more unpalatable than a 'simple' tier shift. I feel like WG don't see a tier change as a big deal but actually a ships' tier is a defining characteristic - far more so than many other factors. *they won't come for the previously OP Saipan since that thing has been destroyed already
  13. I love how the most popular opinion is just that people want to keep their club so they can continue to beat the opposition mercilessly. Option 2 is literally to make the ship balanced it for the tier but no, owners of the ship want unbalanced and unfair. These people should be unable to comment in any future discussions on the subject of MM and balance because they don't give a **** about it - they only care about themselves.
  14. ilhilh

    PSA: Free captain respec/demount ends tonight.

    Did quite nicely out of this discount. I retrained/respecced my 2 CV captains (to Hosho and Langley... I was going to regrind them... but I am waiting to see if they buff those PoS). I finished the preceding ships and bought and retrained for the following new ships: Normandie, Jervis, Yorck, Helena, Charles Martel and Seattle. This also meant I got free module de-mounts when selling the predecessors. I also respecced my Yorck captain as I am not sure what I was thinking with the skills for my Nurnberg! I actually came pretty close to finishing Chapy and Normandie but it was not to be.
  15. ilhilh

    Game is currently a mess. What about premium time ?

    I take it you are still playing the game at moment and getting premium level rewards for those games?