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  1. Astropal

    Unable to connect to update service

    strike ?
  2. Astropal

    Unable to connect to update service

    me 2
  3. Astropal

    0.5.12 Update - Economy Changes Explained

    Lets make that simple : the service - repair cost based at price of the buy of ANY ship at X 0,5% (i.e. if the price of anew ship is 10.000.000 * 0.5% = 50.000) for a total destroyed plus the cost of ammo and consumables i think this is FAIR and SIMPLE
  4. Astropal

    Public Test of Mac Wrapper for Warships

    me too - any1 help plz ?
  5. Astropal


  6. Astropal

    Ranked Battle Reward Flags

    I like to have the choice to buy my own flag from a big celection in game like the eblems in the WOT
  7. Astropal

    Ranked Battle Reward Flags

    World of Warships is part of the Wargaming.net Universe and share the benefits of the single Wargaming.net ID and Unified Premium Account Service. One account allows you NOT to share your wealth across all three games and rule the land, air and sea. "PEACE is a LIE ..."
  8. Astropal

    Ship Rebalance Feedback

    if the repair cost of the high tier ships is cheaper i think u will not have such problems with any cpt crying, the game play will change imidiately.. just try for a sort period and u see WG , its no so hard ... why i need to play such boring games with my T10 ship with this ridicukus repair cost - no matter if i win with premioum - ? The lower Tiers games are more atractive because are more fun , less camping , more teamwork , less repair cost So stop nerfing around over and over - Just fix the repair cost in high tiers It is too comblicate ???? just try and see If i thing some ships is OP i just take one i dont cry like baby for that ! The other way : Make all ships equal = problem solved (full arcade)
  9. Astropal

    Weather Feedback

    IMO the weather effects have to aply to ALL maps and to ALL battles maybe Random spawning 1 or 2 times in the duration of battle , last from 5 to 10 min each time ... i hope this is technikally possibile PS sry for my bad english
  10. Astropal


    nothing yet - it seems working only for some gj WG EU
  11. Astropal

    Ranked Battles Season 3 feedback

    If you feel it is OP, play it - stop whining. sible and clear thx +1