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  1. Senjougahara

    Update 0.7.11: Rule, Britannia! - Discussion Thread

  2. Senjougahara

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Played a few more battles and got Hakuryu now One thing I noticed after getting Hakuryu: the stock torpedo bombers have a drop pattern of 2 torpedoes. And the pattern is the same for Ryuujou, which leads me to believe that the torpedo drop pattern from tier 4 all the way to tier 10 (until you upgrade to the better torpedo bombers) is 2 torpedo drop pattern. Please do not do this! A 2 torpedo drop is almost completely useless, you just have a giant gap in the middle anybody can sail through and you never hit anything. The MINIMUM you want in any drop is 3 torpedoes because then at least you have something going down the middle (which is why Graf Zeppelin torpedo drop pattern was so OP, you have 3 torpedoes going down the middle). Having a gap in the middle is only acceptable if you have a 4 torpedo drop (but even that is questionable on the Midway since there's a HUGE gap in the middle) Another thing: deepwater torpedoes but still don't flood? what's the point? the tradeoff with deepwater torpedoes is you can't hit all targets (won't touch DDs) but you do more damage and have a high flood chance. If you remove the flood chance then you give up being able to damage DDs for no gain, especially since they are so SLOW and have about a 5km arming distance ANYBODY can dodge them. Though I will say the fact that the upgraded torpedo bombers aim SUPER FAST does help, they're still difficult to use because of the HUGE arming distance. Anybody with a brain would just sail towards you and then the torpedoes hit before they arm, or you drop far enough away so they can't get within the arming range but they just easily sail out of the way instead. And if you hit? no flood, just alpha damage, not very useful.
  3. Senjougahara

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Having played a few battles at each tier (6 and 10) I have opposite points of view about this. At tier 6 CVs are impotent, their planes are paper, you fly a squad over a DD to reach a BB or CL/CA and you already lost half your planes. Don't even bother dropping on DDs because you'll never hit them, and avoiding their AA entirely like they're all AA spec Gearing is such a bad way to play the game it's not even worth thinking about. You're left in a lose/lose situation. You either fly your planes in the most direct path to the target (probably a BB), and lose half your planes to a random DD in the way, or you fly around every AA aura in the battle until you reach your target and probably still lose half your planes to the target's AA before you can drop only it takes 5x longer to get there. And even then your drops are worthless, torpedoes don't flood, bombs and rockets don't cause fires, only the raw alpha damage is worth anything but that's so pitiful you're better of playing literally any other class and being 100x more effective and have 100x more game impact. The problem is the planes are too squishy, they are made of paper. Or the tier 6 AA is just too strong, and remember this is without any commander skills or AA upgrades as I notice they've been removed from the test, I can't imagine what any ship with a single AA upgrade or BFT will do to your paper planes. And even when you do drop... so what? Damage is almost negligible. You feel worthless. Plane HP needs to be buffed, or AA damage decreased, it's just too hard to do anything as a CV at tier 6. On the other hand at tier 10 I've had a Midway match with 236k damage, so obviously you haven't fixed the problem of Midway being OP. That being said Midway still has its problems, torpedoes are so hard to aim that even the tiniest bit of manoeuvring or the tiniest bit of your aim being off they might as well be dropping bags of sand. It's a struggle to hit a Yamato with torpedo bombers, and it's made worse by the fact that the drop pattern is 2 sets of 2 torpedoes with a massive gap in the middle, unless your aim is perfect any potato could dodge those, you might as well not even use them. Playing as Montana I never got hit by plane torpedoes once. All the Midway damage is in the bombs, you can have one squad do 50k+ damage of bomb drops to a BB with the life of one squad and then fires on top of that. Then once they're all dead just launch your rocket planes and zoom across the map at 265 knots (!!!) and then set even more fires. I feel like the torpedoes should be made easier to use, and the bombs a little less effective to compensate. Also the speed on those rocket planes is INSANE with the instant acceleration, you can cross the map in seconds using the boost consumable. All that being said I didn't feel like my Midway matches had much game impact, you see your drops and then once your planes die you go back to your carrier and never see the outcome of all your damage, either they burn to death while you can't see them or somebody else finishes them off (or they get away). You can't see any of this because you're controlling the next squad of planes, so you don't FEEL like you're doing anything (even in that 236k damage Midway match I didn't feel like I did much until I looked at the damage counter and realised). If a core reason for this overwork is the FEEL of playing a CV it needs to feel like you're doing more, make the damage counters look bigger and flashier, or have sounds when your bombs hit (like WoWP) so you know you just took out a big chunk of their HP, the rewards need to be more immediate and obvious. If you drop a bunch of bombs for 20k damage it often doesn't feel like you did anything at all because you can't see their healthbar lose a huge chunk due to the way the camera is not focused on them any more. It needs to be immediately satisfying knowing you just dealt a lot of damage in a drop. I'm not saying increase the damage, just make it more obvious and satisfying when you do deal that damage. However at both tiers I found myself doing the same thing, farming BBs all match because it's pointless trying to damage anything else. As a surface combatant I found myself completely unafraid of air strikes (even in a Yamato) as I could easily dodge all torpedoes and heal off most bomb and fire damage, and very few planes made it close to me because overlapping fields of AA from multiple ships just made it suicide to even strike me, playing as Worcester not a single plane even went near me. (Edit: also the skill to use your fighters to shoot enemy planes seems horribly inconsistent, one time it shot down 5 planes in the space of a few seconds, other times it did literally nothing) And from a control point of view it's much more difficult to control your CV now while you're flying your planes around, you can generally only click with the map view or return your planes to hangar and do all your manoeuvrers before launching your next planes. These are my initial impressions, I'll keep playing and see if my opinions changes, for example if I learn how to drop torpedoes more consistently. Edit: Bugs/suggestions - One time I had an almost full HP squad of bombers and accidentally pressed F to return them to carrier, I was unable to regain control of them and couldn't find a way to stop them returning to carrier, I couldn't click on them and if I tried to press the hotkey to select bombers it just tried to launch more. If there is a way to regain control of a squad once you press "return to carrier" it needs to be more obvious because I could not find it, if there is not a way to regain control of a squad once you press that button please give us a way, I don't want to waste several minutes and lose an entire squad to a misclick.
  4. Senjougahara

    [Tool]Official WOWS_Unpacker

    WG broke this with - any news on update? EDIT: nvm the link is updated on NA forum
  5. Senjougahara

    Bug Reports

    I hadn't skipped at all (I don't even remember the controls for this), I just couldn't exit any way at all after trying for a good minute until I gave up and killed the process.
  6. Senjougahara

    System for Prevention of Unsporting Conduct

    Killing YOUR OWN PLANES contributes towards pink status - this is completely and utterly ridiculous. I have two squads of seven fighters. One squad has 2 planes left, the other squad has 7 planes left. I lock both enemy fighter squads into combat with my 2 plane squad and use the 7 plane squad strafe to wipe them both out. Such an move could potentially WIPE OUT 14 planes (or even so many as 20 planes if you're doing it against Hakuryu), at the cost of ONLY 2 planes. If you just left click on them instead you could potentially lose all of your planes and not kill more than one or two because LOL RNG (not to mention it would take 100x longer for the dogfight to finish). The game is literally penalising you for playing well at this point, you get penalised for sacrificing 2 of your planes to kill 14-20 enemy planes which is a good trade by any standards. The game would rather you left click and play like a complete potato to avoid pink status. I get it at low tiers when you have double CV battles and your allied CV strafes into your planes, that SHOULD count as unsporting. But your OWN planes should not count. There are ONLY two reasons you'd strafe your own planes: 1. by accident - why should anybody be punished for this? you don't punish people for sailing broadside or rushing in to die first so why should you penalise this type of bad play? 2. as part of a move trade your planes for enemy planes - in this case you're doing it to trade (hopefully few) of your planes for (hopefully many) enemy planes. The important thing to note here is you may ask "so why don't you just strafe the other squad out of fighter lock before the strafe hits them?" and in some cases you can't do this, if you only have 1 plane left it just dies when you try to strafe out (because you always lose 1). So if you're down to 1 or 2 planes there's literally no reason to strafe out, just keep them there and keep enemy planes locked in place for longer. But you get pink for strafing 1 of your own planes, but the game is perfectly happy if you strafe it out and it automatically dies anyway. It makes no sense. And lastly, there may be a third reason to strafe your own planes: you're a troll - but there's no benefit to this, let's say you strafe all your own planes and you run out, that has the same effect as just not using them in the first place. If you want to troll as a CV by not doing anything then you can just as easily troll by wasting time and doing everything except being useful. Putting this in place to stop trolls (I've literally never seen anybody do this so it's not a common problem) while hurting so many many people who play this game properly just punishes innocent people for no gain. Trolls will find ways to be trolls. There is literally no argument for strafing your own planes turning you pink.
  7. Senjougahara

    Bug Reports

    1. Description Many issues with replays: speed indicator is stuck at zero turning/heading indicator is stuck in the middle turret position in bottom left corner is stuck stationary damage indicator is stuck at full HP fires (and I assume floods) do not show up on the ship icon bottom left corner or above the loading indicators gun loading indicators don't count down, they are either full when loaded or empty when loading crosshair doesn't follow where you aim in the main screen, it still looks like the turrets are pointing straight forwards and backwards ribbons don't display damage counter (and potential damage and spotting damage) don't display achievements don't display (on the right hand side when you get them, they still display in the chat) you cannot exit the replay, pressing the "esc" key does nothing, alt+f4 does nothing, as far as I can tell you can only exit by killing the process 2. Reproduction steps Enable replays, play a match, then exit the game and watch the replay 3. Result Replays are difficult to watch and very bad for recording stuff 4. Expected result Replays should display everything exactly as they do in the normal game itself, and you should be able to exit them without killing the process 5. Technical details I'm not sure if technical details are relevant, as far as I can tell this happens with all replays as of
  8. Senjougahara

    Update 0.7.4 General Feedback

    So they made it worse basically (though not as bad as it was initially on PTS), as expected of WG. You know I was about to say I didn't have anything to complain about in this update and that they had a number of good changes. But I take that back now I see that their "spotting system fix" basically only "fixed" a non-issue. The thing that people care about is the pointless 5 second delay on rendering, nobody cares that the smoke renders first. If anything that could be used to at least figure out visually where the ship would render so you can aim at it quicker when it does render. Now we have even less to go on. The most ridiculous thing about this entire mess is that ships used to render instantly on both the minimap and 3D, so to fix this all they have to do is ROLL BACK THAT CHANGE. Yet they make an entire song and dance about messing that up because apparently they lost their commit history and forgot how it was before. This is just bizarre to me. At the time it was first introduced I remember them saying the reason is because russian toasters can't keep up with it so they added the delay to make toasters more competitive with actual PCs. And of course at the time everybody hated it just as much as they do now, but for some reason (allegedly player feedback, but I know for a fact players' opinions of this haven't changed at all since it was first proposed so that can't be the reason) they wait until now to change their mind about it.
  9. I've looked at the sound files for the game and as far as I can tell the new bell sound isn't in any of the .wem files, rather it's stored in one of the .bnk sound banks which are far more of a pain to edit - I can extract from the .bnk files but I can't see an easy way to just remove a specific sound from a .bnk file, so I go to look at the .xml files. But I can't find anything obvious in the xml files that would tell the game when to play that sound so it's becoming really difficult to pinpoint how to mod this damn sound out of the game. Has anybody else found anything to make this easier?
  10. Senjougahara

    Other Improvements

    "A special sound signal (ring) will play when a battleship's main calibre battery is fully reloaded" I've seen the response on Reddit regarding this: "Please let me clarify - we are not against customization (this is why also we made sound modding much easier) - but we're against overwhelming settings for every god damn sound or UI element - it's too much for vanilla client." First point: NEVER introduce a new "feature" without an option to disable it, forcing new stuff on EVERYBODY is obnoxious especially if you don't gather any feedback on whether or not such a thing is wanted (which WG never does by that's another issue entirely). I'm not going to go into how ridiculous the comment about sound modding being easy is, but if you don't want overwhelming settings for every sound or UI element THEN STOP INTRODUCING SO MANY UNNECESSARY SOUNDS OR UI ELEMENTS THAT PEOPLE WANT TO DISABLE. Secondly: Literally never seen a single person ask for this, and it's annoying as hell, it sounds more like a church bell calling for mass than anything else.
  11. Senjougahara

    [] Remove/Hide Insignias

    I've updated it to remove the new French emblems added in, but let me know if you find any that aren't hidden and I can go back and check.
  12. Senjougahara

    []Historical Naval Ensigns (Flags) in 4k HD

    Hey Adiya, due to WG censorship I've started to update the flags.dds file myself for personal use, but it seems like the service_lib.swf file prevents the game from loading as of - can you tell me what this file does or if it's needed?
  13. Senjougahara

    [] Remove/Hide Insignias

    I've replaced ALL insignias with transparent .png image files so they don't show up at all. Because some of us don't want these obnoxious things shoved in our faces and blocking our view with no option to turn them off. Download Links: https://nakadashi.kokonoe.ovh/WoWs_Hide_Insignias.7z https://puu.sh/BiVCv/7fbfce4784.7z Simply extract to mods folder Enjoyee Edit: Updated for - last changed on 2018-03-01 Edit: Updated for - last changed on 2018-03-30 Edit: Updated for - last changed on 2018-04-26 Edit: Updated for - last changed on 2018-06-01 Edit: Updated for - last changed on 2018-06-28 Edit: Updated for - last changed on 2018-07-27 Edit: Updated for - last changed on 2018-08-23
  14. Senjougahara

    Update 0.7.0 Feedback

    Welcome to episode 2 of "UI Changes Nobody Asked For" In this episode we feature the new division chat and status window being combined. It's so nice of WG to consider those of us who don't use division chat (because for example we might be using voice chat) and decide to force us to display the chat the entire time anyway, that's exactly what we wanted. It's also wonderful of them to not give us any choice in the matter, we HAVE to accept this change or stop playing the game, there's no option to toggle it on or off. We're stuck with it. Thank you so much WG, we love unnecessary and bad UI changes being forced upon us! I cannot overstate how much I absolutely love this feature. Please give us more ridiculous, unintuitive, ugly, and plain bad changes in the UI. After switching around the upgrade slots back in 6.14 I thought you couldn't do any better, but you really outdid yourself this time! Since WG are so focused on making bad changes that nobody asks for, wants, or needs, I thought I'd help them by coming up with some further suggestions to "streamline" the experience: Ads. We all love ads! Look at all that wasted space on the port screen! Filling it up with unwanted chats was only the first step, you should put ads on there too. Not only would players LOVE it, but you'd make even more money!!! On the installer PLEASE give us the option to install the Ask™ toolbar. I find it so frustrating that in order to get that garbage piece of bloated spyware I have to install Java, I wish I could get it through WG products too! UI elements need to shake, and jump out when you hover over and click on them, it would really make it "pop". We need more synergy, ALWAYS MORE SYNERGY. You know those lovely flashing symbols that appear on new features? Make it so they don't disappear. It's already fun enough that they don't go away until you click on them (even if you don't care), why not make it so that EVERY UI element has that flashing symbol? It would really grab our attention to features we never even knew existed or cared about or wanted. Give us fewer options! Having so much choice and player agency is confusing and frustrating, please take all of our choices away from us so we can only do what big brother WG want us to do. MORE UNNECESSARY UI CHANGES THAT NOBODY WANTS. This is by far the most important factor in creating a fun and engaging gaming experience. Remove detonation flags, they are OP. On that note, we need more detonations, please. It's so hard to detonate a battleship it's almost not even worth shooting at them. And I heard carriers CAN'T be detonated????????????? Talk about OP, please nerf. Manual drop is overpowered, please remove from the game. When we reach tier 6 CV and play against a CV that knows how to manual drop or strafe it's just so unbalanced it should be illegal. Conqueror isn't strong enough, I only have a 97% winrate over 1000 games in my conqueror, that is unacceptable. BRITANNIA RULES THE WAVES. Please make sure this is accurately reflected in the game, thanks in advance. You're welcome. When you make all these changes, and I know you will, I expected to be compensated in full for my brilliant ideas. They are all copyrighted and if you implement any of them without paying me I will sue you! Hugs and kisses. xoxo Warm Regards, t. Potato
  15. Senjougahara

    Upgrade Slot Changes

    Completely unnecessary change. Before they were grouped by functionality, gun/torpedo/AA stuff at the beginning, engine/rudder and fire/torpedo protection in the middle, and concealment or utility at the end. Now they are all a jumbled mess and how do you know which slot to go to for a particular upgrade? You don't, because nobody thinks of upgrades in terms of their cost but rather their functionality. For example, you don't think "oh I want a 125,000 credit module to replace my current one", you think "I want to replace my gun upgrades with AA upgrades - where are my gun upgrades? THEY'RE ALL OVER THE PLACE BECAUSE WG *Edited" At least give us an option to choose which arrangement we want to use, rather than forcing a change NOBODY ASKED FOR on us.