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  1. _Khorne_

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    Thank you very much for doing this lottery!! I would love to join it. Prize #1: Roma (if not in the shop, Alabama) Prize #2: Dunkerque Price #3: Dubloons Have a great christmas time!
  2. _Khorne_

    Missing Weekend Events

    Thank you for the summary. Those camos are nice, the flags are like always a joke. I was just posting this because I miss those posts on the news page where there was a summary for the weekend bonus. Its not like they dont post lots of other useless stuff there. Greetings
  3. _Khorne_

    Missing Weekend Events

    Hey guys! Just a short question, maybe I missed it because I was away from the game for some weeks: Where did all those weekend events go? Last weekend and this one there is nothing there. You know those double exp, tech tree ship discounts and other good stuff they announced on fridays?! The horrible calender design isn't helping much in my case. Are they waiting for christmas? Thanks in advance and have a great weekend!
  4. _Khorne_

    Unable to transfer captains since 0.6.12

    Thank you very much guys, it was the mod, now its working again. Never had issues with mods, so that was not the first thing I was looking at. Greetings
  5. Hey guys, refering to a post I've already made in the uptade and bug section. Some people had the same issue, just wanted to see if anyone else here is unable to transfer captains between ships since update 0.6.12? Everytime I want to assign a captain to a ship my barracs look like in the attached picture, no captains pictures names etc. displayed, only the small "i" which brings you to the captain skills. I cant even assign them by right clicking on them and coosing a ship. I'm only glad my russkie commander is already in the Oktober Revolution, otherwise I would miss the whole weekend worth of containers. Please tell me if you know a workaround for this issue. Together with that campaign task selection bug there seem to be more bugs than usual in this update. Greetings
  6. _Khorne_

    Update 0.6.12 Feedback - Bugs

    Hey guys, I'd like to second that sound bug McCracken666 is refering to. I could reproduce it by zooming in with the binoculars. Sounds like a mechanical "thump" or "bump". Secondly, and more important, I would like to mention, that I am unable to transfer captains between ships since 0.6.12. Every time I try to select a captain from another ship or the reserve there is just a blank page. It displays no names, pictures etc. only the small "i" for getting to the captain skills. Hope this is already known to you. It was caused by mods, updating them solved the issue. Thank you in advance, greetings.
  7. _Khorne_

    0RCA >> recruiting for the pod!

    Hey, I would like to join 0RCA ! Just look through my stats, I'm always around 55% winrate - slowly getting better though, and give me some feedback. Mainly focused on BB's at the moment, got 3 T10 if thats what you need. I like your mature focused clan because I got mostly time to play on weekends due to work. Although I'm not a native english speaker, I can write fairly quick in chat, no problem there, but I'm not a big fan of TS3, been there, done that ;) Would love to collect some oil for your clan :) Greetings! Edit: Did send an ingame application.
  8. _Khorne_

    The Manly Mans Manly BB Game Play Thread

    Hi everyone! Yesterday I went ahead against 3 battleships (Mutsu, Texas and New Mex) and a Gneisenau which was for some time afk. High caliber, confederate and Kraken followed. These are those moments were you wonder how the hell you are still alive. Blew up the Mutus in one volley, soon followed by the Texas and after a very close brawl against the New Mex I was finally done. Granted me my best result in the Arizona up to date. By the way, this was the 18th best maximum damage in an Arizona globally as displayed by ShipComrade. Enjoy
  9. _Khorne_

    Your Choice: Missouri vs. Alabama

    You would be perfect to compare the credit earning potential of those two ships. How big is the gap between those two? 20-30%? On paper or in the harbor view those two guns are exactly the same. But I heard similar thing regarding their "feeling" ingame. Would be nice to compare those two side by side
  10. _Khorne_

    Your Choice: Missouri vs. Alabama

    Thanks for your experience with the Iowa. I think even with a lowered citadel it is harder to brawl with her. Alabama is just soo agile compared to the long Iowa and the torpedo protection is great... Hmm, maybe someone can tell me if there is anything Missouri can do better as a ship apart from the radar? Is ist just the credit earning (by how much) or are Mo's guns better?
  11. Hi everyone, I would like to know from you which ship you would choose and why: Missouri or Alabama. I'll quickly sum up my conclusion so far. For me the differences are mostly radar vs. non radar and the size (lets spare the credits it earns for later) The guns are the same with a slight accuracy advantage for the Missouri? Is this correct? So far I've grinded through the IJN and KM battleships but stopped at the North Carolina. The main reason for that was, that I thought Iowa wouldn't offer me anything new. My personal playstyle is that I love brawling, had a lot of great games in my Arizona partly because of her manouverbility. I think Alabama would also be very agile but her weak sides are hard to keep save while brawling. I just dont want to sit bow on sniping the whole game Regarding the Missouri and brawling I think radar would help her against smoke campers, the slow rudder shift and her lenght not so much Lastly the credit earning: Does the Missouri make that much more money than the Alabama? How much more do you think the Missouri makes per game? 20%, 30%? I tried to compare games damage wise on youtube, but the results vary greatly. 300k seems to be the minimum amout of credits for around 60-80k damage in the Missouri. Arizona is not far behind in my experience, just yesterday I had a 80k dmg game with 500.000 credits in that slow hulking beast (thats hardly the average though). As you can see I am really torn between those two ships right now. What is your experience? Which ship feels better for you, which one would you recommend to a above average battleship captain? Thank you in advance for you replies