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  1. celeb2k

    Seatle downgrade...

    What the pain is this ship? Straight downgrade from Cleveland, who has the same guns (range, speed, dmg, ROF, accuracy) - but much faster turrets + incomparable firing arcs!!! When you equip tier9 module for ROF handling your turrets is even worse. Ship is bigger, clumsy, with worse turning circle, acceleration is horrific, citadel area is MUCH MUCH bigger, worse concealment. Cleveland was love - excellent ship, many times I've ended up 1st in tierX games. This is just a pure pain designed to be freeXPed. Money bag for WG.
  2. diky za podrobne info. Akurat ten "komandér" mi znie trochu divne. Co takto pouzit vyraz "kapitan" ?
  3. celeb2k

    GWDYS - Nábor

    preco kur.. riesime hentai na nasej naborovej stranke? Co takto radsej ako sa umiestnime v play-off Kings of the Sea ?
  4. celeb2k

    HMS Lion - you r experience

    much worse results than with Monarch. APs = trash. Monarch APs were much better. Had many 200+k dmg games with Monarch, epic games. Short-fuse APs = overpens-only on DDs and cruisers, which makes no sense. I'd like to play mostly with APs and using HE on angled BBs like with Monarch, but dispersion is terrific and surprisingly I have many shatters with HEs on BBs. For me is this ship one of the biggest disappointments. Most of my XPs comes from dmg taken, as I try to play at 12-14km range from enemy ships, taking a heavy HE punishment, than disengage and heal ... but dmg caused is pitiful. My worst tier9 ship so far and I had all except CVs and Alsace. I really do not know yet how to play with Lion effectively :(
  5. celeb2k

    Monarch. What am I doing wrong?

    I love those posts with 185k dmg 'proving' Monarch be a good tier8 BB. I just have this exceptional game ... but after 5 or 6 loses with her. IMHO it's worst of all tier8 BBs in hands of a good BB captain, who relies on accuracy and good aim. This is just a generic ship with which you cannot have very bad games, but very good either = constantly! It's more RNG dependent than even Tirpitz/Bismarck is - due to her's concealment and good maneuverability you will have hundreds excellent positions to shoot broadside BBs/CAs at 10-12km ... and she will fail horribly. 5-7k dmg in the moments you were patient waiting for and that in Amagi/NC/Alabama would be devastating strikes, are now just a pain in your throat. Avg/worse players will profit from their terrible vertical dispersion and still hit something, even when aim wasn't particularly good. Good players will curse the RNG when they do everything what had to be done and results are just bad. 2nd last note - the later ship tree you grind, the better results you can expect due to your experience with the game, mechanics, etc. So better results with her don't automatically mean that she's a better ship. Just that you are better. And finally the last note - In rank 5 to 2 bracket team who had more Monarchs lost in all my countless matches in this bracket. Not a single exception. Like when you saw Lexington vs Shokaku. celeb2k out
  6. Ahoj kapitani. Po prechode vacsiny povodnych clenov GWDYS/GDS (Guys Who Dated Your Sister) do CALM a naslednom ciastocnom doplneni stavu ostalo stale v klane zopar miest volnych. Kedze startuju Clan Wars, radi by sme naverbovali kvalitnych, vyspelych a hlavne pohodovych hracov, ktory travia viacero hodin tyzdene v hre, nemaju problem si ASPON 1x tyzdenne vyclenit hodinu-dve cisto pre clan wars (casy sa dohaduju na Discorde tak, aby to vyhovovalo vacsine). Hladame hracov, co uz maju co-to odstrielane, maju aspon 2-3 tier 10 lode, min 55% WR (bude sa posudzovat individualne, ci hrac hrava sam, alebo v div, kde byva WR vyssi), 50k+ priemerny dmg a 1500+ priemerne XP na hru. Komunikujeme cez Discord (free, open, vyssia kvalita a ovela viac moznosti ako TS), kde najdete ankety (napr. ktore bonusove budovy pre klan postavit najskor), tipy na rozne zlavy, akcie, bonusove kody, mozte sa pochvalit/zanadavat si so screenshotom vasej (ne)podarenej hry, ci len tak kecat/chatovat s ostatnymi. Radi by sme videli, ze hraci klanu spolu jazdia divizie, aby sa medzi sebou zohrali a vedeli co mozu od seba ocakavat v CW/turnajoch. Klan GWDYS (povodom z World of Warplanes) zalozil SteeL_J4MES. Klan sa zucastnil prveho velkeho turnaja OM CUP, Operation Pedestal, prvych turnajov King of the SEA (Winter Cup, Spring Cup...). Najvacsie uspechy: semifinale v KoTS (prehra 3:1 s TTT), vitazstvo v Operation Pedestal vo finale proti KKtm(AAO) - clenovia dostali premiovu lod Molotov, Aether ako MOTM Perth + nejake doublony. Vacsina zucastnenych presla do clanu CALM pri zluceni, GWDYS / GDS vsak ostal a pomaly nabera silu k obnoveni zaslej slavy. Prihlasky posielajte cez hru, najdite si GDS v zozname klanov, pripadne poslite privatnu spravu (PM) mne, chrustovi, ci hociktoremu z naborarov klanu. Zdar! celeb2k
  7. celeb2k


    Ma vobec zmysel upgrade zo Z-46 na Z-52? Jedine pozitivum vidim v dosahu sonaru. Inak mi ta lod prijde takmer horsia. Ma horsi concealment, doslova tragicky polomer zatacania, min. rozdiel v HPckach, tie iste dela (v inom rozostaveni - vyhody aj nevyhody - ked kajtujete mate len 1 turret vzadu), tie iste torpeda. Lepsi AA pre srandu kralikov (ked stretnete Taiho/Hakuryu s 3 letkami TB, tak vam pomoze len jeho nesikovnost). Oproti ostatnym lodiam mi v tomto pripade prijde velmi maly bonus prechodu na TOP tier. Ak by ten sonar nerfnuty bol, tak potom vidim snad len negativa.
  8. celeb2k

    Z-46 build, decisions decisions

    I must say I was pleasantly surprised by value of Z-46. I consider her as a very good DD hunter (esp. Gearing is being eaten alive by 5k AP salvos) for anything except Soviet DDs. Sonar is very powerful tool in these situations and extreme fast reload of torps are very useful for BBs/ CAs. I was surprised by the effect of launching one voley of torps every 30s (when after DD fighst AR kicks in). Almost no player is used to the fact of such a quick torp. reaload and consider him(her?)self safe for a minute or so after the last torp attack. http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/0100000000000011010001010000000119 - my current build - like to see synergy between sonar and vigilance. Maybe not so useful for me, but for the team for sure. And there are times, when my sonar is on cool-down and esp. USN torps are very stealthy.
  9. Hi guys, this issue started after update to W10 creators update. Issue is ONLY present when you have Freesync monitor attached, with non-freesync monitors you are ok. Only possible solution for me is to roll back to 16.x drivers. 16.12.2_Jan3 is the last one, you can probably find old drivers extracted in C:\AMD. Problem is when you want to play other game like Prey (or ME:A), which needs new 17.x drivers. If you however don't play other new games, you can have freesync enabled with old 16.x drivers. Hope this may help someone. cheers
  10. /signed it's so amazing to see the same stupid animation several hundred times, esp. when you want to open 20 collected containers for flags ...
  11. celeb2k

    King of the Sea Feedback: Frequency

    Seasonal contest is the most reasonable frequency as for participants as for organizers and streamers. Also the less frequency, the more spotlight for the tournament, more viewers for streamers and there even might be a real prizes from WG. Don't forget about clans and possibly clan wars, which might be introduced soon in patch 9.24.3 in mid 40's.
  12. celeb2k

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - Matchmaking

    WG! Why TF you don't balance radar ships as well?! Esp. in R2-R5 bracket if your team has 0 radar ships and enemy 2 Belfast, chances for the win are minimal. Esp. on some smaller maps like Fault line, where both caps are near and 2 Belfast can take central island and with smokes and radar there is no chance for the second team to do anything. They can cycle even sonars if they want.
  13. celeb2k

    Ranked Battles Season 6 - General Feedback

    All mentioned above + 3x marked - Belfast. This is absolute nonsense. Did you even check Leaderboard on Shipscomrade? 80% of R1 players have Belfast. Coincident? Of course! As well as the fact, that these guys have incomparable stats with Flint/Atlanta/Fiji/Myoko/etc. and the Belfast. You want to have feedback, just check why they have 45% WR with first group of cruisers and with belfast 60+% WR. Magic! That ship should be banned for ranked. Of course, if there is a potato playing this ship, is not such an issue. But after rank 10 strength of this ship is more and more visible. Witnessed many extreme skillful game ending with literally any CA vs Belfast and it was all like engagement, Belfast smoked and activated radar, when desperate ships closed distance (while loosing most of the HPs), sonar has started and ship was destroyed. No ship in this game should be allowed to have smoke&radar combination (Belfast even with sonar ...). Belfast with the same stats is a valid and still OP tier8 premium. As a tier7 is a poison to this Ranked season. To save this season at least adjust MM to make sure both teams have the same number of Belfasts (or at least radar ships).
  14. celeb2k

    Shimakaze - F3 Is My New Standard

    Shima is one of the oldest ships in the game, was very popular in certain times and many players own her. After the patch many were testing how does her perform with new skills. Currently I can see that most of the players found out that nothing good came with the new patch for her and there is less Shimas in the game again.
  15. celeb2k

    Shimakaze - F3 Is My New Standard

    Well it seems, that if nothing significantly changes in the new Captains Skills Tree, many Shima player will use Alt F4 torps only.