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  1. io_pilot

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    did the chance of getting a SC changed? i'm over 100 try you're luck containers and no SC... usually i was getting at least 1...
  2. io_pilot

    CV Rework Beta Test - Feedback thread

    I didn't have time to play a lot because of work, but subs are closer to release that CV imo. Joke aside an idea that might help (and possible someone already say it): One of the problems is the carrier movement since CV snipe it's a thing again. Now u have to call back you're planes to directly control the CV, which can be annoying and mess you're gameplay. Why not introduce a Hold Position command for planes? They just idle around like they do now when they have no orders while the player controls the CV
  3. io_pilot

    Halloween 2018

    I think banish is corect. All in all... i love this event. Chapeau!!!
  4. io_pilot

    Halloween 2018

    You are aiming to low. Keep the camera high (you should see just a little of the sub) @MrConway @Tuccy please add a aim cicle or something. this will improve the gameplay a lot as players tend to lower the camera/aim so that they see the subs better.
  5. io_pilot

    Royal Navy Arc

    4 special containers? you get just 1 in last week so we can get 75 soverens
  6. io_pilot

    The "Loot"ening (SC LOOT FEST)

    16 SC for me: 2000 doubloons 45.000 coal 30 days of premium 350 camos 200 comon flags 25 wyvren flags + 6 new ships buy at discount (4 tier 10), 11x5 special flags (for 11.000 battles) & 50 anniversary camo For me this is a treat. Happy B-day WoWS!
  7. io_pilot

    Anniversary Event

    Do I get a SC even for tier X ships I buy during 14-28 sept?
  8. io_pilot

    Royal Navy Arc

    "Arc throuw time" maibe, or an arc as part of a bridge and conects it's ends...
  9. io_pilot

    Royal Navy Arc

  10. io_pilot

    Royal Navy Arc

    The new event was anounced: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/game-updates/royal-navy/ Over all i like it, but a question: how many sovereigns can you get without getting in the hall of Fame?
  11. io_pilot

    First poll - best looking ship

    This should be in the Off Topic not Gameplay section
  12. io_pilot

    Arms Race Mode

    Although I appreciate the work put in by the dev team, I think this is wrong for one big reason: it's altering the ships characteristics. Even if this is already done with the captain skills and upgrades, doing this during the game seems like changing the rules from the go. Altering the 3 fundamental characteristics (visibility, firepower & health) by running from one point to another will make the faster more agile ships more powerful, braking the balance of the ships. Ships like Hindenburg will be in disadvantage over Des Moines for example, because of its gameplay will not stack bonuses in the same way DM or Mino does, making some shis OP in Arms Race Mode. Imo a better approach would have been by giving buffs to speed, fire fighting time or chance of fire.
  13. io_pilot

    Saving player settings

    For various reasons from time to time i need to reinstall the game (not enough space for new update, move it to different folder, errors, etc.) But every time i do that i have to redo all the settings: sound, graphics, crosaim, dmg indicators, minimap, etc. Is there a way i can save this settings and just upload then after or copy/paste a file?