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  1. kubok25

    AA and secondaries in percentages?

    Hi, I've noticed that the status of my AA and secondaries in H is now being shown in percentenges instead of normal numbers, is there a way to return it? thanks.
  2. Hi So my friend wanted to start playing wows with me, but he has only a MacBook. He downloaded the game without problems using the EU client, but whenever he tries to log in it logs in on the NA server and he can't change it. Does anyone know how to change it? Thank you all for responses.
  3. kubok25

    WOWS size on Mac

    Hi, ive been playing wows quite a lot on my home PC, so I`ve decided to install it on my macbook too, so I can take it with me, when I travel somewhere. I`ve noticed it takes up a huge amount of space. Are there any files left after installation, which are save to delete on mac version of WOWS? Also, since I dont have much free space, i do not want to make a windows partition. Thanks for answers.