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  1. [edited] nonapology. Predatory sales tactics. Dishonesty. Thats not the first from you. Its yet another time you present stuborn russian-like pigheadedness and sales tactics that are straight up dishonest and illegal in more than one country. You showed, with this event, how u mislead the CCs, and [edited] apology, that you are only scammers. You jump for our money like kids for [edited]candy and your tactics to get it is like this kids could come up with. Really, how fucked up r u to not even see this? Your business cunduct reminds me some company director from former Soviet Union - push the idea no matter what, call the crap icecream and shove it to people. Will they complain? Doesn't matter, they will want our shiiiiiiiiiii...icecream! XD I was kinda hoping you are educvating yourself with each next PR scandal or another money grab operation but you are PERFECT. You dont learn. You dont even think there is something to learn, right? You are just PERFCT the way you are, scumming peoples money with less and less of a camouflage, shiting on your base, why not? Spreadshit says its A'OK aye? XD Its no wonder nor Russia or Belarus cannot succeed in free-market economy. You people still cannot comprehend its rules, do you? Its OK tho, i'm sure your spreadsheet tell you all the right things. Is it like a black 8-ball, you ask questions and it says "outcome seem good" or "masterful, sir" XD ?
  2. GSPDibbler

    Flint — American premium Tier VII

    W sumie bardzo fajnie, że można teraz go kupić za stal. Kupiłem ostatnio, bo nie miałem Atlanty, a BARDZO chciałem mieć tę niszczarkę z cytadelą ;) Builduję jeszcze, bo mam ledwo 11 punktowego kapitana, ale popływam z zestawem wszystkich flag, które dają bonus do XP kapitana... kilkadziesiąt do 100 gier i będzie dość punktów. Zgadzam się z PancernymAgrestem, tutaj trzeba trzech czwórek w buildzie. AFT - bo obecnie pływam z zasięgiem 11 km i to jest srom moi drodzy, nawet z tym nie handluj (jesli robisz wyniki z zasięgiem 11km i dobrze się bawisz, spoko, ale ja uważam, że zasięg daje po prostu znaaaacznie większe możliwości) CE - ważne, by dostać się na pozycję na początku meczu bez zebrania przygodnej cytadeli lub przedwczesnej wycieczki do portu; tym bardziej ważne, bo nie biorę SI IFHE - niby można zrezygnować w zamian za dodatkowy dym (SI) albo DE, ale dlaczego? To czysty dmg buff, podczas gdy przy DE buff zależy od RNGesusa, a 3 dymy to jak dla mnie dość w większości meczów wcześniej punkty w BFT, AR, PT i PM BFT można zamienić na SI lub DE i jak będę miał już kapitana wygrindowanego to pewnie popróbuję innych buildów (może też bez CE), ale na ten moment sądzę, że BFT jako buff dla głównego uzbrojenia i jeszcze dla plotek jest po prostu zbyt dobry, szczególnie, że lubię pływać z hydro zamiast rozbicia.
  3. GSPDibbler

    CV Rework Discussion

    When i am saying more reliable io do not mean 'impervious' 'indestructible' 'perfect' or other. I DO MEAN more reliable. I experienced first hand that sometimes i do everything right and i get away with no or almost no damage and droping planes, while sometimes i am doing the same and i drop like 2 planes, after they shaved almost half of my HP. No narrative here, just my experience. Take or leave it
  4. GSPDibbler

    Match will not start, excuse me wtf?

    Well, so its not my end, at leat i did confirmed that. At that point i tried every move i had beside uninstalling and installing the game again. Still cant play, any mode whatsoever. WG, pls fix, its sunday for christ sake, i have a job tomorrow morning and i cant play ma fav online game. Again, pls fix, fast. Or i install some battlemechs for myself EDIT After restarting computer i cant even connect with WG server and get into my port. Whatever this is WG, thats not how you keep the playerbase. Keep at it. I*'ll check after battlemechs are installed
  5. GSPDibbler

    Match will not start, excuse me wtf?

    As in title, i start game normally, pick a ship, click 'battle', there is world of warships logo for like 20 seconds, like its loading something... and nothing. I stay in port, no match, no game, i'm pissed. Connection with internet is splendid from my end. My machine is fast enough. Therefore... excuse me wtf?
  6. GSPDibbler

    CV Rework Discussion

    TL;DR the previous posts, just looking to leave some of my thoughts about CVs I dont think CVs are the problem - i rather strongly think the reliability of the AA IS THE BIG FAT F&^^$&ing problem. As a DD main i've been couping with the rework and my past DD games have been rather on a good side. Stat-wise i'm, depending on DD model, very good bordering unicum or unicum. Now, i played little more than DDs in last weeks (except like Sharnhorst coz' i love this ship - the only BB i can play a little like a DD, storming caps and cousing pure havoc... and dying to CVs sometimes - but that is all on me, i should've stay back :) ). Dodging (NOT rocket planes) It is difficult and depending on your position - sometimes impossible even (but if it is so, you probably fucked up good). There are a handful of things you can do to avoid strike or minimize its effect, turning off AA for a start. You have to play carefully, always remember to have escape route to near AA ships or room to manouver effectively in case you cannot avoid detection. It forces you to remember few new rules as a DD which may hinder your XP earnings and yes it may be boring. However, if enemy CV was after you before rework it was KINDA similar to this - in case of positioning and dodging at least. So, nothing really new for a DD player here, right? Dodging attack planes Tricky. Only semi-reliable way i find out is to turn aft or (better!) bow in and manouver rapidly to throw of their aim - left-right,-left-little rightfor a sec, and right hard... so on. You try to keep enemy planes directly behind you or in front of you, so they have to eventually guess on which side you going to turn next so they aim there. If you turn bow-in and going full speed you have a decent chance to dodge coz' they dont have time to aim properly. If enemy CV is good - going full speed bow-in is pretty much the only way you will have some chance to dodge. rocket planes may be frustrating as hell, granted. But they are still not the biggest problem with CVs. As i said, unreliable AA is. I can sum AA problem to "AA NEED TO BE MORE RELIABLE" AND I DO MEAN IT. I did build few of my DDs for AA (most notably Z-52 to partially AA-partially torp build, Gearing to almost full AA potential and Udaloi to decent potential; i also used gearing captaing on Sims and Z52 captain on Z-39). Sometimes, if CV is noob or just screwed up a little - i can SHRED their planes. Like 2 weeks ago i shot down entire 8-plane squadron with little help on Charles AA, before they even got out second drop. Z-52 drop planes like wild on second strike, so there is no third strike. Even with Sims i could have games in which i dropped pretty much most planes among the team (near 30) - even tho i was under attack most of the game, did about 25k dmg with no kills and took one cap (you may guess, it was pretty frustrating game, but ultimately i had decent XP gain, was 2nd on my team and had some satisfaction that CV used like half of his strike potential match-wise and i was still sailing around...) Sounds great? Yeah, when enemy CV is nooby and he enters the flak burst - you drop planes, [edited]yeah! Only good CV-players DOES NOT DO THAT. So only thing you can do against them is to rely on mass fire-power of multiple ships and regular damage oover time from AA. Which, in short, sucks. If you r then catched alone, even having defensive AA does not help shooting down planes. Reliaing ONLY on regular AA DOT will got you one or two planes... around second strike, maybe. Maybe he will get 3 strikes after all. Few times i was using DefAA to cover BBs and cruisers, sailong in the blob - still enemy CV was able to strike friendly BB 2 times and almost got a third attack. Like... come on! What do you have to do to prevent a stike of a good CV player? Even preventing second strike, not the first one? 2 options: 1) sink him 2) hide Nothing more. I dare to say its bad design. I would like to see MORE RELIABLE AA on every ship but ESPECIALLY when you build for it. Now i can drown 7 points to AFT and BFT or even 11 (for additional manual AA, is aplicable to the ship) and do i have a plane-dropping machine? Well... maybe? Depending on whether CV flies into flak. If not, CV will still get to strike 2 times... and 30 sec later another 2 times. And yes, i will drop planes and if he will try and try to sink me like half of the match he will likely have depleted squadrons (he can work around that and only strike 2 times to preserve airpower) but most possibly i will be dead - after dodging and weaving for half a game, not being able to accomplish something other than occupy time of the CV. You may say it eventually turns good for the team but my experience of the game is still crap. If i KNOW that closing to AA ships will reliably drop planes so CV get at best one strike - i feel most of the "CV problem" would be mostly fixed. TL;DR PLS give us more reliable AA capabilities, especially dedicated AA builld need to shoot down planes more reliably; CVs avoiding flak bursts is crap mechanic which put surface vessels in grave disadvantage if enemy CV-player is half-competent
  7. I would like to have this guide when i strated playing WOWs, maybe i would not have to climb up from 45-ish winrate and learn all of that the hard way. Still, it was a good read even now, allowed me to put in order my own 'rules of engagement'
  8. GSPDibbler


    Still need help? I owe Z39 and loving it. Its not without flaws, but its quite effective in skilled hands and can do well up-tiered. It may suffer from CVs, especially up-tiered. 6th tier planes - you will shoot down a few but not before they hit you. Tier 8 planes are significantly tougher and you will need help of some aa ship. I like 150mm guns. They are not that strong in alpha (strongest among DDs of the tier, yes, but overall have significant drawbacks to make them balanced: slow turning and slow rate of fire). Anyway, i like variety and due to that i like to have 150mm guns on a DD to have some fun. AP is really great on this guns altho restricted in use (coz u need broadside, duh), HE have good fire chance. Not good on knifefighting other DDs but otherwise they are effective. Toprs are very much OK in almost all characteristics: 2x4 fast reaload (you should build for torpboat or hybrid-like, but with upgraded torps; you can and should build Z39 to reduce torp timers), decent damage, good speed, good concealment Ships itself Lot of HP for its tier, with survivability skill you will endure lot of crap thrown at you. Manuvrability feels a little lacking, aswell as speed (speed boost can remedy that to some degree): 670m of turning, 4.5 sec rotor and 36 knots. Ship is quite large for a DD, is thick (thick enough to arm some AP shells) with rather slow speed in makes him volnerable to air attacks. Concealment is however good and with changes to the air detection you can actively avoid enemy planes. I dont know how powerful AA can become, i didnt build my Z39 for that. I dont imagine it will brake any records if you would build it for AA (i think you should not, its a waste of a potentially very fun hybrid DD). It have to be said that for its tier DDs Z39 do not have 'weak' AA. Its at least decent and some people did pointed out its actually "surprisingly good". In my vocabulary however "surprisingly good for a DD" is not really that good ;) If you DO however build it for AA you will have results, i think. Actually, as i think about it now, i will probably try it when the next discount for commander retraining arrive. Consumables repair, smoke, speedboost and hydro - meaning standard DD set with potent german hydro on top. This hydro MAKES this DD, along with it 150mm guns. You have great range on hydro and your guns are rather lacking in fighting other DDs but combination hydro+smoke will give you caps, it make you competitive among all DDs in cap contesting and can give you crucial advantage when you will knifefight (sure you know it, but still worth to point that out). Honestly, this capabilities make Z39 an effective hybrid instead of good torpboat. Timers on smoke and hydro are from T8 instead of T7 making them stronger; you can also install concealment module which is usually only available to T8-10 ships (thats the reason you have competitive concealment) Overall, as i said, i like it. Feels like jack of all trades. You are good scout, good cap-contester, have some very good torps and fun guns which became GREAT when you see some broadside in close to mid range (load AP -> farm that broadside), you will citadel cruisers (and light cruisers of lower tier... oh boi, melting time). I have only 23 battles with it yet but also 73% of winrate so i am doing something good XD (actually i was surprised with that winrate, i am sure it will go down closer to my normal DD winrate range of 55-60% as i play Z39 more). I did bought it for like half a price and with that kind of a discount i can sincerely say it was great aquisition :) if you like DDs, want to have premium 150mm dd and like to play hybrid or torp DDs (and you'll find 25% or more discount) - take it, you will love it. Without discount - i think i can still recommend. However If you like gunboat DDs, you may (probably will) regret buying it. Hope that helps, even if late ;) Cheers!
  9. GSPDibbler

    Radeckiego zabawa z drzewkami rozwoju

    Czy gdzieś są przeklejone propozycje drzewek Radeckiego? Chciałem zajrzeć a tutaj Redecki emigrował, postów nie ma :( sad...
  10. GSPDibbler

    Baltiless - Des Moines. Your advice please

    I've been grinding US CA line since i start playing the game (like 18 months ago). Liked the progression, been learning the unforgivable cruiser way. Almost drop it when grinded to Pensacola (pre-buff), now i dont regret stomaching this tin can visible from international space station with no lens (heard its better know with concealment more suitable to CAs, but hell, i will not give it another try) Pensa is like a harsh, unforgiving teacher that shows you why you need to angle (didnt protect against stray lolcits, but still) and position between islands to utilize high arcs. Switching to NO is then a relief since it improves on the armor Baltimore I played postbuff and i loved it. With reload mod it has 8.8 sec reload on the main guns and superheavy shells are hitting hard. Yes, arcs are painfull, but with combination of good manouvrability, armor and concealment - you can get close. Shell normalization is kinda of a gimmick in this line - 30% better, meaning even if other cruisers angle enough to bring all their guns - they suffer. If they angle totally they can only use part of the firepower - win-win. Had a great time picking duelles with other cruisers (and potatoed few since i felt so strong i surely can take out this hinden... well, not really). Great ship for camping islands, controling caps, hunting DDs, reliable duelist. DM - i did grind thru Baltimore like 2 days ago and about 95% of the games since - I played DM. She is a beast. Captain with 17 points: awareness, AR, SI, CE, AFT, DE. Range mod to give her more utility at camping islands (neccesity since DM is a priority target as soon as spotted and have weak armor - lolcits will happen). I'd gave her this Defensive Fire mod just for the lols since i still didnt catch radar mod yet (DF lasts 50+ seconds now). It is so, so satisfying to take revenge on this T10 planes after this gearing or khaba battles when midways or hakuryus took interest in me. AA range mod - also, to pay respects to sky cancers (7,8 air detection and 7,2km aa range with about 400 avarage dps makes it easy to defend friends). Seriously, eating planes and blaping DDs is my new favourite thing in this game. Only after a while i noticed that DMs secondarys are also 7,2 km with range mod and AFT. Not that it matters (DDs run or are consumed too, you dont come near BBs, and in cruiser fights either one ship will sink to fast for secondaries to rank up decent damage), obviously, but it came as a surprise. Still waiting for some tanky cruiser with good secondary spec, even just for the lols of it. Perfect position for DM is to find good island shelter near a cap or between caps and close to green ships - more central, the better. Can radar, can protect from flying cancers, can lob shells above mountains and mostly stay safe from the enemy. And that for about half of the match. Later - depends on how the rest of the team is doing. DPM is second to none, AP performance is still amazing like on Baltimore except you pump out more. Worse concealment and manouvrability, but i dont care. Had few duels so far with hindens, one zao, roon and baltimore - didnt even brake a sweat. They angle? No problem - i out-DPM them to oblivion with HE. They dont angle? Well, thats a paddlin. Lately i citadelled slightly angled Iowa from 8 km (first time for me actually, that was quite fun). My first T10 cruiser. Still in love.
  11. GSPDibbler

    Personal stat review plz!

    Plagiarism! Scandal! (srsly tho, no problem ;) I take it as a compliment) I spy unicum cancer CV skipper here, meaning I kinda hate you only cause you dont rush your planes over my Baltimore like its christmass. I did try to spy something constructive in your stats but since youre in every category better player than me I will just shut :D (one exception: you do have exactly avarege survival on crusers and very low on BBs - you might want to work on your virtue of patience to live longer)
  12. GSPDibbler

    Roast me! by my stats pls

    Thanks! - Will do that, just recently got to a clan... and had to move/start a new job. Will play soon. - I played the Bogue when i started in WOWs. Didnt like CVs, but if i will return to them i know better already (watched some yt) - Bismarck... i know, at all regards, im not touching it till i grind some german BBs - Aggresivenes in CAs - working on it, recently seen more succes on baltimore. I think i need patience above anything else. - plane kills, I did speced balti for AA monster just there is little cvs around and if they are there, they usually know to avoid me when i start to shoot planes at 7,2 km. But i do forget to alt-target squadrons when in the fight (look at you minimap PLEB! ;) - i beat myself every time...)
  13. GSPDibbler

    Roast me! by my stats pls

    Hello, Browsing the forum for some time i saw a lot of people using stats to tell whether payer is good, bad or what mistakes he/she does. I do that to to myself, however sometimes, reading some more experienced players insights i see i dont read my stats to full understanding (they draw conclusions i miss, simple as that). Ergo, i would like at least few of you to look into them and criticise about what you see. I am immune to salt so, roast if you feel like it, as blunt and disricpecting as you want - as long as you will provide factual critic and some advice ;) Here the link to warships today: https://eu.warships.today/player/502920480/GSPDibbler ...and wows numbers: http://wows-numbers.com/player/502920480,GSPDibbler/ Basics: about 4k games and 55% WR, mostly play DDs (fully grinded in USN, to T9 with IJN, T8 with KM, to Khaba and making way to Grozovoi with RU line), I also play cruisers (Ibuki, Balti, number of mid tier premium cruisers - cause i like to have one of each nation). I know i suck in Bismarck (yeah, i won it in the event, like 30k other players, i discovered i sucked, i play Scharn instead - feels more like cruiser and to my mediocre-at-best BB skills, OP-like ship suits me better)
  14. GSPDibbler

    Rigged Ship Class Distribution

    Your stats tell the story iJoby - as Sidian said, high survival rate and low hit rate are pretty much telling signs of a bordersliding BB (or just passive player that dont want to close the distance until the match is lost). Not telling it cause youre a bad player (cant know that), but stats reveal general tendencies. Yours are to stay back and dont push. Which is exactly the problem you write about. The irony...
  15. GSPDibbler

    Rigged Ship Class Distribution

    1) cause he/she like certain ships at lower to mid tiers 2) to earn silver easier to buy higher tier ships 3) cause they hate actuall T10 meta 4) cause they grinded their way to T10 and saw they need more training to compete on this level Trolling or really that poor of imagination?