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  1. madguy

    Looking for clan

    The ingame message system doesn't always work too good. Messages often get deleted before you read them. (it's a feature!) So if you want to find a clan, you might want to visit the forum a little more often until you do... Best of luck!
  2. Hi Flintstoner! I sent you a PM :)
  3. madguy

    Looking for a clan

    Hey Prasin! We at BBMM are recruiting! We're a casually competitive CB clan and we aim for Storm(+). We also offer a lot of division play, and have a very active discord server. Come check us out if you feel like it! https://discord.gg/zB73d2
  4. madguy

    Looking for new semi competitive clan

    Hi Matty, We at BBMM are a multi gaming community mainly focused on WG-games, in WoWs specifically we are a semi-competitive clan, currently in stormleague. We house players from all over the EU (and some NA). For more info you can have a look at our recruitmentpost here, or join our discord at https://discord.gg/WnKwTU.
  5. madguy

    Any Clan's in this game for me ?

    Hey man! We're an EU based multigaming community with 45+ active members in WoWs. We're a casual clan, we play mostly for fun, but we do play competitive aswell (2 teams on CW, KOTS, divs). These are the current levels of our Naval base. Come take a look at our Discord if you're interested! https://discord.gg/8cWrJX
  6. madguy


    Come and see the wonderful world of BBMM! We only got 3 slots left! shameless bump
  7. madguy

    Murple ?

    Hi there... We drink beer... We banter... Come talk to us. https://discord.gg/mezA43q
  8. madguy

    Searching for a clan

    Hey there, PM send
  9. madguy

    Looking for Brit/English speaking Clan

    Hi there @Banhah! I send you a forum pm
  10. madguy


    Shameless bump
  11. madguy

    Free stuff from WG

    Quz it auto-redirects u to NA website. (It's a feature!)