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  1. As seen in the screenshots, something is blocking ship traversal, quite far away from the edge of the island.
  2. IJN_Kako

    CV Matchmaking Changes on Tier X

    How about the outcry about t8 CVs getting into t10 matches all the time? Can that be addressed next please?
  3. IJN_Kako

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    Starting with good things: It looks great, it's fresh, it's satisfying to perform a good bombing run. I really like the rocket planes, they feel like a good way to tackle Destroyers without the need to resort to highly risky maneuvers like trying to torpedo drop them. But these things have been said already. I would love to see a way to send fighters to a particular point on the map. Not only would that be more useful in terms of teamplay, but also way more intuitive and realistic. I mean you already have us fiddle with the minimap when it comes to steering the carrier. What's few more clicks to send planes somewhere in particular? Regarding fighters, still. I hate to see the fighter-on-fighter game go. It was the most fun for me, because at a certain skill threshold dropping ships becomes a formality. So I'd definitely lobby for at least some aspects of it to stay. I can already see that it's going to be not very hard for a dedicated player to master the art of flawless or near flawless attacking. Where is the good player supposed to go from there? I'm afraid the advanced CV gameplay is going to become boring and unappealing, and in the long run is going to hurt the number of the class players. Also the dive bombers are by far the most difficult of the drops to execute right, for the least reward. I think if a player lines up a drop properly, the reward should be a way smaller dispersion circle. Think about how the players on the live server are gonna be much more difficult targets than bots during the testing. And even if someone manages to line up the target properly and execute the perfect bombing run, the RNG can still decide you don't get to do any damage. Then you have to do it again, and again, each time more difficult because the dive bombers have to get the closest to the target and hover over it the longest for a proper drop alignment. Dive bomber mechanic is, so far, simply frustrating. Perhaps buffing their maneuverability or responsiveness of the aiming circle during the dive would help to fix the problem? The one thing I enjoy - the DFAA doesn't affect your spread, so you can punish stationary cruisers properly. In the end, the biggest gripe with the rework at the moment is that there is no player-to-player interaction on any meaningful level. All the damage done to the planes is RNG based. It feels way more disconnected from the battle than the current system, contrary to what the new point of view might suggest. It's disconnected on the core level, which is in my opinion way more important. Carriers are STILL playing their own game, only now they don't even get to interact with eachother. I hope some dev or person with influence is actually going to read this. I very, very much want you to succeed with the rework project. I want to be able to still enjoy the ships I love so much after you are done with this. It's a long road for you, and I wish you the best of luck. Insignificant as my opinion might be, I will be there for you, every step of the way, rooting for you that you'll do this right.