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  1. RaptorAbt

    Lonely BB player looking for fun, lets hook up?

    OP FYI: The original Latin of the expression "if you want peace, prepare for war" comes from the book "Epitoma Rei Militaris," by the Roman general Vegetius (whose full name was Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus). The Latin is, "Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum" - power of google.
  2. RaptorAbt

    How long will the 10 guinees deal be available in the shop?

    IF you open your ARSENAL page and mouse over the Guineas icon, it tells you they remain valid till 23rd Jan 2019. For the Sovereigns its valid till 21st Nov 2018
  3. RaptorAbt

    Did you get any British DD-missions from the containers?

    Completed the Four Parts (except RN DD specific ones x4) and received the 4 Guinea's & 60 Sovereigns, no DD missions. Will dig out the Gallant to complete the TWO Tier V+ RN DD one later).
  4. RaptorAbt

    Kicked out of battle?

    Guess I am not alone with the "Technical" Issue...
  5. RaptorAbt

    How to be a tomato (or my worst weekend ever = rant)

    Point 10. Torping teamates while in a German cruiser is cool, because after all if the enemy is 14km away your torps might reach him if he accelerates a bit more. While doing the 75,000 HP Torpedo stage, I spent half my time (Kamikaze R) swivelling round, when the Torpedo Detection Alarm kicked off, because "Friendly" Cruisers were "trying" to hit the enemy DD's contesting Cap circle. Again from 10 Km + (love those Omaha, Kirov drivers).
  6. RaptorAbt

    Update 0.6.13 - Tech Tree visuals

    The French Tech Tree is showing the Tier II & Tier III Cruisers as Unlocked ready to purchase, even though I have not played that Line.
  7. RaptorAbt

    [Operation] Aegis

    First battle, Four Stars (New Mexico) and then Five stars (Cleveland) in 2nd - still not sure what was happening! ​ Much "easier" and more predictable than Op. Juno - (too many high tier enemy ships in the last wave) - WTF is it going to be like in "HARD" mode.
  8. RaptorAbt

    The great "how to I pronounce his/her name" thread......

    Something to do with "Fire God" and place in Kuwait ?
  9. RaptorAbt

    Update Performance

    Think this is the right place. For the first time yesterday (12th June), PvP game froze and then message flashed on screen stating "Server Overload, ..... try later" - it was too quick to read properly. Today PvP ( circa 14.00hrs GMT), 69FPS, 39 Ping and permanent Lag red dot - not nice when a Hood shooting at you & unable to manoeuvre or shoot back.
  10. RaptorAbt

    Emerald gets a 3 mm buff next patch

    She is a Hard grind, can't convince myself to play more than one Battle with her (Win or Lose) attempting to get the Daily bonus.
  11. RaptorAbt

    New PVE Operations

    Forming a Division with friends is much "easier" to co-ordinate. Can't wait for the HARD option
  12. RaptorAbt

    On what USN ship are you having your "Steven Seagal" captain?

    TDY in the Arkansas B
  13. RaptorAbt

    Update 0.6.3 Feedback - Other Changes

    May be me! Containers:- after selecting the Top Left field to collect one of the daily containers, I notice that it "delivers" a container (for type selection), which then drops into the ships hatch and another one is then delivered for you to OPEN.
  14. RaptorAbt

    supercontainers. do they still exist?

    I still get my regular 15 x Signal Flags Free each day from my TYL Containers. Supa Containers are like "hens teeth" and "Rocking Horse ......"
  15. RaptorAbt

    London Port - feedback

    Fairly accurate representation of Tower Bridge & surrounding area