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  1. Realazio

    Wargaming Price Gouging

    I think the fair way would be, if you have 3 servers, you price your product according to the lowest margin, meaning in this case RU. Why EU and NA need to pay more for the same thing just becouse our demograpic is better and we have higher salaries? My logic would be, if you have a same price ditacted by the lowest demographic, the EU and NA will spend even more since it will be "cheaper" for them... Its better for an EU to spend 180 euros on one item?, when he can spend 200 on two items, you still earned 20 more and probably he will spend even more since he can afford more
  2. Steel or RB, i doubt they would give a BC with 508 for coal thats easy to get
  3. Secondary line german BBs with long torps?? And Slava on steroids with 508?
  4. Realazio

    Constellation = Meh

    Play it like an oversized cruiser with 406 guns, and torps just in last resort case since it cannot tank, so i dont see the logic of thinking its a brawler or should be just becouse has torps, why trying to force something thats not ment for the ship and then "cry" thats not working. I find the ship good with an avr of 80k+ dmg per game, the guns can be trolly,
  5. I understand WG policy regarding modes, and allowing essentialy everyone to at some point achieve almost everything, becouse from a marketing standpoint its the only logical thing to spread your audience the widest possible you can, but in the end you run in a problem of veteran players who want real competititve play, and casual/semi casual players, and you cannot make a mode that will combine those two together. You have randoms, that are just that...random game with radomised everything, and thats fine You have clan battles, and kots, that are competitive plays and thats fine but you end up doing Ranked that in reality its not ranked becouse a real ranked works with other systems in place, equal teams in stats etc etc. Last season in Gold, i saw 39% 1.1k BXP 35k AVR DMG guys playing there, and you know why? becouse he played so much battles that in the end he got carried all the way to the Gold, so that means that for the majority of the teams he played for, it was like 6v7 from the start, you start a game with an obvious handicap, becouse you have a player in your team in a league way beyond his playing capability. So the solution is, rename it to Random 7v7, lower down the rewards and people who like to grind will grind it knowing they need to carrry alot, or get lucky with MM, or make another mode called proper Ranked where you meet people your "size". I honestly wouldnt even mind a proper Ranked with stat mirroring with only teh three ships available, i mean you guys at WG have sooo many options to make so many different modes that in the end your audience can choose what to actualy play, do they want a random, random 7v7 with some small steel rewards, do they wanna do proper clan battles, do they want proper ranked, the possibilities are endless.
  6. The main issue of ranked is MM....your team is lets say 50% OVR...enemy team is lets say 53% OVR + gets 3 people that are 65%+ from lets say hurricane clan, how are you supposed to win? I use mainly wows monitor so at the start of the battle i just know if i really need to put an effort and play or go into "save my star mode" from the start of the game....and then in all that mix you get that little Billy who played 50 games mid T5 and bought ARP Yamato and decided why not start "learning" that ship in ranked, becouse there is no difference between Kongo and Yamato right? For me ranked its just random 2.0 with less people and tighter tier MM with people mostly using OP ships
  7. There is a "workaround", just press ESC to enter the "pause menu" and press it again to get back into the game,. i do it fast, in like sub 1 sec, and the guns are shooting fine, but it is frustrating and should be fixed.
  8. Realazio

    No Chat tabs No Armory No Naval Battles after

    My guess the problem is the game updates itself with future updates ahead of time, and the server side of armory and premium ships are on a current update, so my guess is there is some sort of conflict, becouse game is on 9.12, yet playing on 9.11, until the date the game is fully unlocked to 9.12. Problems started i think when they unified the game launcher for all regions and its only limited by time zones of when the already installed update activates, since i guess the server side of armory premium and stuff also has two versions, one runnin on the current update and one ready when the already installed update activates, so meybe the server is having some conflicts between the two updates
  9. Why Atlanta will get the improved range into the ship yet Flint will remain on 11.1? They are same class ships, its like giving Bismarck more range then tirpitz becouse tirpitz has tops yet they are same class of ships. Flint has smoke yeah, and longer torps, but less guns, but still, please put its range to the same as Atlanta, becouse playing at 11.1 is nearly suicidal for both ships
  10. Realazio

    Update 0.9.11: Winter Trophies

    Whats that "alternative way" of getting RB points or I am blind and cant find it in the article
  11. Realazio

    Add german super-battleship

    I dont see problem why not add even H-44. Since they make so much paper and imaginatory ship atleast this one had some kind of blueprint.
  12. None asked about why is AA and secondary guns on same hotkey? And why they are not separated already? So for example i am playing a secondary build ship, so with turning A off i am also turning off my secondary guns. No logic. Make them separate.
  13. I guess we are then not playing the same ship, since Slava has 212 dispersion on 24.7, in comparision yamato with all "acu mods" has 238 on 26.6, but has slower shell speed, archier ark. Slava is a ship if you know how to aim, you can be devastating...i dev striked a goliath on 23.8km with 3 cits, managed to do 4 cits on yamato on 23 km without hitting his weakspot, deleted zao on 20+, did like 40k to conqueror, and i regulary do 20k+ of damage on a kurfurst no matter the range, so aim better becuse the ship is a bigger stalin with even better guns
  14. Realazio

    the slava it comes!

    In 10 days i will also have Slava, so then i will see it for myself what the ship really is, i have stalin, bourgogne, and i like them, so i guess i will like Slava too....i almost got Ohio, but it can wait now that Slava is out :)