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  1. Wacked

    Update 0.6.0 Feedback - Commander Elite XP

    Should to some extent be possible to skill to top tier without commander XP and free XP. I have millions of ship XP Id love to trade for like 1 point here and there.
  2. Wacked

    Super containers

    I have over 1.2k detonationflags. Thanks Supercontainers! .........................
  3. Wacked

    Minecraft ships?

    I have not considered any downloads. But maybe. We'll see
  4. Wacked

    Minecraft ships?

    Well.. I'm nearing the finished project. Some poor preview here, but hell, copy paste and cover up is not ma thing. http://i.imgur.com/P5YdkVe.jpg
  5. This is one example where it feels like it, but the conclusion I draw is that you simply stopped. He had you in sight, saw engine gone bust, full repair and you speed up. I'd aim just a little ahead and get that hit as well. And if I posted my vids people would take different notes as well. What we do want, is no 3 second delay and let the damn blinking remain as it is what the community obviously wants.
  6. I think the supertesters could try that themselves apollo. Just have a testserver with a cruiser ( easier to spot at a distance ) with SA and IF skills, then have a DD place a smokecloud that the cruiser drives into. then count how long the IF is up after SA goes away and _how quickly_ sa goes away. Hell, when the cruiser says he isn't detected LOCK onto him and count from that. but yeah, takes co-ordination
  7. About the video, he gets detected due to reversal out of smoke at 3.2km And the more we look at it, the smoke now acts natural, it is behind your ship meaning you shouldn't be undetected if you outrun it, but 3 seconds is way to far. Especially if you go at lower speeds the smoke should enclose the ship. meaning you'd have to plan ahead. But it is still a terrible mechanic for something THOUSANDS of players have not had an issue with but a selected few. Not everyone hangs around in the forums, but damn I've seen ragers in chats everywhere about how they are detected. What someone should test is go slower, then use the speedboost to go full reverse and pop smoke and see if oyu outrun it or not (a.k.a fookin suicide)
  8. Shift focus from playing the DD to asking the DD how they felt, when You spot them playing other class instead.
  9. Ok, hear me out. I am fairly new to the Lo Yang, but I know the hydro workings. I notice I get detected, and shells fired towards me. I have a hatsu 6.0km away ( I do not have concealment capt so, range is huge ) and he pops a smoke. I go undetected according to my SA since he is the only thing nearby. Now. the thing is this hatsu didnt run but stayed in the smoke. I wait until I am undetected and drive angled from him. I also pop smoke as I am idiot and continue towards him meaning I should DEFINATELY be undetected until 2.2 right? ( now, I do not know the exact numbers but hear me out). I am roughly 3? km away when I get fired upon, my SA have now not been active for for 12 - 15 seconds. So, to me it seems the smoke itself could have something to do with it, because when I popped the hydro and I fired upon the dead in the water hatsu, I am not detected with SA indicator as we're both in smoke. I've seen Flamu demonstrate this in his video prior to 5.5 patch and used that as my strategy. But here I am, with a full salvo dead center, away from where he hatsu first saw me and SA have not popped but he is detected by hydro. I am the only one who should be able to see anything in this situation. Pardon my fugly paint skills Edit: No other ships nearby! This was on uhm, that map where you start in a cross position, small islands on right side of map... me and hatsu was lone combatants on the far right, friendly benson went left and his two cruisers went middle.
  10. Wacked

    Minecraft ships?

    Well... no :O (But I see how you'd think that) It is an Aoba! =D Damn! I'd never do a camo as good as that >.< But I'll try in the future!
  11. Wacked

    USS SIMS need a LOT of help.

    They decided "not" to nerf the Grem and other ships because people bought a "package" and "premium", just look at how OP the Atago is in team battles. So yeah, they fked up my Yubari and I never even stood a chance in the sims and since no one plays them no change will happen. But seing a Grem out of the port? I do it many times on daily basis.
  12. Wacked

    Minecraft ships?

    Well, this is awkward. I said I was starting a new ship roughly 6 months ago and today I finally managed to recover a save-file. You guys can go on and guess ( unless it was written somewhere xD ) what ship it is =)
  13. Wacked

    Anshan v Gnevny v Gremyashchy Comparison

    So, short and concise, buy or not to buy? I've no chance to go online and check what the grems premium camo give as buff...