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  1. chiorny

    TST - Submarines Feedback thread

    The splashes from the depthcharge are WAY to puny. Do some research and make them abit more real.
  2. chiorny

    Abnormally long Startuptime?

    So... Its still going on today. WHO would I contact to get them to notice this problem. Its cutting into my alotted time to play. As a father of 2 kids its kinda hard to find time.
  3. chiorny

    Dockyard - De Zeven Provincien - Will you take part?

    Isnt this ship main thing its secondaries? SAP? Supposed to be really accurate and long.
  4. chiorny

    Abnormally long Startuptime?

    Yes. SSD and a PCIe one. Fast as crap. Its not that. Its the servers, im sure of it. I was just curious how many it affects.
  5. Hey guys! Since yesterday I experience VERY long startup time. From "Skip" on intro movie it can take as long as 5 minutes to log in. Anyone else?
  6. chiorny

    [-GGS-] Grabbarna Grus (Swedish)

    It's Monday now, but still a good time to join!
  7. chiorny

    [-GGS-] Grabbarna Grus (Swedish)

    Vi söker fortfarande! We are still accepting applicants!
  8. chiorny

    [-GGS-] Grabbarna Grus (Swedish)

    Vi söker fortfarande! Tveka inte nu!
  9. chiorny

    [-GGS-] Grabbarna Grus (Swedish)

    Hej! Det finns fortfarande plats kvar! Tveka inte nu! Lägg en intresseanmälan hos oss!
  10. chiorny

    0.8.1 PTS - General Feedback

    For me its the wrong version?
  11. chiorny

    Bad teams: what do you do about them?

    Well, I have been playing since CB. And recently just after last patch there is a real unbalance in the teams. 1 Team get up to 6 more ranked players or seasoned veterans with clans, while the other get the runt of the litter. I can probably scrounge up some proof in terms of SS's but I'd still like to voice this change in balance. It might also have something to do with the 200% weekends. Sailor simply play for themselves and not the team.
  12. chiorny

    5th Dimension is recruiting

    As a proud member of this clan I can only concur with what IrishWarrior is saying. A nice mix of different individuals from all over the world. All with a common interest and mindset: To play and have fun! Think about it! Seriously!
  13. chiorny

    Possible Memory Leak Issue

    I can confirm this strange lag/fpsdrop. Just came from a battle and numerous reported the same thing. It like studders and feels like it jumps every 4 frames. And right after sinking it goes back to normal. On my machine its quite dramatic. Go from 100fps to nothing. WG any ideas?
  14. chiorny

    Karlsruhe, can I have my paddle back? - Rant

    LOL, I just got 1shotted by a stray salvo from a Omaha in CoOp with this ship.. Jesus..
  15. chiorny

    Karlsruhe, can I have my paddle back? - Rant

    I agree wholeheartedly with the OP. The Karlsruhe is WAY underpowered compared to its adversaries. I am a reasonable good player and that ship is just utterly crap. The jump to Königsberg is a giant leap for mankind. not a progression. Like the OP stated it fails at every stat possible except detection. But with guns that shoot 11km-ish its not helpful at all. And no matter how well you aim, the guns simply dont do damage at all. Were talking 200dmg-ish.. And it got a firearc comparable to the Cleveland. It takes a eternity for the shells to reach the intended target. It simply gets godsmacked by many T2-3's in terms of firerate and range. If you try to apply the famous Phoenix/Omaha tactic, you get penetrated with HE in the bow... Seriously? This ship is taken of the Random fights until I can get past it. // Rant over.