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  1. Kelgara1973

    Critical errors

    Having same critical error, have done repair and a reinstall. But nothing have helped.
  2. Kelgara1973

    Bug Reports

    Can´t join battle, using Gearing or DMoines. Using Space camo on them.
  3. I have recently started to be more active in game and would like to be part of a clan that's casual mostly. Is 44 years old and is a daily player and is looking for a clan for divisions and maybe clan battles. Using Discord or TS. My highest tier is 7 and only plays Battleships, Cruisers and destoyers. But starting to trying CV out in Co-op.
  4. Casual older swedish player looking for active preferably swedish clan. Like to play battleship, cruisers, and destroyers. Mostly playing Randoms and Co-op. Casual äldre spelar som söker svensk klan, spelar mest random battles! Hoppas det finns någon svensk klan som har plats för en äldre herre som tycker om att spela World of Warships. Har ni frågor så skicka dom ingame eller skriv dom här. Verkar finns många svenska klaner, men många verkar inte vilja ha mera medlemmar.