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  1. I have no problems with Fuso, but noticed strange AP behaviour with New Mexico. For example I hit ARP Myoko 14 km away, port side wide open, hit the target with multiple shots with 0!!!!!! DMG. next game almost same story with Pensacola. Multiple hits but 2000 dmg.
  2. MR_Barbarossa

    map problem

    ohhh so its mod related..thnx. I dont use a lot of mods but some vanilla stuf is so bad that i need to use some. I use aslain mode and some other visual mods
  3. MR_Barbarossa

    map problem

    Sry if this have been already discused but i didnt find it. I have a lot of work so I dont play a lot and I am not at the forum as much as in closed beta any more. So maybe thats totaly noob question. from time to time I have problem that for some reason my minimap dont appear in game. I tried to activate it with different keys but without success for now. Also when game starts I dont have time to bother with this and leave my team fighting while I try to solve the problem. Some advice pls.
  4. MR_Barbarossa

    in game camo somehow "overwrites" my skin

    I am using custom skin for Myoko. Grey pattern from Singapore 1944. When I try to use ingame camo for decreasing firing accuracy this one somehow owerwrite my chosen skin. to be more precise both skins are mixed together. I can see grey skin beneath yellow-green in game skin for decreasing accuracy. Can I do something that decreased accuracy is active but without showing the yellow green pattern over my custom skin?
  5. MR_Barbarossa

    i am just sudenly dead with no obvious reason

    hmmm I never thought about that. Nice advice. thanks. Dmg control party 1 is actualy active for 5 sec and I never pay atention to this part of the game. But still I find odd that after visual fire is off and on screen ,together with voice , notification tells you that you are repaired you still losing hp.
  6. I am not sure if its bug or I am missing something so.... did anyone noticed something simmilar? I was driving Omaha and get hit by BB before she went down. my stearing geers were damaged and I had something more than 2000 hp left. The only surviver from oposite team at the moment was Bogue carrier around 10 km away from me. I noticed that DB from CV are coming to get me so i didnt used repair for stearing gears ( i was driving in a circle) but gamble. I hoped that if he set me on fire and not destroy me instantly i would use repair fast enought to survive. So he hit me , set me on fire, didnt kill me instantly and I used repair. On screen (and voice said) that I am repaired but after a sec. I was suddenly dead. And yes this DB killed me. So how its possible that even game confirme that I am repaired ,so no HP loosing any more, and sec after that it says "you are dead. destroyed by XY Bogue". Strange deads happend to me before also, but this i first one that proved to me I died after I successfuly used repair.
  7. MR_Barbarossa

    How to play the Kuma? (t4 Japanese cruiser)

    agree but i usualy use another tactic. I use RMB just from time to time for a short time for situational awareness but stay in sniper mode for most of the time. At the same time I have mini map at max size and driving using mini map I think the advantage is that you can adjust your aim quickly and use Kumas quick reloading to full extent, but the trick is to constantly observe minimap and use RMB from time to time. If you forget you will probably hit an island and thats bad bad bad thing Also try not to be in the first ranks and zig zag with it. Its difficult to hit Kuma whil zig zaging from a distance
  8. MR_Barbarossa

    weapons not responding

    Can you pls repeair a bug when all weapons are frozen????? Its not something new but ages old bug and should be repaired ages ago. And its not like it happens rarely. So do me a f... favor. And yes you can close this post do what ever u want but some things should be told 100 times before basic things happen
  9. MR_Barbarossa

    Hatsuharu.. I don't know what to think of this ship

    hey nice info. can you please translate what which colour mean. Where did you get this btw?
  10. MR_Barbarossa


    Ah come on.... whining, whining even if its nothing to whine about.
  11. MR_Barbarossa

    Hatsuharu.. I don't know what to think of this ship

    DDs still need a lot of balancing. Right now higher tiers are worse than lower tiers. I believe that lower tiers should have longer reload time than higher tiers. Same with number of torps. Ships with less torps should reload faster than ships with more torps. At least jap DD guns are back and not completley useless. after all balancing everything will come to place
  12. MR_Barbarossa

    al Qamar's suggestions on WoWS closed BETA - plea for realism

    Its important to achieve degree of realism that make all happy. If its too simolator oriented game it have just small group of folowers since game is to compicated to play, and if its too arcade the game is disliked by people who know more about ships and find some in game things as nonsense. WoWs still didnt achieved the proper balance and I still find some things (winning conditions for example) too arcadish and strange. I am far from being simulator freak but since I know how warships should work in reality some things bothers me. WoT is still arcade game but it have realy nice balance and even things that are unrealistic (circling around a H tank with med. or light) makes the game even better. WoWs is still far from such balance. 10% realism? Noone would play such game or realy limmited number of people. If you want to see such game go playing NF2. I am sure you are going to get bored in 5 min.
  13. MR_Barbarossa

    The Aoba

    I am not sure if that is realy a tier issue. I am noticing that right now ships with more lower caliber guns have advantage over ships with less guns but with higher caliber. As I know it should be oposite. Clevelands ,for example, with their preety low (152 mm) caliber guns can penetrate BB and do a lot of dmg. I didnt notice any significant differences between penetration abilities of higher caliber guns compared to lower caliber guns. The only difference seems to be only amount of dmg done. As a result caliber is not so important any more and ships with more guns and faster reload are dominating. Aoba should have advantage over Cleveland at long range, while Cleveland at close range. Aoba should pen other ships much easier at long range than Cleveland. It will always stay lightly armored, but it can get other advantages. Actualy it already have tham but it seems that is something wrong with dmg models if any piv-piv gun can pen BB.