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  1. Vardog

    Alsace needs a buff.

    I guess it is second by a technicality since those stats are very close to each other, but nonetheless it is second if you exclude the Premiums. Still doesn't change my about this ship and the points I made about the range remain valid.
  2. Vardog

    Alsace needs a buff.

    Show me the stats from the past 2 patches that show that Alsace is doing well. Overall stats are meaningless because they are inflated by release date numbers and even in those inflated stats she is closer to bottom than the top.
  3. Vardog

    Alsace needs a buff.

    What stats? Because wows-numbers ones are inflated by release date stats since we can't separate them by patch.
  4. Vardog

    Alsace needs a buff.

    Why do you keep ragging on my stats when yours aren't much better? WR is meaningless when we're talking about 20-50 games played on a specific ship and not knowing whether you played solo or in a division which makes things much easier. Also, the French were my first BB line so obviously my stats won't reflect my current skill level. Anyway, back to your flawed argument. No, 20km salvos are not the same as 20km torps, not even close, nice try at creating a false equivalency though. The ammo type choice at those ranges depends on the situation and the target, you can easily get 8-10k salvos on a broadside BB for example, HE is for when you want to force out DCP, punish a target that just used DCP or if the target is angled. "Fire damage is meaningless", oh, so you're one of those "but you can heal 100% of HE damage" guys, huh? Yikes. Let's forget about breaking modules, forcing out DCPs and Heals, THE DAMAGE CAN BE HEALED SO HE IS ALWAYS BAD ON BBS! Right on! French BBs aren't "solidly stealthy", they're average at best, and while I'd agree that an ambush predator is the proffered playstyle of the French BBs, it's also not always feasible to achieve for various reasons (CVs, friendly DDs refusing to spot or dying early, overwhelming enemy numbers or superior positioning etc) so having that extra range really comes in handy for those situations. There's a reason why Republique's Unique Mod is considered to be trash by the vast majority of the playerbase including Unicums, that extra range IS USEFUL because French BBs have the traits to make it work. What does the Alsace have that the JB doesn't? 4 more guns? Hardly matters when your Sigma is 0.2 lower, on average you'll hit pretty much the same amount of shells per salvo. Better secondaries? Still not good enough to be an effective brawler like the Germans due to vastly inferior armor and only 1/6th pen on those turrets. Alsace is one of the ships that got powercrept and left in the dust. Honestly, if were talking about a Tier by Tier comparison, these days the Richelieu is a better ship than the Alsace.
  5. Vardog

    Alsace needs a buff.

    You made no point, saying that "you don't shoot over 20km in a BB" is not an argument, but an assertion.
  6. Vardog

    Alsace needs a buff.

    You obviously don't have much experience with BBs if you say that, especially high tier ones. Long range and high velocity is pretty much a French BB trait which allows them to reliably engage distant targets and create cross-flank crossfires, range is also one of the ways for French BBs to stay safe from direct counters such as HE spam or ships that can overmatch their Armor (Yamato, Musashi and soon to flood the server Yashima). Please give me a valid reason as to why Alsace deserves to have such a short reach on her guns when every other high tier French BB (including T8's Richelieu) works with ranges around 25km. Yes, this ship used to be overpowered in the old meta, but those days are long gone and nowadays Alsace feels extremely lackluster. And the Jean Bart. 4 extra guns is meaningless when you're working with a horrendous Sigma of 1.6, terrible base reload and no Reload Booster. There's no reason to play the Alsace these days, she got outclassed by Premiums.
  7. Vardog

    Alsace needs a buff.

    Good for you, I guess? The facts remain the same, 32 sec reload on the 380mm guns at T9 is unreasonable and the 18.4km stock range is unaccaptable when same Tier Cruisers can outrange you. It most definitely needs a buff in either range or reload. There's absolutely no reason to play Alsace over the JB, none.
  8. Vardog

    Alsace needs a buff.

    It used to be a very strong BB until it got super nerfed and now it sits as one of the worst T9 BBs in the game due to the meta shift towards heavy HE spam. It doesn't feel French except for its iconic matchstick armor and playing it stock is a miserable experience with its 18.4km Main Battery range and no access to a Spotter Plane. Atrocious 32sec reload because previous reload was deemed "overpowered", only now we have ships like the Bourgogne or JB that not only have superior base reload but also a Reload Booster consumable. Its sigma is horrible, even for a ship with 12 guns and it Overpens all the time due to high shell velocity so even if you catch a broadside Cruiser it will most likely escape unpunished, oh and forget about brawling equal tier Heavy Cruisers, they'll angle and laugh at your pathetic DPM from your anemic, cross-eyed guns. Alsace is in desperate need of a buff or two and I'd advise anyone who disagrees to play Alsace in the current meta a bunch of times before commenting because that ship is not good.
  9. Vardog

    Why are BBs hanging back and how to fix that?

    BBs aren't tanky enough to push without support, and most teams don't support their BBs. They are the least self-sufficient class in the game and that's why BB players tend to not trust their teammates (for good reasons).
  10. Vardog

    I'm done, quality of games made me quit.

    You completely misunderstood the purpose of this thread. I didn't create this topic to "announce" my departure from the game, but to voice my displeasure about the current state of the game. I'm not burnt out on WoWs, not at all, in fact I'd love to continue playing daily, however the quality of matches has become so bad that I can no longer derive much pleasure from playing.
  11. I like the game, but I don't feel like I'm being rewarded for playing well, as a solo player I have little no influence over the outcome of a match if my team can't AT LEAST stay alive for longer than 5 minutes, I can't make my team fight for the objective since almost no one listens to pings or reads the chat, I can't make them focus fire on that low HP target instead of farming full hp Ships. I'm tired of these completely one-sided matches that end in 5-10 minutes, which is most matches these days. This may be a team-based game but there is almost 0 teamplay involved in most matches. I'm also sick of the HE spam meta, we were supposed to get an IFHE nerf months ago, which would somewhat address that issue, instead we got a Smolensk... ...so yeah, my patience has run out, I waited for things to get better but they're only getting worse so I'm abandoning ship because this is not worth my nerves.