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  1. Vardog

    Top tier DDs 8-10, do people enjoy them?

    No, there's too many counters for DDs at higher tier which makes them very unreliable and frustrating to play. Too bad WG is too busy counting their money to introduce any semblance of balance into WoWs.
  2. Vardog

    [IJN DDs] I'm done.

    I give up, I was an IJN DD player since Beta and we've been getting nothing but nerfs with every single patch, some were justified, I'll gladly admit that but most of them not so much. I'm done trying to compensate the ridiculous imbalance of DD lines with skill (which I don't have have). Until a day comes when WG finally decides to buff the IJN DD line, SIGNIFICANLY, I'll not play this game. Goodbye and have a good day.
  3. Vardog

    High Tier Match Balance

    That's why I don't play high tier games on my IJN DDs, it's not fun being radar'ed from 10km, then oblitered in seconds. Radar has no counterplay aside from staying more than 10km away from the ships that have it, however, playing like that makes you almost completely useless as an IJN DD since you're not a gunboat that can pepper at people from 12km away. If you can't get within torpedo range as an IJD DD you're just a liability to your team. Radar needs to be nerfed/reworked to allow counterplay of some kind. Perhaps add a "Jamming Signal" consumable to some DDs, something of that sort would make it fair.
  4. The maps in this game are far too small to have 2 CVs per team in a match. As an IJN DD player, an already weak DD line, there's far too many planes in the air to be of any significant use in such games. I'm sorry but from now on I'm just going to leave games where there are 2 CVs per team, they're not fun and don't feel balanced at all.
  5. Vardog

    New trend: DDs now camping behind the BBs

    The author of this thread is an obvious liar. It's impossible to stay 'behind' someone who's hugging the edge of the map.
  6. Vardog

    Missouri 750k free xp ?

    So what you're saying is that this needs to be nerfed as it's unfair to other ship Captains.
  7. Vardog

    WG stealing good, old way!

    The whole *compensation* process is one huge mess. Don't bother sending a ticket to support, I tried and they said they cannot and will not give anything back or change the compensations we got since it's up to the devs, not them and the devs feel like the compensation was adequate. It's all a huge joke on WGs side. My advice, don't spend money on this game until they take us seriously.
  8. Vardog

    New Japanese Destroyers

    25% Win rate with stock Hatsuharu so far, HELL YEAH! Thanks WG for forcing me to grind through this turd of a ship a second time! It's not like I had an Elited Hatsuharu before the update...
  9. Vardog

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    This is the answer I got from support when I reported that my Hatsuharu got her progress reset and that 10m Credit compensation if not sufficient when I wasn't compensated for the XP it took to Elite her and unlock the Fubuki: "Dear Vardog, Thank you for contacting the Wargaming Support again. Please note that we cannot and will not change the changes and compensations done by the developers. As far as we can see it nothing is missing. We understand you, though." In other words, "Suck it up".
  10. Vardog

    Captain skill reset

    I wouldn't count on WG doing anything about this messy 'compensation'. They had more than enough time and testing to be prepared the first time and well...this was the best idea they could've come up with.
  11. Vardog

    New Japanese Destroyers

    6km Tropedoes, 6.5km Detection, crap guns...well well, with the new update stock Hatsuharu became the torpedo, interesting.
  12. Vardog

    New Japanese Destroyers

    All I understand is that I'm in a situation where I'm forced to grind through the same ship TWICE because of the way WG handled this 'compensation' process. Sorry but I'll pass on that, maxing Hatsuharu was hellish enough the first time, I'm not going to do it a second time with stock 6km Torpedoes and a 6.5km Detection range, either WG gives me back my Hatsuharu so I can move to the new ships or I'm done with the game.
  13. Vardog

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    I think players should've been given enough Free XP to get them whichever line's Tier they were at before the update. I got a Kagero for free but I have zero interest in using it or grinding to Tier X in the Torpedo line.
  14. Vardog

    New Japanese Destroyers

    I lost all progression on my fully upgraded Hatsuharu and wasn't given any Free XP to compensate, now I have to grind through the same ship a second time, you call that an 'OK' compensation?
  15. Vardog

    New Japanese Destroyers - Compensations

    The Crew Skills compensation is a huge mess, some of my Crew lost of a couple of levels, others were transfered with Skill unfit for the new vessel, basically I have to rehire and retrain every DD Crew... ...remind me now, why didn't you give every ship affected by this patch a free Crew Skill reset, or add crews without the Points already spent? I have to start from scratch training new Crews... Also, my Hatsuharu has no XP, no Researched modules, no anything, I was up to a fully upgraded Fubuki before the update so my Hatsuharu should be fully decked, now I have to regrind through the stock Hatsuharu...again...